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Letters to the Editor Sunday, April 18


Public health comes through innovation

Like many patients with pre-existing conditions, I’ve spent much of the past year on high alert.
I suffer from high blood pressure and only have one functioning kidney, leaving me vulnerable to developing severe complications from COVID-19.
My loved ones also stayed vigilant in 2020 to protect me, following social distancing guidelines and only leaving the house when absolutely necessary.
Last August, the stress I felt from covid came to a head with shingles. I am still dealing with residual pain and see a pain management specialist for treatment.
But we are finally starting to see the end of this pandemic. With vaccine rollout underway across New York, I’m confident that normalcy is just around the corner.
My husband and I have received our vaccine, and several of my children are on their way to being completely protected.
My oldest, who works as a special-education teacher, is fully vaccinated; my second oldest, a part-time essential worker, got his first shot; and my pregnant daughter took part in a nationwide vaccine study.
I am grateful for the scientists that innovated to deliver three — and counting — vaccines against COVID-19. However, we must ensure efforts like this can continue years into the future. All my grandchildren should have the same access to medical advancements that we have had.
I hope our representatives in Congress support pharmaceutical companies and their research this year, because such innovation will be critical not only for the patients of today, but also for generations to come.
Theresa Mason

Tired of tracking down a covid shot

I’m tired of chasing the COVID-19 vaccine.
This shouldn’t be this hard to get a shot in the arm. If they don’t start making it any easier, I’m not going to bother with the vaccine.
Hey, the commercials say it’s easy and there are a lot of places offering the shot.
Well guess what, there’s a waiting list along with that and there are only select pharmacies and vaccination sites.
Well the knife in the back is that nobody has the one-shot only vaccine available. I get severe side effects from vaccines.
Tiredness, skin irritation, headaches and site soreness are among the problems that can last for me up to a week on common flu shots.
So the question is do I bother?
If the only shot available is the primary with the booster, why do I want to chase a vaccine for two weeks of misery?
Another problem involves a TV series I saw called “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.”
An episode which aired about 10 years ago involved a doctor who reported that governments will produce a virus then use mass inoculations as a way to monitor the general public.
Whether this is true or not, it plays in my head with chasing a vaccine with inconvenient accessibility which will cause me nothing but side effect misery for a week and that a TV show predicted this type of possibility of occurrence.
This crazy challenge is making me feel like saying just let everyone else be “lemmings.”
Scott Davis


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Scott, the state COVID website shows 701 appointments available at the Armory location with availability starting all throughout the day tomorrow. If you’re hesitant to take the shot given your vaccine reactions, I understand. It’s your choice whether you’d like the reassurance knowing you’re protected from COVID, but your allegations about government purposefully creating viruses so they can inoculate and monitor citizens is loony. I can’t even imagine what purpose that would serve. Get the shot, or don’t, it’s your choice, but please don’t use wild conspiracy theories to justify your hesitancy.

William Marincic

Scott Davis If you research it you will see that taking Benadryl the night before and the morning of the shot will stop most allergic reactions.


Have several friends who had covid. One spent a week in ICU in December and still is not fully recovered. My teenage son ended up in the hospital too. Most still have shortness of breath, hair falling out, muscular issues, etc. We probably won’t know the long-term effects of this virus for many years. Weigh the discomfort of having some short-term treatable reaction against a possible life-long condition. Make an informed decision with your doctor, not what you read on the web.

Bill Nechamen

Some people look at what they see as a low death rate (while often miss-stating what that rate is) and conclude that the virus isn’t that risky. I’ve pointed out on a few occasions that there is a lot of area between “OK” and “Dead.” Thank you for pointing out that the illness, even if it doesn’t kill you, can have some really horrible consequences.

I got the Pfizer vaccine. I had no reactions to either the first or second dose other than a little soreness in my arm for a day. I’m 66, and I believe younger people are more likely to get a temporary illness from the vaccine. But that is much preferable to getting sick or even not getting sick and spreading the virus.


The current case of the 13 year old in Chicago being killed by a cop is a tragedy and a teaching point for Fred B. and Bill M. The kid initially resisted being stopped. However, he dropped his gun and obeyed the cop’s demand that he show his hands. The kid COMPLIED with the cop’s demand. The next step was for the cop to tell him drop to his knees and then lay face down on the ground. Instead, the cop shot and killed him. The fact that the kid had no business being out at 2:30-3 am and toting a gun is secondary to the situation and should be investigated. Bottom line – the cop should not have shot the kid, but instead follow police procedure which I assume he was taught.

