Outdoor Journal: Turkey season underway


After all the years I have hunted turkey, I still get excited the day before the hunt — especially when Neil Hopkins and I have found turkeys.

Well, the night before this year’s season started last Saturday, I went to bed early with my alarm set for 4 a.m., but that clock never had to ring because I woke up at 2:30 a.m. and was waiting on my front porch for Neil to pick me up.

On the way into the woods, Neil smiled and reminded me: “You don’t eat beards.’”

I decided to take my 28-gauge the only shotgun caliber I have not taken a turkey with. Unfortunately, they answered, but did not come across the road.

But it is not over yet. It was only Day 1 and I will be after them again.

That afternoon, my Umarex Air Javelin CO2 package arrived and I went back to Saratoga Tackle to learn how to load the CO2 and arrow. I am very surprised at its speed and accuracy; I have contacted DEC to see if I can also hunt carp and gar pike in lake champlain with it.

On the way back from the tackle shop, I stopped by a wooded area that looked like it held turkeys. A lady answered at the door, and I told her who I was and that I would like to hunt turkeys in her woods. She said yes, but not to shoot the turkey that eats at her vegetable garden.

I kept my promise not to do that.


Bowhunting sure has become expensive.

I recently received an email on three new crossbows introduced by Garmin with built-in scopes and they are up there in price. Their Havoc model starts at $3,649.

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