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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, June 2


Stefanik may pay a price for backing lies

Isn’t it funny we teach our children to tell the truth. But Liz Cheney tells the truth, and the Republicans oust her out of her position.
And then we have Elise Stefanik, who gets her job because she believes in the lies of Donald Trump. It is a shame this young lady has forgotten she represents upstate New York not Washington, D.C. She stands by a man who sponsors a riot in our Capitol. She’d better look in her district; there are signs asking her to resign.
As a veteran, I hope the lady who ran against her the last time runs again. Or if not her, Mickey Mouse, someone who can determine what the truth is.
Ray Nichols
Ballston Spa

Fortunate to have Ellis in Schenectady

Currently there are questions and concerns about the future of Ellis Hospital that I share.
However, this letter is about the outstanding staff they have at Ellis Hospital.
My husband was scheduled for a procedure in the hospital, and from the moment we drove up to valet parking, the staff could not have been nicer or more thoughtful.
I was using a walker, and they put both of us in wheelchairs and made sure we were comfortable.
He was on the cardiac Cath lab floor and people were not only concerned and helpful for him, but also for me. I was able to wait with him until the actual procedure and then was moved to another area.
One of the nurses asked if I were warm enough and when I said no, she put a heated blanket around me. This is just one example of how attentive they were.
So, a resounding thank you to the staff at Ellis Hospital.
We are fortunate to have such considerate people to take care of us in Schenectady.
Sheelagh Baily
Ballston Spa

Don’t blow up the system to suit views

Ah, so Mr. Figliozzi now opposes the Senate’s filibuster.
His most recent column on May 30 (“Ending the filibuster will help save democracy”) doesn’t tell us if this is a long held conviction or a newly arrived upon opinion. If the latter, what changed his mind?
If this is a long held belief, did he cheer Mitch McConnell’s decision to “nuke” the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees? I don’t recall that column.
Did he criticize the Democrats for the use of the filibuster when Trump was president? Again, I don’t recall that column.
It seems many people have positions on the filibuster which appear and disappear Brigadoon-like into the mists, depending on who controls the Senate.
He is right about one thing though: Our system has multiple non-democratic features.
And thank God for that. The Bill of Rights specifically protects rights a majority can’t eliminate “democratically.”
The Electoral College. which progressives like Mr. Figliozzi hated so much in 2000 and 2016, gave Bill Clinton mandates in 1992 and 1996 when he didn’t win a majority of the popular vote.
Let’s not blow up our current system just because we can’t get everything we want when we want it.
David Ochse
Porter Corners



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David Ochse, thank you sir for the dose of common sense that is lacking in quite a few people. As an independent I look at what is best for America not party, there are very few in the democrat party that would get my vote today.


“thank you sir for the dose of common sense that is lacking in quite a few people.”
I assume you’re referring to the trump supporters that stormed the Capital and the belief that the most secure president election in U.S. history was “stolen”.


And the insanity starts right at the top:
“Former President Donald Trump is reportedly saying he expects to be reinstated( as president) by August, according to a New York Times reporter.”

“Former Trump attorney Sidney Powell told the crowd at the conference that Trump can simply be reinstated, and that “a new inauguration day is set.”

Yep, lots of “common sense” there.


Louis, yup–45 slithering out of the sludge to say that he will be reinstated in August to keep stringing along the poor suckers that keep sending him money (and eroding our faith in elections). Michael Flynn, who previously pled guilty and pardoned by his mob boss, has said more than once that a military coup should happen, and over 450 voter suppression bills being passed by the gop to suck up to 45 is truly frightening, along with “moving on” from the Insurrection. I knew 45s administration would be bad, just never would have believed it would actually decay our Democratic Republic. Not sure how we get out of this one with so much “common sense” out there…

A known grifter and QAnon supporter who claims she can time-travel has amassed an army of thousands of loyal followers to carry out a plot to oust elected officials across the country and replace them with QAnon believers—and she’s using game-streaming platform Twitch to do it.

Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman has spent the last four months building an intricate network of groups in all 50 states, urging followers to dig up information about elected officials and cough up hundreds of dollars to take part in her scheme.

Maras-Lindeman has promised her followers that the plot will bring about “retaliation” for what she believes was a stolen election last November, and ultimately see the return of former president Donald Trump to the White House.
QAnon’s Wildest Moments From Their Massively Disturbing Conference
David Gilbert

All the while, Maras-Lindeman, who streams under the name Tore Says, has grown her subscriber base massively, raking in tens of thousands of dollars since the beginning of the year. She even managed to convince her supporters to cough up over $87,400 in a crowdfunding campaign, which she used to buy a new Tesla.

Maras-Lindeman is part of a growing ecosystem of grifters and hucksters who are leveraging the widespread belief that Trump’s election loss was somehow orchestrated by shadowy figures and companies tied to the Democrats. This so-called “Big Lie” has taken hold within the mainstream Republican Party, and fringe figures like Maras-Lindeman have succeeded in carving out a niche that’s proving to be highly lucrative.



Only in America:

“As alleged Capitol rioter Richard “Bigo” Barnett prepares for his next court hearing, the Arkansas man who was captured on Jan. 6 with his feet on a desk in the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is asking for some help with his legal fees. In exchange for a contribution of $100 or more, Barnett will give back “a token of his appreciation,” according to a fundraising website: A signed photo of him inside the speaker’s office during the failed insurrection.
“Richard will send you an autographed picture of him sitting in Pelosi’s office personally addressed to whomever you like,” the fundraiser says.”

Lou, I’ve been looking to see who Trump told he would be back in August. The stories all credit Maggie Haberman who treeted that he APPARENTLY told people…. No names, no other folks confirming he said it, and papers ran with it.


