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Letters to the Editor Friday, June 4


Make Sch’dy issue a learning moment

The conversation concerning an email sent out within the Schenectady High School community can be turned into a learning moment for us all.
Even as we cannot fully explain the complex conflict happening in the Middle East in a single email, we can and should model communication, be active participants in our learning, lead with love, and move with peace as an action word.
Members of our Schenectady community have been engaged in the essential work of learning how to apply an anti-racist lens to examine our local systems, structures, and institutions.
All Of Us, Schenectady Clergy Against Hate, and others have worked earnestly to model the type of leaning into community necessary for effective communication.
We have learned how important conversations across our differences can be.
We have learned that it is imperative that we listen with honesty to one another, examine our own biases and privileges, and accept with graciousness the knowledge and understanding we gain from the experience.
Ours is a commitment to the wellbeing and welcome of all who call Schenectady home, especially those who are or have been historically the victims of oppression because of the religion they practice or people they belong to, the color of their skin, their stories of origin, or any of the identities they embody.
To achieve the world we all deserve, we must build from a foundation of equity, justice and peace.
Let that foundation begin with us.
Rabbi Matt Cutler
Rabbi Congregation Gates of Heaven
Rabbi Rafi Spitzer
Congregation Agudat Achim
Jamaica Miles
Lead organizer, #All of Us
Rev. Dustin Wright
Senior Pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church
Rev. Amaury Tanon-Santos
Executive Director, Schenectady Community Ministries

Officials shouldn’t profit off pandemic

Regarding Dr. Fauci, I think his credibility is waning at this point because he is overexposed.
He’s never met a microphone he didn’t like, and half the time he’s doing interviews, sharing his feelings, you know hair standing in the back of your neck sort of thing instead of actual data, actual science.
Look, I think many in the country threw up in their mouth a little bit when they heard that Dr. Fauci will be releasing a book on the pandemic, thereby profiting off the pandemic.
We should probably bundle this book, you know, save a couple of bucks, with Andrew Cuomo’s book, who got a $5 million book advance while the pandemic was still raging so he could spike the football in the end zone, talking about what a great job he did.
What he did, this isn’t even up for debate, was the worst job of any governor.
If you look at the numbers again, you had Cuomo profiting off the pandemic, a government official. Now we have Fauci doing it as well. I think this is appalling.
They should donate the money to charity. I forgot they don’t care about them. They only care about their pockets. Wake up people.
Domenico Dicaprio



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William Marincic

You know Dr. Fauci is in trouble when the White House refuses to comment on those emails. It seems that he told the public that they must wear a mask to protect themselves yet he told all of his friends and associates in private that masks really don’t work unless it’s a N 95 mask. So our kids have been going to school sucking in carbon dioxide for eight hours a day for no reason whatsoever and yet even with these revelations our kids are still going to school each day sucking in carbon dioxide eight hours a day. This is insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Why are our children still wearing masks where number one they don’t really protect you and number two children rarely get the disease and pass it on. Unmask our kids.

Guy Varoma

William Facci spent 50 years of his life studying viruses Just so he could “Trick” Trump voters into wearing a paper mask . And that was his life goal …..It’s amazes me how republicans minds work. I think they need rewiring


Try communicating without bring shame to those who were supposed to teach you how to behave like a gentleman


Guy, don’t get upset. You’re making sense like the rest of us “stooges” and that does not compute with Butthead and Beavis.

Mr. Varoma, Fauci also is cashing in on a self-serving book just like Cuomo. His emails are showing that he was complicit with China and the Wuhan lab and that he repeatedly lied to the public about masks. He gave grants to Wuhan for Gain Of Function research and knew that if it came out he would be accused of causing millions of deaths. I’m pretty sure that he never expected his emails to come out, he should have learned a lesson from Hillary.

Your posts are hilarious Bill, thanks for the entertainment! Medical professionals wear N95 masks all shift while walking around and doing their job. No evidence anywhere that says mask wearing increases your C02 intake above normal levels. My kids wear masks all day in school. I don’t hear reports of kids passing out from hypercapnia. Yes, Fauci said that cloth masks only prevent the user from spreading the infection, not from contracting the disease. That’s how you slow the rate of transmission and which is why vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks in stores anymore. How is that any different than what he said previously?

