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Letters to the Editor Saturday, April 24


For safety, let state rangers use EpiPens

As the warmer weather sweeps across the state and New Yorkers start hitting the trails at our state parks with their family and friends, I want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to keep people safe.
A number of our state’s most popular trails are located out of immediate reach from local health care facilities.
So when the unexpected happens, our dedicated park rangers, forest rangers, and environmental conservation officers are the first to respond.
With so many more people out on the trails than before, insect bites, stings or even eating a meal that elicits allergic reaction is something we must be better prepared for.
Although these reactions can vary from mild to severe, anyone who has experienced a severe allergic reaction knows that every second counts.
That is why I have proposed a bipartisan piece of legislation to allow our park rangers, forest rangers and environmental conservation officers to carry and administer epinephrine injectors, commonly referred to as an EpiPen (A.4652).
This is an essential medication that has saved the lives of countless people.
By expanding access, we can provide life-saving interventions in the event of the unexpected.
Angelo Santabarbara
The writer is a state Assemblyman representing the 111th district.


Work together for the sake of future

Looking around this once great country, we have mass shootings with loss of lives.
We have racist laws being passed to hinder peoples’ right to vote.
We have seemingly simple police stops which end up with people of color dead.
We have peaceful protests used by some to do damage. We have so much hate for people who are different. We have workplaces filled with inappropriate behaviors.
And we have a worldwide pandemic denied by some willing to put the rest in harm’s way.
The newspapers are filled with bad news. Efforts by many, including our president and the television media, to shed light and look for ways to make things better are to be commended.
But we also have sides where if one side says it’s good, the other says it’s bad. Agreement, to them, is a sin.
They’ve forgotten that we are in this together. They need to work together to find solutions. Some compromise is needed. The hypocrisy has to stop. Lives are at stake. Peoples’ rights are not the be-all, end-all.
We need to stop sacrificing one person’s rights for another’s. The time is now. Not for us. But for our children and our children’s children.
Each of us doing our part.
Francis Pugliese

Federal aid should help all residents

It was with great disappointment I read the March 29 Gazette article (“Towns eye ways to use federal relief funds”) that specified the plans for money the Town of Princetown will receive.
Princetown Supervisor Lou Esposito was quoted as saying “all $320,000 will go towards fixing the water system.”
While fixing the town’s water system is a laudable enterprise, in Princetown, the water system serves only a small fraction of town residents.
Large portions of the town have no access to this water system.
Spending money provided to the town at large on a project that will benefit just a few of the town residents is inappropriate.
I hope Mr. Esposito and the other town board members will reconsider this decision and open up a discussion on how the money could be spent that would benefit all Princetown residents.
John Fisher

Kudos on effort to help local homeless

It was heartwarming to read Brian Lee’s April 15 Gazette article (“Homeless camp removed, with care”) about the removal of the homeless encampment in Vale Park.
Kudos to all who were involved in patiently handling the situation, beginning with Police Sgt. Nick Mannix and Lt. Ryan Macherone.
Experts in local social service agencies worked collaboratively with the police to help find alternative housing and support.
The long-term efforts and care by many agencies are to be commended. This kind of story and positive outcome help me feel hopeful about our city and future. Thanks to all who were involved.
Patricia Roeser


Letter writer perfectly captured Trumpers

Thank you, Mr. Louis Restifo, Sr. for your most excellent letter (“GOP talking points are preprogrammed”) of April 11, maybe the best I’ve ever read in The Gazette.
It is insightful, wickedly sarcastic, funny and, most of all, TRUE.
Regurgitation of Fox/talk radio propaganda is no match for original thought, a concept Trump thumpers simply cannot grasp.
Great letter! I await a lame response from someone out there in conservative country.
Paul Sator

Pay reparations, but not in form of money

I believe in reparations. Compensation to those who have sacrificed, atonement for wrongs committed, and redress of grievances are good for the soul.
For example, I believe that the families who sacrificed their sons during the American Civil War, an event which produced the Emancipation Proclamation, should receive some sort of compensation.
But the compensation shouldn’t be monetary. A simple laying of a wreath or the planting of an American flag would suffice. I believe in reparations for the millions of men and women who worked in World War II defense plants.
Without their efforts, life would have been more difficult. I believe in reparations for the families whose sons and daughters are buried in Normandy and at Punchbowl National Cemetery in Honolulu, those who died on Iwo Jima. I believe in reparations for the 300 members of WWII bomber crews who never came home. And I believe in reparations for the families of those indentured servants, the White slaves who had to give their benefactors over five years of work to pay back the cost of passage to the New World during the 17th and 18th centuries. And, yes, I believe in reparations for the families of former slaves.
But there should never be a monetary fix for them or any of the above-mentioned, that would lead to consequences and further divisiveness — something we don’t need. Plant a flag, not a knee. Think of the future, not of the past.
Give thanks to those who gave you a future.
Allen R. Remaley
Scottsdale, Ariz., Saratoga Springs


