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Letters to the Editor Thursday, May 13


Worker fund will help the vulnerable

I am writing to add my voice to the chorus of support for the recently-passed Excluded Worker Fund.
I see this bill as a model for investing in children, women and the most vulnerable New Yorkers.
I’m the director of the Oakwood Community Center, and we have seen how the lack of access to relief funds has impacted all of us.
During the height of the covid crisis, we helped to deliver food to families who previously relied on school lunches to feed their children.
Many of these families were immigrant families not connected to other services, and we saw a noticeable rise in the number of immigrant families coming to our food pantry.
Most families received the food with embarrassed gratitude, thankful for support but preferring to not have to rely on this service.
The urgent need also meant that our organization needed to cut back or postpone other services, such as our performing arts after-school program for local youth. After a long year of uncertainty, these funds will let us fully serve our community once again.
This fund is about more than just the workers who will directly benefit. When we invest in all families, children perform better in schools and take fewer sick days, women have more freedom to advance and thrive, and families can remain in one place, ensuring long-term stability for schools and neighborhoods.
I am grateful New York has set out a path for Rensselaer County to follow.
Shanna Goldman

Trump foes have been the real liars

In his May 8 letter (“Tolerate opposing views but not lies”) Raymond Harris stated he has zero tolerance for those who accept lies over truth.
Mr. Harris, you and the people who hold your same views have been spewing vitriolic lies for 4-1/2 years about President Trump and those who support him.
Let me be clear. I never voted for President Trump and don’t really support him. But here are the lies you and your fellow travelers had repeated over and over again:
– The Russian collusion that helped him win the 2016 election;
– The phony investigation into Gen. Michael Flynn violating the Logan Act;
– The phony first impeachment based on the false story of Ukrainian coercion;
– The lie that Joe Biden actually won the election fair and square (51% of people polled believe he cheated);
– The phony Jan. 6 narrative of the “insurrection” on the Capitol, which led to the phony second impeachment on the grounds President Trump incited it;
– The falsehood that 50% of Republicans won’t take the vaccine.
Yet Mr. Harris you believe all the lies told daily by Jen Psaki, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and all the talking heads on ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, the New York Times, Washington Post and many other newspapers, including this one.
Where is your zero tolerance for them?
I’m willing to have a discussion with anyone on any and all of these lies.
John A. Gaetani



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Joseph Vendetti

Mr. Gaetani:

While I don’t agree 100% with Mr. harris & his May 8th letter, I also want to point out, that both the Trump & Clinton as well as the DNC had communications with different Russian officials during the 2016 Presidential Campaign (essentially trying to get dirt on one another).

The Russian collusion that helped him win the 2016 election – this is a false narrative & while hackers may have created Facebook ads, and other social media accounts, those Russian connections were expelled from the US.

The phony investigation into Gen. Michael Flynn violating the Logan Act – while he may not have violated the Logan Act (which is an act making it illegal for a private citizen from negotiating with a foreign official), he did break several US laws – Lying to The FBI, Lying to a Congressional sub-committee, etc. He did deserve to be investigated and has had a covert existence and was kept at arms length during both Republican and Democratic presidencies.

The phony first impeachment based on the false story of Ukrainian coercion – yes false narrative, but hackers did plant fake stories on many social media platforms.

The lie that Joe Biden actually won the election fair and square (51% of people polled believe he cheated) – False Narrative- Joe Biden did win the 2020 Presidential Election- Fair and Square regardless of any poll. This was done using grassroots voting enrollment and a fantastic mail in ballot campaign. Overall the Republican picked up more Governor seats, Congressional seats, and local seats during the 2020 campaign- so if those results are accurate, why would the top of the ticket results be inaccurate??? There were no fraudulent voting machines, dead people voting, or organized crime involvement.

