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Letters to the Editor Friday, April 30


Biden must fix his immigration mess

In his first hundred days, President Biden has waded into just about every issue: covid, vaccines, masks, the economy, taxes, infrastructure, pipelines, climate. You name it, he’s into it.
But he’s walked away from the crisis that he helped create: the border. Now he is calling for comprehensive immigration reform. That’s about settling undocumented immigrants already here. It does not cover the flood of new illegal migration that is causing absolute chaos.
The president wants nothing to do with this. Nor does his vice president, who was put in charge of the border two months ago.
Kamala Harris is in full retreat. She has not been to the border. She “may” go to Guatemala and give them money. That’s it. It’s really a conspiracy of silence.
The president’s handlers keep him away from awkward border questions. The vice president laughs at the questions.
The oh-so-compliant media can be guaranteed to play ball. Kids in cages has given away to complicit silence. They don’t care. The children have served their purpose as political pawns. We should not be surprised at this.
During the campaign, the Democrats encouraged illegal migration. They opened the door deliberately, probably trying to influence the Hispanic vote. Certainly encouraging their open-borders base. They created this crisis. Where is the accountability? They have no feeling for the kids dumped in the desert. All we get is the insulting suggestion that Trump is to blame. That is a disgrace.
Michela DiCaprio

Change race policy on police shootings

Why is it that the state-controlled news media absolutely always tells the color of the cop and the person shot if the “victim” is Black and the cop is White, but never tells the color of either if both are White?
Doing this always causes people of color and liberals to start demonstrations and uprisings that always result in violence, looting, burning and at times even death across our entire nation.
Why can’t they just announce that a cop shot a “citizen” and give the true circumstances involved? It would do much to end the hatred and violence caused by publicizing the color of both the shooter and the victim.
Why can’t the news media change this very dangerous policy and try to do more to promote love and understanding between all our citizens?
Neil Nusbaum

Willing to pay more to improve climate

I disagree completely with your stance against fuel taxes in the April 25 Gazette editorial (“Fuel taxes target state’s struggling middle class.”) The only way to get anyone to do anything is to hit them in the wallet.
We need to transition off climate- and planet-destroying fossil fuels much sooner rather than later if we hope to leave a viable planet to future generations.
I would like to see a federal gas tax of at least 50 cents a gallon that goes straight to infrastructure and only infrastructure — roads, bridges, tunnels, and railroads.
We should also stop subsidizing oil companies and start moving off of the huge cattle and beef infrastructure as well, since that hamburger is so costly in terms of the resources needed to produce it (methane from cows, land use, feed, water).
Don’t get me wrong, I drive cars and I eat red meat just like you. But I realize those are privileges, not rights, and I’m willing to pay more to do them if it helps clean up our air and water and save our planet.
Paying more taxes for good stuff like this is the right thing to do.
Frank Palmeri


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Neil Nusbaum – Nice attempt at White-washing police brutality and racism towards Black citizens. The national outrage is not just coming from “liberals”, but does explain how conservatives want to bury the truth because they are 1) okay with the racism and 2) it makes them feel uncomfortable, but not enough to do something about it. Also, there is no such thing as “state-controlled news media”. That only occurs in Trump country fans like Russia.


You are against racism but are infavor of the government’s mandated diversity programs. For your readers’ benefit you should carefully distinguish between good and bad racism.


Pity there is no national outrage about hose who think that those who resist arrest should be indulged. One should take issue with family members who fail to help one of their own with his drug problem.


Chuck – Have you ever heard of “government’s mandated diversity programs”? He never provides examples; just same old lame comment. Also, got to shake my head that anyone that resists arrest must have a drug problem. Maybe he’s fighting those drug demons himself. Geritol must be habit forming.


This is the kind of program Fred calls racism:

Evanston, Illinois, has become the first city in the country to fund reparations in an effort to compensate Black Americans for the loss of generational wealth due to inequality and systemically racist policies that emerged after the era of slavery.

The 158-year-old city, located in Chicagoland along the north shore of Lake Michigan, plans to distribute $10 million in tax dollars to the cause over the next decade, with $25,000 payments to eligible residents beginning this spring.


