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Letters to the Editor Sunday, May 16


GOP no longer has support for the truth

We were told for over four years by Donald Trump that the media was biased, unfair and not trustworthy.
Despite numerous well documented reports that Trump lied on a level never seen before by previous politicians, his supporters ignored the reports and remained extremely loyal. The truth no longer mattered, especially when it came to their leader and his comments and views.
The Big Lie of Jan. 6 is just one example of this.
They blamed Antifa and said that the insurrection was not violent despite the fact that there were five deaths, numerous damages done to the Capitol, and if it weren’t for the bravery and courage of the security there, it’s fair to say that many more people likely would have died.
It didn’t matter that it was all captured on video and it also didn’t matter that Trump’s own VP Mike Pence appeared to be one of the chief targets. It was simply a disgrace. And yet here we are roughly four months later, and the Republican Party had a legitimate opportunity to choose to support the truth, yet now they appear to be choosing to go in the opposite direction.
Even two very loyal and well respected Republican congressional members, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, have courageously chosen truth over politics and continue to speak out against The Big Lie, and they are being chastised by the Republican Party leaders.
What ever happened to truth, justice, and the American Way?
Douglas S. Hampton
Clifton Park

Israel must honor its Hebrew values

Throughout history Jews have been routinely singled out and scapegoated. In similar fashion, Palestinians have been denied justice and common human decency by both Israeli and Arab governments.
Because of its economic and military might, modern Israel bears a heavy responsibility for the welfare of Palestinians. I have a hope that any people who have suffered massive injustices, as Jews have, should be first in line to demand that “Never again…” shall this happen to any of God’s children.
You can prove most anything from Scripture. That said, if you believe that God gave you the land of Israel as a homeland, then you must (also) accept the moral demands of this same God.
In their most humane interpretations, the Hebrew prophets portray God as giving a constant justice message, “ …Do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God ( Micah 6:8) or “ Welcome the stranger for you were once strangers in Egypt….” (Exodus 22:21)
Evicting Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem or denying them farmland, water and adequate nutrition in Gaza is anything but ”justice and mercy.”
When some in modern Israel trample on the values of their own Hebrew faith, should this not be labeled this as another form of anti-Semitism?
Rev. John A. Ekman
Greenfield Center

Stop spreading false info about Liz Joy

How astounding to see a letter on May 7 from Allison Marinucci, a well-known Democrat Activist in Niskayuna, (“Liz Joy not worthy of mom’s votes”) making more false claims that Liz Joy took part in the Jan. 6 insurrection.
Is this the only lie Paul Tonko’s letter writers can ever come up with? He’s obviously scared of losing the race to Liz Joy.
She is a successful mother of four, a grandmother, licensed Realtor, veteran’s wife, Blue Star Mother and has volunteered in our communities for years. She is a fierce advocate of all victims of domestic violence and has worked hard to uplift struggling single parents.
Tonko’s letter writers need to find a different angle. Liz Joy’s popularity is soaring, and her message resonates with the entire Capital Region. Her campaign for Congress is filled with diverse moms and grandmothers that live here and work here.
We want a bright future for our children and grandchildren and a representative that is in touch with our concerns. Speaking for moms and grandmothers, we love her! Liz will represent all people of this district and throughout the country, not self-interests.
Linda V. Gadus



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Douglas S. Hampton has ignored the fact that a Black cop got a pass from the legal consequences of killing an unarmed White women. His question: ” What ever happened to truth, justice, and the American Way?” can be answered by our acceptance of the death of people that do not matter


Fred, the black cop in Minnesota was tried, found guilty on 5/2/19 and sentenced to 12.5 years in prison.


I should have made it clear that I was referring to the Black cop who killed an unarmed White woman 1/06/21 in DC. Thanks for bring my omission to my attention.

You are insulting the American people by continually trying to impugn an entire race of them.
You never did comment on the current scandal concerning the county sheriff and his ne’er-do-well son.


Chuck: Sorry I didn’t respond last night, I was beat and went to bed right after I posted the comment.

