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Letters to the Editor Monday, May 17


Stefanik one sign of rot within the GOP

Another sad chapter in the life and now degradation of the once great Republican Party is being written last week.
For at least the last five years, the national GOP as we have come to know it has steadily yet inexorably been dying.
Once the party of Lincoln and Reagan, the GOP has been reduced to a shell of its once proud, principled self into a cult of personality, worshiping at the throne of a twice-impeached former president.
There has been no “battle for the soul of the party” but, rather, an enthusiastic embrace of the politics of grievance and retribution. The conservative principles that once defined the party and were given voice by the likes of William F. Buckley, George Will and Bill Kristol have no home in the GOP of today.
Now, an acolyte of the disgraced president, Rep. Elise Stefanik, is being elevated within the congressional Republican hierarchy as a reward for her fealty to the Dear Leader.
Stefanik, ever the opportunist, has morphed from Trump critic to ardent mouthpiece, spouting the disproven claims of a stolen 2020 election and widespread voting fraud.
Not content to debase herself just with her active defense during Impeachment #1, in January she opposed certification of the election results mere hours after insurrectionists assaulted Capitol Hill. Yet sadly, Stefanik is just another sign of the rot in the foundation of her party, a rot that only continues in Washington and in numerous state capitals. Ronald Reagan would not recognize his party today.
Dennis J. Quinn

Happy to welcome Guyanese to Sch’dy

Congratulations for that interesting series on the Guyanese in our community (“Here for good Guyanese mark 20 years in Schenectady”), which ran in the April 25 to 28 Daily Gazette.
They have earned our respect and become a vital part of the community. Decades ago, when I first heard of the intentions of former Mayor Al Jurczynski, I was skeptical and now have to admit he was right, and I was wrong. Welcome.
Andy Foster

Shame on GOP for voter suppression

As a person who has never voted a straight ticket and will support candidates, I feel I have earned it. I am very concerned about the concentrated efforts by the Republican Party to limit access to voting for selected elements of our society that are not likely to support their party.
They are not targeting white suburban voters, but are making it more difficult for voters who have more difficulty getting to the polls. Not surprisingly, the people who will have the most difficulty voting are non-White minorities in cities.
The Republicans are saying that this is to prevent voter fraud, but all of the research (by independent agencies and companies) does not indicate that voter fraud is a big issue; it has always happened in all elections, but not in large enough numbers to affect outcomes.
In fact, the 2020 presidential election has been found to be the most secure and honest election in history.
The Big Lie about Trump having the election stolen has been disproven in dozens of courts, including those with Trump-appointed judges. The Republicans are actually trying to institute defacto apartheid by trying to ensure that voters (mostly all White) who are likely to support Republican candidates are most likely to be allowed to vote and to keep the non-White minorities out of the picture.
For the party of Lincoln they should at least have the moral fiber to be ashamed — I am not encouraged that they will.
Rudy Nydegger
Ballston Spa

Look at logic for the truth in Marco case

James Rossi raised the question in his May 11 letter (“Who in Marco case isn’t telling the truth”) neither woman is lying regarding Diane Marco.
If she was holding binders, she could easily tap someone on the shoulder. What she would have been unable to do is shove someone with force.
Judith Bianchine


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William Marincic

Dennis J. Quinn You are a Democrat anti Trumper that has been posting these alternative facts for years.

Rudy Nydegger Why do Democrats continue to lie about what’s going on in republican states. Georgia’s election laws are less restrictive than New York election laws as far as early voting. The only thing they are doing is making it harder to cheat, why do you Democrats have such a problem with states making it harder to cheat in elections?


In today’s editorials there were two more letters, one by Dennis J. Quinn and the other by Rudy Nydegger, that further tell the tale of progression related to the trumpian direction that will lead to the eventual dismemberment of the GOP.

I’m sure that we will soon again hear from a right wing extremists, writing that the Gazette is a left leaning biased newspaper because it disproportionately prints left leaning editorials.

The fact of the matter is that more people are realizing and expressing that the Republican Party has been reconstructing their platform on a dark house of cards resulting, in my opinion, in an inevitable collapse that will need some serious rebuilding.

Thank you both, Dennis and Rudy for writing your letters.


So true. But keep in mind that Trump and the GOP didn’t have a platform at their 2020 convention. What they have are tactics, like voter suppression, gerrymandering and lying to change history unfolding before us.

