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Letters to the Editor Monday, May 24


Don’t be silent on truth of Capitol riot

The worst thing about Sen. Andrew Clyde’s (R-Georgia) claim that the attackers of the Capitol on Jan. 6 were ‘like tourists” is that people will believe him.
Those of us who watched in dismay and horror as the seat of our government was overrun by a large, angry mob rolling past a line of police to enter the building after destroying windows may still feel a sense of violation.
Sen. Clyde suggests that if we watch the video of the people strolling in the Rotunda, they look like the average tourist.
That is like saying that if we watch the video of President Kennedy riding in the car before he is killed, what is the problem?
If we watch the video of Lee Harvey Oswald walking with the officers before Jack Ruby shot him, what’s the problem?
If we see the Twin Towers standing there before the planes hit them, what is the problem?
If we see George Floyd in the convenience store before he goes outside to meet the police, what’s the problem?
No, Sen. Clyde, those people were not tourists, and you do harm to say so. Sad thing is that people will believe him, just as they believe that Trump did not lose the election. Those of us clear-minded enough to watch the whole video must not be silent. We cannot let those who would pick and choose our history, to take hold of our present.
Janice Walz

Savage earned Dems’ endorsement

I’m responding to the April 28 article (“Working Families Party official at odds with candidate”) in which a member of the Working Family Party unfairly criticized the Democratic Committee for endorsing Brendan Savage for Schenectady County Legislature.
As a member of the Democratic Executive Committee, I can assure all that the endorsement was based upon merit.
Brendan Savage made a compelling case for his candidacy.
His presentation stressed the need for neighborhood revitalization and improvement. The decision was not made because Brendan’s mother, Susan, was chair of the Legislature 10 years ago.  The Executive Committee is impressed with Brendan’s experience. His work with Metroplex, the Land Bank and the District Attorney’s Office gives him an outstanding command of the issues facing our city and county.
Savage played a key role in President Biden’s election, working in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida. He also campaigned in Georgia to help elect the two new Democratic senators.
Omar McGill has a spotty voting record, having voted in only one election between 2010 and 2017. McGill  didn’t even vote in the 2016 presidential election when we were trying to stop Trump.
On June 22, join me in voting for Brendan Savage.
Thomas Bellick
The writer is chairman of the Schenectady City Democratic Committee.

Lee Zeldin doesn’t reflect NY values

I was unsurprised to read that Schenectady County’s Republican Committee and its chair, Glenville Supervisor Chris Koetzle, endorsed the Hamptons’ Congressman Lee Zeldin for governor of our great state.
Zeldin, much like the Republicans’ it-girl, Elise Stefanik, on Jan. 6 supported the aim of violent insurrectionists by voting to overturn the results of the presidential election, which, Joe Biden won by over 7 million votes.
Just as disgustingly, Zeldin voted against legalizing gay marriage and opposed gun control as a state senator, and just last year signed a legal brief with hundreds of Southern congressmen calling on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.
The reason why I’m so unsurprised by this endorsement is because of who Koetzle’s two county Republican vice-chairs are.
One is gun-toting extremist Liz Joy, who organized buses to the Jan 6 insurrection and has compared safe, legal abortion to genocide. The other is Niskayuna Supervisor Yasmine Syed, who is a longtime close friend of Stefanik and has exchanged hundreds in campaign contributions with her.
Lee Zeldin and modern Republicans lack New York values. We should reject Zeldin and Joy next fall, and vote against Koetzle and Syed’s local GOP acolytes this November.
Kevin Duffy


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Janice Walz – Excellent letter. Republicans are revisionists that only see and hear what will serve their desire to be in control again. Truth is secondary in their approach.


Why not supply some “truth” to the rest of us? For example why the governor still holds office after getting his subordinates to volunteer to work on his book and not giving them some of the profits he made from their efforts.


Kevin Duffy – Excellent letter that exposes many in the GOP at the Federal and Local levels. Zeldin will get eaten alive in NY. It won’t matter too much who the Democratic nominee will be; even a wounded Cuomo could beat him. Democratic opponents need to press your points in campaign debates and remind voters over and over again of who and what the GOP represents. Personally, I’m waiting to hear from the Glenville Democrats so I can lend them my support.


Here’s a short brief from CNN’s What Matters column: “President Joe Biden has pledged to seek out bipartisan solutions for big-ticket items, but he’s running into a wall of no from Republicans in Washington, where legislation on infrastructure, voting rights, guns and most strikingly the January 6 investigative commission is stuck.

Biden’s ability to move his colleagues across the aisle, which he repeatedly touted on the campaign trail, rests on an assumption of collective facts, good faith negotiation and an ability to operate above partisan politics for the public benefit. But the Republican Party that Biden now faces isn’t the same one he navigated for decades as a senator or even as President Barack Obama’s vice president.

