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Letters to the Editor Sunday, May 9


Hold drivers more accountable for acts

Pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists are vulnerable road users.
With all the distractions, to say look twice is just not enough. Drivers need to look near, intermediate and far for vulnerable road users.
According to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), there are three types of distracted driving; visual, manual and cognitive. Examples of visual driving distractions are looking for items on the floor of the car, using your GPS, changing the radio station, or doing your makeup.
Examples of manual driving distractions are eating/drinking, adjusting your child’s seatbelt, smoking or searching through your purse.
Examples of cognitive driving distractions are talking to another passenger, daydreaming, road rage or being under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
Texting uses all three types of distracted driving. Nine people die every day in the United States due to driving distracted. Eleven percent of car accidents lead to fatalities from distracted driving.
Your eyes are off the road for at least five seconds when texting. That’s the length of a football field at 55 miles per hour.
American Bikers Aimed Toward Education (ABATE) has been working hard to pass the Creto/Kade’s law. ABATE supports any law that increases the penalty for a driver who causes an injury while operating a vehicle.
Drivers need to be accountable for their actions. Currently the bill has expired, and we are working diligently looking for new sponsors.
As of now only a traffic violation is issued even though there is death or dismemberment unless the driver is under the influence.
Rima Cerrone

Find better solution to Trinity Health deal

We’ve been told that Ellis Hospital can only survive if it joins Trinity Health, a Catholic health care system.
But Trinity doesn’t support comprehensive women’s care. Their religious restrictions will affect every conversation we have with our doctors and limit the choice of care we can receive.
Why are we being forced to make a choice? Either women’s healthcare is a priority or not.
Women’s health, including access to safe termination of a pregnancy, is a priority in our community.
The strawman argument of you can just go to Planned Parenthood is condescending and isn’t a great option for everyone in Schenectady, and neither is a distant Albany Med.
Planned Parenthood is a wonderful organization, but Bellevue is where my doctors are. Bellevue isn’t a clinic, it is part of a hospital system with all the support, resources, options and specialists I might need.
I’m tired. I’m tired of feeling like the men in power (I’m talking to you Mr. Milton and Mr. Reed) don’t believe that my health is as important as a man’s.
I don’t appreciate being told that we have to choose between comprehensive reproductive care or not having a community hospital at all. I believe there must be a better solution.
Maybe you’re not trying hard enough. I bet if your health were on the line, you’d be working harder.
Aviva Hallenstein

Who in Marco dispute isn’t telling the truth

I would like to comment on Roseanne Rector’s May1 letter (“We should praise Marco, not chastise.”)
Let me start by saying that I do not live in Rotterdam and have no insight on the matter, but have been following this story.
In the original article (“Investigation: Clerk violated town policy multiple times”) dated April 12, Ms. Marco denied all claims against her.
She stated that in regard to the alleged physical contact at the Senior Center, she was holding binders at the time, which would have made it impossible for her to make contact with anyone.
Ms. Rector’s letter stated that she witnessed the incident (an incident Ms. Marco stated never happened) and saw it as a joking tap on the shoulder. So … which is it ladies? All Ms. Rector’s letter proves to me is that one of them is lying.
James Rossi

DOT must resolve ‘Lake Burdeck’ issue

Have you been to Lake Burdeck recently? I am referring to the intersection of Burdeck Street and Mariaville Road in Rotterdam.
A large body of water forms at the alleged catch basin in front of Del Gallo Pools when we get moderate rain. This has been an issue for years.
It was last fall that I saw three “workers” for DOT there looking at the drain. My thought was, maybe they were going to do corrective measures. Apparently, they could not figure it out.
With all of the recent rain, Lake Burdeck is alive and flowing. Frankly, if the DOT engineers want to resolve the problem once and for all, they should call the engineering firm of the Schenectady County Highway Department.
You know, the agency that plows and salts with precision, the majority of state roads in this area. They have the personnel with the expertise to get the job done right.
Jeff Seeley


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William Marincic

Aviva Hallenstein You don’t want Saint Peters Hospital to take over Ellis because you believe you won’t be able to have an abortion? Have you read the stories about Ellis Hospital, how poorly it’s been run I can tell you my own horror stories about Ellis. I’m friends with a couple doctors from Ellis, we play golf together and you should hear some of the stories they tell me. St. Peter’s is one of the best hospitals in the area and we should be thankful that they are willing to fix this mess called Ellis Hospital.


Bob BAffert’s Derby ‘winner’ has tested positive for a drug. He has been cited multiple times. Can’t win without cheating. He must be a Republican!


Bob Baffert’s Derby ‘Winner’ has tested positive for a drug. He has been cited multiple times for this. Can’t win without cheating. He must be a Republican!

Joseph Vendetti


Guess we are forgetting Tammany Hall in New York State that was under Democratic control from 1790-1930 – 140 years of bid rigging, ballot box stuffing, murder, etc, etc & in Chicago the Daley machine politics corruption scandals??

Just saying – if we do or ever have lived in a glass house we shouldn’t throw stones.

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