Republican Platform? That’s not fair! They’ve revised their platform now to include much more than removing Russian sanctions. I’ve taken this right off the GOP’s website so it should be considered their official position now. I could not make this up:

WHEREAS, The Republican National Committee (RNC) has significantly scaled back the size and scope of the 2020 Republican National Convention in Charlotte due to strict restrictions on gatherings and meetings, and out of concern for the safety of convention attendees and our hosts;
WHEREAS, The RNC has unanimously voted to forego the Convention Committee on Platform, in appreciation of the fact that it did not want a small contingent of delegates formulating a new platform without the breadth of perspectives within the ever-growing Republican movement;
WHEREAS, All platforms are snapshots of the historical contexts in which they are born, and parties abide by their policy priorities, rather than their political rhetoric;
WHEREAS, The RNC, had the Platform Committee been able to convene in 2020, would have undoubtedly unanimously agreed to reassert the Party’s strong support for President Donald Trump and his Administration;
WHEREAS, The media has outrageously misrepresented the implications of the RNC not adopting a new platform in 2020 and continues to engage in misleading advocacy for the failed policies of the Obama-Biden Administration, rather than providing the public with unbiased reporting of facts; and
WHEREAS, The RNC enthusiastically supports President Trump and continues to reject the policy positions of the Obama-Biden Administration, as well as those espoused by the Democratic National Committee today; therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That the Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support the President’s America-first agenda;
RESOLVED, That the 2020 Republican National Convention will adjourn without adopting a new platform until the 2024 Republican National Convention;
RESOLVED, That the 2020 Republican National Convention calls on the media to engage in accurate and unbiased reporting, especially as it relates to the strong support of the RNC for President Trump and his Administration; and
RESOLVED, That any motion to amend the 2016 Platform or to adopt a new platform, including any motion to suspend the procedures that will allow doing so, will be ruled out of order.

Mr. Restifo, you associate our former President with childish words like trumpian, what does that mean? How about Bidenism which means, higher taxes, fewer jobs, less security in The Middle East, China, S. Korea, Iran, and Russia, higher gas prices, bail reform, anti-police and open borders. Who knew that this puppet could do this much damage to America in four short months. There is only voter suppression in the minds of democrats because states are making it harder to cheat. As an Independent I welcome all reforms that make voter fraud more difficult.


“you associate our former President with childish words like trumpian, what does that mean?”

Look in the mirror and reread most of your posts, as well as well as all of Bill’s and Fred’s and you’ll have your answer.


Are you seeing anyone for your paranoia and misplaced labels on Biden? It must be driving you crazy that he has a 63% favorability rating by the public whereas Trump never achieved 50% which may be a first. Trump also left office having been the only president who lost jobs over their term. Unless you make more than $400,000 per year, your taxes won’t go up. If you do, congratulations and I’m glad you will help pay for Biden’s Job Act which will create millions of jobs and help towards climate change. And to set the record straight, Biden: is implementing a foreign affairs strategy that Trump never had; is not anti-police and plans to increase federal spending for police whereas Trump’s budget cut police funding; and is not for open borders but is working towards a more humane immigration system than Trump’s inhumane, racist policies. Finally, since there was no election fraud detected or documented, why is the GOP being so racist in making it more difficult for people of color and poor rural citizens to vote instead of expanding voting; I know the answer, but do you?

Mr. Harris, you are using alternative reality. For starters according to Gallup, Biden is at 56 percent. You say Trump left office losing jobs. DUH!!!! We were in a global pandemic and the science said we had to shut everything down and stay home. The lie that your taxes won’t go up if you make more than $400K a year is just that, a lie. Even if by some quirk your taxes did not go up the cost of goods and services would go up due to the increased taxes on companies as they always pass the extra taxes on to the consumer. As for Biden’s humane immigration policy, we are seeing an unprecedented 800% increase in unaccompanied minors, rather than being in “cages” they are in plexiglass rooms shoulder to shoulder with others who have covid. As for the 48 hours to move them out of CBP they move them right next door to the same cages run by HHS. Just because courts refused to take up challenges for many reasons does not mean there was no fraud, that is yet to be seen and we may get a glimpse into it in Arizona. Anyone can vote by mail, just request an absentee ballot, its that simple, if you repeat the lie enough people like you believe it.

