State vaccination effort hits milestone

One of the more than 12 million doses of COVID vaccine administered in New York state is injected into a shoulder in February.

One of the more than 12 million doses of COVID vaccine administered in New York state is injected into a shoulder in February.

ALBANY — New York state reached a milestone in its COVID vaccination campaign late Wednesday or early Thursday: More than half the state’s adult population has received at least one dose of the vaccination.

As of midday Thursday, 50.7% of New Yorkers age 18 or older have received at least one dose. Most of the 12.64 million doses have been the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that require a second shot for full effectiveness, but even the first dose is believed to provide some immunity to the virus that has infected more than 1 in 10 New Yorkers and killed more than 41,000.

As of midday Thursday, 34.1% of New Yorkers age 18 and older have received a full vaccination series.

Nationally, 48.3% of the adult population has been vaccinated. New York ranks 14th among the 50 states for doses administered per capita among the 18-and-older population and ranks first among large states with more than 10 million residents.

Vaccination rate is more often cited as the percentage of the total population, which gives a less-accurate view of the progress because it includes millions of children who aren’t eligible for the shots.

Among the 19.45 million New Yorkers of all ages, eligible or not, 39.6% have been vaccinated. Nationally, 37.9% of all ages has been vaccinated.

Locally, the county-level vaccination rates for the entire population are:

  •  Albany 47.3%
  •  Fulton 29.4%
  •  Montgomery 38.1%
  •  Rensselaer 41.7%
  •  Saratoga 45.7%
  •  Schenectady 47.2%
  •  Schoharie 33.5%

In the rest of the state, vaccination rates per entire population range from 28.5% (Allegany County) to 60.7% (Hamilton County).


In other COVID-related news Thursday:

  • The COVID-positive hospital census continues to hang stubbornly in the low 100s in the Capital Region, bumping up to 109 on Thursday morning. Albany Medical Center noted that 23 of its last 24 admissions have been people who had not been vaccinated fully or at all, or were within the two-week window following the second dose in which the vaccine is not fully effective. 
  •  The Saratoga Springs City School District said Saratoga High School would go to all-remote learning Friday while county health officials complete contact tracing for a group of recent positive COVID test results. All other schools will be open for in-person instruction. More than 20 students have been confirmed infected since April 1 and there are more positive results still unconfirmed. Unless the county directs otherwise, the district plans to resume in-person instruction at the high school on Monday. To date, nearly 300 students, faculty and staff have tested positive in the district, 113 of them at the high school.
  •  Schenectady County reported the deaths on Tuesday of two COVID-positive residents, one in his 40s and one in his 50s. Of the 151 county residents known to have died of COVID-related causes in the past 13 months, only one has been age 40-49, while 19 have been age 50 to 59. The great majority — 111 — have been 70 or older.

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