The phony Jan. 6 narrative of the “insurrection” on the Capitol, which led to the phony second impeachment on the grounds President Trump incited it – this narrative is accurate- Trump (and advisors) did plan this event. This was an insurrection because it was meant to disrupt certification of a valid election results. Police officers died!!! This event is 1000% unacceptable in our Democratic system. I don’t know if it was an impeachable offense but the former President should be charged both criminally and civilly. Just like Charles Manson was guilty of crimes when his “cult” murdered people, or a Mafia Chieftain is guilty under the RICO act when his soldiers carry our crimes, Former President Trump is guilty of the same type of crime. Frankly, anyone not speaking out or still supporting his nutty narrative should have to at minimum undergo some type of sanity evaluation.

The falsehood that 50% of Republicans won’t take the vaccine – I’ll have to agree with you on this one. The overall numbers of total vaccinated, partially vaccinated, party registration don’t bare out that this is a democrat or republican issue.

The Republicans need to move on from Trump similarly how the Democrats moved on after Hillary Clinton.


Joe, the latest poll on republicans getting vaccinated shows they are doing better, but still lag behind:

Republicans Are More Eager to Get Vaccinated
The poll shows that a majority of Republicans — 55 percent — say they have already gotten a shot or plan to do so, a big uptick from 46 percent in March. That’s compared to 79 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of independents. Perhaps more importantly, the percentage of Republicans who will “definitely not” get the vaccine is shrinking as well: Just 20 percent of them say they will definitely not get vaccinated, down from 29 percent in April.


I will engage in discussion with all you jokers at any time. But lets do in person or are you too afraid? Here a some responses to a few more of your lies:

-General Flynn didn’t actually lie to the FBI but they sure lied about him.
-Trump didn’t kill hundreds of thousands of people with COVID. He was following
St. Fauci’s advice who actually probably did kill all of the people who died from it.
The so-called death count under Biden is worse than under Trump in just under 4 months. By the way the number of COVID deaths is way over blown.
-FOX News doesn’t report on the election stuff any more. I get my news from many sources which is more than I can say for you guys. I even read and listen to the MSN.
-Have you heard of the Arizona election audit going on now? Probably not because you get your news from the MSN. But why are the Democrats trying so hard to stop it? And just yesterday the auditors discovered the election database was deleted as well as boxes of ballots that were supposed to be sealed had broken seals with upwards to 20% of the ballots that were supposed to be in there missing. But there was no election shenanigans was there?
-You also probably haven’t heard about the election irregularities in Michigan, the election audit in New Hampshire, or the over 19,000 ballots in Wisconsin that were not counted for Trump.

Have you heard about the 120 retired flag officers’ letter warning that Biden is sending this country to communism and that Trump actually did win the election?

No I am not a Trump supporter. And I sure the hell ain’t someone who will sit by and have our country taken away from us like you bozos. If you can’t see what President in name only Biden is doing, you are blind.

Come back when your eyeballs stop rolling around in your head. You’re just trolling for a fight, not reasoned debate.

Zachary Parker

Joseph, two points. If you want to talk about general Flynn and the Logan act where are you on John Carrie and his multiple meetings with a rack when President Trump was running this country John Carrie was trying to undermine him, he should be charged.

Point two, The Los Angeles Lakers lose the NBA championship and thousands of people riot in the streets destroying businesses setting cars on fire and attacking police, this is happened more than once are the Lakers at fault or are the rioters at fault? You can’t have it both ways

The disgraced General Flynn was accused of lying to the FBI.
He plead guilty.
When asked several times by the judge whether he wanted to withdraw his plea, he maintained his guilt.
What else do we need to know (aside from all the contortions he went through anticipating a Presidential pardon).

William Marincic

Zachary Parker two perfect examples of liberal hypocrisy. John Kerry should be charged and tried for his undermining of President Trumps Iraq policy. As for the NBA example, bravo.


If Kerry broke the law, why didn’t AG Bill Barr charge him or the GOP roast him in congressional hearings? Was this one of your Fox conspiracy theories?


