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Letters to the Editor Saturday, May 1


Vaccine comments ignorant, dangerous

I found the views of Sen. Ron Johnson (R) Wisconsin, on coronavirus vaccinations ill-informed and ignorant.
The senator asks the question, “What do you care if your neighbor has one or not?”
I care, senator, because pods of unvaccinated individuals like those stalwarts in the Fulton County law enforcement community (The Gazette April 10 article “COVID outbreak hits jail”) and in Republican/Trumpist enclaves generally, provide a cozy petri dish for the production of mutants of the virus against which our vaccines might have difficulty protecting us.
In the end, the “You can’t make me” mindset can only prolong our battle against this scourge.
Do you know why the polio virus has been largely defeated, senator?
Because entire populations of people got vaccinated, that’s why. And how about other potentially devastating diseases? Measles? Tetanus? Diphtheria? Mumps? Chicken pox? Hepatitis?
Right. Vaccines saved us from them and their mutations because most Americans availed themselves of their scientifically miraculous benefits.
Sen. Johnson, you would be performing a great service if you would join President Biden and every living former president (yes, even that one, though belatedly), in urging your constituents to get vaccinated.
Bruce Raymer

Marco is dedicated and professional

I am writing in response to the April 12 Gazette article “Investigation: Rotterdam Town Clerk Violated Policy Multiple Times.”
It’s easy to pass judgment regarding unsubstantiated accusations made against Diane Marco if you don’t know anything about her and her impact on Rotterdam residents.
Diane is a terrific, kind-hearted, loving individual with a heart of gold. Many people, including myself, have followed Diane’s successful career in serving the residents of Rotterdam from her time employed at Sunmark Credit Union, to serving as town clerk.
She does an outstanding job and goes above and beyond to help residents, spending countless hours volunteering outside of her professional job.
Shame on those who made petty allegations against Diane while performing her duties. It’s an election year and clearly a way for someone trying to advance themselves with a smear campaign.
Those aforementioned accusers forget about Diane’s credentials and achievements.
Diane has received numerous awards over the years with being most recently named New York State Assemblywoman of Distinction, evidence she is doing her job not only well but enough to deserve high regards statewide. Outside of the office, Diane has volunteered at the food pantry, Sons of Italy, Rotterdam Pop Warner, Boys & Girls Clubs, Rotterdam Softball, Our Lady Queen of Peace Church and many other organizations.
The real facts point to why she was elected by the town, to serve the people. Residents who voted for her clearly know what Diane is all about personally, professionally and as a volunteer.
Maria Mazzone

Perazzo should keep out of city business

The haughty Saratoga elite: How quickly they forget where they came from.
Former city council member Leesa Perazzo is now an employee in the HR department at Proctors.
Leesa Perazzo and her poison pen disparage current sitting council members from her lofty Saratoga view of the Mohawk Valley city.
First and foremost, in an article about Leesa’s struggles as a female in politics, she espouses her trials and tribulations navigating the predominantly male arena.
But she takes aim at a council member who was duly elected by the citizens of Schenectady, not Saratoga. I find her comments to be offensive to our city’s elected officials.
Leesa should focus on her new home, Saratoga, where they torture horses for the rich and famous in July and August and pack away the city’s homeless and undesirables so the haughty can mingle without being exposed to the less fortunate.
Leesa spoke out at a #metoo movement, but finds it OK to speak ill of a fellow female, who is seated on the finance committee.
She had a say in city politics when she was a resident. But now, she’s just a community agitator for the entrenched dysfunctional members. A person is qualified for a position or job based on experience and knowledge of the committee they sit on. Makes me wonder who interviewed her for Proctors.
Robert Sponable

Is there more to the story on Marco?

I have questions in regard to Kathy Nichols’ April 19 letter (“Marco allegations an attempt to defame”) on the Rotterdam town clerk, Diane Marco.
I am interested as to why Ms. Marco states she spoke to her union regarding the time-sheet issue. As an elected official, Ms. Marco does not belong to a union. Also, what is the union doing to defend its members against the alleged harassment by an elected official?
How do residents not see that she is breaking the ethics code? She is using town employees and supplies to send sympathy cards signed by her personally and not the town. Could this be to gain votes?
Finally, Supervisor Tommasone stated that he does not have sole authority to take action and it is up to the board. He stated that he told the board what he feels should be done. I’d be interested to know what his recommendation was and what the board decided on.
The consulting firm concluded that these claims are valid. So, there must be more to the story than was printed.
Angela Plodoh