Let us all know when restrictions will end

Twenty-four states nationwide have removed, or never had, their mask mandate. In the Northeast, Connecticut, Maryland and Massachusetts removed capacity limits on restaurants and Vermont will reopen everything on July 4 if 60-70% of residents have at least one shot.
Florida and Texas reopened schools using Neanderthal thinking to drop mask mandates and restrictions and their numbers have steadily declined.
New York meanwhile is consistently near or at the top in case rate and deaths. If the smart people in Cuomo’s government looked at the data, they might see their masks and restrictions are not correlating to reduced cases or deaths.
Instead, when the governor feels like it, we get small dribbles of arbitrary reductions (maybe to head off bad press?) like one extra hour of restaurant time.
Using their models and science and data, surely a number exists where New York would reopen and it wouldn’t be a secret.
But we have a power-hungry governor who won’t give up control and uses anyone who might determine this number to cover up nursing home deaths, head off harassment charges, write his book and administer special covid tests to him and his family/friends while hiding from the press.
Does the governor ever plan to reopen? If those in power really believe the vaccine works, they should start acting like it and specify when restrictions will end.
Ed Nieters
Burnt Hills


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William Marincic

Biden has been president since January 20 I have yet to see a letter in this liberal newspaper telling us what a great job he has done my, only letters talking about and bashing President Trump. I can understand that because we live in liberal New York State with its highest taxes in the country, the most regulations in the country, the highest Covid and death rate from Covid in the country. We have failing schools and rampant crime yet we have some of the toughest gun laws in the country. The only thing that can be attributed to all of this is a government run by democrats.


On page A3 of the Gazette this morning, is an important AP report on the evidence in the Chauvin murder case. Apparently, the initial police report was that Floyd died of “medical distress”. The report “made no mention that the Black man had been pinned to the ground at the neck by Chauvin, or that he’d cried out that he couldn’t breathe”. Hadn’t the video been taken, the Floyd case would likely have ended up in an acquittal of Chauvin. How many thousands of cases does this represent?

If true, I think it’s a classic example of how police lie or misrepresent cases that end up going nowhere. That’s why all the police statistics being thrown around on the blog the last few days (saying in so many words how rare this case is) are probably meaningless since they are based on police reports that protect themselves. Cops need to be better screened when hired and every five years after that, and better trained in defusing tense situations. Without honest reporting and video recordings of police encounters, particularly between cops and people of color, there can be no justice and accountability.


Also there was no mention of Floyd’s attempt to surrender – because there was none!
Notice that Ray is not interested in the idea that Black males could increase their life expectance by better managing their intake of illegal drugs. Nor does he consider the possiblity that families should help their drug dependent members.


“And, yes, I believe in reparations for the families of former slaves.”

So the living should benefit from the suffering of the dead! How does one propose to collect reparations from the countries who sold their unwanted in to slavery? Since Blacks are better off than those of those who now live in the countries from where they were exported from should the reparations from American Blacks flow to the exporting countries?


Republicans in the House of Representatives are trying to sabotage the bi-partisan style Jan. 6 insurrection commission (similar to the 9/11 Commission) by widening the scope to include unrelated incidents that happened last year around the country that have nothing to do with Trump’s inspired mob attacking the Capitol. The GOP slow down is purposeful since it will likely tie Trump and his administration to planning and executing the insurrection, and perhaps specific members of Congress. I can just see Trump behind the scenes in Mar-a-Lie-Go orchestrating this sabotage since it could impact his decision to run again in 2024. Hopefully losing in court will stop that plan, too.


An excerpt from George Orwell’s book 1984 that was written in 1948 certainly strikes a familiar note today:

“In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense.” – George Orwell, 1984

The propaganda and lies of politics continue to be recycled year after year, decade after decade, centry after centry, and in 2016 the republicans opened the latest version of the Pandora’s box of political insanity.