Zachary–as a follow up to yesterday’s comment, ” media said virus from lab was not true, they made Trump out the be a liar,” Well let’s see…45 lied so much about Covid and everything else, so excuse us who questioned the “lying bully who cried wolf.” 45 was tracked with over 30,000 lies/misleading statements while in office (with the gop either on mute or backing his lies).

Reported in a book that 45 threw Epstein out of Mara-lar-go (only months before he pleaded guilty in ’08)–Well let’s see…we know he had multiple parties with Epstein. They were the only 2 men with 28 “calendar girls,” yet you call Biden a pervert (and Biden never cheated or screwed porn stars). Now 45 wishes well to Ghislaine Maxwell, the madam who abused and recruited underaged girls for Epstein in the sex trafficking scandal.

I think you referred to the gop as the “law and order” party? Well let’s see–they are responsible for the proliferation of guns protecting the corrupt NRA, then blame dems for the rise in crime, give cops “qualified immunity” so they can’t be held accountable, and want to sweep under the rug the Jan 6 Insurrection where over 150 Capitol Police were brutalized. I do not agree with “defund the police”–they need to be supported with other professionals for situations police are not trained for.

With voter ID, I assumed you meant One particular ID from the gov’t. But I’m OK with voters having some form of ID on them.

I take it, Mr. Ochse, that you disagree then with Mitch McConnell’s decision to “nuke” the filibuster on Supreme Court nominees. Republicans couldn’t get everything they wanted when they wanted it and blew up the current system to appoint Neil Gorsuch to the highest court in the land. To that, I say: I agree.


I sincerely appreciate the solid facts consistently being posted by Chuck, Ray, jclark, Matt, Florida and others refuting the chorus of delirium posted on this forum from the far right bloggers. Thank you!
I defer to the more qualified to handle the task at hand. – I’ll stick to snark and sarcasm.


Zachery, First I.m sure you feel bad TFG’s blog has shut down. Probably not attracting enough contributions or clicks.
Second, waiting for your response after reading from the link I posted yesterday.
Maybe you and Mr Ochse can corroborate and enlighten us for awhile about your thoughts.
You can do this. I posted that link on local forum here and one person responding said absolutely ALL of it was false . Then disappeared from any further discussion.
Is that going to happen to you?

Florida yesterday I posted that Joe Biden said and elementary school girl looked like a 19 year old and not one Democrat is upset about it. What does that tell you?


It tells me that your interpretation of of an innocent comment or a possible “Biden gaffe” is demented. Try considered it was a poor attempt at a compliment so as to imply, unlike you, the girl was mature beyond her years.


Let’s just say sometimes it may be a question of how some facts are presented or interpreted.
Soooo… To quote the famous biblical scholar/blogger Zachary I say, “Judge not, lest ye be judged. Amen 🙏


Additionally Joe, it’s kind of like the vowels; the five guys I mentioned are the a-e-i-o-u and you’re the sometimes y. 🙂

Here’s how out of control Biden‘s border crisis is, it’s disgusting, I have a five-year-old this is absolutely disgusting and this falls on the shoulders of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Where is the outrage? There is none because liberal Democrats can do anything they want with no backlash it’s all OK because when there is something that goes on you just refer back to President Trump and say oh look what President Trump did you deflect you’re all disgusting.

Whenever I post something I don’t get comments I get deflection from all of you. You accept the fact that Joe Biden is a pedophile because he’s a Democrat how disgusting is that?
Here is your President yesterday. Don’t tell me he doesn’t have dementia because if not then he is just a straight-up pervert.

The Commander-in-chief, 78, went off-script to point out the ‘elementary school- aged’ girl as he delivered an address at Joint Base Langley-Eustis ahead of Memorial Day.

‘I love those barrettes in your hair, man,’ the President said to the girl, who was sitting at the side of the stage ‘I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed,’ Biden bizarrely continued.
From Daily Mail, Fox, and others

There you go again with the deflection, you won’t address the comment you deflect back to Trump. You don’t have a pro Biden message all you have is anti-Trump messages no matter what we bring out about Biden it always reverts back to Trump. Trump did this, Trump did that, you ignore the elephant in the room and the elephant in this case is probably a pedophile but that’s OK with you guys because he’s Joe Biden and he’s a Democrat.

William Marincic

Zachary you can’t talk to people like them. They will never admit they are wrong and you are right that is what they do, they deflect, they try to turn your words back on you because they don’t have anything to say. When you say something to them they come back and ask you a question to validate what you said rather than them answering the question it’s plain deflection. You get deflexion when you have someone that doesn’t have any facts or truth on their side.

Uh-oh, Tucker made a mistake last night. But I’m sure as a man of honor, he’ll issue a heartfelt apology tonight. In the Fox tradition!

Fox News host Tucker Carlson Tuesday night falsely claimed that President Joe Biden called white Republican men “more dangerous than ISIS.”

During his speech commemorating and bringing attention to the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, President Biden, in Tulsa, said, “folks, we can’t — we must not give hate a safe harbor. ”

“As I said in my address to the joint session of Congress: According to the intelligence community, terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today. Not ISIS, not al Qaeda — white supremacists. That’s not me; that’s the intelligence community under both Trump and under my administration.”

Here’s what Tucker Carlson, who has been repeatedly called a white supremacist and endorser of white supremacist rhetoric, said last night.

“You’re not surprised. It’s always the same people, isn’t it? ‘Those white Republican men’ – the very ones that just today Joe Biden warned us are more dangerous than ISIS. These are the people have been beating up elderly Asian women in our cities, you’ve seen that plague unfold. These the ones who don’t believe in science who have no decency, they’re the problem.”

-David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement

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