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Letters to the Editor Friday, May 14


Get facts on state’s eviction moratorium

The eviction moratorium is misunderstood.
It doesn’t ban evictions.
Evictions can occur if a tenant has not certified to financial hardship. If the tenant makes a false representation, then the landlord should bring that evidence to court. If the court is unwilling to consider it, then the landlord should go to the police, because misrepresenting financial hardship is akin to criminal welfare fraud.
The landlord may also seek payment for lost rent from the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA). In one program, the tenant requests payment to the landlord because of the tenant’s financial hardship.
In another, the landlord may seek payment with or without the tenant’s consent. A tenant’s certification of financial hardship is proof of the landlord’s entitlement to relief. Without certification, the tenant may of course be evicted.
The tenant remains liable for unpaid rent, though we recognize collection can be difficult.
Mortgage and tax foreclosures on the landlord’s property are stayed. Further, a tenant who is a danger to other tenants can be evicted.
I understand landlords feel there should be no interference with their property rights and do not want to apply for government assistance.
However, there is almost no industry that is not subject to regulation. Employment and housing are the two most important economic activities in our lives, and both are subject to regulation.
The Legislature cannot intervene to open up the court system to more cases. The courts are a separate branch of government that we do not control.
Phil Steck
The writer represents the 110th Assembly District in the state Legislature.

Take time to honor invaluable nurses

Nurses are celebrated this month. Nurses’ Week honors nurses nationwide. These women and men work 24/7 usually without fanfare and laud.
This COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all that medical/healthcare personnel are incredible.
These unsung heroes are always necessary in American lives.
It’s important to recognize nurses every day, not just in one month or in one week a year.
The American Nurses Association (ANA) selected the theme for this May: Nurses Make A Difference. Nurses contribute to our health and well-being everyday whether or not there is a national emergency. Celebrate these wonderful people who DO make a difference.
Nancy Michela, RN
Burnt Hills

Send message, vote no on Nisky budget

Thank you, Therese Assalian for your May 10 letter, (“Time for budget reset in Niskayuna”) regarding Niskayuna’s school budget proposal.
Niskayuna is a great town, but what is less than great is the leadership/Board of Education that saw fit to increase the school budget by over $2.2 million. A tax and spend tactic that has gone on for decades.
The district is seeing an increase in state aid for 2021 of $3,335,084 and they are spending it all and asking for another $2.2 million? How ridiculous!
Last year, the district used over $4.58 million from the fund balance and now they have to use this state aid to make up for this mismanagement.
They started the budget season in a $4.58 million hole. Of course, many residents see that the tax levy is only an increase of 1.7% and think that is not as bad as some years and vote yes.
Say NO this year and send a message to the district. What is going to happen to your taxes when they borrow for the new capital project? Taxes are ridiculous in the state of New York and the district is part of it. Get your financial house in order already.
Brian Kreis
The writer is a retired school business administrator.

Saeed’s expertise is needed by district

These extraordinary times are taking their toll on young people.
As a mother of young adults, I witness my children working to make decisions about their futures while feeling detached from the world they will live in, tenuously connected by an electronic device.
Even before the pandemic, schools struggled to address depression and anxiety afflicting students growing up in a world where interaction was decreasingly “in person.” That trend has accelerated in the last year, as has schools’ need to confront it.
This reality is a key reason I will vote for Aliya Saeed to join the Niskayuna Central School District Board of Education. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Saeed will bring expertise to the board that could not be more necessary than it is now.
In addition, she has experience in capital campaigns and is driven by her personal history to give back. As a friend, I know her to be compassionate and to care deeply about children, families and the community. She asks questions and seeks input before forming opinions and making decisions.
She would be an asset to our board at any time — and especially in this one.
Claire Hughes

