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Letters to the Editor Saturday, May 22


Dems should point blame at themselves

Engrossing is the thought that the Republican Party is in certain decline, as some have ascertained in these morsels of such intellect printed in this periodical.
Now the attack bolstered by our wonderfully left leaning TV news regarding Elise Stefanik and her catapulting career as something she obtained by riding the coattails of former President Trump is yet another abhorrent belief by a party consumed with Donald Trump and still bemused by their loss in 2016.
It’s led by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and of course, Joe Biden. Democrats cannot be serious, can they?
We are caressing a notion that people like punch-drunk Liz Cheney can’t possibly be replaced at the Republicans’ choice due to her own reckless statements which connive more with Democrats than the party she helped lead.
Please; she created her own desertion.
Now we have real issues like bail reform and defunding the police, inflation on just about everything, and a crisis at our border.
The Green New Deal, China and North Korea, along with Russia laughing at us yet again, but all we hear of is still about Donald Trump? Wake up, America.
We now have the most spineless president I can ever remember being in office, a Democrat.
Yet, the blame is still Trump’s. That is rich!
So as Israel continues to fight alone, I wonder where our president is.
Will he help our friend in that region? I doubt he has the guts.
Elise would, I guarantee you that.
Brian Baldwin
Burnt Hills

No mandates are allowed for vaccine

I disagree completely with your May 15 editorial (“SUNY staff should get vaccine, too”) on mandating a covid vaccine for all SUNY employees.
First, an emergency use authorization (experimental vaccine) cannot be mandated, not ever, per its own legal framework, until the vaccines receive full approval.
The governor can’t mandate the shots for SUNY students until they are fully approved either, and his attempt at this will fail in court.
Cuomo recently even acknowledged that he is not allowed to mandate any of the experimental covid vaccines, for K-12 students, for this reason.
Second, there’s a liability shield for the vaccine manufacturers and for the people administering the shots, per recent federal law.
So, you can’t sue the drug companies or the person who gives you the shot, even if you die from the shot.
But you can sue SUNY if they mandate the shot and you get sick or die from it.
SUNY, and any other employer, is liable for any adverse vaccine side effects including deaths, if they mandate it.
That’s why it’s a stupid idea for any business to mandate a vaccine. They’ll go bankrupt.
DNA and mRNA vaccines have never been widely distributed before.
There’s no short-term or long-term safety data available.
It’s literally illegal for the government to mandate these experimental drugs.
I simply can’t see how your pro-vax-mandate position is legal, or how it makes sense for any business.
Robert McMorris


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Good morning all, what a great day in this communist state of New York. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there are two fantastic letters to the editor this morning, how does it get any better than that? Unfortunately the cynical side of me knows that the three stooges will be out here in short order telling these two great letter writers how wrong they are. Fear not, the truth will set you free. That is the truth of these two letters.


Perhaps you should provide the clueless with some of what you call the truth. After all a little bit of wisdom would do all of some good. In any case I doubt the need to provide further examples in how to be ill mannered

If you have trouble choosing where to begin I suggest you try to explain the problem problem people are having with the use of tear gas and rubber bullets. They are only used when crowds ignore the instructions of law enforcement. Why should the cost of ignore the instructions of law enforcement be lowered.


“Perhaps you should provide the clueless with some of what you call the truth.”

Nice to see that you agree with Ray believing that Zachary is clueless.


Thanks. He is so lame that I don’t even bother to respond to him. Actually they are all clueless (no need to list them, they are easy to recognize). Have a great weekend.

Joseph Vendetti

Professor McMorris:

For someone that taught at SUNY for over 40 years you would think you would want your fellow professors, research students and student body protected.

Schools in NYS already mandate vaccinations on every level from Kindergarten thru Post Graduate –

These are already mandated

Diphtheria and Tetanus toxoid-containing vaccine and Pertussis vaccine (DTaP or Tdap)
Hepatitis B vaccine
Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine (MMR)
Polio vaccine
Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine

Additional vaccines required for middle school and high school

Tdap vaccine for Grades 6-12
Meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MenACWY) for Grades 7-12
Students in Grade 12 need an additional booster dose of MenACWY on or after their 16th birthday

Additional vaccines required for day care and pre-K

Haemophilus influenzae type b conjugate vaccine (HiB)
Pneumococcal Conjugate vaccine (PCV)

NYS has already fought this fight for people that asked for religious exemption and won. You can skip the vaccines all you want but then don’t intermingle with the rest of us and become a “typhoid mary” – because as we age, the vaccines we took as a child begin to wear off, so by prancing around without being vaccinated you are risking someone that has been vaccinated and is just vulnerable.