Young Mr. Barney yesterday asked the musical question:
“Has anyone heard of a BLM group turning in the few rioters at one of their by and large peaceful protests?”

I responded with a reply that ticked off the sp4m sensors having more than one URL, so I now repost a hopefully cleaner version which has two references I believe all BLM/antifa will not want to read, but are the truth behind much (not all) of the violence we’re witnessing. This is real and there are other examples (search on “Noah Latham” for a local version).
Just for you Fred.
A masked man who was seen in a viral video smashing the windows of a south Minneapolis auto parts store during the George Floyd protests, earning him the moniker “Umbrella Man,” is suspected of ties with a white supremacist group and sought to incite racial tension, police said.

A Minneapolis police arson investigator said the act of vandalism at the AutoZone on E. Lake Street helped spark a chain reaction that led to days of looting and rioting. The store was among dozens of buildings across the city that burned to the ground in the days that followed.

But demonstrators at the AutoZone didn’t recognize the Umbrella Man, who casually walked up and shattered at least four windows of the business, which was later set on fire.

The man’s actions were so odd that other rioters in the area paused their own protests to call him out and begin filming.

Joseph Vendetti


With that theory we can’t trust any reporting anywhere – drs at hospitals must e covering for other drs in malpractice issues, construction & osha reporting flawed in cover ups

Do a NYS trooper or urban ride along instead of thinking there is this larger conspiracy of bad cops.

The majority of cops are good, obviously like any field & group that wants/needs improvement- more education, more evaluation is wanted and always needed


I believe you were responding to Chuck, who by the way I agree with, when you call him Ray.
My response to you us down the line a bit.


Ok Joe, so we only hold significance to the initial, possible skewed, news reporting of a particular situation as perceived by some. No point in delving further into reporting regarding other truths or influences, large or small, and how they may have been a factor.

Perhaps we believe no news at all, and trust only what we see or hear with our own eyes and ears, only to later be told that that’s not what happened.

Thankfully there still is plenty of solid news reporting out there, in many cases, along with indisputable video verification.

It’s the Fox/trump’s and the likes that continually attempt to discredit honest news sources, when in fact are the ones perpetuating the lies.

Allen R. Remaley seems to lament how the White majority also deserve “reparations” as we debate the same for African-Americans. The inherent racism in his letter reveals itself at the end; “Plant a flag, not a knee.” I don’t think ‘taking a knee’ means what he thinks (or wants ) it to mean.

That said, he also seems to conveniently overlook things like the Veterans’ Administration and all the other benefits that have been offered veterans since the Revolutionary War. Reparations, as it were. What must he be thinking of that that didn’t occur to him?

I suggest (seriously) a cabinet-level Administration of African-American Affairs. Just as we rightfully recognize those who dedicated their lives to defending our country, America needs to recognize the egregious way we’ve treated those we enslaved by the millions to build what we now enjoy.

Joseph Vendetti


Fox too right, CNN too left. Miss days of Rather and Cronkite – just journlism and facts!! NY Times & Washington Post (skew left but are great papers)


Joe, Comparing Fox to CNN, implying that they are at opposite ends of the biased political spectrum, in my judgment, is out of balance. It’s kind of like saying two people are criminals, end of story. I consider the the Fox criminal to be a serial murderer and CNN criminal to be a common thief. Big difference.

Still plenty of solid news sources out their: Associated Press, PBS news, NPR, BBC, and yes, CBS. The problem being that trump and his mindless bleating followers have labeled them as “fake news”. They only say this because these news outlets aren’t reporting what they want to hear. They’re only reporting the facts. That’s the plain and simple truth of it.

Joseph Vendetti


Thief’s and Murders are both criminals

Do you remember Walter Cronkites famous line – “I don’t make the news I just read it”? Today we have anchors that make news, they read certain excerpts of stories while omitting others.

I hate bias – left and right. I loved ruth bader ginsberg as a jurist. I loved when she was in senate conformation and refused to answer questions- saying “ that may come before the court and I can’t offer my opinion prior to that event” – was known as RBG response. Yet the NYT and Wash Post when others went before the Senate Committee – Amy Comie Barrett refuses to answer her opinion on Abortion, Kavenaugh refuses to offer opinion on Affordable Care act.

Ok stating that is entirely fine – but the article isn’t complete without saying that these responses (or non responses) were started by the fine jurists of RBG. Because younger people reading that article for the 1st time or looking at just the headline – “Comey refuses to answer questions “ – you would have to admit is quite misleading – correct?

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