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Letters to the Editor Friday, May 7


Back bills to protect highway workers

This year, Workers’ Memorial Day, a day to remember those who died in the course of doing their jobs, coincides with Work Zone Awareness Week, a week set aside to remind motorists to slow down while traveling in work zones.
Sadly, some motorists can’t be bothered.
Perhaps they are running late and feel they don’t have time to slow down. They might be on their phone and too distracted to notice the signs or maybe they just don’t care.
The result is that too many highway workers are injured or killed in work zones every day.
In this same week, three state  DOT workers were injured, one seriously, in a work zone crash on the Northway in Malta.
By adhering to the laws, most motorists show respect for the workers and the work being done.
But others can’t be bothered.
Highway workers are menaced, assaulted, injured and killed for simply doing their job.
This is why we need improved safety legislation.
CSEA continues to support legislation that will improve the safety of workers in highway work zones including a work zone speed camera program that other states have shown reduces injuries and death.
We all have a role to play in preventing work zone injuries and death.
For motorists who can’t be bothered, they should face stiffer penalties. Please contact our state legislators and voice support for S4682 and S3957.
Ron Briggs
The writer is CSEA Capital Region president.

Liz Joy not worthy of moms’ votes

As a mother, I was very disappointed to read that Liz Joy is back at it and again will run against our Congressman Paul Tonko.
Despite her direct appeals to moms like me, many mothers I know find Ms. Joy very unsettling.
Her role in the attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 has never been explained despite organizing a bus load of Republicans to travel to Washington. Joy continues to falsely claim the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump.
Worst of all, she never conceded her first race against Congressman Tonko.
So, for us moms, how can we possibly tell our children that this insurrectionist sore loser who has spent the last year undermining the sanctity of our free and fair elections is worthy of our votes to represent us in the United States government?
I don’t think we can.
Allison Marinucci

Menthol ban is an invasion on rights

The Biden administration’s proposal to ban menthol cigarettes is foolish and obtrusive.
Adults should have the freedom to decide for themselves whether or not they want to enjoy the pleasure of smoking a menthol cigarette.
Also, it’s hypocritical for the administration to advocate for the decriminalizing of marijuana, which can be smoked and irritate a person’s lungs just the same as cigarettes.
Finally, banning cigarettes will only open the door to smugglers looking for another source of income.
The Biden Administration has turned into a Nanny state that unduly regulates individual freedom and liberty.
Adults don’t need to be reared as children by the government and a proposal of this kind engenders resentment and outrage. Land of the free; I think not.
Mark Brockbank
Clifton Park


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William Marincic

Mark Brockbank, do you know what the reason is, it’s about control. Democrats want to control everything you do, they want to control what you eat, what you drink, what you watch, and what you read because if they can control everything in your life then you have to look for them if you want anything. Democrats will make marijuana and other drugs legal because if you have a population that is high on drugs then you’re not watching what they are doing. Once they have total control then they take it all away. If you don’t believe me just look at the history of countries that were free. Afghanistan in the 70s had women in bikinis on the beaches and when the authoritarian government took over they put them in Burkas and killed them for going to school. History has a way of repeating itself for those who don’t learn from it.


Laughable Bill. Like Fred, one of your harping points is political control. You never explain how the Democrats want “to control everything” (except for dumb remarks like what you eat, etc.), but of course you ignore that the GOP is suppressing the vote in the majority of states and are totally against working with Biden on his agenda (you seem to forget he won and that the majority of people support him). All the GOP wants is to take back control so they can feed the rich and screw 95% of the population. The last three Democratic presidents have had to bail the country out because of republican ineptness. That’s history repeating itself.


Allison Marinucci: American parents want their children to grow up in a country run by a government that takes seriously the idea of America first!


Freddy, I’m also sure you also like being first in a line that has positive rewards and just bully your your way to the front. Not unlike trump, get whatever you can however you can regardless of who or what you step on along the way. USA, USA, USA, and to hell with the rest. Me, me, me, I, I, I, The world isn’t that big of a place and we’re all made of the same protein and bleed red.

It’s one thing to look out for your best interest in certain situations but I, as well as my many of my European relatives are repulsed by the in your face arrogant attitude of the superiority attitude of the Fred’s of America.


* the terrible representation of arrogance and attitude of superiority that the Fred’s of America project to the world.


Thanks for putting me in the same league as Bill. I do so get a kick about your distinction between good racism and bad racism. Your inability to use words to enlighten readers is quit clever. For example your backing the government mandated diversity programs when you really mean racial diversity! I particularly like who you assert the existence of employment discrimination in the absence of many discrimination suits.


Hypothetical conversation with a blogger on this forum…guess who?

Blogger: While in a barn, I saw a horse and a goose in the same stall, therefore I surmise they are of the same species.

Sane person: What? That is incorrect.

Blogger: “Can you explain why this conclusion is in error?”

Sane person: Well horses are large, have four legs, hair and are mammals that can’t fly. – Geese are small, have two legs, feathers and are birds that lay eggs and can fly.

Two days later.

Blogger: While in a barn, I saw a horse and a goose in the same stall, therefore I surmise they are the same species.

Sane person: What??? I already explained why you are incorrect.

Blogger: “If my arguments are flawed, refute them.”

Sane person: Well horses are large, have four legs, hair and are mammals that can’t fly. – Geese are small, have two legs, feathers and are birds that lay eggs and can fly.

And so on and so on and so on….

