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Letters to the Editor Thursday, May 27


Negative impact of Dems, libs is clear

With all that has happened since the presidential election, I certainly would hope that common sense has started to take hold.
Hats off to the people who write letters to The Gazette and other papers calling out the left, Democrats, Joe Biden, and his cronies.
It is clear as crystal now that he (Joe Biden) is doing the bidding of people like Obama, Eric Holder, the Clintons, et al. This is what the Socialist Democrats have wanted all along.
We now here in New York state answer to a dictator Cuomo because of a weak and cowardly Legislature, which turned its power over to Cuomo when the pandemic started and stayed home, collecting their paycheck, doing NOTHING.
Thousands died, and now the cowardly Legislature is still dragging its feet on getting rid of Cuomo.
He should have been arrested by now. But no, he’s collecting royalties on a phony book.
How do you like all the inflation now?
Higher gas prices, food, clothing, everything?
Undocumented immigrants by the thousands, millions, because of the hatred of Trump, what fools, what pettiness. “We the people can fix this.”
Yes, honest voting can get them out. But we need to rally at the capitol, state and federal, and keep it up.
Media can only hide the truth for so long.
Of course, a lot of Democrats need to keep wearing their masks because they are afraid to show their evil faces.
Albert Marvell

Put human rights above nuclear force

Countries that have nuclear weapons would be the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, India, China, Pakistan, and North Korea.
It’s widely believed Israel also has nuclear weapons.
Apartheid South Africa used to have nuclear weapons. They got rid of them.
As a country we do well with some freedoms. Human rights, though, is not our strength.
I can’t find much about India before Narendra Modi became Prime Minister. Under Modi, they do not have a good reputation for human rights.
For the other countries, some are better than others. None have been great with human rights.
The huge number of countries that don’t have nuclear weapons are mixed with human rights. I’d rather have a mixed human rights record than one that’s worse.
There are claims a small nuclear conflict would reduce sunlight to the world.
It’s probable that many governments don’t want to take the risk.
I don’t expect any presidents to acknowledge these facts.
Colin Yunick


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William Marincic

So true Al. All you hear from these Democrats that post on this page is that it was Trumps fault. You never hear them tell you how great Biden is , they continue the sing the same sad song of how bad Trump was. I wish one day they would be honest and tell me all of the great things that Joe Biden has done but to be honest with you Joe Biden has done nothing except destroy this country.


Well, Biden was planning during the pandemic and came out swinging right away–removing disgusting, damaging, racist, sexist, policies from 45. He got a handle on the virus and exceeded his goals which opens up the country sooner. Unemployment coming down, put money in the hands of ordinary Americans instead of the already wealthy, press briefings instead of stupid tweets, and hired seasoned experts instead of sycophants. He’s restoring alliances, standing up to autocrats (unlike 45 falling in love with them), reuniting families stripped apart, for starters…

And 430+ Trump supporters arrested for beating and stabbing them with Trump and American flags. Good law-abiding citizens.


Hey Chuck, I noticed you once didn’t capitalize the word manure in a sentence, why capitalize the word trump?

I’m trying to be more…ah…respectful. Not sure I maintain it though.


When it comes to the economy Democrats believe in magic. They think that printing money will result in more goods and services at no ones expense. What will happen is the rest of the world will use are cheapened dollars to buy American properties. While locals will be provided with an inflation lowered living standard.


Oh, and he believes in our form of gov’t from our Founders, doesn’t constantly divide us, respects the rule of law, and is not an Insurrectionist! Boy, talk about destroying our country–45 wins that prize!


When it comes to respecting the rule of law Democrats are on weak ground. They show with their sanctuary governments that they think that Federal immigration law is meant to be taken as a suggestion. Do not forget their failure to support police who try to arrest a resisting suspect.

Right. Meanwhile the arrests, confessions, and indictments of alt-righties continue to pile up.
Numbers matter and you only have zero.


