Police: Seven overdoses in Schenectady in 36-hour span, one fatal


SCHENECTADY – Seven people overdosed in Schenectady in the span of 36 hours, one of them fatally, police said Sunday.

Police also took the opportunity to highlight multiple local organizations who can help.

An investigation into the overdoses was underway Sunday evening, police said.

Police indicated several substances are suspected throughout the incidents, however, police said “it is possible that multiple overdoses are related to adulterated cocaine.”

“We are asking anyone who is currently using any substance, or knows someone who is using, to spread this information to help save others,” police said in a Facebook post.

The stretch of overdoses follows a similar one in January that saw eight overdoses in the county over 24 hours, one of those fatal. The fatal overdose in January happened in Rotterdam.

The local programs highlighted by police Sunday evening:

  • Catholic Charities/Project SAFEPoint – 24/7 Toll free 1-866-930-4999. Harm-reduction services, overdose prevention, treatment readiness and referral, syringe exchange, HIV and Hepatitis C Screening
  • New Choices Recovery Center/COTI Project – Call 518-688-4901 or 518-346-4436. Provides in-patient services, out-patient services, MAT, Tele-Medicine, Friends of Recovery, and family support.
  • Ellis Emergency Department- 24/7 Now providing MAT and referrals to treatment, and also provides CRPAS: Mon-Fri 8-4 with referrals to either Conifer Park or Catholic Charities outside of those hours
  • Conifer Park – 1-800-989-6446. Provides in-patient, out-patient, MAT, and Family Support services
  • Northern Rivers Mental Health Services- 518-952-9032- Mental health counseling services and wellness services.
  • Hometown Health Schenectady – 518-370-1441. Health center that also provides MAT, employs CRPAs, and their nurses are trained in SBIRT
  • The Living Room- 518-243-3300. Provides an alternate to visiting Emergency Room for mental health crises…/schenectady-living-room-crisis…/
  • The Schenectady Cares Program at the Schenectady Police Department- 24/7, walk-in program which helps individuals connect with services throughout the region. 518-630-0911


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