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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, April 20


How would Gov. Stefanik treat Trump

I have questions for Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.
If elected governor, will you continue to be a Trump loyalist?
If Trump were convicted in New York state, as governor, would you pardon him?
John Pautler
Saratoga Springs

Make city better by cleaning up the filth

If Schenectady and county elected officials think that all they have to do is spend thousands of dollars on demolishing houses in order to remove blight from our neighborhoods, they have another thought coming.
The streets of Schenectady are filthy. Business properties are unkempt. Landlords ignore the problem. Conditions keep getting worse. City officials have yet to address the issue. Every place I drive, there is litter strewn streets. Some places are worse than others. I will not name the streets, but officials need to look around and not keep their heads in the sand. It’s a daily diet of filth.
I live next to and across from tenant-occupied properties. Four months ago, I did an experiment. An empty soda bottle was thrown on the ground near the area where garbage is put out and sanitation workers pick up. The soda bottle stayed on the ground for three weeks until I picked it up. This is not an isolated case. \
All over the city, litter is allowed to accumulate. What a terrible reflection on those who call themselves representatives.
Mary B. McClaine

Trump is to blame for cultural damage

I need to join the chorus of letters regarding Trump’s presidency.
I have a number of old friends, from boyhood, high school, college and beyond who are Trump supporters of different stripes, that I communicate with by email. I have listened to their perspectives.
They claim to like his policies, e.g., regarding NATO, the WHO, the Iran nuclear deal, the Paris climate accords, tax cuts, increasing corporate protections while reducing wilderness protections, etc., often in spite of his personal demeanor.
Oh yes, then there are those who I suspect of single-issue voting. I disagree with all of them. I still maintain that the world’s problems need to be solved by cooperation, not isolation.
But regardless of these specifics, there is an area that I feel is being overlooked.
Trump has caused cultural damage to this country that will not repair itself anytime soon. He has legitimized hatred. There has always been White supremacy, White nationalism, racial bigotry, government distrust, militias stockpiling arms, etc.
But now, these have become synonymous with patriotism. The blame for this, I place directly at Trump’s feet.
His public demeanor has brought ugliness out in the open that we are leaving to future generations.
Hopefully, some of this can be neutralized quickly but looking at the cultural tribalism, political polarization, the number of politicians still willing to kiss his ring, it’s hard to be optimistic.
Thomas P. Herrmann

Recognize cats and dogs for vital role

Cats can reduce a humans’ chances of heart disease, reduce stress and help a person sleep. The purring can heal bones, tendons, and muscles.
Dogs reduce stress, can improve human heart health and improve social life. They can also reduce doctor visits.
Most importantly, it’s believed humans would be nomads today if dogs hadn’t helped us thousands of years ago. This gets little attention, though. As with many species, population size could be considered an issue. You can still acknowledge the positive they do.
If we’ll continue ignoring the positives farm animals, fish, insects and others do for humanity, the least we can do is acknowledge the positives cats and dogs do for us.
Colin Yunick

If Cuomo is guilty, he must be removed

In regard to Thomas Koch’s April 15 letter (“Impeachment must be for legit reasons”) about the impeachment of Andrew Cuomo: My culture also hugged and kissed, but the writer missed the grouping restrictions and also the nursing home deaths. He needs to be investigated and if proven, needs to go.
Gus Sacerio



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Great letter Thomas. It’s disturbing to see the lengths that Trump supporters, including elected officials, have gone to defend his actions over for the past six years. When Donald Trump said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any supporters, many of us laughed at the ridiculousness of that statement. But years later, it turns out, he was right! I’ve been a liberal my entire life, but I find nothing wrong with criticizing our leaders, ones that I voted for, and wanting them to be and do better for the American people that voted them into office. It’s how we move our country forward and how we get better leaders. But ask a Trump supporter to name a few things that don’t like about him, and the silence is deafening. I can’t imagine being that enamored with a politician that they are beyond reproach. Public officials are supposed to represent the people, not the other way around.

William Marincic

Here is the difference Matt, I was a liberal for most of my life so I can tell you both sides of the story. I don’t like that Trump is a braggart, I don’t like that he is too thin-skinned and I also think he should be much more clear when it comes to race, he has said and proven by his actions that he is not racist but he gets angry at the liberal media pundit that keeps bringing up this lie and his answer gets lost in the haze. There, are you happy? I’m never afraid to criticize when I believe a wrong has been committed even by those that I like.

My thought Bill is, if Trump was “clear when it comes to race”, then the “liberal media” wouldn’t keep bringing it up. And if he just answered the question clearly and directly and his actions were consistent with his words, then it wouldn’t be an issue. But in my view, he liked to toe the line and leave just a little bit of plausible deniability, so he can give cover to the Republicans who needed to defend him, while also appealing to the part of his base that are in fact racist. From his Muslim ban, to the “good people on both sides”, to the Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists, to the s—hole countries, to calling POC “the blacks”, to questioning a Mexican judge’s impartiality, I do question whether his answer does in fact get “lost in the haze”, and isn’t just our eyes seeing different evidence than the words coming out of his mouth. But I do appreciate you at least acknowledging his faults, as opposed to others who either see, or pretend to see, no wrong.