The Covid 19 vaccines were in their infancy 11 years ago. Because Oxford was working on a Covid 11 vaccine and was very close to getting that thru the normal FDA & CDC processes after years and years of research and development, just our great luck that Covid 11 wasn’t as deadly and that 19 & 11 are very closely related. With the mastery of science and technology they (Pfizer, Moderna & JJ) were able to tweak covid 11 vaccines and make them 94% effective against covid 19.

So no finer words were ever spoke “I’m all broken up about that mans rights” – Inspector Harry Callahan – but when it comes to public health that is what is most important.

Mr. Vendetti, as you are well aware those vaccines that you described are not experimental vaccines, they are FDA approved. I’m sure once you get an FDA approval you can force people to get them the Covid but not before.


Wrong Zach. This is a Reuters Fact Check:

“CORRECTED-Fact Check- COVID-19 vaccines are not experimental and they have not skipped trial stages 

Correction, April 30, 2021: An earlier version of this check described the Pfizer/BioNtech, Moderna and J&J vaccines as being approved for use in the United States. This has been corrected to say these vaccines have been authorized for emergency use by the FDA. Vaccine makers will need to apply to the FDA for full approval to continue use after the pandemic.

Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are “experimental”, have skipped animal testing and have not completed initial research trials are false. They were included in a Facebook post addressed in this check. ”

So stop making excuses Zach and get the vaccine.

Mr. Harris, it is you that is wrong. According to the
An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is a mechanism to facilitate the availability and use of medical countermeasures, including vaccines, during public health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. Under an EUA, FDA may allow the use of unapproved medical products, or unapproved uses of approved medical products in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions when certain statutory criteria have been met, including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives. Taking into consideration input from the FDA, manufacturers decide whether and when to submit an EUA request to FDA.

Your comment has no point.
But you all keep hanging your hat on that scary “experimental” word, as if you understand it’s meaning regarding these vaccines.
That’s what your voices are telling you to do.

Meanwhile close to a billion have received it (SHEEPLE!) with less after-effects than other “approved” vaccinations.

ChuckD you might want to check the CDC website. Even though they refuse to say it’s from the vaccine almost 5000 have died. Prove me wrong


Thanks, some good letters. Nice to get additional reinforcement on logical, rational political thinking. I agree that “The DOJ should hold Trump accountable for his role in the insurrection and he should be prosecuted” but that’s a near impossibility.

I do believe trump will eventually be indicted and he’ll be spending mucho time and money fighting the law. Plenty of criminal activity like scum coming to the surface. Would love to see him do time. Anything seems possible theses days.

Two words: Al Capone

And yes, I am making a parallel between these two characters. Read up on how he was brought down, and pay close attention to what Letitia James and Cy Vance are doing.


Tax evasion may perhaps be the only true parallel between Capone and trump. Actually beyond that Capone was the far better man:

Capone certainly had more integrity. He had greater loyalty to the people in his mob family. – trump, not unlike a rabid dog, turned on people he initially hired and praised: John Kelly, John Bolton, Michael Cohen, Steve Bannon, Jerome Powell, Anthony Scaramucci, Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, to name more than a few.

Additionally trump most assuredly caused the deaths of far more people than Al Capone. His blasé “One day — it’s like a miracle — it will disappear” attitude regarding the dangers of COVID-19 was a true killer to an unimaginable number of Americans.


Brian Baldwin’s letter perfectly exemplifies the “I only hear, see, and believe what I want” attitude of the wacko alt-right Republican Party.

To say, when referring to the Democratic Party; “a party consumed with Donald Trump and still bemused by their loss in 2016” is borderline, are you kidding me, insanity.

The butt kissing, Mr. trump, how how high should I jump, when should I come down, and how long should I lie for you, Republican Representatives are the ones consumed with trump! “The 2022 elections are around the corner and we don’t want to upset the dictator’s followers.”


With what’s going on in Maricopa County Arizona six month after the 2020 election and I ask, who’s “bemused” by a loss?