OK Zachary, maybe time for some fresh air.
Here’s where you can see where Ray sourced his info. It clearly says he has a 63% overall approval rating and other things that will make you uncomfortable:

Pew research shows 59% (Sorry, only one URL per post, you’ll have to look that up yourself)

Ray didn’t say what you said he said. He said exactly what Mr. Biden said, that earners UNDER $400,000/yr would not pay an additional penny in taxes. You read what you wanted to though.

Then I got to your referencing the calamity in AZ. It is jaw-dropping that there are grown adults who see this as valid. This is a fraud on the people of Maricopa County, as well as the rest of the country. You should be ashamed to think this will somehow reveal anything other than the general level of poor judgement and looniness in the Republican Party. Nothing they claim to find will ever see the light of a courtroom.


Zachary, the only fraud in AZ is the state GOP. I hope the Federal Election Commission asks the FBI to investigate what is going on since the unqualified conspiracy theory contractors have not shared anything about their audit process other than looking for Chinese bamboo ballots. Your party is in very sad shape which is fine with me as long as they don’t try to screw the American public.


Zachary, regarding the corporate taxes, did prices fall when they got the giant tax cut in 2017? No, they used it for stock buybacks and executive bonuses. Companies have to compete and just cannot pass along the modest increase Biden is suggesting. Lately there is talk that the increase will be smaller in return for restaffing the IRS to go after those who have not paid their fair share of taxes.


Zach, I agree with your apparent thinking that childish words, phrases, and name-calling in quite inappropriate.

What’s your thought on these:


The list also includes nicknames used by figures associated with Trump, and nicknames he has promoted via retweeting.

