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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, May 11


Stefanik puts her ambition over truth

Responding to your May 6 front page article about Elise Stefanik (“Stefanik likely to get plum GOP House position”), it is appalling to read that the relatively young Ms. Stefanik has put her political ambitions above her honesty and integrity, as she perpetuates the lie that our national presidential election was fraudulent.
While I do not necessarily agree with the political views of Liz Cheney, the current House Republican conference leader whose position Ms. Stefanik aspires to take over, I do respect Ms. Cheney for her ability to speak the truth and stand up to protect our great American democracy — something Ms. Stefanik is sadly unwilling to do.
Bruce Ballan

Putnam grasps the complexity of issues

With appreciation to the League of Women Voters for giving Saratoga residents access to our Board of Education candidates, I’m writing to share why I will be voting for Casey Putnam, a teacher with 20-plus years’ experience. In some ways it’s very simple:
Casey was one of only two candidates who did not need questions repeated for her. She listened. Then she demonstrated her awareness of the complexity of the issues with thoughtful answers.
As a high school and honors ELA instructor at Shenendehowa, she knows how large districts work. She knows what students and teachers need to thrive, in practice and in policy.
Asked about the district’s DEI policy proposal, Casey affirmed what we know: Children are not the same. Treating them “equally” ensures that we uplift some to the detriment of others. Students have different learning styles, different hurdles, different gifts. We need trustees who recognize that SSCSD cannot be passive about equity and inclusion and remain a top public school.
We can all succeed when we have ethical leaders who prepare, listen, apply their expertise, and think critically. Casey Putnam has my vote, and I encourage others to give theirs on May 18.
Erin Leary
Saratoga Springs

New building not a pleasant vision

Now that it’s almost complete congratulations to the mayor of Schenectady, the City Council, the state of New York and the federal government on the beautiful $11 million, four-story outhouse that now towers over the site formerly a beautiful peaceful park along the scenic Mohawk River.
Such a beautiful addition to the historic Stockade, the jewel of Schenectady. I will think of this every time I flush my toilet.
Mike White

Liberal Dems are hurting our country

It’s not like I am some great visionary, but some things are painfully obvious, even to the most casual observer. Case in point: When I see the chaos and turmoil that these cities and states, including ours, run by liberal Democrats, and then we elect a bunch of them to run the country? It should be no surprise to anyone that our country is rapidly going down the tubes.
Robert Mangino


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Fred, you’re sick. CHeering shootings? And you read a rag like the NY Post? This is where you get your info?

William Marincic

Robert Mangino, I’ve been saying it for years. Every ghetto in America is almost exclusively Democrat. The last time New York was run well was with Pataki when he defeated our current embarrassment of a governors father.


Why do you live in NY when all you do is trash it? Perhaps Montana or Wyoming would be more to your liking.


Cheney is being dumped as team leader because of here choice to go it alone. As for the recent presidential election being fraudulent I suggest a lack of full discloser of what the Democrats offered makes them so.


“It’s not like I am some great visionary”
Robert Mangino, that’s how you started your letter, and that is where you should have ended as well.


Afraid to share the reason for your conclusion? The Democrats would have use believe that gender is a matter of choice not biology. One should not be surprised that many people have strong doubts about where the country is going.

Once psychotherapy helped people to adjust to reality. Now they are expected to help the deluded to adjust to their delusions.

Joseph Vendetti


Do you not realize how similar you are to Mr. Mangino, Mr Barney?

They (and you) don’t want to budge one inch to some compromise middle ground that can be good for 71,000,000 Republican voters & 80,000,000 Democratic voters? Either your way or the highway.

The mocking & name calling from both sides if they don’t agree with the point of view, to me seems, so disheartening.


Point of view is one thing, but when it comes to facts supporting an opinion, republicans typically fall short. How many of the 71 million still believe the election was stolen (we already know Fred is one of them)? Many of them rely on Fox and other anti-democratic media that spews lies and misinformation every day, just like Trump did more than 30000 times while president and continuing. All we ask is just tell the truth then we can debate opinions.