A Washington Post essay from nearly 10 years ago described congressional extremists, their rejection of truth, a party turning into authoritarians or “an apocalyptic cult.” It bore a striking headline:

“Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem.” ”

Me. It’s time for Biden to move forward and use whatever budgetary tactic is necessary to move the country forward, not stand still or go backwards like the GOP. Everyone rails about the Chinese. Well folks, they are very competitive with their investments and we better start competing on a large scale, too. We don’t want other countries looking to China to help with their needs. We need to lead again so we can be “America First”. And Congress needs to kill the filibuster or let the GOP dictate everything. That would be scary.


SCHENECTADY – Seven people overdosed in Schenectady in the span of 36 hours, one of them fatally, police said Sunday.

Police also took the opportunity to highlight multiple local organizations who can help.

Perhaps it is time to defund the police. After all if people are not whiling to turn in drug dealers why not let them continue in their efforts to, by death, reduce greenhouse gas admissions.

Time to defund the police when they’re handing out jobs to their sometimes problematic relatives, right Fred?
By distorting the meaning of “defund the police” you’ve weaponized it. You know that though.

Andrew Clyde must be REALLY scared of tourists because there’s photos of him helping to barricade the door to the House floor on January 6th. Perhaps the tourists were just really upset that the gift shop was out of the “I Participated In An Insurrection, And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt” apparel.


I offer a simple solution to voter fraud: The act of paying Federal income tax automatically registers you as a voter. This simple approach has a strong element of fairness. If you pay you are entitled to have a say in how your money is spent!

Never thought I’d see the day that Fred advocated for undocumented immigrants having the right to vote (many undocumented immigrants pay federal taxes). Such a swift change of heart Fred, I wonder how your overlord Trump would feel about your proposal.


Like Como who lives in public housing – the governors mansion. I also suggest that those who chose to cheat on their taxes lose the right to vote – permanently


You have avoided discussing the merits of my idea. Why? Do you have a problem with the idea that those who pay should have say in how their money is spent? Or is it that you have a problem with an idea whose implementation would be an end to the dead voting?


Fred, Even though Jerry Garcia is no longer with us, the remaining band members are still alive and well. I’m sure they pay their taxes. Don’t understand why you have a problem with them voting.


Try researching the meaning of dead in the context that it was employed.


Send me an example of what you aRE WRITING ABOUT AND i WILL SHARE MY VIEWS


It’s something to note that when one of these astute Republicans bloggers post a ridiculous comment that is refuted by fact and logic, their rebuttal is to repeat the original statement or not respond at all. Combined they would make a great debating team.


Posted yesterday, didn’t reply but I am now:

May 23rd, 2021
While listening to the news I realized that the same thing happening in the Middle East is the same thing happening in New York City. Thugs carrying Palestinian flags and shouting kill the Jews are attacking Jewish people all over the city, actually all over the country. Anybody that’s defending the Palestinians andHamas is no better than they are.
Why haven’t you denounced the thugs that have been beating the people of Asian decent for the past year? That too certainly has been on the news. – Is it because the Palestinian culture is primarily Arab and Islamic and that’s what got your attention and makes the difference? Perhaps it’s because trump indirectly ok’d and incited the attacks by calling COVID-19 the “kung flu, Chinese virus and the Wuhan virus”.

As a foot note a highly condemn and denounced racially motivated hate crimes committed by ANYONE against anyone. The extremists committing these crimes certainly do not represent all the people of their cultural heritage.

Joseph Vendetti

Anyone think its crazy that a man was able to get onto the air side of Albany Airport, access a cockpit and then be released with no bail?

Hey how’s the annual inflation rate doing under Biden? Under President Trump the highest it was 2.3% in 2019 and it dropped to 1.4% in 2020. So far under Biden it’s a whopping 4.2% and getting worse. Lumber is up 140%. Here is an April NBC News article.
Shoppers had better start budgeting more for their groceries, according to the latest consumer price index, which shows prices are increasing — and they’re likely to keep going up.
The monthly consumer price index, released Tuesday morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, showed a 0.6 percent increase in March, the largest one-month increase in nearly a decade. Over the past year, prices have increased by 2.6 percent overall.

Aren’t ya”ll just happy we don’t have to hear any mean tweets. By golly, prices for everything are going to keep going up until we can’t afford anything. It sure does look like we’re heading towards that socialist kind of economy in well under a year. I don’t know if I should be impressed or angry that Biden could destroy this country so fast.


“Lumber is up 140%” – You can’t even get facts correct that are an attempt to reinforce your uninformed arguments. 250% not 140%

“Lumber prices have indeed spiked, but it’s not related to the Biden administration. Prices rose by more than 250% in the last year, according to Business Insider.”

The country has been in neutral or barely first gear for a year. Purchasing and manufacturing were at a crawl. We are finally getting the pandemic under control and the flood gates are opening. Try educating yourself on supply and demand and how it is related to the cost of goods sold.

Your arguments are empty.

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