1 Domestic political figures
2 Foreign leaders
3 Media figures
4 Groups of people
5 Other people
6 Organizations
7 Television programs
8 Miscellaneous
9 See also
10 Notes
11 References
Domestic political figures[edit]
Nickname Personal name Notes
Dumbo[5] Randolph “Tex” Alles Former Director of the United States Secret Service
1% Joe[6] / Basement Biden[7] / Beijing Biden[8] / China Joe[9] / Corrupt Joe[10] / Crazy Joe Biden[11] / Quid Pro Joe[12] / Sleepy Joe[13] / Sleepy Creepy Joe[14] / Slow Joe[15] / Joe Hiden[16] Joe Biden Former U.S. Senator from Delaware; 47th Vice President of the United States; 46th President of the United States
Little Michael[17] / Mini Mike[18] / Mini Mike Bloomberg[19] Michael Bloomberg 108th Mayor of New York City; 2020 Democratic presidential candidate; CEO of Bloomberg L.P.
Da Nang Richard[20] / Da Nang Dick[21] Richard Blumenthal U.S. senator from Connecticut; 23rd attorney general of Connecticut
Mr. Tough Guy[22] John Bolton Former U.S. national security advisor and United States ambassador to the United Nations
Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown[23][a] Jerry Brown 34th and 39th Governor of California; 31st Attorney General of California; former Secretary of State of California, 6th chair of the California Democratic Party
Bush original[24] George H. W. Bush 41st President of the United States; 43rd Vice President of the United States; former Director of Central Intelligence
Low Energy Jeb[1] Jeb Bush 43rd Governor of Florida; 2016 Republican presidential candidate
Alfred E. Neuman[25] / Boot-Edge-Edge[26][b] Pete Buttigieg Former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana; 2020 Democratic presidential candidate; 19th United States Secretary of Transportation
Sleepy Ben Carson[27] Ben Carson 17th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (2017–21); 2016 Republican presidential candidate; retired neurosurgeon
Sleepin’ Bob Casey[28] Bob Casey U.S. senator from Pennsylvania
The Warmonger[29] Liz Cheney U.S. representative for Wyoming’s at-large congressional district; Chair of the House Republican Conference
Wild Bill[30] Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States; 40th and 42nd Governor of Arkansas; 50th Attorney General of Arkansas; former chair of the National Governors Association
Crazy[31] / Heartless Hillary[32][33][34] / Crooked[1] / Lyin'[35] / Skank[36][37] Hillary Clinton Former First Lady of the United States; former U.S. Secretary of State; 2016 Democratic presidential nominee; Cambridge Analytica claimed credit for the “Defeat crooked Hillary”[38]
Sanctimonious[39] / Leakin'[40] / Lying[41] / Shady[42] / Slippery[30] / Slimeball[43] James Comey Former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation fired by Trump; former United States deputy attorney general; former United States acting attorney general
Liddle’ Bob Corker[1] Bob Corker Former U.S. senator from Tennessee; chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Lyin'[1] / Texas[44] / Beautiful Ted[44] Ted Cruz Former solicitor general of Texas; U.S. senator from Texas; 2016 Republican presidential candidate
Sleepin’ Joe[45] Joe Donnelly Former U.S. senator from Indiana; former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Indiana
Dicky Durbin[46] Dick Durbin U.S. senator from Illinois; Senate Majority Whip and deputy Senate Democratic leader
Mark Yesper[47] / Mark Esperanto[48] Mark Esper 27th secretary of defense
Leaking[49] / Sneaky[50] Dianne Feinstein Dianne Feinstein U.S. Senator from California; former chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee; 38th Mayor of San Francisco
Jeff Flakey[51] / Rejected Senator Jeff Flake[52] / The Flake[53] Jeff Flake Former U.S. Senator from Arizona; former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Arizona
Al Frankenstein[54] Al Franken Former U.S. Senator from Minnesota
Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand[55] Kirsten Gillibrand Junior United States senator from New York; 2020 Democratic presidential candidate
Monster[56][57] / Phony Kamala[58][59] Kamala Harris 49th Vice President of the United States; U.S. Senator from California; 2020 Democratic presidential candidate
Puppet Jones[60][61] Doug Jones U.S. Senator from Alabama
Big Jim[62] Jim Justice 36th Governor of West Virginia
Corrupt Kaine[63] Tim Kaine U.S. Senator from Virginia; running mate of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. presidential election
1 for 38 / 1 for 41 / 1 for 44[1][64][c] John Kasich 69th Governor of Ohio; 2016 Republican presidential candidate; former U.S. representative from Ohio’s 12th district
Lamb the Sham[65] Conor Lamb Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania and Marine Corps veteran
Senator Joe Munchkin[66] Joe Manchin U.S. senator from West Virginia; 34th governor of West Virginia from 2005 to 2010; former secretary of state of West Virginia
Mad dog[d] / Moderate dog[67] James Mattis 26th Secretary of Defense
Evan McMuffin[68][69] Evan McMullin Former CIA operations officer; 2016 Independent presidential candidate
Fat Jerry[70] Jerry Nadler U.S. representative from New York’s 10th congressional district; chair of the Committee on the Judiciary
Wacky Omarosa[71] / That dog[72] / Wacky and Deranged Omarosa[73] Omarosa Manigault Newman Former Apprentice contestant; aide to President Trump
Cheatin’ Obama[74][46] Barack Obama 44th President of the United States, former U.S. Senator from Illinois; former Illinois state senator