I too was thinking Bill’s lone statement would have had a greater impact as to representing the pathetic way he interprets life, but by the end of the day his twisted thinking got under my skin and I broke stride. I regretted sending it, but regardless it seemed somewhat satisfying.

Yes, I’m in Tupper Lake. I’ve been working a lot more than I would like to up here these days. – I Built this camp 33 years ago and I’m now getting the place ready for a July auction/sale. Lots of crazy emotions.

Tupper is on the cusp of some great things happening and there are a few decent places to eat: Well Dressed Food on Park Street, Amados on Cliff Avenue, and Little Italy, a family style restaurant also on Park will give you a good meal at lower prices.


Try some attention to detail. You have confused me with Bill . While I am flattered I would like to point out call people names is praciced while cute in children is not in adults.


You could enlighten us about Biden is correct when he says the Southern border is not open and all those migrants are part of fake news.


Douglas S. Hampton – The more the GOP stays splintered the better. Trump couldn’t win with their support and now that he is losing scores of republicans and isn’t capable of expanding his base, it is a losing formula if he is their candidate in 2024. One could only wish that other trump supporters like Stefanik are taken down, too.


Perhaps you might enlighten us as to why the Democrats find so much discrimination and so few employment discrimination suits.


Better for who? I disagree, as I route for America’s best interests, not any one party. I believe that if we have 2 stronger political parties that we as a nation are better off. If you are just pulling for the Democrats then yes your position is accurate. The Republican Party has become a joke and that isn’t in our best interests in the long run.


Rev. John A. Ekman – Very good letter. It is about time that the U.S. not underwrite the Apartheid occurring in the region. We should tie our aid to Israel with incentives to stop their heavy-handed approach and negotiate a two-state solution. The Israeli right-wing government has emboldened their extremists to terrorize the Palestinians. It should not be a surprise that the Palestinians are fed up and fighting back, though Hamas is not helping their cause and can be easily defeated in an all-out war. Moving our embassy to Jerusalem may have scored points for Trump at the time, but it was a mistake when we should be an impartial broker to bringing peace to the region.


Linda V. Gadus – As I’ve said before, Liz Joy should try to run for local or state office before ever thinking she is congressional material. I noticed that you didn’t praise Joy for siding with Trump and agreeing that the election was stolen and should be overturned. That demonstrates she, like her friend and perhaps mentor Stefanik, do not believe in the rule of law and the Constitution. She is a threat to democracy and has no business being in Congress. In fact, the more I think about it we don’t need her in the State Legislature either.

Martha Bencic

Liz Joy is a vile, hateful woman with zero interest in representing ALL of the people of her district. She’s also a criminal, placing her signs on private property without permission. She’s no public servant.


Fred, and that Black Capitol policeman SHOULD NOT have been charged. You must have missed the video showing that white women with a weapon/large pole smashing in a locked glass door trying to break in to our Capitol…… facts.


Notice he didn’t refer to the woman as an insurrectionist breaking into the Capitol? It was just that he was Black. It has already been decided that he will not be charged because he was defending the Capitol; you know, his job!


Diane, as suggested and previously attempted by, Chuck, Ray, Martha and me, as difficult as it may be and if for no other reason than because of his repetitive, persistent, closed minded racist stance, I now have changed my perspective and agree that’s it’s best to somehow completely ignore his posts.

Let him contemplate his obvious opposition to fairness and equality for all humans, within the isolation of his frozen mind. Indifference as apposed to indulgence may be the best approach of reason when dealing with a mind that has the flexibility as a petrified twig.


racist stance – The government diversity programs are at their core racist. Own up to the government diversity programs by calling governments attempt to promote racism.

As an independent I see the Democrat party as anti-Israel, pro illegal alien, pro criminal, anti-police and canceling anything that they don’t agree with. Mr. Harris you call Israel‘s response to thousands upon thousands of bombs being shot across the border into civilian areas and their response to that as being heavy-handed. When Israel takes out a Hamas headquarters they give ample warning for everyone to leave the building and the area so there are no civilian or human casualties, if only Hamas was heavy-handed as Israel in that respect. I guess we will see if the voters agree with your opinion of this Biden presidency when we go to the polls in 2022. I will admit here and now that someone will have a mandate and it’s either going to be the Democrats or the Republicans, I have a strong inclination that the Republicans are going to take the House and the Senate.