Hey Fred, “When it comes to respecting the rule of law” we’ll find how strong the ground is for Republicans starting at the top with trump after the investigations by Cyrus Vance and Letitia James unfold and pressure is applied to Allen Weisselberg and he hopefully exposes all the criminal activity privy to your wanna be dictator.

Respect the rule of law, that’s funny coming from the Anti Police, defund the police, bail reform, pro-criminal crowd. BTW this country became divided under Obama and it continues to get worse. You keep talking about all of these bad things Trump did, it’s plain stupid talk. Lowest unemployment in history especially women and minorities, prison reform, stock market, he brought Billions of offshore dollars back to America, foreign businesses started locating to the U.S. because of his tax laws, he had control of the border, he made other countries pay their fair share of NATO, he rejected the Paris Climate that hurt America, He got three peace deals with enemies of Israel, he moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem as was promised for decades and we were respected by other nations because they knew Trump meant business. So tell me what Biden has actually done to help America and don’t say Covid as that was ALL Trump, zero Biden.


Dems are not anti-police–45 watched with glee as Capitol Police were beaten for hours and killed–but are against BAD cops that had 10,000 killings with NO accountability. Dems want to redirect money to professionals to help what cops are not trained for. Not pro-criminal, just understand that our country was built on protest and there are always groups taking advantage–but are held accountable. 45’s insurrection is reaching 500 arrests! Obama couldn’t help that he is biracial and all the ugliness that came from that. Obama brought unemployment from about 10 down to 4.7, but 45 gets the credit for lowering ONE more point? Obama stock market about tripled, and saved auto industry after inheriting the WORST economy–until 45’s dismal response to the pandemic wiping out 10 years of job growth. 45 promised 4 trillion in off-shore and fell way short. Ripping babies and kids from their parents with no way to reunite?!…with people bulging at the border? Covid–45 ordered Warp Speed (yes, that was exhausting), but had no plan to distribute. Plus he refused a smooth transition and left agencies in chaos–just like his entire presidency.


I’m double checking my 10,000 statement, but my point is that for at least a decade NO cop was held accountable for all deadly force used. That’s just not right–not every killing could have been justified, and we are discovering bad cops covering up their misdeeds. Making them accountable is not anti-police–it’s justice.


Justice would require that the assets of those who died resisting arrest be given to police officers as reparations for the physic stress associated with the taking of a life in self defense


Wake up, no one on this blog is anti-police! There’s a big difference in anti racist, bigoted, murdering, corrupt police and anti-police.

If in fact “this country became divided under Obama” it’s because he’s Black, he realizes the importance of science and technology, he understands the importance of pragmatic approach to international relations in an ever shrinking and competitive world. He knows people of ALL races are equal while denouncing white supremacy. He doesn’t boast about, “Im like, really smart, a very stable genius” and is willing to take advice from scientist, physicians, intellects, historians, and diplomats, not rely on his “gut” that tells him “more than anybody else’s brain.”

It’s quite apparent the division of the country is between the White supremacist, immediate gratification, self serving, greedy, indifferent and the rest of us who care about all.

The reality of the situation is that Albert Marvell and people of his mindset, like you Zachary are your own worst enemies. If your agendas prevail we are all eventually, for lack of a better word or risk of getting thrown off this forum, screwed.

“You keep talking about all of these bad things Trump did”. What else is there?

And as to the rest of your drivel there’s no point in my responding to it because fact and the reality of situations obviously mean nothing to you.


Zachary–did 45 or his kids bring their products made in China back to the US? NOPE…as a matter of fact, princess Ivanka obtained many Trademarks from China–fast tracked!

Why won’t answer the questions posed? How are they “anti police” and “pro criminal”?
The rest of it’s just a firehose of talking points you never seem to be able to support.


In reference to “pro-criminal” perhaps there was some confusion from the sports page and he’s talking about O.J. Simpson, Mike Tyson, Tonya Harding, Michael Vick and the like.

