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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, May 19


Where is Stefanik’s outrage over Gaetz?

I find it interesting and quite hypocritical that Elise Stefanik is not voicing her concerns and calling for the resignation of Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz. I suppose sex trafficking, cocaine use, sex with a 17-year-old, sex with escorts and setting up a no-show job for an escort is not enough to get her knickers in a twist.
Alleged you say? Same thing with Cuomo, isn’t it? And I am certainly not defending him. I find him to be vile.
With the flip-flopping on Trump, and her silence on Gaetz, she has become woefully disappointing.
Frank Toma

Do Democrats hold special powers?

It puzzles me that not everyone would want to be a Democrat.
The Democrats have to be the most powerful political party in the United States.
They have “fraudulently” won an election by millions of votes from states of both parties, they influenced 62 courts and judges (of both parties), including the Supreme Court, to uphold the election results. They have also invented COVID-19 and were able to convince doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and loved ones to declare that their patients or family died of this made-up virus.
Now they found a way to have the FDA approve vaccines that are not safe and are asking us all to be vaccinated against this made-up virus. Is there no end to their influence and power?
I almost forgot they actually allow you to think and disagree with each other.
Once again I wonder why everyone is not a Democrat.
Patricia Fialkowski

Lawmakers must be more accountable

The fact that several local ambulance services have been forced to close in the last couple of years has put an increased burden on agencies that have been able to remain open.
This was especially obvious during this past year with the covid crisis, the opioid epidemic, and the many other health issues that increased during this time.
While discussing this with a person who was familiar with the Voorheesville closing, it was very discouraging to think that services in already underserved rural areas had to be cut because of lack of funds, but our New York state legislators and governor have raised their own salaries within that same time frame.
What’s disturbing about this is that the people who really need the services suffer because elected officials who do not really even work part-time grab the money when offered.
The salaries of New York state Assembly members and senators and the benefits they receive are shamefully greedy, especially since they no longer really represent their constituents. They only have party allegiance as I have come to realize when I’ve tried to express my views to them in person or in written form.
I also wonder why Tonko, and Santabarbara, as well as elected officials from other districts, never hold town hall meetings to get input?
Theresa Nowicki


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Joseph Vendetti

Ms Fialkowski:

I had to read your letter a few times and the only word I can come up with is “WOW”.

The Republicans won more seats in 2020 besides the top of the ticket. So the election wasn’t fraudulent or stolen. Judges or courts don’t hear cases or waste the courts time if there is no evidence- which there was none. Not a voting machine, not the mafia, not zombies voting – it was a grassroots mail in campaign to register voters in key electoral states (GA, MI, AZ, PA) that were considered purple in 2016.

As far as COVID being invented?? Made up deaths? Have you turned on a TV or computer in last 3 months. Have you seen the carnage and death toll in Brazil? india. I have a wife and daughter who are RNs – there is nothing fake about Covid.

All the vaccines for Covid are safe & effective. If there is one thing that President Trump may have done is “Operation Warp Speed” which allowed for quicker FDA approval to get vaccines in the arms of people faster. One of the reasons why that was possible – Oxford University had been working on a vaccine for Covid 11 which from what I understand is very close relative to Covid 19.

Hopefully you get any medication interactions or lack there of worked out. Good Luck.


Just goes to show you how far off the rails the alt-right is when a letter like that can be taken seriously. I’m sure Joe is not alone.

Matt, if you let that one ride, there was a strong possibility two bloggers on this forum would have backed her up.

Looking at what’s happening in Maricopa County, hell, looking at the past decade or so, it’s bloody hard sometimes to see where the normal Republican insanity ends and parody begins.


Chuck, there are far too many people who will read her letter and agree with every word. My snark meter must be broken.

Frank, I’m also wondering why Congresswoman Stefanik isn’t as concerned about voter fraud in her district that helped to get her elected. Surely if there were bamboo ballots in Maricopa County, and dead people voting in Georgia, and droves of illegal immigrants voting in Pennsylvania, there must be other illegal voter activity occurring in Saratoga, Hamilton, and Essex counties. It’s peculiar the places she finds to have concerning election activity, yet not in her own backyard. I can’t quite put my finger on the difference…. /s


Since sarcasm worked so well today and Trumpsters enjoy conspiracy theories, I “heard” that the North Country had more votes for Stefanik than there are people which supports the allegation that farmers and right-wingers got their guns, cows and chickens to vote.


Ray, I must say when I read “right-wingers” and “cows” in the same sentence what immediately comes to mind is excessive amounts of methane gas.


Must read column today in the Opinion section: “Republicans’ penchant for lies may come to haunt them.” The title alone says it all.

“Following his speech, the declining septuagenarian was put in an electric vehicle where he pretended to be driving,” Hoft wrote. “This was all a show by his handlers to make Joe Biden look like he’s in charge.”

Gateway Pundit’s reporting it. Time for today’s alt-right mass hallucination.
And, cue The Loons…action!


It’s not about what it is, it’s about what they want it to be and there are absolutely no boundaries in attempting to achieve their goals.


Part of an Associated Press article that was on page A8 in today’s Gazette:

N.Y. AG opens criminal probe into Trump Organization

NEW YORK — The New York attorney general’s office said Tuesday that it is conducting a criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump’s business empire, expanding what had previously been a civil probe.
“We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into the company is no longer purely civil in nature,” Fabien Levy, a spokesperson for Attorney General Letitia James, said in a statement.

“We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan DA,” Levy said.
James’ investigators are working with the Manhattan district attorney’s office, which has been conducting a criminal investigation into Trump and his company, the Trump Organization, for two years. James and District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. are both Democrats.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock….

Joseph Vendetti

The more I keep thinking about Fialkowski letter to editor today – I get free speech but probably 50-70k ppl read the gazette. I don’t want to guess the % that will believe her BS but when we are trying to get everyone vaccinated its not smart the Paper would publish that trash!

Mark Mahoney

I let it through because she was being sarcastic. Read it again from that point of view. Mark Mahoney, editorial page editor.

William Marincic

Blah Blah Blah. We have the same old crew. Patting themselves on the back because they all think they are the smartest guy in the room. The reality is the teacher forgot the Dunce Caps that’s all.


Chuck, it’s taking so long because they are waiting for rice paper from China to recreate 40,000 “illegal” ballots (the quotes are to help the tight brains).

Well, I hope they know they also need to get 11,400 over to Atlanta, the next stop on the Cyber Ninja! road show.

Mark Mahoney

It was certainly written in a way that some could take it literally. You weren’t the only one who read it that way.

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