Bill, just out of curiosity, give us some examples of your “liberal” days. I have a hard time believing you so easily fell off the cliff into the alt-right swamp of lies and conspiracy theories.

YEah, that’s what I thought, more crickets.
He wasn’t a liberal any more than I was a member of John Birch. Marincic has shown many times the internet is his place to blurt out whatever sludge is running through his head at teat moment.


Matt you have to face the fact that many people are not comfortable with the the Democrats’ view that BLM riots are acceptable. What you are calling Trump supporters are people who are people who are not comfortable with the policies that you have embraced.


Wake up Fred, for the most part, no one other than people like you are saying that “Democrats’ view that BLM riots are acceptable”. I’m as liberal as you can get and I have denounced the looting from those criminals from day one. Please put the focus on why BLM protesters are marching. Racial inequality, simple as that.

Additionally if you’re going to put the emphasis on rioting and looting, let’s talk about 1/6/2021.


Lou there is a difference between marching and burning. Some of us find that to be an important distinction!

“Additionally if you’re going to put the emphasis on rioting and looting, let’s talk about 1/6/2021.”

I think the law should apply equally to all – but then I am not a Democrat!

“Some of you” also would never admit that there has been significant, documented instances of infiltration and monkey-wrenching by white supremacist groups into these otherwise peaceful marches, and that’s hundreds have been arrested and almost all community and BLM leaders have condemned the violence.
All the while silent about a white supremacist movement to overthrow the Presidential election. The “some of you” silence is deafening. But anything to lay the trouble on the Blacks, right Fred?


Three spot on letters in today’s editorials, my thoughts:

John Pautler, If put in the position to, Elise Stefanik would not only pardon Trump but would additionally pardon Satan himself if it could further her political ambitions.
I was born and lived lived in Schenectady for 70 years. Two and a half years ago I moved to Burnt Hills. Because a huge part of me is very relevant to Schenectady, I’m sorry to say there’s not one thing I miss about living in Schenectady. From the schools system and the ridiculously high taxes to the politics and, yes Ms. Mcclaine, all the “litter strewn streets”.
Mr. Herman I’m in total agreement that Trump is to blame for cultural damage, both in America as well as many other countries of the world. Sadly, to say that’s only the tip if the iceberg as to the damage Trump has generated in the world.


I think it’s safe to say that Stefanik would never get elected governor in NY. She’s no George Pataki. But I hope she is the GOP governor rep in 2022 so that when she loses, she is no longer in Congress. I really don’t think she’ll risk it, but I hope she does.


There seems to be competition among the southern states as to which is more racist then the other. Mississippi just made their latest move to be the racist leader when the governor signed a proclamation making April “Confederate Heritage Month”. When asked why he signed the proclamation by the press he said, “we can all learn from history”. Brilliant!


Trump’s election Big Lie still lives on within the GOP. But another election lie (maybe not as big) by Trump (among so many) is that the stock market will crash if Biden is elected. Well, so far the market has improved three times better than when Trump first took office. Perhaps that’s why Bill M. hasn’t said anything about it, along with gas prices stabilizing to level even less than two years ago (cannot use Trump’s 2020 pandemic year for comparison since demand tanked).


Yes, this is only one small drop of justice in a very large bucket filled with centuries of racial injustice. Hopefully this drop becomes a trickle and eventually the flood gates of equality for all will be opened. But considering the Fred’s Bill’s, Derek Chauvin’s and Rupert Murdoch’s of the world it will be a long slow process. At least it’s begun.

A 15-year-old Ohio teen was shot and killed Tuesday when a fight broke out in her foster home. Just as the guilty verdict against Derek Chauvin, police killed her.

“Authorities said they received a call at 4:35 p.m about a reported stabbing on the 3100 block of Legion Lane,” said the Columbus Dispatch. “The caller identified the person with a knife as a female,” but gave no other details and hung up.

“Hazel Bryant told The Dispatch that she is the aunt of the 15-year-old girl who was shot,” said the report. “The girl lived in a foster home there on Legion Lane and got into an altercation with someone else at the home, she said.”

Her aunt said that the teen wasn’t holding a knife when police shot her and that she was the one who called the police for help.

“We don’t get to celebrate nothing,” said protester K.C. Taynor after the Chauvin verdict. “…In the end, you know what, you can’t be Black.”

William Marincic

Well ChuckD. A little too fast with your comment because the police released the body cam footage and she most certainly was holding a knife and in the process of stabbing someone else.

Last I heard and saw, the effects of a taser were instantaneous, and certainly less dangerous for the innocents nearby. Wildly firing off a gun at the earliest provocation (and I don’t care what kind of “marksman” the cop was) is at least unprofessional.

You go ahead though and keep telling us you were a “liberal Democrat” and defending cops killing non-whites and all the other little lies you believe in.

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