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Letters to the Editor Sunday, May 23


Grateful for concern by Schenectady police

Recently I received support from Schenectady police after our son died unexpectedly of a medical condition.
The police were very considerate of me and asked the needed questions sensitively and respectfully. I appreciated their support and the follow-up afterwards by Detective Ryan Maloney.
A sincere thank you to all the policemen present on that difficult day.
Althea Giaquinto

Writer wrongly put the blame on Israel

Saying that Jews “should be first in line to demand that ‘Never again’ shall this happen to any of God’s children,” in his May 16 letter (“Israel must honor its Hebrew values”) Rev. John Ekman suggests that the extermination of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust is equivalent to Israel’s defending itself against a lethal missile barrage by a terrorist entity on its border.
Hamas’s goal is to destroy Israel—as they explicitly state—and, supplied with weaponry by Iran, they’re working at it.
To take just one factual error: One could almost laugh at Rev. Ekman’s charge that Israel is “denying farmland” to Gazans. In 2005, Israel withdrew totally from Gaza, evicting the 9,000 Jews who lived there—in hopes of achieving peace—and handing over their farms to the Hamas government.
Rev. Ekman should put himself in the place of a Palestinian family when a Hamas rocket misfires and falls back to the Gazan ground, destroying their home and/or killing them; or as a Jewish family in Tel Aviv, trying just to live but forced to run for shelter when sirens warn of an incoming missile; or as the Israeli Arab 16-year-old and her father recently killed by a Hamas rocket.
Perhaps then he would gain some insight into questions of “justice and mercy.”
Rev. Ekman further suggests that the Jews of modern Israel are guilty of “another form of anti-Semitism.”
Let’s be blunt: It is he who is guilty of it.
His letter is not only misinformed and tendentious but morally obscene.
Jessica Hornik Evans

Stop conspiracies before it’s too late

Can a democracy with a significant cohort of its population accepting the obvious lies and bizarre conspiracy theories spewed by Qanon survive?
Can it survive the attempt of an authoritarian bloviating, bloated, buffoon to regain the presidency?
Can Qanon and Trump achieve their goal of boosting his sagging ego with unlimited political power?
Qanon and Trump supporters know who they are. But they don’t know how absurd they sound to people who understand the clear and nonpartisan proof of Joe Biden’s victory.
Are they blind and deaf to the footage of violent insurrectionists inspired by Trump and carrying flags emblazoned with his name attacking the Capitol police and threatening the lives of Pence, Pelosi and others? Did they miss the gallows, the bear spray, beatings of police with flagpoles?
Do they really believe Trump was sent by God and should be honored with a Homer Simpson-like “gold” statue?
Are Democrats really cannibals and child sex traffickers?
Did they hear McCarthy and Graham change their positions on Trump’s culpability in the insurrection to further their political ambitions in spite of the threat to our democracy?
Do they not see how untrue the rantings of Congresspersons Greene, Boebert, Gosar, Clyde, Johnson et al are?
Will they stop? Please stop. Before it is too late.
Anthony J. Santo


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Mr. Santo: You posed some questions regarding the survival of are democracy that is being threatened by the extreme right’s modus operandi.

Three things must be fought and defeated/overcome in order for America to become unified and remain strong as a nation:
Stupidity, ignorance and indifference..

-Given to unintelligent decisions or acts.
-Acting in an unintelligent or careless manner.
-Lacking intelligence or reason.
-Marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting.
-Lacking interest or point.

-Destitute of knowledge or education.
-Lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified.
-Resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence.

If not one or both of the above it’s about indifference. – Indifference to all and anything for reasons of power and or financial gain.


While you think BLM have you seen anyone of significance call for Blacks to turn in their local drug dealers? George Floyd might be alive if locals turned in the dealers.

Guy Varoma

Fred and how no you know no one hasn’t turned in the drug dealers? Are you privy to that information? I would think the police would like to keep their confidential informants just that ….confidential 😁


Learn to read. I asked a question. That should indicate that I was curious about something I did not know.

Note a former Black president has not made a pitch to turn in drug dealers or submit to law enforcement instructions.


Louis, perhaps Fred provided the key to your three characteristics of the right wing: education spending in mostly red states is so low that it creates stupid, ignorant and indifferent children and then adults.


