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Local rowers shine at New York State Invitational under different rules

Niskayuna rowers Jessica Arul, Samantha Rowden, Anna Vinciguerra, Caylin Schneider and Kylie VanPatten show off their medals Sunday afternoon, the second day of competition at the New York State Invitational at Fish Creek.

Niskayuna rowers Jessica Arul, Samantha Rowden, Anna Vinciguerra, Caylin Schneider and Kylie VanPatten show off their medals Sunday afternoon, the second day of competition at the New York State Invitational at Fish Creek.

A smaller-than-normal turnout at the New York State high school rowing championships on Fish Creek didn’t deter several Capital Region organizations from hauling in a number of titles on Fish Creek over the weekend.

Niskayuna Rowing hauled in nine gold medals in the scholastic division and 13 overall.

The Niskayuna boys’ entries claimed four gold medals Saturday at their second competition in the past 18 months.

“It feels like it’s been a long time,” Niskayuna boys rowing coach Sean O’Brien said. “They spent a great amount of time in small boats over the summer and into the fall, slowly they got to work into some bigger boats, doubles and quads. It was like a technical year, so they are rowing a lot better.”

The focus on training versus racing worked for Niskayuna rowers.

“We had a pretty good showing at Stotesbury [Philadelphia regatta] the week before, but it’s kind of fun to see all the New York teams side-by-side.”

The scholastic division includes rowers that attend the same high school, the club division invites teams with rowers from various high schools and larger geographic areas.

Oak Neck Rowing Academy from Long Island and RowAmerica Rye were the fastest to the line in the 42 events contested Saturday and Sunday, taking home 25 gold medals.

The top three finishers in 26 of the available events from the weekend earned a bid to the USRowing Youth Invitational Regatta in Sarasota, Florida June 10 to 13.

Due to coronavirus-related guidelines at the local and national level, rowing was separated into boys’ and girls’ events on separate days.

“All the different [mass gathering] permits had different stipulations, so we kind of threaded the needle of staying in compliance with everybody,” Saratoga Rowing Association regatta director Chris Chase said. “Having the genders on different days allowed us to cut the numbers in half. We had to stay between 200 and 499 on-site.”

The smaller Sunday event allowed the regatta to conclude before high winds began blowing onto the Fish Creek course.

“Last week this was the exact same weather pattern [USRowing Northeast qualifying regatta] and we got hammered at the end of the day with crazy all of the sudden out of the blue from the Northwest, which turns [Fish Creek] into a typhoon with whitecaps,” Chase said. “We took the lunch break out [of the schedule], took two minutes off between the races and we finished with a half-hour to spare.”

Adjusting to gathering guidelines and managing the incoming weather paid off for the high school squads.

“We found out late that we could get [mass gathering] permits, when all is said and done, it’s kind of a step towards normalcy for the kids,” Chase said. “I think they needed it to happen more than the medals and the racing.

“They just needed it to happen and be here.”

New York State Invitational

Girls’ overall results

Girls’ U19 single — Oak Neck RA 6:20.003; Niskayuna; Oak Neck RA-B. Girls’ U15 single — Oak Neck RA 7:28.040; Oak Neck RA-B; Port Jefferson RC. Girls’ U17 single — Port Jefferson RC 6:48.060; Oak Neck RA; Oak Neck RA- B. Girls’ senior double — Oak Neck RA-D 5:35.090; Oak Neck RA; Niskayuna. Girls’ junior double — Mount St. Mary Academy 6:22.080; Long Island RC; Saratoga. Girls’ U17 double — OakNeck RA 6:19.030; OakNeck RA-B; Saratoga. Girls’ senior four — RowAmerica Rye 5:34.050; Pittsford; Pelham Community RA. Girls’ senior quad — Oak Neck RA 5:34.70; Saratoga; RowAmerica Rye.

Girls’ junior quad — Shenendehowa 6:16.060; Shenendehowa-B; Saratoga. Girls’ freshman quad — Oak Neck RA 6:06.050; Burnt Hills; Oak Neck RA-B. Girls’ U17 quad — RowAmerica Rye 6:19.040; Port Jefferson; Niskayuna. Girls’ U15 quad — Saratoga 7:22.095; Saratoga-B; Niskayuna. Girls’ straight four — RowAmerica Rye 5:30.091; RowAmerica Rye-B. Girls’ junior four — Baldwinsville 6:14.005; City Honors; Nichols School. Girls’ freshman four — Port Rowing 6:25.048; Saratoga; Baldwinsville. Girls’ senior eight — RowAmerica Rye 4:57.040; Saratoga; Port Rowing. Girls’ second eight — Port Rowing 5:56.080; St. Anthony’s; Pittsford. Girls’ junior eight — Saratoga 5:22.060; City Island; Nardin Academy. Girls’ freshman eight — RowAmerica Rye 5:45.092; Pelham Community RA; City Island. Girls’ U17 four — Pelham Community RA 6:02.081; City Island; Emma Willard. Girls’ U17 eight — RowAmerica Rye 5:39.10; Pittsford; City Honors.


Boys’ overall results

Boys’ U19 single — Oak Neck RA-C 6:25.092; Oak Neck RA-D; West Side RC. Boys’ U17 single — Oak Neck RA-B 6:59.070; Niskayuna; Oak Neck RA. Boys’ senior pair — RowAmerica Rye 5:54.070; Canisius; Canisius-B. Boys’ senior double — Oak Neck RA 5:36.000; Niskayuna; Oak Neck RA-B. Boys’ junior double — RowAmerica Rye 5:54.090; Niskayuna, Oak Neck RA. Boys’ U17 double — Oak Neck RA; Long Island RC; Oak Neck RA-B. Boys’ senior four — RowAmerica Rye 5:22.040; RowAmerica Rye-B, St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute. Boys’ U17 four — Canisius 5:37.070; RowAmerica Rye; City Honors. Boys’ U17 quad — RowAmerica Rye 5:44.20; Saratoga; Shaker. Boys’ straight four — RowAmerica Rye 5:11.010; RowAmerica Rye-B; Canisius. Boys’ junior four — Iona Prep 5:40.006; St. Joseph’s Collegiate; Saratoga.

Boys’ freshman four — City Honors 7:18.030; Fordham Prep. Boys’ senior quad — Oak Neck RA 5:03.61; Niskayuna; Burnt Hills. Boys’ junior quad — Shenendehowa 6:25.000; Oak Neck RA; Niskayuna. Boys’ freshman quad — Burnt Hills 6:05.050; Saratoga; Long Island RC. Boys’ U15 quad/coxed — Niskayuna 6:10.080; Saratoga; Long Island RC. Boys’ senior eight — RowAmerica Rye 4:53.050; Pelham Community RA; RowAmerica Rye-B. Boys’ second eight — Port Rowing 5:07.004; Pelham Community RA; Chaminade. Boys’ junior eight — Port Rowing 5:17.020; Canisius 5:25.81; Port Rowing-B. Boys’ freshman eight — RowAmerica Rye 5:12.070; Saratoga; Canisius. Boys’ U17 eight — RowAmerica Rye 4:55.010; Pittsford Crew; Canisius.

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