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Letters to the Editor Thursday, April 29


Democracy relies on free speech for all

My old friend Ricard Colyer’s April 25 letter  (“Far left Democrats are eroding our rights”) is muddled, lots of ancestors pursuing the “pursuit of happiness,” and displays a fundamental ignorance of the right to free speech.
The First Amendment prohibits Congress from “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”
Logically, if someone chooses to identify a White conservative as a White supremacist and people who object to the far left agenda as racist, he or she is free to do that, especially, if as is often the case, that characterization is true.
That is what free speech means. Far from eroding our constitutional freedoms, the dramatic expansion of contending ideas in the public square (including the internet) is a strong affirmation of them.
“Patriotic” Americans come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ethnicities, and all of us share the same rights.
Mr. Colyer wonders if America will still be a democracy four years from now?
My answer is a resounding yes.
And it may even be a more equitable and inclusive one as well.
Peter J. Johnson

Sexual harassment not a new problem

Whether it is Andrew Cuomo, Donald Trump or Santa Claus, sexual harassment of women in the workplace or anywhere else is disgusting and morally wrong.
However, this is not a new problem. It has been going on since the days of Thomas Jefferson. As a matter of fact, there are two judges currently serving in the Supreme Court who were accused of sexual harassment.
Clarence Thomas, appointed by George H. W. Bush in 1991, was accused by Anita Hill and Brett Cavanaugh, appointed by Donald J. Trump in 2020, was accused by Christine Blasey Ford.
Both of these women are competent and well educated and would never have subjected themselves to the humiliation of a public hearing unless they were not being absolutely truthful.
Boys will be boys, but at some point, they should grow up to be gentlemen.
Jane Reisenger


Sheehan reveals where allegiances lie

Kathy Sheehan, mayor of Albany, has demonstrated blatant disregard and disrespect for Black and Brown people.
Sheehan insultingly compared the April 21 protest of police brutality to the riot at the U.S. Capitol.
She may have apologized, but it’s clear where her allegiance lies — not with the hearts of the people.  What an onerous comment and one that deeply grieves me as a provider and vocal constituent.
It is insulting to compare the breaking of a window of a paramilitary fort to endangering the lives of our civilian representatives at the U.S. Capitol.
Please support #AllOfUs and the right to free speech.
Had these been White protesters, pepper spray and tear gas would have been employed to a much lesser degree. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
K. Natalia Granger


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Joe Biden, what a great speech to Congress you delivered last night. You were extremely informative in expressing a proposed game plan regarding how America can forge ahead from within, inclusive of all people living here, as well as on the world stage. You spoke as a president should, respectfully with sound ideas for the future of our great country. How refreshing!

Senator Tim Scott, in your GOP rebuttal to the president’s speech you sounded like an old white Republican man talking from the body of a young black man. You should be ashamed of yourself, if for nothing else, for the lies you told!

William Marincic

It’s funny how the left will accuse a Black Republican as not being Black, how racist is that. Why not just call him and uncle Tom? The Washington post said that Tim Scott lived a charmed life because one of his ancestors owned land, they didn’t mention his ancestors that were slaves, another liberal hit piece. We know that Tim Scott is going places in the republican party and most likely on the national stage, how do we know that, because he is being attacked by all of the MSM.


Mr. RESTIFO, I don’t know what planet you are from. That speech was a disaster! The so-called lies that Senator Scott told were in fact the truth but you wouldn’t know that because you get your news from the MSN including this paper. They don’t report anything except what the Democrats and the power brokers want you to know. They want to keep you as ignorant as possible so when all your Constitutional rights are gone, you won’t put up a stink.

Mr. RESTIFO, why do you think only a certain number of people were allowed at the speech? It wasn’t for safety protocols. All members of Congress have been vaccinated. It was to condition us to get us used to following orders. Did you really listen to that speech. If Biden’s handlers get what they want, the United States will not be a free nation and you will not be a sovereign individual. We will be under some form of world government. We will not have a say in anything the government does. In fact, they will tell us how to live, what we can do, who we can associate with, what we can say and not say. In short it will be an authoritarian autocratic form of government.

But you ignorant fools just keep buying what the Democrats are selling. But make no mistake, there are plenty of Republicans on board with this too.


No CHUCKD, you are ignorant of reality because you only get your information from the MSN propagandists. I really feel sorry for you. And yes I am with God.


You sound exactly like someone parroting Fox propaganda! Easy to spot. Feel sorry for you in your ignorance.

That’s all you get, isn’t it? Like Marincic, Barney, and the rest of you sociopaths, intellectually broke.
You have nothing of substance to defend yourselves except, “no i’m not, you are” and insults.


You claim to know Tim well enough to be able to correctly claim that he spoke with the intention to decieve his audience. As a matter of personal honor you should back this claim up.


Hey Fred, Try these lies from Senator Scott’s speech on;

“Science has shown for months that schools are safe. But too often, powerful grown-ups set science aside”

“Last year, under Republican leadership….Congress supported our schools, out hospitals, saved our economy, and funded Operation Warp Speed, delivering vaccines in record time.” – “Common sense found common ground.”