Eva Perón / Evita[75] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez U.S. representative from New York
Foul Mouthed Omar[76] Ilhan Omar U.S. representative from Minnesota
Dummy Beto[77] / The Flailer[78] Beto O’Rourke Former U.S. representative from Texas; 2020 Democratic presidential candidate
Truly weird Senator Rand Paul[79] Rand Paul U.S. Senator from Kentucky
Crazy[80] / MS-13 Lover[81] / Nancy[82] / Nervous[83] / Nancy Antoinette[84] Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
Mike Pounce[85] Mike Pence 48th Vice President of the United States
Wacky Jacky[86] Jacky Rosen U.S. Senator from Nevada, former U.S. representative from Nevada’s 3rd congressional district
Mr. Peepers[87] (denied by Trump)[88] Rod Rosenstein United States Deputy Attorney General
Little Marco / Liddle Marco[1] Marco Rubio U.S. Senator from Florida; 2016 Republican presidential candidate; former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives
0% Tim Ryan[89] Tim Ryan U.S. representative from Ohio; 2020 Democratic presidential candidate
Basically Braindead Bernie[1] / Crazy Bernie[90] / The Nutty Professor[91] Bernie Sanders U.S. Senator from Vermont; 2016 & 2020 Democratic presidential candidate
Little Ben Sasse[92][29] Ben Sasse U.S. senator from Nebraska
Shifty Schiff[93] / Adam Schitt[94] / Pencil Neck[95] / Liddle’ Adam Schiff[96] / Sick Puppy[97] / Watermelon Head[98] Adam Schiff U.S. representative for California’s 28th congressional district; Chair of House Intelligence Committee; former California State Senator
Cryin’ Chuck[99] Chuck Schumer U.S. Senator from New York and Senate Majority Leader
Crazy Arnold[100] Arnold Schwarzenegger 38th Governor of California from 2003 to 2011; actor; former professional bodybuilder
Mr. Magoo[87] (denied by Trump)[88] Jeff Sessions 84th United States attorney general; former U.S. senator from Alabama; former attorney general of Alabama
Impeachment Tom[101] / Wacky[102] / Weirdo Tom Steyer[103] Tom Steyer Democratic activist and fundraiser; 2020 Democratic presidential candidate
Big Luther[104][e] Luther Strange Former U.S. Senator from Alabama; 47th Attorney General of Alabama
Mitch’s boy[105] John Thune U.S. Senator from South Dakota; Senate Minority Whip and deputy Senate Republican Leader
Pat “No Tariffs” Toomey[106] Pat Toomey U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania
Goofy[107][108][32] / Uber Left Elizabeth Warren[109] / Pocahontas[1][110] / Fake Pocahontas[111] / The Indian[112] Elizabeth Warren U.S. Senator from Massachusetts; former chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel; 2020 Democratic presidential candidate
Crazy[113] / Low-IQ Maxine Waters[114] Maxine Waters U.S. representative for California’s 43rd congressional district; chair of the House Financial Services Committee
That woman from Michigan / Gretchen Half-Whitmer[115] Gretchen Whitmer 49th Governor of Michigan
Wacky Congresswoman Wilson[1] Frederica Wilson U.S. representative for Florida’s 24th congressional district
Foreign leaders[edit]
Nickname Personal name Notes
Animal Assad[116] Bashar al-Assad President of Syria
Trump of the Tropics[117] Jair Bolsonaro President of Brazil
Poland Trump[118] Andrzej Duda President of Poland
The King of Europe[119] Nigel Farage Brexit Party Leader United Kingdom
Britain Trump[120] Boris Johnson Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Cuban Puppet[121] Nicolás Maduro President of Venezuela, disputed
Rocket Man / Little Rocket Man[1][122][123] Kim Jong-un Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Juan Trump[124][125] Andrés Manuel López Obrador President of Mexico
Mad Alex[126] Alex Salmond Former first minister of Scotland and Scottish independence supporter
Justin from Canada[127] Justin Trudeau 23rd prime minister of Canada
Media figures[edit]
Nickname Personal name Notes
Crazy Jim Acosta[128] Jim Acosta CNN Chief White House correspondent
Sloppy Steve[129] Steve Bannon 2016 Trump campaign CEO; former Trump administration White House chief strategist; executive chair of Breitbart News
Wacky Glenn Beck[1] Glenn Beck Talk show host
No Talent Samantha Bee[130] Samantha Bee Host of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
Low I.Q. Crazy Mika[131] / Dumb as a Rock[1] Mika Brzezinski Co-host of Morning Joe
That guy on CBS[132] Stephen Colbert Host of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert; comedian
Fredo[133] Chris Cuomo Anchor of Cuomo Prime Time
Little Donny Deutsch[134] Donny Deutsch Talk show host
The Chin[135] Thomas Friedman Political commentator and columnist for The New York Times
Cutie Pie[136] Jonathan Karl ABC News White House correspondent
Crazy Megyn[1] Megyn Kelly Former Fox News anchor; former NBC News anchor/personality
Sour Lemon[137] Don Lemon CNN news anchor
Sloppy Michael Moore[138][f] Michael Moore Documentary filmmaker, progressive activist, and author
Mr. Kurd[139] Rahim Rashidi Kurdish reporter for Kurdistan TV
Mr. Off the Record[140] Philip Rucker Reporter for The Washington Post
Morning Psycho[141] / Psycho Joe[1] Joe Scarborough Co-host of Morning Joe; former U.S. representative from Florida
Little George[142][60] / Little Wise Guy[143] George Stephanopoulos Chief anchor and chief political correspondent of ABC News; former White House Communications Director and senior advisor to President Bill Clinton
Fake Jake[144] Jake Tapper Chief Washington Correspondent for CNN and host of The Lead with Jake Tapper
Sleepy Eyes[1][145] Chuck Todd Moderator of Meet the Press
