Outdoor Journal: It’s good to be back


Now that I am on my feet, I’d like to thank The Daily Gazette, and those of you readers who have sent me get-well cards and emails — and especially Saratoga Hospital, and the doctors and medical people who helped me to get back on my feet and get me back into the woods after my COVID-19 diagnosis back in January.

I want you to know that on Saturday, I will be tucked down in the bushes in the Saratoga woods before sunup with my loaded shotgun across my legs, 25 yards away from five of my decoys. With me will be my good friend Neil Hopkins of Saratoga, who will be keeping an eye on me just in case I need help. Neil and I were successful last year as both of us scored turkeys. You might remember that when I did not shoot a nice tom because he had a small beard, Neil told me, “You can’t eat the beard!” But later, we both scored nice toms. I checked out that the 28-gauge will take down any game bird, so I might just take my first turkey with my 28-gauge.

For the Auriemma family’s 12th annual Youth Turkey Hunt, the venue/location for the weigh-in and the rest of the event from the Cranesville FD has changed. It will now be held at the Auriemma residence at 197 Truax Road, Amsterdam, NY 12010. The weigh-in at the Auriemma’s will go from noon to 1:30 p.m. Saturday. As is customary, the entire event is free to the participants and their siblings and mentors, without regard as to whether they bring in a bird to be weighed. Each youth that attends will get prizes on a blind draw basis.

Let me know how you do.


The NYS Deptartment of Environmental Conservation recently announced young hunters ages 12 and 13 can hunt deer with a firearm or crossbow under the supervision of a licensed and experienced adult hunter in the upstate counties that opt-in to participate. These youth hunters must be supervised, and both the young hunter and the mentor must wear fluorescent orange or pink clothing, and remain on the ground level while hunting deer with a crossbow, rifle, shotgun or muzzleloader.

For more information, head to dec.ny.gov/outdoor/46245.html.

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