Additionally like Trump and unlike Biden Biden “Tim” likes to play the blaming game as he did in these additional lies:

“But again, Democrats want a partisan wish list. They won’t even build bridges to build bridges.”

“In February, Republicans told President Biden we wanted to keep working together to finish this fight. But Democrats wanted to go it alone.”

“Covid brought Congress together five times. This administration pushed us apart.”

That’s just from the beginning minute it two.


Scott’s 14 minute speech was 95% written by some GOP speech writer from their playbook. Unlike Biden, he didn’t sound authentic. Scott likely lost black voters in his own South Carolina by dismissing racism in the U.S. And giving the Trump administration credit for and exaggerating things they didn’t do was classic GOP stuff. Bottom line – he embarrassed himself.


Lou a lie is a statement made with the intention to decieve. What you have quoted are statements your disagree with. Until you can justify your claim that you know his intentions you appear to be guilty of slander.

So whether those are “lies” or not, that’s the bigger issue for you?
An entry-level paralegal could show that each of those statements is more true if you reverse the parties.
The issue is why do Republicans have only one debating tool in their chest; to try to turn the truth around and pin it on others. In Elementary School it was “No I’m not, you are!”. This is apparently the limit of their debating skills.


What did you expect from someone speaking for the Republicans?

So he did not sound authentic. Republicans find substance not style to be important!


Raymond, I have been reading your nonsense for years now. I used to know a Ray Harris who worked for the State Comptrollers Office years ago. I don’t know if you are him. I always thought that Ray Harris was a sensible guy.

Anyway to my point. So what if Senator Scott’s speech was written by Republican speechwriters. Do you really think BIden wrote his speech? Huh, no! His was written by his handlers. He didn’t even know what he was saying. And the lies he spewed out were so incredible.

Senator Scott was absolutely correct in what he said about President Trump pushing through three vaccines. And he had set up a plan to distribute them which Biden screwed up trying to do his own thing and he had to go back to Trump’s plan.

I should expect anything less from people who rely solely on the MSN and this newspaper who will never give a truthful story. They want to keep you ignorant.

William Marincic

Lou, Science has shown that schools are safe, my grandson has been in person since September with zero issues. Also, thanks to President Trump we had three vaccines in record time, the naysayers on the left said it couldn’t happen, they used it against Trump in the election but as usual, the left was wrong.

Gosh, I’d like to give him some credit for something, but there’s that whole 4 years of bending over at the Russians’ will thing I can’t get my head around.

Then there’s that whole discounting of Americans’ wish for a new President thing.

It just seems to always add up to treasonous.
So whatever, he did what any normal President would’ve done, with the exception of trying to plaster his name all over it and time its release to help him politically.
Bully for him.


Had these been White protesters, pepper spray and tear gas would have been employed to a much lesser degree.
K. Natalia Granger

If rioters obey law enforcement there would have been no problem. People who chose to tie up public streets, abuse the police with high intensity lighting in their faces and electric microphone systems that are used to shout in the faces of law enforcement earned the respect that they were shown. There is no right to tie up a public street to make a political point. The right of assemble does not include the right to take of government property. What the city should have done is issued a special use permit for daylight use by a protest group.


Mr. Johnson, this nation is not and never has been a democracy. It is under the Constitution a representative democratic republic which means that eligible citizens vote for people to represent them in the legislative bodies that are part of the government. This nation will not be a representative democratic republic within a year if the Democrats get their way. “President” Biden said as much last night.

Ah, another constitutional scholar…who won’t accept the laws of our country regarding elections and their certification.
You of course don’t accept Mr. Biden as our “President” based on your “depiction” of the “term”. A very elegant, compact display of hypocrisy, well played!


I take exception to your use of quotation marks around President Biden. It reveals that you’re in thrall to Putin’s Poodle, and swallowing the big lie that the election was ‘stolen.’ It wasn’t.


To the sane people on this blog: Racism, bigotry white supremacy, along with their foolish belief that their AR-15’s will stop a nuclear weapon from reaching America is embedded their narrow minded thick skulls to the extent that all reason is lost within them.

As I said before, it’s like trying to convince duck that it’s a dog expecting it to bark instead of quack. It ain’t going to happen.

Bottom line: Biden’s approval ratings are high among most, short of the trump thumping, again I’ll say it, racist bigoted white supremacist, gun toting, Fox watching, macho men, of which whom the majority of are uninformed of fact and have less education than most.

One thing they most certainly do have an abundance of is their total indifference to other equality created human beings that they believe to be inferior.

I’m done for the day, I want to keep my dinner down.

As I’ve documented here, people have fled the Republican Party by the tens of thousands, especially since January 6th.
That party need look no further than comments like those here for their future.

And, beyond believably, they seem good with that.

I can safely assume not one of them, or any other from their tribe, will follow up their drive-by sniping and engage in a real Intellectual debate. Their media puppeteers haven’t provided them with skill to, and they’ll proudly scream their freedum from indoctrination…I mean, education.

I believe there’s a system update for that (they live in our house too). You should be sure to keep up to date with them.

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