Paper portrays Liz Joy in unfair light

As a mother, I am very disappointed to read the disturbing criticisms of Congressional candidate Liz Joy.
The Daily Gazette has a history of printing editorials, articles and letters to the editor that continually berate any candidate that doesn’t meet their liberal, socialistic view.
Hardly fair, balanced or objective “journalism.”
I found Allison Marinucci’s May 7 letter (“Liz Joy not worthy of moms’ votes”) so naïve and ignorant of the author, to label Liz as an insurrectionist, just because she was in D.C. at a rally with hundreds of thousands of other American citizens supporting American values, while she was sitting home in comfy Niskayuna.
If the author knows anything about Liz, it’s that she fought off a dear friend’s domestically violent husband that was trying to murder her. She risked her own life to save another. Liz is a fighter.
As a mother, my vote is for the fighter who will risk everything to save me, my family and our democracy.
Vivian Parsons

Will work to remove shameful Stefanik

Elise Stefanik has sold out her own political values, her Roman Catholic upbringing, and her notion of patriotism by her politically expedient alignment with Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy.
She cannot any more with a straight face claim to be a moderate Republican, a devout Catholic, or even a patriot faithful to the Constitution.
She has shaken hands with the devil, disguised as a pretentious, mendacious, corrupt former president who in the name of his own disordered narcissism has propagated a big lie about the last election that endangers our democracy.
I have recently purchased a condo in Ballston Spa, which is in Stefanik’s district. I’m retired and have not been politically active in some time.
Her despicable and hypocritical slide into fealty for a lying authoritarian has inspired me to get active again to work in opposition to her re-election. She may claim that she did this because her constituents need confidence in our elections, but this is sheer nonsense. After 60 lawsuits, no substantial fraud was found to have affected the election. The claim of fraud was pure hot air from the mouth of a pathological liar who couldn’t stand to lose.
Shame on Stefanik. She needs to be voted out. Democracy needs to be preserved. Truth needs to prevail over nonsense and alternative facts. And those who believe the lies need to take a refresher course in civics, and introspectively question their religious vows.
Al Singer



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William Marincic

Vivian Parsons I agree 100%. Just like Joe Biden is the moderate and he’s going to unite the country is nothing but a crock and has always been a crock. Just listen to the liberals who constantly post here every single day, the same ones over and over bashing and tearing down anyone that doesn’t agree with them, they have made it clear more than once that they don’t want to unite with Republicans, they feel their liberal policies, their anti-American policies are what’s best for the country and they don’t care if you like it or not, when they’re in charge they’re going to do what they want. Get ready for them to start bashing you today. I’m sure they all have some MSM talking points to show you the error of your ways.

William Aiken

Bill, you’re wise to focus the conversation on policy, while avoiding mindreading and personal attacks. It’s policy that effects people and makes a difference in their every day lives. Empathy doesn’t get anyone a job, educate our kids or secure our borders.

Usually, the question, Are you better off than you were four years ago? begins circulating among the public’s consciousness toward the end of a presidency. However, despite a media that’s insync with Democrats, Biden’s policies have already gotten people thinking of that question within four short months of his cataclysmic Presidency.


Bill, the issue is which republican party is Biden negotiating with: the one that believes the Trump lies or the dwindling traditional party that he made bi-partisan deals with as a senator and VP for decades? But overall, the splintered GOP is the party of No, so the Dems will have to do what they can to implement his agenda. Biden’s approval rating stands at 63%, something Trump never got close to at any point in his presidency. The people voted him out for a multitude of issues so it’s Biden’s turn to save the country, just like Clinton and Obama did after the Bushes sunk the economy.

BTW – do you still think Stefanik is a RINO?

William Aiken

Ray, we’ll see how Biden’s plan to increase taxes, cancel the XL pipeline, cancel student debt, ignore China’s role in Covid19 and rescind Trump’s rollback of regulations works to save the country. The Carter administration governance that followed President Reagan’s economy is the more accurate comparison to Biden, not Clinton or Obama.

William Aiken

Your correct my bad. Yet, the comparison to Carter is more aligned than the one Ray made with Clinton and Obama.


Well then, let’s go back a bit longer to republican Hoover who was the old time worst. In fact Trump was almost as bad!