Not my words:
“This isn’t the first time Dr. Fauci’s had to swim laps in the kiddy pool”

You cretins and simpletons who think you’ve got the goods on Fauci, who are brimming with false confidence that somehow you can see right through it all, that you know what the real deal is, that you understand what a pandemic is, or at least the bigger cretins with louder voices know and you always do what they say:

Your goods are recycled, rehashed, outdated and spoilt. They’re just a repackaging of all the goods you’ve displayed for decades. You think you have the goods on anyone a sane person would revere, who’s truly out of your, and most normal peoples’, league.
Always the same, just more putrid, more squalid. Yet there you are, now given permission to say it loud, to show the world (or your little world anyway) what you have; you have the goods! You know what’s going on! They’re all crooks! Except for our guys who wear our goods.

What miserable existences you must live having no idea what the real truth is.


“On May 6, 2020, the USPS Board of Governors, all selected by Trump and confirmed by the Senate, announced DeJoy’s appointment as Postmaster General and CEO, despite concerns about conflicts of interest. … DeJoy is the first postmaster in two decades without prior experience in the United States Postal Service.”

DeJoy, another “swamp cleaning” pathetic excuse for a governmental leader, appointed by the head warlock of the swamp AKA donald “agent orange” trump, is under investigation by the DOJ for criminal activity.

Remember DeJoy, the honorable man who attempted and in some cases succeeded to knee bash the United States Postal Service, so as to suppress Black and other minority voting. Yes, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Matt Gaetz, another butt kissing trump bedfellow will also soon be going down.

It’s absolutely mind boggling that anyone could possibly deny trump’s criminal activities that have been coming in with such regularly from so many different directions. If these crimes are not seen as being blatantly obvious because of his own long list of dubious deeds, for no other reason, in many cases his close association with such a great number other big time criminals is incriminating. And what’s more perplexing is that trump supporting morons still believe, back and promote him.

The only thing that covers up the manure trump is covered in is another layer of manure.


Perhaps Trump is preferred to a president who tells us that the Southern border is closed while spending millions trying to deal with those who could not read the signs saying closed in English rather than Spanish.

P.S. Thank you for confirming that you are a member of the Vagarian faction in the Democratic party.


Louis, I believe Biden has nominated three replacement board members that could push DeJoy out. Not sure whether the Senate has taken up those appointments. In addition to DeJoy, the following is a partial list of Trump’s swampy inner circle:
Matt Gaetz – FL Congressman under federal investigation for having sex with an underage girl, etc. Voted to overturn the election
Marjorie Taylor Greene – GA Congresswoman, basic nut case, QAnon cheerleader. Voted to overturn the election
Michael Flynn – convicted former NSC Director, budding insurrectionist
Mike Lindell – Pillow guy, conspiracy spreader
Sydney Powell – failed attorney and Giuliani’s sidekick
Rudy Giuliani – under federal investigation, failed attorney
Fox’s Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity – conspiracy spreaders, Trump mouthpieces
Kevin McCarthy – House Minority Leader, hypocritical liar, voted to overturn the election
And none other, Elise Stefanik – hypocritical liar and opportunist, voted to overturn the election.

With this group, how could Trump lose in 2024? Ans. Easily!

And he showed he really knew how to drain a swamp.

Stars of the Trump Cabinet:
-Robert Wilkie, Trump Veterans Affairs secretary, investigated for corruption, referred to the DOJ, Trump’s DOJ declined to prosecute
-Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, investigated for corruption. Found to be substantive and serious enough it was referred to Justice Department for criminal prosecution. Trump’s Justice Department declined to prosecute.
-Labor Secretary Alex Acosta was investigated for corruption. Found to be serious enough he was referred to the Department of Justice for potential prosecution. The Trump Justice Department declined to prosecute.
-Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao (wife of Mitch McConnell) referred for criminal prosecution, and referred to Trump DOJ, decided not to prosecute her.

Thanks, Bill Barr!!!


The conversation concerning an email sent out within the Schenectady High School community can be turned into a learning moment for us all.

Talking about racism while not demanding that teachers are not kept afterschool to help kids with their home work shows that productive action are no longer in style. Perhaps reparations should be demanded from the race conscious for their public neglect of their civic duty to support todays children.


“Make Sch’dy issue a learning moment”

Absolutely great letter! Kudos to the people of our Schenectady community that are members of different races religions and ethnicities who are working together to fight racism and indiscriminate hate and are promoting love and understanding for all.