The other teaching moment is that if it wasn’t for police body cams and bystanders with cell phone cameras and video’s, we wouldn’t be learning the truth with all these police killings around the country. Makes me wonder how these types of cases (when there were no such recordings) were previously swept under the rug in police reports leading to cases being thrown out of court or not even making it to courts. This has all led to people of color not trusting the police for decades who they perceive as predators and racist.


Just read the following 1st paragraph from a newly released news article:

“Congress’s pursuit of an independent investigation into the Jan. 6 insurrection is facing long odds, as bipartisan resolve to hold the perpetrators and instigators accountable erodes, and Republicans face sustained pressure to disavow that it was supporters of former president Donald Trump who attacked the U.S. Capitol.”

The denial by right learning conservatives of proven Scientific fact and solid statistics, related to gun control, climate change, vaccination benefits etc. in itself is insanity. They come up with bogus “alternative facts” from voodoo witch doctors and other wack jobs, or indifferent people who attain power and money from promoting these lies.

Now in addition to denying the above mentioned things, these far right clowns are telling us to disbelieve what we actually hear with our own ears and see with our own eyes.

Plain and simple, I saw and heard Trump sic his dogs on the Capital while he reveled the mayham for hours. I’ve seen and heard the murdering of black people by bad cops. I guess what I have been hearing and seeing our hallucinations.

Bill Nechamen

Somebody recently posted something that struck a chord. The Democratic party is imperfect. However the Republican party is NUTS!


THanks, Bill N. MT Greene is a prime example, along with the orange menace, Gaetz, and quite a few characters in thrall to the aforementioned menace, and to the NRA.

Joseph Vendetti

Bill & Cynthia:

As a democrat – I’ll be the 1st to say – both major parties have had their share of wing nuts and perverts – these ones come to mind as weirdest

Elliott Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, Eric Massa, David Wu, Strom Thurmond, Newt Gingrich, Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, FDR, JFK, & LBJ.


Joe, this was an earlier post from you, as well as some other quotes from your text.

Joseph Vendetti
March 25th, 2021
April 11
I’m a registered Democrat.
Trump actions were despicable (the audio of saying grab women by the P!!-“. Total pig. Only thing I thought trump did positive was taxes.

For some reason I keep getting, what I perceive to be, mixed messages from you. You start off by saying “I’m a registered Democrat.” And most assuredly you have said that before on this blog. Is that an unnecessary defense of your alignment of some hard right leaning views? Just say what you feel. I’m certainly ok with whatever it may be whether I agree or not.

“I agree with both of you when it comes to fighting for racial equality- but when I watched the 1/6 event unfolding on TV – I saw folks wearing t-shirts “blacks for Trump”, “Latinos for Trump”
I didn’t see those shirts at the storming of the Capital Joe, but regardless, I don’t understand what that statement had to do with racially equality.

“$1.5 billion in property and commercial damage from the “peaceful” protests last summer. Some cities like Minneapolis, Portland, Baltimore, Los Angles still have chain link fences and areas that are not accessible.”
Why put the focus on the criminals whose behavior was despicable and not on the true reason for why BLM protesters were marching?

“business that does around $50 million per year large…. employee over 200 workers” Is that where the “Only thing I thought trump did positive was taxes.” comes into play again?
I know of no true democrats, unless they were in it for their own personal gain, that didn’t believe the tax laws Trump implemented were a disaster, and grossly disproportionately to favor the wealthy.

It really doesn’t matter Joe, it’s not necessary about being right or wrong. Obviously we’re all entitled to our own beliefs and opinions. Im quite sure I know where Ray, Matt, Chuck, Martha, Cynthia and Robert Jewel stand politically. Additionally there is no grey area for Geri, Bill or Fred. It’s just that I sometimes get confused as to what messages you’re really trying to send.

Joseph Vendetti

Lou –
Fiscally Conservative (Moderate tax rate, small spending increases), Socially Liberal (Pro choice, Address Poverty, address climate issues, pro any sexual orientation).

I’ve voted for more Democrats in my life then Republicans.

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