Yes, that’s right; Democrats are just like the Taliban.
Also, the Chinese disrupted our proper re-election of the Previous President (PP) by injecting tens of thousands of fake ballots into the Arizona voting. You can spot them because only Chinese use Bamboo in their paper, and we have our bestest sleuths, Cyber Ninjas! using high-tec lights (and our HD Vision Special Ops sunglasses as seen on TV and manly-man Kris “Tanto” Paronto) to find them. Fortunately, Elise Stefanik is onboard with that. After all, she was spot on when she said, “more than 140,000 votes came from underage, deceased and otherwise unauthorized voters — in Fulton County (Georgia) alone.”

Here’s a fun fact:
“The recent indictments of two more men connected to an alleged neo-Nazi terror cell in Floyd County shine new light on the reach of the group known as The Base.
Duncan Christopher Trimmell, 23 of Austin, Texas, and Brandon Gregory Ashley, 21 of Hayden, Ala., face charges of animal cruelty related to the alleged theft and ritual beheading of a ram or goat on Halloween 2019”
“Trimmell and Ashley join six other men believed to have come to an isolated property in the Silver Creek community south of Rome where an undercover law enforcement officer said they shot guns, took drugs and planned for a race war as part of a white supremacist group known as the Base.”

Schooled Americans would recognize that the Arabic translation of “The Base” is of course, “Al-Qaeda”.
Whodathunk!? White Supremacists emulating bin Laden and radical Muslim fundamentalists!

By now everyone who regularly reads this quiet section of the DG knows that you and your tRump-humper little friends have been traumatized by his abrupt eviction and the American slapdown of your insane delusions. And they can surmise you were in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021 giving your full support to stealing the vote. But keep it up, keep the faith! I just know there’s a third-world dictator somewhere who will welcome you.


An idea perhaps. If you get caught using your cellphone while driving, especially in a construction zone, not only should you get a ticket, but police should confiscate it. If convicted in traffic court, then the municipality should wipe it clean of data and donate it to a worthy charity or destroy it. These new phones can get really expensive. If you don’t want to lose your phone, then don’t use it while driving.

Joseph Vendetti

Chuck – just want to get a perspective of public vs private sector mentality when it comes to taxes, regulations, overall red tape.

Nothing against Public Sector employees my mom retired as a Tier I from Tax & Finance after 40 yrs and my sister just retired 2 years ago after 36 years from NYSDOCJ

Don’t understand what’s inappropriate? Or poor judgment

I think it’s inappropriate for someone to post personal information of someone who doesn’t normally live “in the public eye” to a forum like this. No matter if it’s public information or not. *I think* it’s not up to you how public it is, and bad taste to disseminate it.
That’s exactly why I prefer a pseudonym here and elsewhere, it’s no one’s business who I am, and frankly could put me or my family in jeopardy.

Joseph Vendetti

I guess – maybe I’ll stop being so controversial with my middle of the road moderate views. Considering some times I agree with you, ray, lou & others and sometimes mostly on taxing agree with others more conservative.


Joe, I don’t believe your views are “middle of the road moderate”. From most of your posts, my Interpretation is that you lean right. Perhaps not extreme, but it’s appears you’re a good way past the middle, and as I’ve said before that’s fine, you’re you’re obviously entitled to your opinion.

What seems to muddy the water is when you open by saying, “I have two African-American sons”, or I’m a registered Democrat, and then post a very right leaning comment that Fred or Bill back up and give praise to. The content of your comment is where the substance of your thought is, not in your short preemptive statements.

Additionally, I certainly didn’t appreciate, on a past post, your divulging some of my personal information regarding the nature and location of business. You’re 0 for two in that regard because you did something similar to Chuck today.

Joseph Vendetti

For someone that called me a racist and bigot on an open public forum I’ll try and remember the rules of etiquette- can’t say your town but slander is ok? Can’t say the nature of ones business but liable words perfectly fine? Got it.

If you can’t see the blatant hypocrisy in your actions its no wonder why you are blind to when just Democrats flip flop on issues like border control, fiscal policy, etc where as I call out both sides as hypocritical liars. If you really think one party is good & other evil you are lost.

These politicians don’t care about you! Or me! Or us! Or the USA for that matter. They say & do what polling says.

Dean Skelos, Shelly Silver, Rudy Guliani, Donald Trump, Andrew Cuomo, Hunter Biden – the only thing that differentiates them is a (D) or (R) near their name.

We have tossed trillions of dollars at issues – border, welfare, education, affirmative action, environment , etc – all while the economy has boomed & retracted in cyclical fashion. Generation after generation living on welfare and on the other side millionaires becoming Billionaires. The hypocrisy of ultra right wing politicians being against abortion unless their daughter or son needs that service. Or the same that are against gay rights but get caught with secret bathroom rendezvous – Hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle is the same as you attacking Trump for the same misdeeds and staying silent on Cuomo orBiden or Pelosi and the same as Bill & Fred not acknowledging Trump or McConnells mis-deeds and attacking Hunter Bidens corruption.

This Hypocrisy has pitted Americans against one another, races against one another and frankly ir is sickening.

William Marincic

Joe just so you know more than once I have been critical of things Donald Trump has said or done, but I truly believe he has been the best thing ever for America with his America first policy. I was a lifelong democrat until the year 2000, I was a very liberal person until a friend of mine had me start listening to both Fox and CNN on an issue then read the actual quote or event, it was then that I realized my values aligned more with Republicans than Democrats and I switched parties. I will vote for whomever is best for this country, I would vote for a Joe Mancin over a Mitt Romney, I voted for Bill Clinton twice.

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