I resemble that comment.
And just to be clear; this is absolutely not a matter of a difference of opinion. I greatly respect debating a topic with someone who’s being honest and has a thought-out point of view. Some might think that’s elitist. Some might think you can just blurt out anything you “feel” as factual and the world should respect it.
They are very wrong.

What we see on these forums and elsewhere are bald-faced lies from this new right. Lies seemingly without shame or regret. Lies like there are “concerns” about our elections, when all those concerns are traced back to one person, the losing previous President. A man with a proven, well-documented record of lying.
Lies, like going to the insurrection just to support “American values” when you knew exactly why those people assembled there, and had they brought out politicians for your “trial” you KNOW you’d have been beside yourselves in glee. You’re lying to say you’re somehow patriotic. Only in your twisted, self-entitled world.
Marincic, Aiken, Vivian Parsons, Elise Stefanik you are liars and you are easily shown to be. Your whole movement is based on lies the whole world can see (and they are watching, but you like that, don’t you?) which wouldn’t be so bad but for all the damage you’re doing with your fixations, damage that’s resulted in the deaths of tens, or hundreds of thousands who also believed those lies. Absurdly, those same disgusting, shameless lies are also digging a grave for your own party, which the whole world is also watching.
Thank you though for bringing the term “freedumb” into normal English.


Chuck should distinguish statements that are meant to deceive ,lies, from mistakes.

To claim that a statement is a lie requires that you know what the speakers intentions were when he made the statement that has been characterized as a lie. I would like to be provided with how you claim insight to the speakers intentions


Al Singer – Thanks for your letter and good luck helping to defeat anti-democratic Stefanik. I hope the Dems put up a good opponent with funds to fight her off. Wouldn’t it be sweet to bring her down and lose her House seat and likely new ceremonial House position. She is one of the GOP’s leading proponents of lies over truth to get elected. Didn’t work for Trump and hopefully the voters will wake up to what’s been happening to the party.

Any candidate purporting to be fighting for our democracy, must answer this question: was the 2020 Presidential election stolen from Donald Trump due to fraudulent election activity? I don’t want to hear waffling answers like “Joe Biden is our president, but we must ensure the integrity of our elections by reviewing any potential instances of fraud,” or “Joe Biden was elected president but there were activities that occurred in the election that are concerning to our democratic process”, etc. I want to hear “Joe Biden is our duly elected President, put in office by an election that was deemed the most secure election in history (by Trump’s own election officials), and any challenges to the integrity of our election process have been dismissed through Trump’s own judicial nominees in over 60 court cases filed.” If Liz Joy is unwilling to do this, she should not pretend like she is defending our democracy or constitution.


The recent presidential election resulted in a president who says the Southern border is not open despite considerable number of illegals crossing the closed border.

As for the Democrats who argue that the constitution needs to be protected from the Republicans one should remember that they are the party of sanctuary state and local governments.


Vivian Parsons – With all due respect, Liz Joy may be a local activist who has done some good things, but that doesn’t equate into being in Congress. She needs to start at the local level, maybe even try for the State Legislature.

As far as the Gazette goes, I believe they print almost all letters received and I doubt they eliminate any that support Joy. If there are no editorials elsewhere putting Joy in a good light, send them to the Gazette. Their own editorials reflect what they observe and center on accountability. Joy’s support of Trump, Stefanik, et al. is enough for me to think she is not worthy of being in Congress.

Thank you Al for your commitment and activism. I’ll be pulling for you and the rest of the sane constituents in Ms. Stefanik’s district working to remove her and her anti-democratic values.

William Aiken

Al Singer. Until the audit in Arizona, the courts have declined to take cases up of voter fraud claims in the 2020 election. They never ruled one way or the other. So the accurate take on 2020 voter fraud is no fraud was uncovered. And, this key part is conveniently left out, they were no investigations that looked into that claim to determine whether its true or false.


