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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, May 4


Get vaccinated and help end pandemic

I’m still waiting for a belly laugh after 16 months of covid plaguing us. Here’s a chuckle, I told my wife how thankful I was to have someone I enjoyed being quarantined with. She said, ”Must be nice.” Let’s hope covid is over soon. Give us an expiration date.
It would be good to have closure — and be able to laugh again! Laughter is the best medicine; it’s like a ”shot in the arm!” So please get it.
Carole Anne Frank
Burnt Hills

Reject racial shift to education systems

Our children’s education is the key to their success.
However, there are two movements, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and the 1619 Project, which aim to sabotage the future of the next generation.
While 15-year-olds in China blitz their peers in the West in math, reading and science, we are warping the minds of our children by indoctrinating them in an ideology that is Marxist in nature and teaches them that America is an oppressive regime of “Whiteness” and anyone born with White skin needs to be punished, humiliated and marginalized.
CRT and the 1619 Project are quietly being implemented in our public schools. It teaches White children to hate themselves. We are teaching non-White children that it’s OK to bully and torment White children because of the color of their skin.
For parents, it can be very difficult for them to stand up to school boards that support these curricula. There is strength in numbers for parents who seek to fight back against this racial transformation of our education system. Concerned parents can find kindred spirits online. If your child’s school resists your objection, consider homeschooling or transferring to a school that values teaching the three Rs.
William Aiken

Permit fee waiver not such a big favor

The Gazette reported on April 27 (“Vote to remove Mootooveren as City Council president fails”), that the City Council approved a yearly program that waives the $56 permit fee for exterior building repairs and the comparable $100 fee for roof repairs from May 1 to June 30.
In other words, they are going to let us invest our own time and money, fixing up the properties we own … for free! Well let me extend a collective, albeit sarcastic THANK-YOU. As my Dear Old Dad would say, “It’s like giving us the sleeves out of your vest.”
Kevin Sherry


Saeed great choice for Niskayuna board

Dr. Aliya Saeed is an exceptional candidate for the Niskayuna school board. As a long-term community member and a mother of graduates of the school district, she is keenly aware of the challenges facing the community. She’s deeply passionate about a strong well-functioning educational system and keenly aware of the impact it has on our collective future.
As a psychiatrist, she brings extraordinary listening and observation skills, empathy, knowledge of people, an ability to diffuse conflicts and much needed humility. She has the passion, drive and leadership qualities that make her a phenomenal public servant.
She strikes a wonderful balance between assertiveness, strength and compassion. Her current and previous community service distinguishes her as a well-respected leader who brings vision, innovation, creativity and deep knowledge of system-level reforms.
She is a bridge builder who constructs long lasting partnerships across community divides. I have witnessed Dr. Saeed over the years and have always marveled at how she forged alliances and advanced organizational agendas with grace, poise and conviction. Working productively with people is a hallmark of her leadership style.
As an outcome focused, people-centered and passionate leader, she is capable of serving with distinction and integrity. I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy.
Dina Refki


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William Marincic

Excellent letter Mr. Aiken, it goes well with my yesterday’s comment regarding teachers unions and needing more than one teacher to teach. Let’s bring education back to the states and have a common sense approach to how we teach kids. Reading, writing, arithmetic, science, history, writing in cursive not critical race therapy or the 1619 project that has nothing to do with school or education. Race and how children look at others not like themselves is a parents responsibility not the governments because I found one thing out in my 63 years and that is whenever the government is involved it’s a disaster. Ronald Reagan said the scariest nine words ever to hear are “ I am from the government and I’m here to help”.


And talk to text changed ten to nine, right Bill? – Zoom, right over your head! (🤦🏼‍♂️ For sure.)


My bad, and I admit it. I actually missed your explanation. My apology!

Well now you’ve done it.
You’ve accepted a mistake and owned up to it. There will be some who beam in pride with how they “owned a Lib” today, and maybe even brag about it in their tribe’s private (or so they thought) Facebook page. They don’t win many (despite all the Winning!) but they will cherish this moment when a Lib was laid low in humility. A great day for them, I’m sure!

/S …of course


William Aiken, your letter exposes the core of your white supremest character.

“It teaches White children to hate themselves. We are teaching non-white children that it’s OK to bully and torment white children because the color of their skin.” ~~~ In your warped thinking, someone has to be on top and as long as it’s White people, you’re good with it.