We know that the Democrats lie in their every attempt to promote diversity. What they really mean by promoting diversity is racial diversity. They are not truthful about their policy orientation because it would deprive them of the chance to denounce racism with a straight face!


Ok Joe, let’s follow your line of thinking by bringing it to an extreme example:
Two people have different points of view, one being that the virgin cleansing myth(also referred to as the virgin cure myth, virgin rape myth, or simply virgin myth) is the belief that having sex with a virgin girl cures a man of HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.
The second opinion is that this is a totally insane belief, has absolutely no validity and is pure evil.
Joe, please talk to me about “middle ground” in regards to those two opinions.

Please don’t generalize and put me in the same character category as Fred Barney or Robert Mangino (the writer of an Gazette editorial today)
Your saying “Do you not realize how similar you are to Mr. Mangino, Mr Barney?” was as great an insult you you could have possibly direct at me.

What do you think joe? – I was contemplating becoming a registered Republican, and perhaps adopting two Black children. In doing so, I’m sure my opinions regarding politics and racial issues would more validated.

Joe, I respect your attempt to straddle the Left/Right divide and I suspect that’s been your political approach for a long time. But something has changed that makes this no longer a matter of opinion, or point-of-view. We’re not debating the origins of the universe, or economic theory any more. We have two sides; one says the glass is half full and the other says it’s a dump truck.
It’s that stark.
So I get that you and many are disheartened, I am too in some ways. But my disheartenment (and it sounds like many on the Right as well) stems from dealing with a large contingent of people how can’t see the forest for the trees. And they are only compounding the difficulties we as a country are trying to deal with.
Any mockery from me I consider satire, in the tradition of Vonnegut, Larry David, Mel Brooks and even that recluse Carl Strock.

Joseph Vendetti

Lou, Ray, Chuck:

I never have been or never will be from a school of thought, or some political ideologies that I would think that everyone of my beliefs or thoughts is correct and therefore the opposite opinion would be wrong (or evil).

That would make me always correct. I just have more sense that to believe that every thought or belief I have must be “the” correct belief.

Just like the other night when Cynthia got a big laugh that “all” Republicans cheat at something and I happened to bring up Boss Tweed and Mayor Daley and those Democrats that lied, cheated, stole, murdered for 100 years – with no response. With every point there is some counterpoint. 71,000,000 million people believe that an election was stolen – don’t really think its that many, but, turn the clock back 5 years, and see how many Russian interference blogs, stories, inquiries happened about how the election was stolen from Hillary. That went so far as to spend $100 millions on special investigations, etc. Story after story on Russian hackers stealing election from Hillary. Is it really any different then what’s occurring now? No it is not. The difference was Hillary had more class and didn’t use Twitter as much to keep fanning the flames. But every once in a while they would get a sound bite of her saying election was stolen from her.

Certainly would make things alot easier if everything was so black and white, that one party was right and other was wrong.

I have some strong conservative convictions on education,taxes & term limits, I lean way left when it comes to abortion, LGBTQ issues & that there is middle ground on border security (immigration), the environment, and police reform.

Conservative- education- we are spending far too much per pupil to get mediocre results, there are as many administrators as educators which seems unbalanced
Conservative- lower Taxes
Conservative- having term limits
Left – agree with women’s right to choose
Left – agree that LGBTQ have same rights as heterosexual and can marry, be insured, adopt children, etc
Middle – immigration- legal immigration, give amnesty to everyone that is currently in the US, get them a SS#, get them paying into SS, have border security to prevent terror attacks, infiltration of narcotics, and disease control.
Middle – environment- believe in global warming and we must cut our CO2 & Carbon but not overnight – a 10 year reduction that allows new industry to be born (etc) and not wipe out entire industries
Middle – police – all police should have to live in the area they police, they need more training & education, but they also need to be respected for the dangerous jobs they do.