Wow, what strange logic. The courts listened to the “evidence” presented and declined to take the cases throughout the country (different courts and several Trump judges) because it didn’t support the plaintiffs’ cases. Did you know that they also never alleged fraud, though Trump’s lawyers and disillusioned republican lawmakers use that for fund raising that you probably fall for. Keep funneling them your donations, sucker!

William Aiken

The fact remains that the courts never investigated the claims. Listening to legal arguments doesn’t determine what actually happened in 2020. And you’re incorrect about the reason for the courts decision. SCOTUS ruled it wasn’t their role to interfere with election results. Nothing to do with the merit of the evidence. Claiming that the courts made the determination no voter fraud took place is false.


Also it is not the responsibility of the courts to audit.

Your audit is a fraud. Nothing they “find” will hold up in court because nothing about it is properly controlled. The courts rightfully rejected the deafening whine from the butt-hurt:

PHOENIX — The Arizona Supreme Court quickly dismissed a bid by 20 unnamed people trying to void the 2020 election returns and put themselves into office instead.

Justice John Lopez, writing Tuesday for the full court, said election challenges are permitted only within five days following the official canvass of the results. That occurred on Nov. 30. This lawsuit was filed May 7.

“Failure of an election contestant to strictly comply with statutory requirements is fatal to his right to have an election contested,’’ Lopez wrote, quoting a 1978 attorney general’s opinion. “The rationale for requiring strict compliance with the time provisions for initiating an election contest is the strong public policy favoring stability and finality of election results.’’

But the justice said even if the plaintiffs had gone to court in time, they could not get what they sought.

“Nothing in the statutes petitioners cite grants them a private right of action to remove office holders and sit in their stead,’’ he wrote.

Btw, Arizona is the state where a group of apparently impaired Republicans decided on their own they were the new Electoral College and they would counterfeit a “certificate” showing their loser to have actually won. They actually went through with this insanity and were laughed off.

As the beleaguered editors of The Onion were heard to say, “We can’t make this stuff up!”.


A few things to consider when debating how much of the “pandemic unemployment” money is tax payers money being flushed:

The vast majority is going to people in hardship situations that truly need it. The people that are “scamming” the system aren’t millionaires investing the money in their stock market portfolios. I’m sure It’s being spent and, in a sense, similar to stimulus money helping to push the economy. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just following where the money, in all likelihood, is going.

“Currently, there are 7,383 state legislators in the United States.”
Joseph Bruno was one of them.

“On January 23, 2009, Bruno was indicted on eight federal corruption charges, including mail and wire fraud. The indictment alleged that between 1993 and 2006, Bruno was paid $3.2 million in consulting fees to use his position to do favors for entities with business before the state.”

“On December 7, 2009, Bruno was convicted of two counts of mail and wire fraud. He was acquitted of five felony charges, and the jury on the eighth and final count of the indictment. On May 6, 2010, he was sentenced to two years in jail.”

After spending a fortune on legal fees to have convictions overturned on appeals Bruno eventually got off the hook.

If he was paid 3.2 million in “consulting fees” consider how many millions the government was over charged for contracts given to companies because of Bruno’s influence? 20 million would be a conservative estimate.

Now to my point: If someone is getting an “additional $300/week for weeks ending 1/3/2021 to 9/5/2021.” That’s 39 weeks X 300 totaling $11,700. The math on that comes to the equivalent 1,709 people in NY collecting unemployment for 9 months to equal what one scum bag politician bilked tax payers out if.

“We hang the petty thieves and
appoint the great ones to public office.” ~Aesop~

“Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.” ~Oscar Ameringer~

“We the people” should unite, regardless of Democrat or Republican to work on eliminating rampant political corruption and attempt to stop fighting each other.


Lou, in addition, unemployment claims keep dropping which indicates people are going back to work and not milking the system. The GOP always find ways of bending the truth (or flat out lie) as an excuse not to help the middle and lower classes.