I’m not sure it is warranted but again I apologize for the possibility of to much sarcasm but I sometimes need a break from attempting to use fact and logic when responding to some of what I believe to be insane thinking from some on this forum. 🤪🙃


If you were a Republican because you believed in fiscal restraint, under Trump the debt and deficit have exploded. If you were a Republican because you believed the GOP was stronger on national and homeland security, just look at what Trump said in cynically downplaying Russia’s cyberattack against our country. If you are a Republican because you believe in law and order, examine the records of the corrupt people Trump just gave pardons and commutations to. If you are a Republican because you are pro-life, there are 375,000 Americans dead from COVID-19 to call into question the GOP’s commitment to the sanctity of life.


You have forgotten that instead of offering productive insights in how to deal with COVID-19 the busied themselves with impeachment issues.


Fred, I guess you forgot that 45 KNEW what was happening and failed to share that information about covid. I guess it’s ok with you for 45 to continually lie about the election and cause the worst attack on our Capitol–by promoting white supremacy and domestic terrorists. Yes, if that isn’t Impeachment worthy–nothing is! And he’s STILL at it, riling up the crazies with guns.


Actually Florida, as of may 19th 584,975 have died from COVID.

“One day – it’s like a miracle – it will disappear” I guess Saint Anthony of Padua the Saint of Miracles also didn’t want to hear anything trump had to say.

“With all that has happened since the presidential election, I certainly would hope that common sense has started to take hold.”

Well it seems to have, tens of thousands have left the Republican Party since then.
“It is clear as crystal now that he (Joe Biden) is doing the bidding of people like Obama, Eric Holder, the Clintons, et al. This is what the Socialist Democrats have wanted all along.”

And pretty clearly the American People (although only the losers abuse the term “Socialist”).
Democrats have won the popular vote 7 out of the last 8 Presidential elections. What fools are we, eh?
“How do you like all the inflation now?
Higher gas prices, food, clothing, everything?”

No one “likes” inflation. Educated people on economics understand this is turbulence and a reality of emerging from a global financial crisis. Others will not be able to see past their well-worn Trump2020 flag and only see how much their gas costs.
“Here’s how economically we are coming out of COVID,” Fox Business’ Stuart Varney said. “Here we go, the big picture. Confirmation that the economy is strong, was strong earlier this year. How strong? An annual growth rate of 6.4%”
“Yes, honest voting can get them out.”
From your lips to your god’s ears, Mr. Marvell. That’s America.


Exactly: “Yes, honest voting can get them out.” Republicans know this and that is (from NPR) “Why Republicans are moving to fix elections that weren’t broken.” “Republican-led legislatures in dozens of states are moving to change election laws in ways that could make it harder to vote”…

Joseph Vendetti

Zach – I hate to agree with anything you say because of the “breeding” comment you made the other day but ….

I voted for McCain in 08 but voted for Obama in 12. Things I liked about Obama

Used the same tax cuts and went further then George Bush to rescue the country from the Great Recession, cutting the unemployment rate from 10% to 4.7%, Ended the war in Iraq, ordered the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden, Supported the LGBT community’s fight for equality, put the U.S. ontrack for energy independence by 2020, Signed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) allowing as many as 5 million people living in the U.S. illegally to avoid deportation and receive work permits (didn’t go far enough for amenesty), signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to re-regulate the financial sector, dropped the veteran homeless rate by 50 percent, Increased Department of Veteran Affairs funding, Expanded embryonic stem cell research leading to groundbreaking work in areas including spinal injury treatment and cancer

I am pro police but certain aspects of our law enforcement needs serious reform – I believe police officers need more education and even a law enforcement officer (LEO) license. This license like a lawyer, CPA, engineer could be revoked if you violate certain cannons of your profession. Just like a dr or engineer has to carry professional insurance for errors and malpractice a LEO should have to do the same thing. We also need training for LEO and more funding not less. But after January 6th You can say Trump was pro law & order!!

