Rotterdam resident charged with breaking glass door during protest at Schenectady police station last month

The exterior of the police department as it appeared April 19

The exterior of the police department as it appeared April 19

SCHENECTADY – A Rotterdam resident has been charged in connection with a glass-paneled door broken at the Schenectady police station during a protest last month, police said Tuesday morning.


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Jayme L. Laing, 20, of Rotterdam, was charged with one count of third-degree criminal mischief, a felony, police said. Laing surrendered to police Monday, police said.

Laing is accused of breaking the glass panel during the protest April 13. The cost to fix the door exceeded $250, the damage amount threshold for the third-degree criminal mischief charge.

“On that date, at approximately 11 p.m. several protesters entered the front vestibule at 531 Liberty Street and began kicking the glass doors causing one to break,” police said in a release.

Laing was arraigned and released to return to court later, police said.

The charge against Laing follows charges against at least two others related to chalk defacing of the Schenectady police station during the same protest, Mikayla Foster, 22, and Nikiya Charles, 25, who is also known as Kasey Charles.

Foster and Charles were charged with third-degree criminal tampering, a misdemeanor, related to the chalk.

After Foster’s arrest in the chalking, Foster questioned the charge, saying the chalk was water-soluble and was removed from the building within eight minutes of writing it.

The protest in Schenectady on April 13, as well as the Albany protest that started the next day, were over the police shooting death of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, in Minnesota.

During the April 13 protest, in addition to the chalking, the glass panel on the door at the Schenectady station was broken. Some of the messages said, “We won’t forget,” “Stop killing us,” “Blood is on your hands,” “Cops and klan are hand-in-hand.”

Police reacted to the incident by adding fencing around the front entrance of the station, leaving a walkway for people to enter.


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Good. Charge her the cost of replacing the window and some period of probation. She, or any protester, has no right to destroy or deface anyone’s property, be it public or private. The protesting is way out of control and needs to be put down, right now and hard. The lawless rioting of these idiots is unacceptable on every level.

Martha Bencic

A woman with chalk vs. men with guns, batons, knives, mace, armor. What crybabies. Defund the police. Reimagine public safety.

David Bianchi

There is Also the Problem of One’s that Get Elected to Higher Office in which they think They Are Above The Law! Having the Legal Bullying Powers of Doing As They Wish! I Wouldn’t Have Believed It Without Witnessing It First Hand!
Therefore, I Will Repeat Again..
Corruption in Schenectady? No Way!
Barrett Village, Eminent Domain! On Vacant Lots with No Buildings on them with the Mayor Calling Them Blight!
Along with Taxes Payed in Full on the Vacant Lots Illegally Ordered Sent Back!
In Which the City Couldn’t Foreclose on for Unpaid Taxes!
All, After Initial Threats by City Lawyers To Sell the Property Cheap! or They Will Just Go Through the City and Take it!
For a Row of Town Houses Selling for $260,000.00 each!
Schenectady Gate!!
Lord, Please, That’s All I ask is Let Me Have My Day in Court to Expose These Bunch of Corrupt Politicians that Run this City!!
I Understand that Chalking Up or Destruction of Property is a Crime!
What about Property Owning Rights ???

BLM does not get a free pass for violence by claiming “civil disobediance”. These people are not the judge and jury of every incident involving police and schenectady has nothing to do with what happened in these high profile cases. We can not live in a world without police Defunding them will create a better world for criminals not law abiding citizens. How about doing the community some good by volunteering instead of just ruining property and callong the PD pigs and klan members? No, that requires too much work I guess

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