If in fact there is a lesson to be taught, In actually, you’ve got it exactly backwards: It teaches White children to not hate Black children…and it teaches non-White children that it’s not ok to be bullied and torment by White children because of the color of their skin.

CTR is about racial justice. It is about exposing the fact that “White supremacy (societal racism ) exists and maintains power through the law.”

Since the first day a Black man set foot on American soil, the racial equality playing field has not been level. The inequality still exists today and It’s pathetic that so many people are quite comfortable with that fact.

I’m sure you’re just fine with the “history” of the confederate statutes, flags, and other racists symbols, but you seem to have problems with the history (and current existence) of Black suppression and White supremacy.

I’ve got a great idea: Let’s reinstate the Three-fifth Compromise, and consider Black Americans to be 3/5 of a person. What do you think William, good idea?

Joseph Vendetti


Don’t know anything about CRT and the 1619 Project but what I do know is Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Niskayuna, Scotia, Mohonasen, Schalmont, Burnt Hills, etc, etc – are spending on average $21,000 per pupil to educate our children and grandchildren in these upstate NY districts.

Some of these districts rank extremely high not only in NYS but nationally for graduation rates, test scores, college acceptance and others spending the exact same dollars per student are on the bottom of those lists. So do we need even more dollars per student?

Yes teaching, programs, etc have evolved to having a teacher and possibly two para’s in each class from when we had one, but I would think the largest difference is the size of the administration (principals, house principals, assistant principals, assistant superintendents, etc) – those are the high salary positions that raise the per pupil cost.

But one must ask themselves- how do schools like LaSalle, CBA, Bishop Gibbons, Holy Names – educate students for less then $10,000 per student and maintain high graduation rates, high test scores, etc?

I believe – its parental involvement.

William Marincic

That’s a simple answer Joe, Unions and hiring more teachers than needed because then the union gets more dues. Too many superintendents making too much money and the list goes on.

Just a comment on this bizarro claim: no school system, zero, in this area and probably NYS would agree we have a glut of teachers. This statement about “hiring more teachers than needed because then the union gets more dues” is completely out of touch with reality.
Frankly this statement you made the other day, “I’m actually a school board member” begs for proof. I’m calling you a liar. If you are in fact a “school board member” you have no business being any part of making decisions for whatever school you’re allegedly connected to.


Just checked on one school:
Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) has current annual “base” tuition rates that range from $11,800 to $15,000, depending on the grade level. “Other fees may be incurred depending on the student’s participation in sports and/or other extra-curricular activities.”

A perfect way for underprivileged children who’s families are living below the poverty line to get a great education. How many do you want to sponsor Joe?

Joseph Vendetti


Paying tuition is the minor part of it – you missed the point. Kids don’t need private school – they need parents pushing them, kneading them like dough, that is where we as a people are failing & failing our future generations by having children and not tending to our garden. Kids are sponges. When they see good, trust, respect thats what they emit.


Dear Mr Aiken…..and others,

What are you afraid of?
You all know our racial history, beginning in 1619, has not been as truthful as it should have been. Don’t worry, we won’t treat you like some of you have treated us.
Read the book, On Juneteenth, by Annette Gordon-Reed, it will help.

Since we’re plugging good art that the people who need it will likely reject, I just had a chance to watch Anna Deavere Smith’s one-woman show, “Notes from the Field”. I can’t express my appreciation for what she’s done adequately, except to say it should be a part of every kid’s curriculum.

But if you’re one of the few who think racism’s over in America, maybe not for you.


Liz Cheney vs. Trump. Truth over lies. Democracy over Fascism. I don’t support Liz Cheney who is far too conservative for me, but I respect her for speaking the truth to her republican colleagues. I hope this battle lingers on so that the GOP stays splintered in time for the 2022 and 2024 elections.

The death spiral will continue unabated, Ray.
Here’s the state of affairs as most of the country sees it:
The Republican Party allowed a populist movement to put a known con man in the President’s office.
The con man lost reelection.
His core supporters attempted to overthrow the government.
Tens of thousands have left the party over this.
The Republicans feel this is a winning strategy and are “cancelling” any other member who doesn’t commit to the con man.
The country issues a collective, “wtf?”


News flash : guess who is positioning to replace #3 Cheney? Elise (I kissed Trump’s ring etc.) Stefanik. Stay tuned.