Raymond, how about Critical Race Theory for one and requiring that all corporate boards of directors have a certain percentage of people of color as you leftists like to say and women on the board for government mandated programs?

The ignorance of you, CHUCKD, Matt, and Louis is utterly astounding! But then again what would I expect from people who get their information from Joy Reid, Rachel Madcow, Don Lemon, and the rest of the propagandists from the MSN.

There is no “state-controlled media”, but there may be more bad news for your tribe than the other, that’s on them.
The reason race is called out is because of problems like this:
“Ex-GA deputy bragged to extremist group about beating Black man in custody, FBI says”
A former Middle Georgia sheriff’s deputy bragged in text messages with members of an alleged extremist group that he had beaten a Black person he arrested and planned to charge Black Georgians with felonies to keep them from voting, according to an FBI affidavit.

The ex-Wilkinson County deputy, Cody Richard Griggers, of Montrose, was fired last November after the FBI contacted the sheriff there about an investigation into illegal guns and their alleged ties to a California man said to have made violent political statements on Facebook.

Griggers, 28, a former Marine, pleaded guilty on Monday in federal court in Macon to one count of possession of an unregistered firearm, a crime the authorities discovered in their probe, which began last summer. He faces a maximum of 10 years in prison when he is sentenced in July.


Michela DiCaprio – I think you have your “facts” backwards. Biden was handed a totally dysfunctional border crisis from Trump. You seem to forget his policy to separate families and cage kids like animals. Trump had four years to propose bi-partisan solutions, but preferred to waste billions on a wall that can be and is breached every day. He failed to address the root causes of the dilemma and you want Biden to fix the mess that has existed for quite some time in 100 days. No one seems to have a silver bullet answer either.


Ray when citizen criminals break the law it is tough on their children. As for root causes the Deomcrats’ should end their practice of sanctuary governments.


Frank Palmeri – I totally agree. But I would add that to soften the blow to very low wage earners, there could a tax deduction to recover a piece of the additional cost.


For lazy man Fred: Conservative estimates put U.S. direct subsidies to the fossil fuel industry at roughly $20 billion per year; with 20 percent currently allocated to coal and 80 percent to natural gas and crude oil.

Joseph Vendetti


I really hope you don’t believe that?? Our borders have been out of control for at least the last 6 or 7 presidents. Biden By unleashing a radical agenda (open border, stopping xl pipeline, massive tax increases, etc) after campaigning on a return to normalcy, Biden has made all the Democrats vulnerable during re-election in 2022.

First, let’s dispense with the “open borders” lie. That a Republican construct and not true (as usual).
Second, how on God’s Green Earth can ideas that are overwhelmingly popular be considered “radical”? I guess by that measure FDR was a raging radical too?


Any idea that actually will accomplish good things for the American people is considered “radical” to republicans. They would rather do nothing, but more importantly, they don’t want Biden to succeed. Just GOP dogma.

Some say Bill’s headed down to Arizona to Stop the Steal!®
He’s providing security, of course, for the Cyber Ninjas!®

No one is calling for open borders. All we ask is that migrants are treated with some level of dignity, given proper care while they await their asylum court hearings. If you have an issue with that, take it up with your Senator and US Representative. Federal law requires that migrants make asylum claims from within the United States. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that children not be separated from their families when the prior administration knew it didn’t have the capability to reunite them. Think about that for one minute. The federal government separated children from their parents, then deported the parents back to their country of origin WITHOUT THEIR CHILDREN, and now can’t locate the parents to reunite them. If you don’t see a problem with that, you have no humanity.

Joseph Vendetti


By independent border agents they were stopping around 25,000 – 30,000 ppl per month up until Nov 2020. They are now overwhelmed with 150,000-200,000 per month. The US can’t sustain that amount of asylum seekers. This isn’t 1900 when the country was expanding. Overwhelming schools, hospitals, etc.