Those are my views – but they are just opinions, can I be swayed off of center, or more right or left? Of course, and my views are not all correct – I realize that.

“Russian interference blogs, stories, inquiries happened about how the election was stolen from Hillary. That went so far as to spend $100 millions on special investigations, etc. Story after story on Russian hackers stealing election from Hillary. ”


My memory is Clinton accepted her defeat very publicly within 24 hours of the polls closing and that’s easily verified.

Are you seriously justifying what we’re witnessing now by trying a “well they did it too”? Seriously?


Come on Chuck, your reluctance to grasp the idea that the Democrats’ and Hillary’s actions and beliefs were an exact parallel to trump’s and the Republicans’ actions and beliefs regarding stolen presidential elections is perplexing to me.
I guess I’ve got to remind you:
I’m surprised you don’t remember Hillary rallying her loyalists from all corners of America that resulted, on January 6, 2017, in numbers of 30 thousand crazed Democrats savagely storming the Capital in a wake of destruction leaving 5 dead, scores injured, threatened and traumatized. Get with it man. Remember how they were looking to hang the VP and kill the Speaker? Those despicable Democrat Hillary supporters!


Fred–According to your logic of Cheney “going it alone,”…so she should NOT follow the Constitution or the Oath she took and just follow along a bunch of goons who know full well they are lying? Did you teach your kids to just follow…no matter what? Cheney’s willing to lose it all for the truth–for our democratic republic. I don’t agree with her on issues, but I sure respect her!

As far as “The Democrats would have use believe that gender is a matter of choice not biology.” I believe it’s the far right that believes gender is a choice (that they can change with a program or therapist). The dems believe this is how they are hard-wired and should be accepted.

I think it’s you with remarks about George Floyd’s family not “helping” him with his drug addiction…as if they are responsible. Apparently he got hooked from prescription meds like millions of Americans. No matter what the family says or does, it is up to the individual to beat addiction.

Just a reminder (and to your point) that the trial over Floyd’s death had absolutely nothing to do with his drug habits, his family’s responsibility or the phase of the moon. It was about the wanton killing of a person in the custody of law enforcement by a law enforcement officer. Full stop.

Any other noise about ‘where was the family’ is simply to cloud the issue and again cast aspersions on Black people.

Joseph Vendetti


Yes it has happened – while I said Hillary bowed out, but stories & investigations went deep into Trumps term. Election challenges Bush/Gore etc have deepened and become more contentious lately. Social media, the class of the voters, etc make the arguments more and more outlandish but they exist on both sides:

Do you think there is a reason that tens of millions are being spent for a 2 yr congressional seat that pays $174,000 per yr? Or Billions are spent for a $400,000 president and VP position?

I’m trying to understand what “$100 millions” and “special investigations” refers to. The Mueller investigation? With all the indictments, convictions and sentences? Do you consider that a witch hunt? That’s not specious political activity, or crying over bruised egos. That’s a matter of national security. There’s no conspiracy theory there. It’s real.

And sorry, I have no idea what your final paragraph is trying to say. All campaigns are expensive now because it’s (obviously) not just someone trying to get a job.

Joseph Vendetti


All the indictments had nothing to do with Russian Interference, money laundering, lying to a federal investigator, fraud. Just like when Clinton was investigated by Ken Starr started on white water ended with semen on a dress. The same thing – 20 indictments of Clinton friends and associates, 14 convictions- nothing but fraud, lying, money –

Both political vendettas

I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt because I believe you’re trying to sort it out. I don’t believe you’re flat out lying. You’re very much mistaken concerning Mueller. And I’ll remind you this was in response to you’re comparing Trump’s treatment to Clinton’s (Hillary). Bringing up the other Clinton dirt is valid but you’re conflating a couple issues.

I’ll also remind you of your post that started this:


Do you not realize how similar you are to Mr. Mangino, Mr Barney?

They (and you) don’t want to budge one inch to some compromise middle ground that can be good for 71,000,000 Republican voters & 80,000,000 Democratic voters? Either your way or the highway.