We should praise Marco, not chastise

I have known Diane Marco for over 60 years. I am honored to be called her friend. I was quite infuriated after reading the slanderous article (“Investigation: Clerk violated town policy multiple times”) about her in the April 12 Gazette.
She does not deserve to be characterized in such a cruel fashion, on the front page no less.
I was at the Rotterdam seniors meeting that was mentioned in the article. She did NOT shove someone against the wall. It was a joking tap on the shoulder, and to have it publicized as an injurious incident is demeaning. She also lowered her mask to say a prayer and immediately replaced it after, still abiding by the six foot rule.
The state Assembly honored Diane recently as a Woman of Distinction. Is it a coincidence that the article appeared in the paper just a week later? I believe that some of the Rotterdam officials will stop at nothing to make her look bad so they will look good. Do I sense jealousy and spitefulness? I certainly do.
The allegations against her were petty and trivial. Who wouldn’t want an acknowledgment of the passing of a loved one? She owns the laminating machine, buys the cards and stamps with her own money, and sends condolences as an act of goodwill.
The town of Rotterdam is lucky to have her serving as the town Clerk because of her integrity, dedication and exemplary work ethics.
Instead of degrading her, we should be thankfully praising her, as did the Assembly.
Roseanne Rector

Woytowich needed on Spa school board

I’m writing in support of Connie Woytowich, a brilliant woman and strong candidate for Saratoga Springs Board of Education.
Connie is a mother of four and a New York State master teacher with over 20 years of experience. As a mother and a professional, I stand in awe of Connie’s dedication to our community.
When my eldest began kindergarten, Connie was the PTA president. Her thoughtful leadership ensured that our first experiences in Saratoga schools were amazing.
Our school’s fun and educational STEM Expo, which Connie not only built from the ground up but has improved on and added to each year, has remained a family favorite.
Connie was also the past director of Camp Invention, which our children absolutely loved. As parents, we were thrilled to have our children inspired and challenged in a fun and exciting way.
As a neighbor, Connie will always be known for her friendliness, willingness to help and ability to bring people together. Each Labor Day, she organized a back-to-school breakfast for the families on and around her street to help get everyone in back-to-school mode.
Connie knows that it takes a village. Her commitment to kids, families and community is needed now more than ever.
Christina Cicardi
Saratoga Springs

Trump’s treasonous acts undermine claim

In his April 22 letter to the editor (“Get the facts before trashing Trumpers”), Mark LeJuene, a Trump supporter, claimed that Trump was “the best president this country has seen in many, many decades.” Really?
Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, said in response to the Jan. 6 attack on Congress, “Call me old-fashioned, but when the president of the United States encourages armed insurgents to breach the Capitol and threaten the physical safety of Congress, in order to remain in power, I call it an attempted coup.”
Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney stated that, “There’s no question the president formed the mob, the president incited the mob, the president addressed the mob. He lit the flame.”
Trump’s failed effort to overthrow the will of U.S. voters left five dead, including a Capitol police officer who was — for all intents and purposes — murdered by Trump’s mob. Call me old-fashioned, but I fail to grasp the notion that Trump’s treasonous behavior makes him “the best president this country has seen in many, many decades.”
Walter Wouk

Warmed by family seeing player pitch

We have just been through a terrible year of disease, isolation and violence.
But things looked up after reading the story in the April 21 Gazette (“Beverly Anderson, 83, headed to NYC to watch grandson pitch”) about the Anderson family and their trip to Yankee Stadium to watch Ian Anderson pitch for the Atlanta Braves.
I can just imagine how proud the family, and especially his grandmother, were to be there in person and see him pitch such a good game.
I grew up in Schenectady and know that a lot of residents cheer for the Yankees. I remember walking home from Van Corlear Middle School listening to the Yankees in the World Series on my radio.
Yet that night was fun to watch a local boy pitch, even if it was against the Yankees.
It was a very cold night, but I hope the glow of watching their child and grandchild do a very fine job helped keep the family and friends warm.
Karen Klotz
Saratoga Springs

Joy, Stefanik are lap dogs; Wait on Cuomo

I would like to commend Kevin Duffy for his April 21 letter (“Don’t overlook Liz Joy’s role on Jan. 6”) regarding the treacherous behavior of Liz Joy, who seeks to run for Congress again after a big defeat.
He did a nice job of reminding us that most Americans are fed up with the actions of those who would do whatever they can to disrupt the free and fair elections in this country.
As former House Speaker John Boehner said in a recent interview, “those people are just interested in making a lot of noise and money. They don’t build anything or support legislation that helps us.”
Nihilism and fascism are their guiding lights. Recall, too, that Elise Stefanik is on that same train. She voted against certifying the election and even tried to interfere with elections in states she does not represent. She and Joy are both Trump lap dogs. Bring back the real Republican Party before it dies.
Also, regarding Gov. Cuomo: Let’s call off the media and wait for the investigations before demanding resignations.
Years ago, a colleague of mine was accused of sexually touching a female student in school. He was stripped of his teaching license and lost his career, even though he denied guilt.
Several years later the “victim” admitted that she lied about it. Cuomo has done a lot of good work for us, including keeping fracking from destroying our water and farmland. He is an aggressive man and a bachelor, but whether he crossed any legal boundaries has yet to be determined.
Bill Shaw
Ballston Spa