Your numbers are exaggerated. Here is a recent CNN report on the border:

“Is the border open?
Not quite. The Biden administration is leaning on a public health law invoked by the Trump administration to quickly expel migrants who are encountered at the US-Mexico border, typically single adults and some families.
In February, for example, the majority of migrants encountered at the US-Mexico border were immediately turned back — and some of those tried to cross again. Numbers had started to steadily climb last summer.
Of the nearly 97,000 migrants who crossed the border illegally in February, around 70,100 were turned away, according to US Customs and Border Protection data. Those numbers may reflect some repeat crossers. If not for that Trump-era policy, they would generally be processed and come into US custody.
That is similar to how the border was operating over the last year under Trump, except for one difference — unaccompanied migrant children aren’t being expelled.
The Biden administration, in the case of children, reverted to the process as it was pre-pandemic — accepting unaccompanied children into the US and transferring them to the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services, which is charged with their care.”

OK, so call Congress and tell them to fix the law. I agree the amount of migrants at the border are a problem. So… fix the problem. There’s not a whole lot the president himself can do, except to be an inhumane POS like the former president and rip children from their families, or ignore the law that allows asylum seekers a fair process (or circumvent it citing Title 42).


Hey Michela DiCaprio, I’ve great a great idea on how Biden can fix the immigration mess:

Take a game plan from trump’s play book and send those no good scumbags from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador back home and let them starve to death. They’re probably just like those no good “drug dealers, criminals, and rapists” coming in from Mexico. Besides, what the hell anyway, they don’t look very white to me.


Louis – There is plenty of room at Trump’s Mar-a-Lie Go. Let’s hold them there. In fact, I wonder how many “illegals” work there now.


“You are against racism but are infavor of the government’s mandated diversity programs. For your readers’ benefit you should carefully distinguish between good and bad racism.”

You’ll never, ever, ever, ever, get it Fred. I answered this three times for you but don’t want to waste my time searching for the past post. – In different words: Government’s mandated diversity programs are NOT racist. They’re actually just the opposite. They are implemented to level the playing field for racist and discriminatory behavior.
GOT IT???? But a racist wouldn’t understand that.


John Gaetani – “Critical Race Theory” has been debunked many times. It should be called Cynical Race Theory. Is that popping up again in the right-wing world? Didn’t realize you are a Marxist too.

Where did you hear that the government is “requiring that all corporate boards of directors have a certain percentage of people of color as you leftists like to say and women on the board for government mandated programs”? I see you are very delusional and gullible. Must be a Trump supporter.

To not one on particular:

“The small story always tells a bigger narrative. And the small story here is unless you are willing to lie to Republican voters and not tell them the truth, you have no influence in the party and you’re no longer part of the Republican Party. So basically the table stakes for being a Republican in leadership or being a Republican of any influence at all nationally or even in states, is you have to be willing to lie to their base. And if you’re not willing to lie, you have no part of the base.”

Matthew Dowd, Chief Strategist for George W. Bush Campaign, 2004
On Friday, CNN’s Erin Burnett asked Matthew Dowd Friday whether Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) can remain in the current Republican Party. Cheney has been an ardent critic of former President Donald Trump.

“No,” replied the chief strategist of President George W. Bush’s 2004 campaign replied. “I think she has no influence at all in the Republican Party today.” He elaborated.

Does she keep her position in the party in the leadership? She might because it’s just easier to let that happen, but she has no longer any influence in this party. The people like Liz Cheney are less popular than people like Marjorie Taylor Greene in the Republican party today, and that tells you everything you need to know about the Republican Party today. And what’s fascinating to me – and all of these things, Erin, as you know because you cover all of this stuff – the small story always tells a bigger narrative. And the small story here is unless you are willing to lie to Republican voters and not tell them the truth, you have no influence in the party and you’re no longer part of the Republican Party. So basically the table stakes for being a Republican in leadership or being a Republican of any influence at all nationally or even in states, is you have to be willing to lie to their base. And if you’re not willing to lie, you have no part of the base.

“It’s incredible,” responded Burnett. “Terrifying litmus test.”

Cheney is the number three Republican in the GOP House leadership, and was one of 10 Republicans to vote to impeach Trump for incitement to insurrection for his role in the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6. Earlier this month, she said the GOP should not be “embracing insurrection.” Unsurprisingly, she’s already drawn multiple primary challengers.

Cheney’s standing has taken a hit among some House Republicans, including Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). In January he traveled to Cheney’s home state of Wyoming to hold a rally against her. Days later, the House Republican caucus voted against removing Cheney from her position as the House Republican Conference Chair by a secret vote of 145 to 61. Gaetz was roundly mocked as a result.

