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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, April 21


Great job on effort to help homeless

I read the article in the April 15 Gazette (“Homeless camp removed, with care”) about the agencies who worked alongside the Schenectady police to aid the homeless people camping in Vale Park and I have just one word to say – bravo!
Christine Witkowski


Only give support to legal immigrants

Fed up with New York and its politicians?
It’s not enough we pay some of the highest taxes in the country, but now our governor and his cronies in the new budget are making us taxpayers give money to undocumented people coming to this state and country. This is just WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
I worked hard to support my family and pay my share of taxes. My parents came to this country in the late 1930s.
They came the legal way and became citizens and were proud in doing so.
My father served in World War II in the Pacific. Nobody gave them anything.
They worked hard for what they got and had a great life in doing so.
Enough is enough.
If our ding-dong Gov. Cuomo and our so-called representatives want to give money to undocumented people instead of deporting them back to where they came from, then let them fork over their paychecks for the year, not my tax money that is supposed to support our state and our schools.
Paul Dolhy


Grandma Jane would be so proud

Kudos to Lt. Ryan Macherone and partner Sgt. Nick Mannix for being so compassionate to removing the homeless encampment, as reported in the April 15 Gazette (“Homeless camp removed, with care”).
I know firsthand where Ryan got all his nurturing from: Grandma Jane of 97 years teaching and giving and cooking to all.
No one ever was left behind. She would be so proud of you!
Michelle France


Don’t overlook Liz Joy’s role on Jan. 6

I was not surprised to read that Schenectady County Republican Committee Vice-Chair Liz Joy has announced that she is running against Congressman Paul Tonko again next year — especially since she has not yet conceded her 2020 race, despite losing by a 22% margin.
I was, however, surprised that the April 9 Gazette article (“Liz Joy to challenge Tonko again in 2022”) did not mention her role on Jan. 6 in Washington.
She didn’t merely participate in the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6, but was an organizer, having arranged for a busload of Capital Region residents to travel to Washington to protest the certification of our duly-elected president.
Little has been reported about Joy’s role at the Capitol on Jan. 6 other than her admission that she was there. Has she been questioned by the FBI?
Liz Joy is a dangerous conspiracy theorist who has continued to spread the ludicrous theory that the presidential election was rigged and also seems to be disputing Congressman Tonko’s overwhelming victory. These are facts.
They are the basis of her endless campaigning and should not be overlooked by the media or anyone else.
Kevin Duffy


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Fred B. and Bill M., I hope you learned something from the Chauvin trial. Even when a person of color doesn’t resist arrest, they can be murdered by the police. If it wasn’t for that 17 year old’s video of the murder, I’m not sure Chauvin would have been found guilty. That teenager was one of the heroes of this sad story.


Let’s not forget the three other mostly complicit cops who assisted Chauvin. I bet they make plea deals to avoid a trial.


Kevin Duffy, excellent letter on Liz Joy, the wannabe congresswoman who will never be. Tonko will have a field day calling her out for her Trumperisms. If she had been in Congress on Jan. 6, she would have voted along with Stefanik to try to overturn the election. Her platform of insurrection and anti-democracy won’t get her very far. She reminds me of the wack-job Marjorie Taylor Greene, the QAnon congresswoman from Georgia.

Let’s see if Liz holds any more super-spreader, no mask rallies in Glenville again with Town Supervisor Koetzle cheering her on.


Paul Dolby, please consider a few things:
When your parents came to this county in the 30’s obtaining citizenship was far easier than it is today. It’s extremely difficult, can take years and be very costly.

Many of these “undocumented people” would sacrifice an arm to become American citizens, but the reality of citizenship is impossible for them. They are human beings, not unlike you and me, but they have NOTHING! No food, no money, in all likelihood only the clothes on their backs.-
So Paul, it would be great if you came up with a few realistic suggestions as to how these misfortunate souls can become U.S. citizens.

And to be honest with you if it were up to me, I would love to trade these hard working “undocumented people” who just want some of the basic needs of humanity and a little opportunity, for millions of second, third, and forth generation American citizens living here that are nothing more than parasitic lazy slugs.


Rupert Murdoch should be sharing the jail cell along side Derek Chauvin.

What I heard In one minute of The Fox Fascist Show that I forced myself to listen to last night made my blood boil.

Tucker Carlson and a guest came to the conclusion that the only reason the jury found Chauvin guilty of murder was media related. Not verbatim, but this was the substance: The pressure the jury felt from the overwhelming general consensus of Democrats in regards to Chauvin’s predetermined guilt skewed their true feelings. They were swayed by the overwhelming media reporting over the past year.

I guess the indisputable murder video along with the testimony of eye witnesses, as well as overwhelming incriminating police and professional opinion and fact testimony meant nothing.

Additionally what they are implying is that his guilt, determined by a jury of his peers means nothing. Apparently our judicial system doesn’t work when a white man is found guilty of murdering a black man. Especially so if it’s a cop. Nauseating!

I’m certainly in favor of free speech, I sure do my share of mouthing off, but I’ll tell you, Fox is worse than screaming fire in a crowded movie theater.

Again, Lou, it’s about their “feelings”. It doesn’t “feel” right for the minorities to weild that kind of power. Just like it doesn’t “feel” right that the previous President lost.

It CAN’T be true!
It WON’T be true!
Look at how sure we are of it! Did you see all our flags?
So it MUST be true, and it WILL be true!


Feelings? Liberals are inarguably the epitome of bleeding heart snowflake victims. They are the ones who ‘feel’ this or that should be done. Usually while crying or wringing their hands in anguish. Like your hero Nancy. Sniffling and ‘feeling’ and sobbing about whatever the huge injustice of the day is. It makes me sick.


“Snowflake” is a 2010s derogatory slang term for a person, implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or are overly-emotional, easily offended , and unable to deal with opposing opinions. Common usages include the terms “special snowflake”, “Generation Snowflake”, and “snowflake” as a politicized insult.

“Implying that they have an inflated sense of uniqueness”

Says the self admitted White supremacist:

April 6th, 2021
And it was God’s will that the superior White man rule the world!
Right Bill?
April 6th, 2021
Yes. Yes it certainly was.

So will you please explain to us all the story of “Gods will that that the superior White man rule the world.

Perhaps it’s may be explained in the following bible verse: John 4:18

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

You have no fear because you love the black man, or do you hate them because you are afraid and want to punish them?

You answer that question every time you open your mouth.

Here ya go, yaky. My bad:

Yeah, we saw that outpouring, uncontrollable display of liberal feelings on full display on 1/6/21, didn’t we?
Still tough to believe he lost, eh.
I won’t be replying to anything else you type here. We all know where you’re coming from.


Fox wouldn’t exist without the lies and misinformation. The same with Trump and other right wing media outlets. Truth is their enemy. Unfortunately there are millions of people who subscribe to it because it feeds their fragile egos.

Ever the victim, aren’t we Mr. Dolhy?
You cannot compare the iigration system of 1930 with now. Our politicians have slighted it of needed resource to do their job well for too long.

Yeah, we saw that outpouring, uncontrollable display of liberal feelings on full display on 1/6/21, didn’t we?
Still tough to believe he lost, eh.
I won’t be replying to anything else you type here. We all know where you’re coming from.


Chuck, I’m assuming you were responding to the guy who makes Fred and Bill look like liberals.
I’m on the same page as you. I made one last response and that is it for me as well.

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