Move Liberty statue to appropriate home

The calendar says it’s spring. The weather is springlike. The grass and flowers are coming up. It sounds like everything is in place for spring and the good things that come with summer months.
But there’s something sad.
The symbol of liberty and freedom in our city is a sad example of being in the wrong place, at the right time.
The Statue of Liberty replica on Erie Boulevard is a sad looking lady. I drove by and she looked out of place and dirty. The corner where she rests gets dirt and trash blowing around. She’s hidden from motorists and anyone walking by to view her.
How would school kids get to know her if they can’t get close to view her and understand what she stands for?
The statue is in lots of ads on TV, especially now with baseball starting. I took some change out of my pocket and what did I find? Yes, a quarter that showed the Statue of Liberty on it.
It’s time, especially with good weather, for the mayor to move the Statue of Liberty back to her rightful home in Liberty (Gateway) Park so that everyone can see her, and she can greet them properly in a city that’s coming to life.
People are moving into new homes and Lady Liberty should move back to her proper place.
An alternate and appropriate place for the statue would be at the corner of Liberty and Erie Boulevard. What better spot than on Liberty Street?
James Wilson


America is headed down path to fascism

“The Outsider,” a 1956 book by English writer Colin Wilson, explores the psyche of great men, H.G. Wells, Kafka, Gurdjieff, Et al. and their impact on society.
Then there are the Cromwell’s, Hitlers, Stalins, Maos, assassins, terrorists and serial killers — bad outsiders who reside beyond the pale of humanity.
A ‘bad’ outsider is one who lacks a connection to his fellow man, the monster from within. Quarantining, masking, political polarization, and wokeism compels people to view fellow citizens as adversaries.
View the homepage on your laptop. Many historical references are inaccurate, and breaking news is almost always reflective of the biases of people reporting it, not by chance.
An ignorant electorate is a tool of politicians. No need to burn books. Joseph Goebbels would approve of this approach. America is being rehabbed on a foundation of lies.
The ‘cancel culture’ is a variation of Stalin’s purge ‘list.’ You make the purge list, you go to the gulag, internal exile.
America is in the early stages of a ‘Weimar Republic’ scenario.
America is entering a period of anarchy, orderly disorder. This is a stepping stone to erasing traditional America. Do not fear. A new order will rise far more restrictive than what is now. This is the pattern in revolution by a dedicated radical minority and subsequent fascism.
Fascism is not democracy.
If you are on the left, do not be disturbed by this letter. The vast majority of the populace will never get it.
Edmond Day


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William Marincic

I played golf with a local surgeon who is mother and father immigrated from Cuba. When Biden was announced the winner of the election he told me jokingly I had to talk her down from the ledge. Like many Cubans and others from countries that turn communist in their lifetimes they see what is happening in America and are afraid that it’s going to happen again in their lifetime. Who better to predict what is happening in America than those who saw the same cancel culture and division in their home countries lead to socialism, communism and a purge.


Bruce Raymer, Thank you for great, spot on letter!

Senator Ron Johnson (R) Wisconsin, and people like him who are complacent regarding the necessity of vaccination for all, are the self-anointed Apostles of scientific knowledge in the world.

My advice to them would be never take an ocean cruise. – God forbid they venture a little to far and fall off the end and drift into the abyss of the unknown.

Move the Liberty statue back, indeed!

Nothing reveals the tackiness of Schenectady (as if a casino and tree museum (remember the tree museum?) weren’t warning signs enough) as the ham-handed way this statue has been shoved around to its current place of scorn and disrespect. It says, “We don’t know about all this liberty stuff, but it must mean something to someone so here’s your statue so you can see it every day!”


What in the world goes (or doesn’t go) through the minds of those who made this pathetic decision?
How about a “TRUMP 2020” flag stuck in her arms just for a finishing touch?


One should remember that the Democrats helped cause the border problems with their policy of treating immagration laws as suggestions.


For the record, I completely agree with you James Wilson (thanks for the letter) and Chuck in regards to the placement of the Statue of Liberty replica.

It could only have been worse had she been placed in the center of the roundabout in front of the casino holding a stop sign. Someone really bumped their head on that one.

Btw, if you look back a few years in the archives, round about the time they broke ground for the casino, I then predicted in 5 years it would become the Billy Fucillo Auto Megamall.
While rhe timeline may have changed, I stand by my prediction.


“Also, regarding Gov. Cuomo: Let’s call off the media and wait for the investigations before demanding resignations.”

We already know that he had subordinates working on his book. He has claimed that they volunteered for this unpaid activity. So our governor is either corrupter or a liar. Why do we need an investigation to establish his book deal corruption?

William Marincic

I just watched Lara Logan speak about the border crisis and the children being brought over by these cartels. Not only are girls as young as nine years old being raped but many of these children are being forced not only into prostitution, child pornography, but some of them are also being used in snuff films. For those who don’t know what a snuff film is that’s where they kill the person at the end of the movie. This is what Biden’s border crisis has become. Say what you want about President Trump but he did have the border under control.

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