The Republicans are playing this “Maricopa game” in an attempt to falsely delegitimize our free and fair democratic election, change voting laws and instilling doubt about the integrity of in our voting system in bid to advantage hard right leaning politics.

Our American Democracy is still very much at risk!


I believe Georgia is considering the “Maricopa game” too. I guess two audits weren’t enough. The more they keep the election alive, the dumber they look. It’s the voter suppression states that are dangerous to our democracy.

Now that it turns out that the equipment they paw through looking for …something… cannot be reused and needs to be replaced, to the tune of millions of dollars, the other states in their sights may have serious second thoughts.

But when God and Jesus and tRump are involved, you know their little warriors are gonna forge ahead! And there’s money to be made too!


In hell you shall spend eternity for your blasphemist words….I’ll bring the bourbon. Ray, I believe we’ll need plenty of ice.


And I’ll supply the Scotch! JW Black okay with al, of you? 😁😁

I read Dante’s book, and I know what to expect.
I’m bringing a tub of my famous Peri-peri chicken, ready for the flame!

Once she’s protected all Ohioans’ freedoms, she plans to go out to her backyard to get rid of the evil Democrat Unicorns she’s actually seen(!) pooping in her flower beds…


An Ohio Republican is trying to stop Gov. Mike DeWine’s proposal to give away $1 million in a vaccine lottery.

State Rep. Jena Powell (R-Arcanum) is drafting emergency legislation to prevent the state from awarding prizes, including five $1 million jackpots, starting May 26 after receiving their first dose of three approved coronavirus vaccines and signing up through the Vax-A-Million lottery program, reported the Ohio Capital Journal.

“Ohioans don’t want giveaways to mask his horrible policy for the past year, they want freedom,” Powell posted earlier this month of Facebook. “Ohioans don’t want giveaways they want lower taxes. Ohioans don’t want a benevolent dictator they want a free market leader. Ohioans deserve better than a giveaway funded by hard earned tax payer dollars.


As was pointed out to me a few days ago you can not sway these people’s thinking with facts. If they believe Democrats are bad, I understand that’s there choice,
But when you provide rebuttal with actual facts, they deflect and move on to the next Fox, OAN, Newsmax lie.
On the Political Discourse site (Next Door) here You Tube videos are king for there taken as truth information no mater how many times you refute them.
Now they have members of Congress to copy how it’s done.
Who knew Kelly-Anne would make alternate facts mainstream for the Republicans

I would only take exception with your point that Congress copy them. I think it’s the other way around. These people are characterized by being followers. Certain influencers, not just Congress, know this and are pushing all the right buttons and taking them for a thrill ride into what they think is empowerment. “Christian” leaders, Republican Congress-critters, Republican local politicians, certain mass media outlets all are salivating at how easy it is to free them of their money. The perfect storm, so to speak.
None of them seem to have any sense of shame (witness the final thoes of one’s arguments yesterday) or ability to critically analyze but give them a Boogyman and a hero to slay him/her, and they’re all in. No questions asked.

“Stop the Steal!”
Only in your dreams…

Joseph Vendetti

There is absolutely zero will for either side to compromise or reach across the aisle. I remember When I was a kid hearing about Tip O’Neil and his ability to bring sides together. Never really appreciated it then.

Absolutely disagree.
Biden has made it clear he wants to work with Republicans on the infrastructure bill and has made concessions to appease them. They were given ample opportunity to help with the previous rescue package and came back with an absolutely weak counter-offer, 1/3 of what the Democrats wanted to do. And that doesn’t make them fiscally responsible. It makes them look stupid.

Republicans have made it abundantly clear they will do whatever it takes to stop the “socialist Democrat agenda”. They made it abundantly clear during Obama tenure they had one, singular mission: to shut down the Democrats and make Obama a one-term president.

Only one side is “reaching across the aisle”. The other side is one some kind of biblical crusade chasing a windmill.

Joseph Vendetti


Sorry – i agree, there is negotiations going on for infrastructure. So the other 90% of govr is dysfunctional

Joseph Vendetti


The Polio vaccine would have been considered experimental- the side effects – paralytic poliomyelitis in about three per million doses.

We eradicated Polio because the brave US and world citizens complied and got that vaccine.

Just get the vaccine

Joseph Vendetti


Awesome – i got my 1st dose 1/4 and second on 1/25 in Utica as an essential worker.

Whatever we need to do to get everyone vaccinated I’m for.

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