Leaving the paris accord was a mistake & coal was never coming back and has been dying since 06 (cheap natural gas).

The bail reform in NYS has been a complete joke. Criminals revolving door, committing multiple crimes in same day.

Trump can check off Operation warp speed as accomplishment – but he wasn’t a leader. He should have been telling ppl to social distance and wear a mask.

William Aiken

Joe in what way was leaving the Paris Accord, a mistake?

From 2017-2019, the US lowered its carbon admissions more than any of the other country in the Paris Accord. We achieved this impressive feat by focussing on the acceleration of fracking. Not being tethered to the Paris Accord led the US to become energy independent, which had helped the peace deals President Trump secured in the Middle East.

The Paris Accord holds China, the world’s largest polluter to lower standards than the US. These guidelines unfairly favor China’s growth while impeding our economic growth. President Trump was correct to get the US of a deal that was beneficial to our number adversary, and counterproductive to our own interests. Finally, John Kerry recently conceded that zero emission won’t make a difference in climate change.

Watch his incredulous statement for yourself.

Joe (and anyone else wanting the truth), suggest you go to his link and there you can hear Kerry’s words yourself and make your own opinion. I predict you’ll see how dishonest the commenter’s point is.

It’s called “doing the right thing”, because a host of countries are watching what we do and we have a responsibility to set the model.

William Aiken

Chuck the video shows Kerry making that zero emissions statement exactly as I quoted him. The 46 second video is full context as there’s no qualifiers that might change the meaning of his words.

So to Joe’s point, why was it a mistake for President Trump to pull out of the Paris Accord Agreement? Joe, do you have an answer?


Because scientific fact is real is real and the only thing that came out of trump’s gut feelings of any relevance to the Paris Agreement was methane gas.

Yes, it does show the full context, and how you cherry-picked a bit of it to fit your alternative agenda.

Because some have that talking point stuck in their heads that Cuomo is responsible for a spike in crime. The takeaway is the bill was revised…last July.

From the Brennan Center for Justice, 4/16/2020:

New York’s new bail reform law had been in effect for a mere three months when the state legislature amended it in early April. The most significant change is that there are more situations where judges can impose cash bail. They will also have more discretion in setting bail and other conditions of pretrial release. The updates go into effect on July 1, 2020).

The purpose of the original bail reform law was to reduce the number of people jailed while awaiting trial simply because they could not afford to pay bail. Court watchers estimated that it would have reduced the jail population by at least 40 percent by eliminating cash bail for as much as 90 percent of arrests. For the remaining cases, judges maintained the option of setting cash bail.

Both before and after the law went into effect on January 1, many criticized its reforms. Despite limited data, some claimed that the law contributed to increases in crime. Prominent district attorneys and other law enforcement and public officials called for immediate revisions to the new law.

The legislature complied, putting changes into the annual state budget bill, which the governor signed a few days later.

Mr. Vendetti, Obama also decimated the military not to mention he murdered an American citizen with a drone strike which goes against the 6th Amendment of our Constitution. I agree with DACA with the caveat that they apply within 90 days of their 18th birthday. Obama did not give us energy independence, he stopped drilling all over the country, that was Trump. He killed soldiers in the VA and thankfully Trump fixed that as well. Tell me what we get out of the Paris Accord? It gives China a pass and only hurts American businesses. I also disagree that he reduced the veteran’s homeless rate.

Joseph Vendetti

I realize that the Paris Accord is flawed as are many if not all programs (taxes, borders, etc) but we need to do our part of slowing CO2 emissions. Worrying about the earth not just our carved out space.

I’ve been demolishing coal plants since 2005-2006 time frame, there are roughly 250 left in US – they aren’t dying because of the EPA or Paris accord – its cheap natural gas and that new Combustion Turbines (CTs) can flip a switch a need 1/10th of the human interaction. Thus cheaper more efficient and more dollars for the utilities.