Joseph Vendetti


What ive said is I’m a registered Democrat. I’ve voted for many Republicans and many Democrats over the years.

One thing I don’t do is pull levers and check boxes for straight down party lines.

If you can’t see the implicit bias – Trump calls for travel bans to China – House Majority & CNN calls in “Racist”, Biden yesterday calls for travel ban to India – House Majority & CNN call in “Leadership”. The same difference between “cages” & “encampment” when the location & conditions are 100% the same.

The hypocrisy in all politics sickens me

Joe, it honestly pains me to point out the problem with your equating Biden’s travel ban with Trump’s.
Put simply, I don’t think Indian-Americans here have anything unusual to fear from unhinged Americans (Black and White, it seems) bent on finding a group of people to bully as the Asian community does, simply because President Biden hasn’t gone on stage to foment hate against them as Trump did the Chinese.

I don’t feel a travel ban under these circumstances is a bad thing. It’s the whole “Wuhan virus” and “China virus” that we’re still hearing that’s made Trump’s actions racist. It’s the premature leap to ban them when all the numbers showed the virus’ primary vector was via Europe and NY.

Yes, you cannot rely on one news source alone, that’s the essence of “critical thinking”. Base your opinion on multiple sources and be ready to evolve as the information does. The other day Lou and I exchanged some comments about the speech Biden gave, and I commented that I was watching it on CSPAN. Because I wanted to see just the event without the talking heads’ constant chatter. There was a chance to watch uninterrupted, before the media got their claws on it. CSPAN is great for those of us who just want to see the event without the commentary.

The situation at the southern border is very complicated and the injection of racism, into policy and enforcement, doesn’t make it any easier. What has become clear to me is that the Trump people acted like rabid dogs in their treatment of families living out a nightmare we will hopefully never fully appreciate. It does appear the Biden administration will try a more compassionate approach acting within the laws of our country. It also appears to me that the whole area needs a massive injection of resources to handle it. Applying those billions wasted on building a wall to adding courts and other processing needs would have been much closer to American ideals.

I don’t think CNN and MSNBC are the enemy, for the top of the bell curve of the population, nor to those to the left. They fail sometimes, and they show bias sometimes so if you hear or read or see something, it’s our responsibility to ferret out or verify the truth. Since there will be no Truth Network forthcoming that leaves it up to us to apply critical thinking skills.

Joseph Vendetti


Know one knew until at least June that east coast (NY, NJ, CT, etc) virus spread was from Europe. The CA & WA early hot spots were from China.

Because I pointed out that particular media point – don’t hyper focus on that particular hypocrisy.

It exists and is just as sickening on both sides. For example Fox and the NY Post harping all over Biden smelling hair, or hugging women but not calling out Trump for it. The NY Times and WA Post making mountains over Amy Comey Barrett not answering questions and taking the Ruth Bader Ginsberg approach- “this may come before the courts” so I can’t answer. Chuck Schumer agreeing with President Clinton & Obama on Border security yet getting on soapbox when Bush & Trump proposed the same thing???

All news media – right & left – hypocrites!!! All politicians – right & left – hypocrites!!!

They are talking heads that change their opinion with the wind and all they are liars that only care about power and staying on public payroll.

Term limits!!!!

“Know one knew until at least June that east coast (NY, NJ, CT, etc) virus spread was from Europe. The CA & WA early hot spots were from China.”

This is simply not true and it only took me 2 minutes to confirm it. According to the Wall Street Journal, via Wikipedia, the first case detected in NY was 3/1/20, a health care worker in Manhattan who had just returned from Iran on 2/25/20. The lawyer who then contracted it was on 3/3/20 which led to the New Rochelle lockdown on 3/10/20. It was shown at that time he’d contracted it from two of his children who’d just return from Israel, and were showing symptoms.

According to the American Journal of Managed Care’s national timeline, the Trump administration declared a non-US citizen travel ban from Europe *with the UK and Ireland exempted* on 3/13/20.

Which “particular hypocrisy” am I hyper focused on? I think I addressed the issue of drawing one’s news from one or two sources. And why did Trump exempt the UK and Ireland, and very overtly accuse and disparage China?

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