Mr. Restifo those are some mighty fine quotes, did you know according to open secrets more than a Billion dollars of “Dark Money” went to democrats and helped Biden win? I have been reading these comments for almost a year and I finally got fed up with the outright lies and slander that I had to comment. According to you and your friends on here everything Republican, Conservative, Trump, or even God is bad. The only reasonable democrats that post here are Mr. Vendetti. Mr. Restifo why arent you talking about the dark money that goes to both campaigns, you attack the Supreme Court and Amy Comey Barrett but John Roberts and she specifically have sided with the liberals as much or more than the conservatives. Unlike you, I believe that the Conservatives on the court will vote with the law even though I see the liberals on the court vote with the party line. You should look at your bias sir.


“outright lies and slander” I concede Zachary, you’re right. Only you, trump, Fox and God know the real truth. I’ve heard from the first three and now I’m waiting for confirmation from the fourth.

After what you said about God and Christ last week you will regret for eternity what you hear from the fourth.

Mr Restifo 05/08/21
When considering the incomprehensible complexity and vastness of the universe and what is in it, man is most assuredly ignorant of the what, where, when, and why’s of its creation. For someone to have even the slightest inclination of an answer, let alone profess to have certainty of a specific supreme creator is beyond absurdity.

Believe in what you may. If having faith or religion is a harmless means of making your existence on Earth more comforting, peaceful and serene, I’m all for it, as long as it’s not at the expense of others. But please stop using hypocritical religious manipulation as a tool for destruction and personal gain.

Additionally, I don’t particularly care for any one attempting to plunge their religious beliefs down my throat.


Zachary: Thank you reposting my words from May 8th. They can’t be said enough.

There’s a far greater possibility that we “earthlings” are an experiment in a Petri dish from an extra terrestrial form of life, than man made up fairy tales of creation and your heaven and hell.

“He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake
He knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!”

I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was 7 years old.

By the way, I was brought up Catholic, went to church every Sunday, had a aunt that was a nun and can still recite prayers I said every night for years. ~~~~Now I belong to the church of logic.


Also wondering Zach:

Are you from the Old Testament, like trump, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth kind of guy, or do you turn the other cheek? I myself get confused over that.

I’m from the Christian principal of “Judge not lest you be judged” I don’t pretend to know the ways of God, I know that I believe that this world and the human race was from creation not a Petri dish where we just happened to evolve from fish. You can’t look at man and the world around us and say it was all by accident. We are a creation and we will be judged by our hearts. To each his own Mr. Restifo, but I will take my chances in believing that there is a God and he sent his son to die for our sins. There is a historical record of Jesus and both the old and New Testament are being proven by science every day.


“After what you said about God and Christ last week you will regret for eternity”
Just to set the record straight Zach, I never once mentioned “God” or “Christ” in my 05/08/21 post.

“ Judge not lest you be judged”
Zach, in all sincerity, I’m with you 100%on that one.

That’s why I care about the poor souls trying to live a life without oppression. They deserve a life with opportunity that can provide them with food, clothing and shelter, the bare necessities of life, as we were taught in elementary school. That’s what America used to be about. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”
What’s with walls, and go back to your “living hell?”

I care about the LGBTQ community. Who am I to judge?… (not lest you be judged)

I have no religion, but I certainly have compassion. I care about Black people and there plight in life, their suppression and inequality of life created by white supremacists. It’s still real and very alive today Zach.

I care about poor people in this country that weren’t born with the ability to navigate through society as it’s structured. There’s plenty of us that try but just can’t succeed. My heart can’t throw them to the curb.

Yes Zach, I’m quite disenchanted with the religious sector who claim to love God but don’t always love people.

Joseph Vendetti

Lou – GREAT QUOTES!!! I truthfully believe the way to rid the gov’t of corruption is to have term limits on every level of gov’t.

As far as dark money – the tap flows equally on both sides of the aisle.

Unemployment waxes & wanes as ppl fall off after their states limit (NY 26 weeks), states like FL – 15 weeks, etc


When talking term limits, especially so with the Supreme Court. Lifetime appointments are off the charts.

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