Renewable energy (solar, wind) is more affordable and becoming more efficient and is better for our planet.

William Aiken

Wind and solar are unreliable, unsustainable energy sources as Texas proves a couple months ago. Any plan to fight climate change that doesn’t include nuclear power isn’t a serious plan. Without nuclear power the climate alarmists show their hand. For it’s not about saving the planet, it’s about a destroying capitalism and dismantling the economy.

I addressed this after it happened when a couple inudustry tools showed up here to basically say the sane tripe. The truth is, by Texas’ own website, renewables only supply 10% of what they consume.
Fail! Play again?

Is the VA better under Trump? Did he fire and remove people that were killing veterans for their sloppy jobs and not doing what they were being paid for? You can say anything you want about Donald Trump I will gladly take him any day over sleepy Joe the puppet in chief. Did Donald Trump allow veterans to see any doctor if they couldn’t get an appointment at the VA? Yes he did, if you had as many veterans as I have in my family you would know how great the VA is today compared to what it was before Trump.

KNOW YOUR HISTORY: Memorial Day was started by former slaves on May, 1, 1865 in Charleston, SC to honor 257 dead Union Soldiers who had been buried in a mass grave in a Confederate prison camp. They dug up the bodies and worked for 2 weeks to give them a proper burial as gratitude for fighting for their freedom. They then held a parade of 10,000 people led by 2,800 Black children where they marched, sang and celebrated.

Thanks to Abstrakt Goldsmith for this nugget of history that most of us never learned in school.


Another “nugget of history that most of us never learned in school.”

Zachary, since you seem to be interested in Memorial Day (now celebrated this coming Monday, May 31st) and how its beginning seems to tie into Black history, something else related to Blacks and Memorial Day should be of interest to you. Especially so because this Monday is the 100 year anniversary of the event.

Easy to find on the internet, just search “Greenwood Massacre Tulsa Oklahoma” Also a good one for Fred and Bill. – I’d love to hear your thoughts.


May 27th, 2021
“Justice would require that the assets of those who died resisting arrest be given to police officers as reparations for the physic stress associated with the taking of a life in self defense”
Hey Fred, when you say “the assets” do you mean the running shoes of Walter Scott, who died after being shot in the back while running away from Michael Slagerand, a local police officer who was sentenced to 20 years? Do you think that cop should additionally get part of the $6.5 million wrongful death settlement?

When you say “the assets” do you mean the bloody cloths and mattress Breonna Taylor was killed on after being hit by six bullets shot by three well trained Louisville cops?

Is that what you mean Fred, when you say? “Justice would require that the assets of those who died resisting arrest be given to police officers.


You loose all credibility when you don’t acknowledge FACT from apposing arguments or points of view.


So Fred, you have never acknowledged the murder of George Floyd and keep saying he was resisted arrest. Apparently you believe Chauvin was defending himself. Perhaps he should be given Mr Floyd’s pee stained pants?

Joseph Vendetti

As a moderate – I heard a really good analogy tonight at dinner with 10 very close friends from HS. Split down the middle with 50% registered Democrats and 50% registered Republicans. Each with valid good talking points about positive and negative about major parties.

Then after the 4th round one fella that had two brothers and one sister – his parents divorced when he was 6. His dad worked at GE and his mom was a nurse at Ellis hospital. It was a very nasty divorce with two angry parents.

One parent was always trying to get the upper hand by buying kids bikes, clothes, bringing them to Story Town, TVs, Stereosit was a constant game of one upmansship.

Caused Kids to argue with one another, to take sides, etc.

The parents instead being cordial and helping one another were always tryng to undermine one another.

Sound like our political parti

Me. Restifo I never knew that history as most have not as well. I agree with parts of what Mr. Marincic said not all but a good majority. I happen to love history because without it we can’t set our paths forward without remembering our past.

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