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Letters to the Editor Monday, April 19


Marco allegations an attempt to defame

Diane Marco is a trustworthy, professional public servant.
The allegations from unnamed employees are an attempt to discredit the commitment and dedication that Diane has given to the town of Rotterdam.
What a fragile constitution one unnamed employee must have to need to take sick leave after being told her involvement with a resident was not necessary, since Diane and another town employee were already taking care of the transaction.
As head of the Town Clerk Office, Diane needs to sign off on all time sheets and should accurately report hours worked.
When my husband died several years ago, I wish someone had laminated the obituary and provided a sympathy card to my family from the town. This is an act of good will at no expense to the town.
The consulting agency could not conclude that Diane did not have proof of disability when she issued parking permits.
Another “unnamed person” accused her of physical contact when Diane’s hands were full with documents for the Senior Citizen meeting. How convenient that someone also had a photo of Diane lowering her face mask while reading a prayer at the meeting.  Diane was socially distant and was not a threat.
Is there proof of other employees in the town hall building removing or lowering their mask? Of course not.
Diane Marco was honored as a state Assembly 2021 Woman of Distinction. She should be honored by the town of Rotterdam for her achievements and dedication to her job.
Kathy Nichols

Be smart to keep coronavirus at bay

As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues, there is reason for optimism about a “new normal.”
However, as yet there is no conclusive evidence that a vaccinated person cannot transmit the virus.
Moreover, there are many locations where new surges are occurring and variants of COVID-19 are spreading in many nations, including ours.
How should we respond to these concerns? We should respond by following the science.
Science has shown us that the protocols for halting the spread of COVID-19 are very effective.
So masking, social distancing and common sense have provided us with tools for dealing with the virus.
These same protocols will prove effective in dealing with new surges and with COVID-19 variants.
Therefore, for the next year or so, it would be wise to continue wearing a mask in crowded indoor venues and in an airplane, and to practice social distancing in the presence of people you do not know.
Science also informs us that widespread inoculation is essential for “herd immunity” and therefore for social and economic recovery.
In this regard, we may need to be vaccinated yearly against COVID-19 and its variants, much as we need to be vaccinated against the yearly flu. Thus, the new normal could involve a yearly COVID-19 vaccination.
By making intelligent choices, we will be able to enjoy a much less restrictive lifestyle as the rate of vaccination continues to rise, even in the face of some uncertainties.
Don Steiner

Supreme Court can’t avoid politics

In her April 16 letter to The Gazette (“Court packing is unconstitutional”), Christine DeMaria wrote that increasing the number of Supreme Court justices “may be unconstitutional” and that “A particular party controlling the Senate or House of Representatives is a result of a valid election. The Supreme Court is above political partisanship.”
She concludes by asking, “So, what am I missing here?”
Clearly, she does not want Congress to increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court.
She apparently does not know that the number of justices, according to the United States Constitution, is a decision left to Congress.
The first Supreme Court had six members.
Secondly, is she aware that Mitch McConnell would not even allow hearings on President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, after the death of Justice Scalia, because the next election was only one year away, and voters had the right to decide which president would select Scalia’s replacement?
Apparently that reasoning did not apply when Ruth Ginsburg died and Republicans rushed through Trump’s nominee, conservative Amy Coney Barrett, though the next election was weeks away.
Finally, the selection of Supreme Court justices is political, since they are nominated by a president and confirmed by a Senate elected by American voters.
It is their decisions that should be above politics and based on the constitutionality of the law in the case being decided.
But again, their interpretations of the Constitution are colored by their judicial philosophies and hence, political.
Anthony J. Santo

Let’s do something about what’s wrong

Where is the public outcry about what is happening in our country?
Maybe it is about time to call our congressmen and congresswomen all over the country and let them know how we feel about efforts to take our freedoms, etc.
This movement, woke-ism cancel culture, should be denounced by Congress. Why are they not doing it? Everyone should rail against this movement. Look it up on your phones.
And I am insulted by people calling our country systematically racist.
And I am outraged by those teachers who would not go back to teach American children and now are willing to “risk” teaching undocumented immigrants.
Did money have anything to inspire them? These so-called teachers should be fired. And I hope I did not read that these teachers are still being paid to teach our children when they are not teaching them.
I happen to see the term “presidential timber” meaning one with the abilities and appeal to become president.
And to all you people who voted for him, I am sure you thought he had it, but he does not have it now. And God help us.
And to Congress, get the fence up to stop this invasion. We the taxpayers paid for that fence so we must own it. Or else get the National Guard at all the open borders.
Shirley H. Guidarelli


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William Marincic

Anthony J. Santo The only reason Congress wants to add supreme court justices is because they are at a six to three minority, it’s all about power, they want to add for justices to make it 7 to 6. How about when the Republicans get back in office they add four more justices when does it end? Democrats are all about power and controlling people, taxes and regulations are the norm for democrats, not helping people.


Regardless of how many people make factual and valid points regarding the extent of Republican hypocrisy as relating to the Supreme Court issue, it falls on the deaf ears of the alt-right.

