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Letters to the Editor Sunday, April 25


Support efforts of Schenectady police

Last year, our governor ordered municipalities to review their police policies with reform as their charge.
To the credit of Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy, Police Chief Eric Clifford and our City Council, the policies of the Schenectady Police Department (SPD) were reviewed, input accepted, and reform adopted with the passing of the ‘Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative’ plan.
However, at the City Council meeting that adopted this plan, The Daily Gazette reported council member Marion Porterfield commented that officials “added back in” knee holds.
In response to Porterfield’s statement it was reported, Chief Clifford wrote the council member a letter stating, “Claims that we added knee to head holds back into the department’s Use of Force policy are false, and I urge you to understand how detrimental spreading misinformation is to our efforts to build trust within the community.”
It’s incumbent on city officials to be open and honest in their deliberations on how policing is conducted in the city of Schenectady. City residents and our police officers deserve nothing less.
As a city resident for five decades, I’ve witnessed the SPD turn challenges into opportunities to become a more accountable and responsive police department.
Significant resources have been dedicated to make our police officers evolve into highly-trained, well-equipped law enforcement professionals.
Our mayor, police chief and City Council have worked diligently to make the SPD into a department city residents can be proud of, and it’s time we ALL support their efforts.
Thomas P. Kennedy III

Better manage the river to control floods

An idea floating around Schenectady to alleviate flooding of its treasured Stockade District is to somehow transport several houses east and plant them on higher, safe ground.
This mad proposition and the city’s negligence in harnessing the mercurial river makes one wonder what its leaders have been doing the past 300 years.
In 1937, Louisville, Kentucky, suffered such a devastating flood. Its entire downtown was turned into a Venice, with rowboats serving as gondolas.
Alerted to the dangers of a river that sometimes expanded 15 times in width to the depth of 50 feet, the city created sustaining flood control and embankments and has remained dry ever since.
This sounds like a project the Army Corps of Engineers could handle in designing.
Ever the problem is how to pay for it. Well, why not President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan? That is, if it could ever pass the Senate, now guarded by stingy born again Republicans.
David Childs

Far left Democrats are eroding our rights

I have always been a patriotic American and I am 79 years old.
I love our country and its proud history and accomplishments since 1789 — from horse and buggy to space craft, from mailed letters to cell phone texting, from encyclopedias to the internet, and from slavery, segregation, and discrimination to racial harmony and integration.
Most of these accomplishments occurred here because many of our ancestors pursued life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
But not now. The far left Democrats and their backers in the media have pursued abortion, dependency and the pursuit of political power.
Thanks to the election of President Biden, they now have the power, and thanks to the pandemic and its results, they now have our dependency.
Notice what is now happening: higher gas prices and undocumented migrants crossing our southern borders, some schools closed and others barely open, and many of the mandated lockdowns — on families, churches, restaurants, and small businesses — have remained largely in place, even though the pandemic has been substantially diminished.
Notice how many of our constitutional freedoms are now in jeopardy. Take freedom of speech for example.
A White conservative is called a White supremacist and the people who object to the far left agenda are called racist. That agenda now includes cancel culture. Dr. Seuss? Really? Will America still be a democracy four years from now?
Richard W. Colyer


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Democrats believe that insult is a substitute for substance. In fairness it should be noted that it is hard to make a serious comment when being against racism but infavor of government race based programs.


1> BLM – Black lives matter.

2> LM – Lives matter.

One slogan is racist and the other is not. If you can not see that all lives matter I hope you get well.


Why is the flooding of the stockade are any else problem other than the locals?

As for global warming flooding build dykes as the Dutch have done or move


Not all Blacks are criminals
Not all Whites are racists
Not all Cops are bad
Ignorance comes in ALL colors.

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