“Zachary Parker two perfect examples of liberal hypocrisy.”

Hey Bill, here’s two perfect examples of Republicans’ hypocrisy:

trump should be tried for accessory to murder for two separate events : Once for the unnecessary death of hundreds of thousands of Americans due to his inept handling of the pandemic, and once again for his incitement to riot at the Capital, that again cost American lives.

Joseph Vendetti

Mr Parker:

I just addressed the bullet points – if you want me to talk about John Kerry? Former Presidential Nominee? Or someone with the spelling you have?

The Los Angles Lakers are an entity not a person. And aren’t out there promoting a riot – so its not apples to apples. All riots should be condemned


Joe, I’m a terrible speller. When my son was 8 years old he would help me with my spelling.

Because of my inability to spell, I was totally handicapped when going through school. Couldn’t write a one paragraph essay. Created a disinterested and embarrassment for me, as well as some poor grades.

The Internet opened a huge door for me. If it wasn’t for new technology, giving me the ability to search synonyms, antonyms and just plain spelling correction I would still be linguistically handicapped.

I believe ones spelling ability is similar to someone’s sense of direction, either you’ve got it or you don’t, no correlation to one’s intelligence.

Due ewe under stand?

Joseph. Sometimes when you use talk to text it will show the correct spelling but change it halfway through, I guess I need to recheck before posting, that still doesn’t change the fact that last year Kerry was having secret meetings in Iraq telling them to hold on that Trump wouldn’t win. And to say Trump was promoting a riot is an outright lie. It’s funny you all talk about the election as not being rigged, I don’t know one way or another but regardless there are still millions of people that believe it was and that should be cause for great concern.

Joseph Vendetti


How are you privy to John Kerrys travel schedule and meeting agenda?

I think Diblasio, Maxine Waters, Schumer are just as culpable for riots in which they gave inciting speeches for BLM and they should also be responsible for damages & injuries.

The Republicans and Trump were out flanked – millions & millions of voters (mostly millennials & minorities) were registered and enrolled & voted legally. The voting by mail certainly benefited the democrats and in person votes favored republicans. To ensure confidence in the voting systems we do need voter ID checks of some kind (finger print, pictures, signature, etc).

Joseph, that is something I can agree with. I’m a registered Independent and vote my conscience, I have voted for both parties. I see nothing wrong with the way Florida and now Georgia do things when it comes to secure elections.

“The lie that Joe Biden actually won the election fair and square (51% of people polled believe he cheated)”

Voters think he cheated because Republican politicians and right-wing media are telling people he cheated. If they would just tell the truth, like Liz Cheney, that the election wasn’t stolen, that the Trump-appointed judges found no evidence of fraud, and that the Republican state officials that certified their elections found no fraud, then people wouldn’t believe he cheated. But they benefit from the Big Lie, and Republican voters are gullible enough to believe it. I’ll just sit here with my popcorn as the Republican party tears itself apart. Quite entertaining actually.


John Gaetani, Change the channel.

“Let me be clear. I never voted for President Trump and don’t really support him. But”…..I’m foolish enough to believe lies and disregard the facts, facts, facts, facts that prove his corruption and incompetence.

“I’m willing to have a discussion with anyone on any and all of these lies.”….
As long as they disregard the facts and truth and agree with me.

“Why waste time trying to discover the truth, when you can so easily create it?”
David Baldacci

Mr. Baldacci must have Ben watching Fox when that thought popped into his head.

Joseph Vendetti

Zachary- authenticating voters with ID, signatures, fingerprints is ok.

Moving or restricting numbers of ballot boxes, shortening number of days for early voting, and changing who certified election results is not ok.

There has to be a rational compromise.