The irony is not lost on me that the letter writer praises the superior abilities of Chinese students in math, science, and reading, while condemning their western counterparts and the so-called indoctrination of our students with Marxist ideology, when the Chinese students live in a country that has been controlled by an actual communist party for the last 100 years.

William Marincic

Here is what I know, you can’t change the past. We have evolved just like most countries have. When you continue to push race as an issue race will always be an issue. When you tell kids that White people were racists and White people and the law has been unfair to people of color then people of color are now victims and White people are those to be hated or shamed. Please tell me what this does to help anyone? I have never seen a less racist America but I see a political party (democrats) trying to separate us as usual. United we stand divided we fall and the Dems know it.

Another conspiracy!
What an age we live in, where there’s yet another conspiracy behind every click of the mouse! Where does it end!?!?
Now it’s some damn thing called “Critical Race Theory”! Don’t know what it is, but they’re telling the little Black kids to start assaulting any White kid they see! I saw it on Tucker and that’s all I need to know and I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore! (and the ads say it looks like a good time to buy some gold).

Now it’s those Evil Dems who are forcing a race problem, WHERE NONE EXISTS! And the nerve of them calling a few incidents of Black people b̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ a̶b̶u̶s̶e̶d̶ getting schooled by law enforcement racially motivated! Because…because..we don’t really know why, but we know it’s those evil Dems who want DESTROY OUR COUNTRY by giving all that money away to undeserving economic pandemic victims who should just get off the couch and start a business empire. Yes, that’s how they’ll destroy this country, by stimulating the economy! And don’t get me going on To Kill a Mockingbird, and Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potatohead!

But it’s not all bad news; next time any of you Good White People™ are up around Rifle, CO, be sure to stop in to that fine patriot Lauren Boebert’s eating establishment, The Shooter’s Grill. She out of incarceration for a spell now. Be sure to grab some of her famous Pork Sliders that give new meaning to the word “ballistic”!


“ I have never seen a less racist America” ~~~~ Mr. William Marincic, I was just wondering how you shave in the morning without looking in the mirror.

Anyone ever betray you Bill? Use you? Borrow money and not repay you? Injure you? If so, would you ever consider still being friends with them if they didn’t admit their mistake and apologize? Probably not, right? Well, that’s kind of like race relations today. If white people don’t apologize for the past harms and take meaningful action to correct these injustices, there’s little to discuss. Black people aren’t just going to forget it and move on, especially since the structures that were put in place hundreds of years ago to oppress black people, are still in place. It’s not a fair game if white people have been playing Monopoly for 400 years, accumulating properties and wealth, then giving black people a playing piece and have them play by the same rules, and blaming them if they can’t get ahead. If race weren’t an issue today, it wouldn’t be a constant topic of discussion, but I’ve seen more than enough racist rant videos on social media, including from those that hold great power, to believe that we can just forget racism exists.


Matt, you may as well be talking to a wall. If you head southwest you’ll find a Multi billion dollar useless one that has reasoning skills equal to some bloggers who’s names I need not mention.


Exactly, that’s why I try not to debate lies, conspiracy theories and repetitious babbling from Bill, Joe, Fred, et al.

Maybe I’ve got this whole debate thing wrong.
“Debate” is two sides providing arguments to a thesis and then rebutting and defending the arguments. We learned that in tenth grade.

What if one side has absolutely no interest in honesty, credibility nor even, it seems, their own survival?
Who seem content to just blurt out whatever poorly thought-out impulse comes to mind, never mind that it makes no sense nor has any basis in reality and who clearly have no idea the joke’s on them.
A perfectly nihilistic political party?
How can you reason with that, as normal people do? And how in the world do they expect to get anyone to join them on their descent into extinction?

It’s like being a boxer in the ring awaiting your opponent, and they show up in a ballerina’s tutu and tiara, passing gas as they confidently strut around the ring.
En Garde!?

Joseph Vendetti


What conspiracy theories have I ever alleged? Please don’t paint me with any conspiracy brushes.


Tim Scott said in his speech while racism exists in America it is not what is driving America, Vice President then agreed with Senator Scott – both prominent African American Politicians. Looking back at her record as a prosecutor she was just as tough (and fair) with no matter what color the person was that broke the law in CA – I commend her for those statements & not trying to further divide using race.

Joe, I just want to say I completely agree with you regarding the Scott/Harris thing. I listened to Scott’s statement, and Harris’ almost mirrored his, yet he was pilloried. That’s media hypocrisy and needs to be called out.

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