Little Katy[146] Katy Tur Correspondent for NBC News and a host of MSNBC Live
Mike Wallace wannabe[147] Chris Wallace Moderator of Fox News Sunday
Lyin’ Brian[148] Brian Williams Chief Anchor of MSNBC
Little Jeff Zucker[1] Jeff Zucker President of CNN Worldwide
Dopey Mort Zuckerman[149] Mortimer Zuckerman Media proprietor, investor, and owner of the New York Daily News
Groups of people[edit]
Nickname Group members Notes
13 Hardened Democrats[150] / 13/17 Angry Democrats[151][152] / Angry Democrat Thugs[153]
Names of attorneys
Attorneys working on Robert Mueller’s investigation of potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. The press identified thirteen of the seventeen attorneys as either being registered to vote as Democrats, or as making contributions to Democratic candidates. Those not identified as such denote with a star(★).[150] It is unclear whether this was the criteria Trump used to distinguish 13 out of 17 individuals since Trump did not detail who are the thirteen individuals that he included in the nicknames.
AOC Plus 3[154][g] / The Squad[154][h] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Ilhan Omar
Ayanna Pressley
Rashida Tlaib Informal political grouping of four Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives elected in 2018
Barack Obama
Joe Biden
Respectively the president and vice president of the United States from 2009 to 2017. Biden is also the 46th President of the United States
Other people[edit]
Nickname Personal name Notes
Dopey Prince[156] Al-Waleed bin Talal Saudi Arabian businessman, investor, philanthropist and a member of the Saudi royal family
The Pakistani mystery man[157] Imran Awan Former IT specialist for Democratic lawmakers, including U.S. representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Jeff Bozo[158] Jeff Bezos Founder, chairman, CEO, and president of Amazon
Tim Apple[159] Tim Cook CEO of Apple
Marillyn Lockheed[160] Marillyn Hewson Former CEO of Lockheed Martin
Mr. Kellyanne Conway[161] / Moonface / Husband From Hell George Conway Attorney and husband of Kellyanne Conway. The “Mr. Kellyanne” nickname related to Conway’s criticism of the appointment of Matthew Whitaker. The “Moonface” nickname responded to a video sponsored by The Lincoln Project.[162]
Dopey Mark Cuban[163] Mark Cuban American entrepreneur and television star
Punchy[164] Robert De Niro Actor, producer, and director
Sir Charles[165] Charles Goldstein Real estate lawyer; Holocaust victims advocate
Goofball Atheist Penn[166] Penn Jillette Magician; appeared on Donald Trump’s show, The Apprentice, where he was fired; outspoken libertarian; skeptic; atheist
Little Mac Miller[167] Mac Miller Rapper; released the song “Donald Trump” in 2011, which caused Trump and Miller to feud for years, with Trump demanding royalties because Miller used his name
Little Pimp[168] Lil Pump Rapper, singer, and songwriter
Nickname Official name Notes
Fake ABC News[169] ABC News News network
Clinton News Network[170][i] / Fake News CNN[171][j] / Fraud News CNN[172] / Low ratings CNN[173] / Very Fake News[174][j] CNN News channel (Cable News Network)
CON-Cast[175] / Concast[176] Comcast American telecommunications conglomerate
Democrat Party[177][k] / D.C. Wolves[178] / Do Nothing Democrats / Radical Left Democrats[179] Democratic Party (United States) American political party
The Losers Project[180] The Lincoln Project Political action committee working against the reelection of Donald Trump which targets conservatives
MSDNC[181] MSNBC News channel
Corrupt New York Times[182] / Failing New York Times[1] / Old Grey Lady[183][l] The New York Times Newspaper
Amazon Washington Post[184] The Washington Post Newspaper owned by Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon
Television programs[edit]
Nickname Official name Notes
Deface the Nation[185] Face the Nation A weekly talk show on CBS
Meet the Depressed[186] Meet the Press A morning talk show on NBC
Morning Joke[187] Morning Joe A daily talk show on MSNBC
Nickname Usual name Notes
Ukraine Witch Hunt[188] Trump–Ukraine scandal A conversation between Trump and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky where an intelligence analyst who listened in on the conversation blew the whistle and filed a complaint that Trump did something illegal
Mueller Collusion Delusion[189] Mueller Report The report issued by special counsel Robert Mueller on the Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 United States presidential election
Russia Collusion Delusion[190] Trump’s alleged involvement in the Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections
Democrat crazed and irrational hostility[191] / Presidential harassment[192][m] / Trump derangement syndrome[193][n] Criticism of himself by others
A lynching[194] / Greatest Witch Hunt in American History[195] / Totally compromised kangaroo court[196] / Impeachment lite[197] Donald Trump impeachment inquiry
The Age of Trump[198] The Trump presidency
Joe’s Failing Campaign[199] Joe Biden’s successful 2020 presidential campaign
Corrupt News Media[200] / Crooked[201] / Dishonest Press[202] / Fake News Media[203][204][j] / Lamestream Media[205] / Mainstream Fake Media[206] / Radical Left Wing Media[190] Mainstream media publications
Kung Flu[207] / Plague from China[208] / This Plague[209][210] / China Virus[211][212] COVID-19 Disease that caused the COVID-19 pandemic
Chinese Virus[213][214] / Invisible Enemy[215] Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2