I’ll admit it.
I abuse my dogs. I keep them barely fed, tied up on short chains with little freedom. They sleep in the same doghouse and eat the same rancid food I put out for them. Then on cold nights I go out and bang on their only shelter (sometimes I just knock it down!) and kick their food dish away and dump dirt in their water.
And what do I get? I try to play with them and they just bare their teeth at me, and the last time they had befriended a coyote and all of them ganged up on me and attacked me!
After all I’ve done for them! The nerve!

See my point?
Probably not, because you and the Israeli government (not the people, who I know and love) operate on the assumption that the Palestinians are inherently evil and you simply must continue the beatings until their morale improves.

(and the description is far from true about me and my dogs, who I love very much and are part of our family)


Chuck, you’re forgetting something:

May 14th, 2021
I’m from the Christian principal of “Judge not lest you be judged”

Mr. Restifo what does any of that have to do with passing judgement I can make an observation it doesn’t mean I’m judging you. I can say you are wrong and what you are saying is wrong thats not judgement, it’s my opinion.


Zach, part of what I said the other day”

“That’s why I care about the poor souls trying to live a life without oppression. They deserve a life with opportunity that can provide them with food, clothing and shelter, the bare necessities of life, as we were taught in elementary school. That’s what America used to be about. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”
What’s with walls, and go back to your “living hell?”

“As an independent I see the Democrat party as ……pro illegal alien” Obviously your in disagreement.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but it sure sounds like you’re “passing judgment” on who these people are and what their plight in life may be. I believe they’re just looking for the same opportunity you and I were born with.

Psalm 82:2-4
“How long will you defend the unjust and show partiality to the wicked? Defend the cause of the weak and the fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”

As I previously stated I’m not religious, but it sure sounds to me like someone is telling you help out these “illegal aliens”.

A day after the declaration of independence of the State of Israel, armies of five Arab countries, Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, Lebanon, and Iraq, invaded Israel. This invasion marked the beginning of the War of Independence of Israel (מלחמת העצמאות). Arab states have jointly waged four full-scale wars against Israel:

1948 War of Independence
1956 Sinai War
1967 Six-Day War
1973 Yom Kippur War
Despite the numerical superiority of the Arab armies, Israel defended itself each time and won. After each war, Israeli army withdrew from most of the areas it captured (see maps). This is unprecedented in World history and shows Israel’s willingness to reach peace even at the risk of fighting for its very existence each time anew.
The Jews took a 40 mile patch in the desert and built a bustling economy, nobody is stopping the Palestinians from doing the same. Israel is surrounded by eleven Muslim countries. Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Jordon, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. That’s like saying that it’s Niskayuna’s fault that there is crime and poverty in the United States.

Joseph Vendetti


You do realize that Judah pre-dates the British occupation that started in 1517 and went all the way to 1947/48. I think, besides nit wits like Alex Jones who denies the Holocaust, we all know the suffering multi millions of Jewish people endured between 1929/30 to the end of WWII, and since the UN General Assembly declared Israel in 1948 they have been attacked by almost every Arab nation in the Middle east.

How would you suggest Israel defend itself from 100’s of missiles being lobbed at them? Or Hamas suicide bombers?

Joe, I’ve never been there, never been Jewish or Muslim and personally have no stake in the conflict. Have you?

What I know is what I’ve gathered from numerous news sources over the years, and my passing acquaintance with some members of the IDF (which only caused me to go back to neutral sources as they persistently tried to justify their brutality with obvious distortions and lies). To my eyes the past 30 or so years have shown Israel to be a ruthless, cruel neighbor who only seems to exacerbate the situation in their oppression of the Palestinian people. That the Palestinians have looked to a militant organization like Hamas shouldn’t come as a surprise. Frankly history reveals Israel to be questionable partner with their own benefactors, the USA.

That said, I do think much of the blame lies at the feet of the Brits who seem to have left the region with their catastrophic stamp, similar to what they did to India and Pakistan vis-a-vis Kashmir.