The mocking & name calling from both sides if they don’t agree with the point of view, to me seems, so disheartening.

Once again, we’re not talking about a difference of opinion. We talking about reality versus mass delusion.

For your edification, from Wikipedia:
The Special Counsel investigation was an investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections, of links between associates of Donald Trump and Russian officials, and of possible obstruction of justice by Trump and his associates. The investigation was conducted by special prosecutor Robert Mueller from May 2017 to March 2019. It was also called the Russia investigation, the Mueller probe, and the Mueller investigation.[1][2] The Mueller investigation culminated with the Mueller Report, which concluded that though the Trump campaign welcomed Russian interference and expected to benefit from it, there was insufficient evidence to bring any conspiracy charges against Trump or his associates.[3] The report did not reach a conclusion about possible obstruction of justice of Trump, citing a Justice Department guideline that prohibits the federal indictment of a sitting president.[4][5][6] The investigation resulted in charges against 34 individuals and 3 companies, 8 guilty pleas, and a conviction at trial.[7][8]

Joseph Vendetti


The points – 1.) rabidly or blindly following a single political party – I believe no matter the party is a mistake, because 2.) they (politicians) are all cheats, liars, power mongering, egotistical individuals.

Got it, thanks for the summary.
To Point 1: I’ve said it here before (but I don’t expect anyone to recall it), I was an unaffiliated voter from the time I could first register to 42 years later when I registered Democrat only to be able to vote for Sanders in our closed Primaries (that I firmly believe Cuomo tried to shut down, indirectly). The Democratic Party has never gotten a dime from me although I’ve given to a couple individual candidates. I’m a proud DINO.

To Point 2: I disagree strongly with your blanket characterization of politicians. There are some good ones, a lot actually.


And…all the people in the room were criminals: Some were some were murderers rapists and serial killers. Some were petty thieves. – I believe there to be a difference.

To Mark White:
Just you wait till they build the tree museum they promised! MiSCi got $100,000 a couple years ago to do it and I think it’ll be great. Like a big outhouse in the woods!

Joseph Vendetti

Lou – great point – but its almost a matter of fact that career criminals always move upward, they rarely stay doing breaking & entry.

Chuck – name all the good politicians you can

I assume you mean local pols as well since you did include all politicians in your blanket condemnation.
But I’ll just restate that I joined the Dems for one reason; to vote for Sanders. I think the fact that he is the only one (or at least the first, and I don’t include Manchhin) to voice concern about reaching into our Heartland and talking to them about their issues, and letting them know there was a Progressive candidate who recognized them. Also that he recognized that people in need are overwhelmingly good people, and that one function of government was to provide a safety net, if needed.
Any pol who follows that thinking is ok in my book.
Joe, you sound deeply cynical.

Joseph Vendetti


Bernie is a nice person but is a multi millionaire flying on private jets spouting “free” college, “free” health care. Nothing is free in this world.

Plans like universal college or universal healthcare- shifts burden of paying from one or two family members over a mass group of tax payers & consumers.

For example I lived in New Zealand for 9 months doing a mass demolition project for them when they had earthquakes in 2010-11. They have free college and health care. Milk – $9 gallon, loaf of bread $6, gas $13 per gallon. Plus health care was queued system – worker of mine his father died in queue with 90+ blockage waiting for stent. Also – it promotes kids from going to college for 8-9 years – dropping classes, taking time, figuring things out, its a mass inefficient system.

Millennials see free & its like a moth to a light. Not one political platform comes with a pro forma that you get when you take out a loan or mortgage that says you are borrowing $100,000 and by the time 30 years goes by you’ve paid $500,000.

How about this vote for Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders or AOC & the “free” (which maybe worth $100k and $300k after paying your own student loans off) education you are getting will cost you $1 million over your life time in raised taxes and increases on your consumer goods??? We push truth in advertising but don’t demand that of any politicians.

So yes quite cynical.

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