I think Biden should not go overboard with seeking a bi-partisan compromise on his Jobs Act that the GOP wants to frame as infrastructure only, ignoring the Family Care Plan component to help people return to work. Biden has the general public on his side and should use that leverage to go big. This includes the modest tax increase on those individuals making over $400,000 per year and corporations to pay for the Jobs Act which is also very popular. The GOP is the party of No and think they can dictate the terms of the deal, which frankly McConnell has already said they will try to prevent Biden from succeeding on anything proposed. Too bad Mitch, there is a new sheriff in town and he is setting the direction.

William Marincic

Who’s the new Sheriff Ray, Susan Rice? Why does Biden keep saying he will get in trouble if he answers questions, who will he get in trouble with? If you want to see a successful Biden presidency take the video since he has been in office and play it backward.

Joseph Vendetti


Ppl aren’t returning to work because they are making more on unemployment

There are 4.1 million job openings right now according to WSJ, consumer price index rose at 4%

I’d be a little concerned with inflation

I think the consensus I’ve read, among people with much bigger brains than I, is that there will be some inflation and there will be turbulence. Get used to it. Remember what we’re coming out of. Remember (or look it up) what happened after the Great Depression.
Stop using a microscope to study the mountain range.

William Marincic

ChuckD “Look what we are coming out of” right, the lowest unemployment across the board including historic unemployment for minorities, lower taxes, energy independence and border crossing at 800% less than today. As I said the only way to show Biden as having a successful presidency is to take the video of his time in office and play it backwards until you get to Trump being in office. I don’t have a need for attention just a need for truth and honesty. Maybe you should have listened to Joe yesterday when he schooled you, Ray and Lou.

No Marincic. That’s not what we’re coming out of. We’re coming out of a year-long global shutdown due to a natural disaster. You’re lying, again.
Have you no shame?


Joe – That’s all conjecture. Show me some hard evidence that people would prefer unemployment checks instead of a job. Some may be forced into that situation if they cannot get child care or their school is not open. The remedy for that is in Biden’s Job Act.

Why do you omit the families that have children that lost their daycare, of families caring for a senior family member who wouldn’t allow them into a nursing facility?
Why do omit the myriad of other variables that prevent someone from leaping for the first opportunity to flip burgers?
Why do so many assume the worst of mankind without much basis in fact?


Nothing I know of joe, I was just responding to your comment to mr Parker:

Mr Parker:

I just addressed the bullet points – if you want me to talk about John Kerry? Former Presidential Nominee? Or someone with the spelling you have?


Raymond, I agree. I believe Biden will get bipartisanship on “hard” infrastructure with a number in the billions. Then he said he will move on with other forms of infrastructure with or without the help of gop. I think he’s smart to break it up into separate parts. We’ll see just how far the gop will go to help the American people.

Gaetani’s not going to engage in “discussion”.
Just like Marincic, Barney, and all the other tRump-humpers. The internet has provided these people a way to act out verbally (as it were) their deep-seated prejudices and frustrations, while satisfying their need for attention and reaction. That’s all. tRump just gave, and continues to give them, permission to spew their anxieties.

The most sophisticated thing you could say about their grievances and accusations is that it’s all to deflect from things like this:

“My people came to me, (Director of National Intelligence) Dan Coats came to me and some others saying they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin, he just said it’s not Russia,” Trump said. “I will say this, I don’t see any reason why it would be.”

Otherwise there’s little point in engaging in Whack-a-Mole with them. They’ll believe they have all the gotchas anyway, and it’s not like any response will change them.


William–Biden stops himself from saying something unkind, or could be seen as partisan or divisive–that is why he says he doesn’t want to get in trouble. He doesn’t want to get sucked in to the ridiculousness that 45 LOVED to spew…constantly! Biden is doing so well, the majority of Americans are supportive, so people like you have to act like Biden is not the one in control. He has years of experience, actually cares about governing, and wants to do what’s best for America.


Exactly. Instead of saying something divisive or stupid like Trump would do, Biden is using good judgment. Trumpets like Bill admire 45 for saying what he thinks without regard to the facts or to get a headline.