Please don’t consider this a response, I’m just repeating a joke I was told about “attention to detail”

May 16th, 2021
“Try some attention to detail.” You have confused me with Bill . “While I am flattered I would like to point out call people names is praciced while cute in children is not in adults.”


Joseph Vendetti


I have been there – for work and to visit 2x.

We have a contract with DoD, As well as other Intelligence agencies, an two US private contractors as an explosive trainer.

Because I’ve done roughly 2000 implosions worldwide & I am a licensed blaster/contractor in several US States & other countries, as well as having an undergraduate & masters from RPI – we won open contracts to train US, Israeli, Kuwait, Saudi, and other quasi military/private – officials on explosive details, structure analysis after implosion, detonation possibility.

Hamas up until 2002 used cyanide-laced suicide bombs. So they would use make shift C4 with marbles, ball bearings, nails, screws soaked in Cyanide. The smallest scratch would result in death within an hour or so if not treated.

My team and I responded to 15 make shif bombing episodes in a 10 month time frame. Buses, Sabaro Restaurants, News Paper stands – from people that had fake IDs and became Martyrs.

In the first 10 month tour I saw around 150 innocent civilians killed by suicide bombers, in my second time we saw much more sophisticated explosives and creation of devices.

Much respect, Joe. I once lit off an M80 in a rotten tree stump.
Why do you think then that the Palestinians are so angry?

Joseph Vendetti


My opinion, my guess which is like a grain of sand on a beach – the near memory of the Palestinians is they controlled all that land from 1571-1947 (376 years) even-though it was the British empire – they lived there. In 1947 (just 74 years ago) – people up rooted & told left was right & right was left – certainly could have been handled more diplomatically then “get out”. How about we will enumerate your property value by 100x or have some negotiation like give the Palestinians some other British territory, but UN General assembly after seeing pictures of krakow, Auschwitz, etc was Certainly not looking to placate both sides.

So its been 74 years of twisting the peaceful Quran similar to what nutty ppl do with the Bible, to try and take back boundaries.

Thats my opinion – may be 100% wrong.

So, I’d like to get some facts straight regarding the modern history of Palestine:

The land called Palestine was under Ottoman control until 1917 (the Ottoman Empire being a logical extension of the eastern Roman Empire after it’s fall at Constantinople, aka Istanbul). In 1914, as the Brits were declaring war on the Ottoman Empire, they were helped by an Arab uprising against the Ottomans through an agreement called the McMahon–Hussein Correspondence. This agreement was supposed to honor Arab independence in return for their help tossing the Ottomans. But as it happened, the Brits had a different understanding of the term “honor Arab independence”, and they soon, with a secret agreement with France, started considering how to divvy up (for lack of a better term) the Middle Eastern lands that were now being ceded; the spoils of war. This was apparently done without input from the Palestinians, or any Arabs and is seen as a betrayal.

For a good understanding of modern Palestine and how this Modern Mess came to be, it’s important to know about something called the Balfour Declaration issued by the Brits in 1917, which was heavily influenced by another document titled “The Future of Palestine” by a Zionist named Herbert Samuel. As a Zionist, he was of the belief that it was a sacred imperative that the Jewish people establish Palestine as their state. Britain would annex Palestine establishing it for Jews and gradually withdraw as Jews established their state. French annexation was also a possibility but the Brits considered them godless and didn’t trust their control over the Suez Canal.

I’m not a scholar (obviously) on this subject and freely admit I drew most of this from the various, excellent articles on these subjects in Wikipedia. This is my “Cliff Notes – Palestine” to simply (simplistically?) address some things I read here. Many disparage Wikipedia because of its open framework for contribution, but that also makes it effectively self-policing. It’s good to check the “Talk” page for each article to understand that. I have faith what I’ve written here is sourced honestly, and I encourage anyone with deeper knowledge on the subject to add or correct me. Also, I don’t see much use in going back hundreds or thousands of years to figure out who was there first, on this subject anyway. The swamp of World War I effectively reset any past “claims” which are too often only supported by legends and lore. We’d better first take a look at our own history before opening that can ‘o worms.

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