So Mitch McConnell refusing to have a hearing for Obama’s nominee eight months before an election due to it “being an election year”, but then pushing through Trump’s nominee two weeks before an election isn’t about power?? Please Bill, tell us all what it IS about then, since it sure ain’t about principle.


Correction” Unless you are incredible long lived you will get back only a portion of the wages that you contributed to social security!

Not necessarily so.
I know what’s been put into my account by me and my employers, I also know what my monthly payments are. Using the wonders of mathematics, I will have received all that’s been contributed in 10 years. Since we receive those benefits “for life”, and I fully expect to live longer than that (knock on head), everything after that is gravy.
(I’m not an accountant so this is likely a very simplistic interpretation, but it’s based on the SSA themselves)

No Democrats have condoned what happened on 6/1. That no Republicans seem capable of standing up to your Idiot-God we can safely assume the Democrats would not have behaved as badly as Republicans have in jamming the SC process.
You Republicans have only demonstrated a unified disrespect for this country.


Mitch McConnell’s refusal to consider Obama’s nomination to the Supreme Court was a blatant grab for power. Obama had a year left in office and Mitch refused to fulfill his constitutional duty to hold hearings on Garland’s appointment and vote to confirm or reject him as a Supreme Court Justice. Rushing through the Trump appointment in weeks toward the very end of Trump’s term is proof of how phony Mitch’s argument was in the Garland appointment. The democrats are simply considering ways to undo the imbalance of power in scotus resulting from McConnell’s loathsome behavior. By the way good luck defending Republican heroes such as Gaetz, Hawley, Boebert, Greene, Cruz etc. Also good luck arguing the nation was better off under the king of cons {trump} than the current president. By the way, you don’t think the covid stimulus package helped people; that the extension of medicare to more people, and that the proposed infrastructure program wouldn’t help people? You are the political descendant of the people who fought against programs to spread the wealth of America more fairly throughout our history from social security to Obamacare.


Tony social security is now and always been a tax levied on wages. The fact that part of the tax is collected from the employer means nothing more than what the employer sees as his employee’s wages and what the employees sees as their wages is different. From the employer’s point of view wages are the cost of having an employee and thus his social security tax is part of the employees’ wages

Sounds pretty Socialistical to me.
Well, I’m glad I was “taxed” for so long because I’m now getting it all back in monthly installments and it’s really helping cover the slip rental for my yacht.


I read that some people what to restrict the use of tear gas in Albany. My sure fired approach to restricting the use of Tear gas is to follow the instructions of law enforcement! Disperse or accept the consequences of your failure to obey!


One example of the source of the problem: With rioting continuing in Brooklyn Center, Minn. and around the country, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA, went to Minnesota and told the protesters that they “gotta stay on the street” and “get more confrontational.”

I think that the Democrats’ call for insurrection should be dealt with.

“Where is the public outcry about what is happening in our country?”
And with that, Ms. Guidarelli sealed the fate of her subsequent disjointed ranting.

“How about when the Republicans get back in office they add four more justices when does it end?”
Well Marincic, yet again the Republican Supreme Court has batted down another farcical Republican attempt to over throw the government by dismissing the Pennsylvania case. Who didn’t see that coming… 5 months ago?

So confidently misguided.
So loudly ignorant.
So proudly uneducated.

William Marincic

Well Chuck, what that tells you is that unlike Democrats on the court the Conservatives on the court follow the law not the political whims of the people that put them there. So there is no need to pack the court is there?


With the Chauvin trial coming to a conclusion, the next few weeks will be quite news worthy.

Of the 25 most dangerous jobs in the United States police officers rank 22nd. They are listed below logging workers, aircraft pilots, derrick operators, roofers, ironworkers, farmers and firefighters. Those professions all rank in the top 10.

Yes, policing is a job with a much higher risk of death or injury than most, but cops know exactly what they’re signing up for when they put on a badge.

Let me be very clear by saying that under no circumstance do I condone, accept, forgive or excuse any killing of a police officer in the line of duty.
It is heart breaking and gut wrenching for all involved, especially so when considering they’re doing a job that is “To Protect and to Serve” we the people of America.

And that is exactly my point. A badge doesn’t give you the right to abuse its significance. Police departments must be looked into and have necessary changes made to assure that representatives of law enforcement do just that, “protect and serve” ALL the citizens of America.

The abuse of power as well as racist behavior by some cops, regardless of what the percentage is, must be addressed and stopped. The “bad cops” must be held accountable. That is why, right now, so much hinges on the outcome of the Derek Chauvin trial.

If after watching the Floyd arrest video and your assessment of the situation is that what Chauvin did is anything but criminal, your only kidding yourself. If your belief is that his actions were justifiable, look at the stone cold expression on Chauvin’s face and replace Floyd’s face with that of your son’s or your brother’s or your own. Keep that Image in your head for a full 8 minutes and 46 seconds then tell me if you believe what Chauvin did was justified.

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