Sorry senile Joe stares into space and forgets what he is saying and then apologizes. He in my opinion is mentally incapable of running a household let alone this country. His entire career has been gaff after gaff.


Zachary, it’s true that he’s slowed down, but he overcame a debilitating speech impediment as a teenager by reciting poetry. So he still stumbles sometimes. He put together all these comprehensive plans while ge was “hiding in his basement ” like millions of other Americans during the pandemic. 45 had no plans and spoke and acted like a 3rd grader, so Biden’s doing just fine.

You sound like what’s left of the “Compassionate Conservatives”.
Presidents are not supposed to sound like silver-tongued carnival barkers. Their job is to surround themselves with the subject matter experts needed to make the big decisions. I trust Biden has done so.

Joseph Vendetti

Zachary – i don’t believe president Biden to be senile. Besides a youth speech issue that he over came the man also lost two children & 1st wife. That is an awful thing and one hopefully you never experience. My guess is he may take an SSRI to numb the pain and memory of the deaths of children and wife.

He is 1000x more professional and presidential then Trump. Name calling, bullying, mocking isn’t even adult like let alone presidential

Joseph, I understand now, that would be like Biden calling a young lady who didn’t agree with him a “lying dog faced pony soldier” because mocking isn’t even adult like let alone presidential. I mean Biden would never call someone “fat and old and a damn liar” and even challenge them to a push-up contest if they had the nerve to ask him about Burisma or would he? Finally we would never hear Biden tell a factory “they were full of $h*#” and that he was going to take them outside for calling Biden out over the 2nd Amendment. As a libertarian I agree mostly with the republican party, not on everything but on most things. I’ll take Donald Trump and his mean tweets and $1.80 a gallon gas over this embarrassment in the White House today.


Zachary, Just wondering If you would have call Steven Hawking senile Steve if you watch and listen to him attempt to speak without the aid of a speech-generating device for communication.

The best you’d gotten would have been a few grunts out of a body that was incapable of holding it’s own head up. Yet Stephen Hawking was one of the greatest minds in modern history. A true genius.

I believe, to say there something wrong with Biden’s mind, his thinking or call him “senile Joe” because at times he stumbles over his words, is in the same category as trump mocking Serge Kovaleski, the disabled reporter.

Joseph Vendetti

I guess I’m just basing it on my own family experiences – I am taking care of my own 85 yr old dad, my son & daughter in law have my grandson who is 5 in pre-school,

I know if someone was making $15 per hr and is now making $738 ($338 + $400 bump) in unemployment its kind of a no brainer – work or sit home and make the same or more?

Another thing that’s a no-brainer, as anyone who’s collected unemployment knows, is that it’s finite. There is an endpoint where you don’t get any more.
For pete’s sake, you all make it sound like millions have found a new career collecting unemployment benefits.


When my business got back up to speed after all the layoffs do to the shutdown, I had one 7 year employee ask why he should come back to work when he was putting more money in his pocket staying home than he would be making if he came back to work. I answered by saying because he wouldn’t have a job working for me when his unemployment ran out. He came back to work the following Monday.

I’m not saying that some people aren’t taking advantage of the situation. I’m sure some are, but the necessity for those in need far outweighs the issues of people bilking the system.

Of course some are. There will always be some who try to game the system.

I’m fortunate to be a good friend of a local elected official, a Republican, and we often discuss and debate our differences which I find fascinating because it gives me the chance to try to get into the Republican mind, and vice versa I’m sure. One of the big differences I continually see is our differing perceptions of what part of the population are well-intended, and how many are looking for a free ride. Needless to say, i’m more optimistic for humankind.
I don’t hold it against him because he’s also a truly great asset to the community and a great guy. But his skepticism is striking and revealing.

Joseph Vendetti


Would you be surprised to learn that over 60% of individuals sell their EBT cards for 50% or less of value on the card? Sales go on frequently at smaller convenience stores, street corners, etc

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