According to Gov Abbots Fox News,

Texas reported zero deaths from COVID-19 on Sunday, just two months after Gov. Greg Abbott drew heat from the White House for rolling back business restrictions and lifting the state’s mask mandate.

It marked the first time the Lone Star State reported no coronavirus deaths in about 14 months, according to state health data. Abbott said the case numbers reported on Sunday – 388 – were the lowest in more than 13 months, while the number of hospitalizations was the lowest in 11 months.


That is great news for everyone in Texas Zachary. My grand daughter is there in Navel training school. We should be glad for everyone as we slowly get a handle on this.
Since I live in Florida we are leading in new infections because of variants,and have deaths every day from covid. So you can see no matter who the Governors are the virus doesn’t care.
On another note Biden just announced we will send 20 million doses out to other countries, because till the world is mostly vaccinated accomplishments like in Texas will be short lived.


Zachary–That’s great news, just a few counties haven’t yet reported results. I’m wondering if the fact that Texas has a warmer climate put people outdoors earlier than other states like NY.


If it is considered plagiarism that I did acknowledge Wikipedia when I copy pasted it, then I’m guilty.


A add to my above comment. If we had had leadership from the top AT the beginning we probably would not be having this conservation of who was better at protecting there states citizens. The whole county would have been basically the same without having to go on Fox Noise and gloat.

Florida2015, you can’t get more leadership than a vaccine in six months. Maybe if you didn’t have Biden and Faucci and the democrats in Congress who were vaccinated walking around wearing two masks people would be more willing to get it. Bidens messaging has been terrible at best, I have heard many times people say why get the vaccine if I still have to wear a mask.

Any President would have done what he did, then they would’ve encouraged people to get it and not disparage people taking precautions and the medical authorities trying to do the right thing, which he did repeatedly.

Fact Zach: Even though you’re vaccinated you can still get the virus and pass it on to others whether they’re vaccinated or not. That’s why masks and distancing and hand washing are still strongly advised.

You clearly have no idea why we get vaccinated, how the virus is transferred, how the virus can be transferred from a vaccinated person to another unprotected person, how the virus kills or severely debilitates someone often long term. Stuff Dr. Fauci and the other experts have been telling us for a year. Stuff you feel you can second-guess because of course, you’re a world renowned medical authority, aren’t you? No, you’re not. You’re a product of your messiah, tRump, and you wear it on your sleeve for all to see, and that’s why the American people rejected him after one term.

I’m going to update what I just said based on Fauci’s clear comments I’m now hearing; that a vaccinated person has a very low chance of contracting and transmitting the virus.

ChuckD, for the record I have had both shots. Why would anyone take an experimental vaccine if you had a high probability of catching and or transmitting the disease? Again Biden’s messaging has been terrible he should have been out with Faucci saying we are vaccinated we no longer need the mask and that would have been a message of hope and people would have been less hesitant to get the shot.


Zachary, Your last message is exactly what former guy should have been doing. A few hundred thousand folks might still be around if it had been handled that way. Except for the mask message. If you have any doubt about catching virus, like we do here in Florida I would suggest you keep wearing mask if you ever did. I will say the new CDC guidelines as everyone has pretty much stated are going to cause confusion to reign. Already is here.

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