Perhaps the educational achievements of Albany students should be reviewed so that we can fairly measure the effectiveness of Democratic educational policies. Being a Republican I think results are important. If I ran the schools in Albany I would have the teachers staying after school to help students with their homework . I would have football coaches because of their commitment to individual effort set the administrative tone for the school.

What is important is not the spending of money but facilitating the achievement of the demanding results.


“The bottom line is I care about Black people, I care about Gay people, I care poor people, I care about oppressed people”

Note that Lou does not distinguish between the Black drug dealer and the dead Black addict. This type of Liberal caring is nothing but tribalism!


“According to a Census Bureau report issued last week, New York spends $25,139 to educate each student in the state. That’s about $3,000 more than the next closest state, Connecticut, and almost double the national average of $13,187.”

We should appreciate what the Democrats have done for us.


As for appreciating what the Democrats have done for us they should be given credit for having given us a new sense of what is just . As a result of their efforts practicing Catholics are on the finical hook for the actions, of pedophile priests. With Democrats new sense of justice the innocent pay for the actions of the guilty.

Anthony Santo:
A fine letter with important questions…that sadly no, as in “0”, people of the tRump faith will answer. Or if they do it will likely be some juvenile variation of “I know you are, but what am I”.
They’re just not that brave.


Insults are not a substitute for substance. Try sharing your insights with the reader. For example do you think keepings schools open and requiring teachers to be there to help with required homework is a good idea?

When you show some respect for the benefit of the doubt you’ve been given here in answering your ‘innocent’ questions, over and over and over again, maybe you’ll be afforded more respect and less insults.
For the time being, your behavior does not warrant such respect, from me anyway.


” tRump faith” Respect from someone who made the faith comment would require how my communication skills failed me!

This is sourced from an admittedly left-leaning news aggregator, but as it accurately shows, our wannabee Conservatives now apparently believe that _anything_ they don’t agree with is “left leaning”:

OAN, a conservative news channel, spent the weekend trying to convince its viewers that conservative competitor Newsmax is a “left-leaning organization.”

In a report that was aired over the weekend, OAN’s Pearson Sharp suggested that Newsmax and Fox News could no longer be considered “reliable” news sources because the outlets had recognized President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election.

“For a long time, conservatives could count on Fox News for an honest take on what was going on,” Sharp opined. “But as we saw during this last election, Fox jumped ship and headed for waters that were a lot darker blue.”

“Then there’s Newsmax, which likes to project an image of being a home for conservatives, right-leaning or at the very least center-right news,” he continued. “But is that really the case? If you dig deeper under the Newsmax image of so-called conservative news, you’ll find a very different, much more left-leaning organization.”

According to Sharpe, “Newsmax threw Trump under the bus and buckled almost immediately, declaring Biden the next president despite all the evidence of massive fraud and without waiting for the contested battleground states to finish their investigations.”

The OAN correspondent also hit Newsmax for “changing direction” after the network was sued by an employee of Dominion Voting Systems. Newsmax later issued an apology and said that it had found no evidence that allegations of vote tampering were true.

“Is that what honest journalism looks like?” Sharp asked.

OAN’s report on Newsmax first aired Friday. By Sunday, the network had repeated the segment over two dozen times.


To Mr. Santo and all of you others who are ignorant. There is no such thing as Qanon.
It is only Q and there are perhaps only four Anons.

As for OAN, they did go a little overboard but it is true that both FOX and NEWSMAX have dropped all coverage of the audits of the election. If you noticed I wrote audits meaning there are more than one. That is because there are audits in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin right now.

While listening to the news I realized that the same thing happening in the Middle East is the same thing happening in New York City. Thugs carrying Palestinian flags and shouting kill the Jews are attacking Jewish people all over the city, actually all over the country. Anybody that’s defending the Palestinians andHamas is no better than they are.


Althea Giaquinto,
Thank you for the letter praising the SPD. So nice to see vs what’s usually in the news about police. Sorry for your loss. Lost our youngest several years ago in vehicle accident and NYSP and local police in RI. handled it the same way as you described for us.

Guy Varoma

The Republican Part has become the Party of willful ignorance …Or the RepubQanon…. As an EX republican It amazes me that that people still want to be associated with The Republican Party

I think it’s hilarious how the racists on this blog ..Try to pass off racism on others …I wonder if they ever go back and read how foolish they sound

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