The sleaze associated with Republican gubernatorial candidate Andrew Guiliani’s unwanted visit to Schenectady’s Perrecas Restaurant/Bakery that I spoke of yesterday was reiterated in today’s Gazette editorial. “The nut (pun intended) doesn’t fall far from the tree.”
Actually I feel this story should make national news.

By the way Joe, yesterday I directed a late night post in relation to Perrecas and the Luncheonette to you.

Major creep factor here. I’ll admit to feeling a bit of a chill when I read it. This is not how dignified politicians operate.
Good on Perreca’s to kindly denounce it too.


Two additional posts from yesterday’s line, of which one was apparently put up today that I believe are note worthy for all of us.

William Marincic
June 3rd, 2021
I guess Mark Mahoney only censures and moderates conservative posts as these attacks by these three go on all day long with never an admonition.

Mark Mahoney
June 4th, 2021
We approve 90% of the comments (including most of yours, Bill). I try to sift out the strong personal attacks (not the little jabs) and the blatant falsehoods, regardless of political position. If someone complains, including you, I check it out and if necessary, delete the offending comments and contact the offending commenter and ask them to knock it off. And no one is being censored; we have a right to monitor our site as we see fit. You know that Bill, because I’ve explained that to you a hundred times.

Mark Mahoney, I believe you to be fair in your censoring. I too, in the past was cautioned regarding some inappropriate posts and apologized for crossing a line.

Who amongst us hasn’t felt the terrible thunder of the Mahoney Hammer?
Just kidding, of course.
I’ve been corrected a couple times and I accepted the rulings. I may question the decision, (I question all authority) but try to pick my battles carefully. Policing these comment sections are probably not where Mark wants to spend his time so I have nothing but high praise for him and the DG for providing it.

And listen up, whiners…this ain’t Facebook and there ain’t no echo chambers here. Got it? Put it out there, be prepared to back it up or appear ever the fool.

And listen up, whiners…this ain’t Facebook and there ain’t no echo chambers here. Got it? Put it out there, be prepared to back it up or appear ever the fool. Says ChuckD who never backs anything up, he only deflects and blames Trump. If he got a flat tire ChuckD would blame Trump somehow.

PWSH, PWSH, PWSH, Those are the sounds from Mr.Restifo , I’m sure we know the rest. That happens when he’s not deflecting since he can’t defend the crap coming out of his mouth.

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

“Facebook’s ruling is an insult to the record-setting 75M people, plus manmy others, who voted for us in the 2020 Rigged Presidential Election. They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this censoring and silencing, and ultimately we will win. Our Country can’t take this abuse anymore!”
I can’t help but envision him dictating a crude version of this to an aide while parked in a particle board and cardboard mock-up of the Oval Office (but including a real POTUS buffet table) down there at his Shangri-La.

“And you’ll refer to me as Mr. President, is that clear? Otherwise I’ll deport you all!”


“but including a real POTUS buffet table”….. Yep, consisting of 5 or 6 Double Quarter Pounder’s with cheese, four large orders of fries, unlimited Diet Coke’s with a large vanilla shake to wash it all down, after which the following is the resulting comment:

Back in December 2019, “The President (Trump) claimed Americans are flushing their toilets “10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once”…. in what appeared to be a tangent about low-flow sinks and toilets.”

Guess who’s full of what.


Gee, how clever, I guess you just came up with the statement; “trump derangement syndrome” or perhaps you heard it on Fox 13,750 times.

The fact of the matter is that your words are a little out mixed up and “Someone doth have” DERANGED tRUMP SYNDROME.

Our names are Lou, Chuck, and Raymond, when we hear something we don’t understand or does not align with CNN or MSNBC we instantly deflect back to Trump did it, Trump said it, or Trump meant it. We are the great deflectors


We’re just trying to save democracy and the world from the never ending satanic like behavior from your Messiah.

I assume you understand “never ending”, “satanic” and “Messiah.”
If not, so holy one, open your Bible.

Joseph Vendetti


There is no risk of hypoxia, which is lower oxygen levels, in healthy adults or children from wearing cloth or N95 masks. Carbon dioxide will freely diffuse through your mask as you breathe.

I along with most of my workers have been wearing N-95, N-99 or cloth masks for decades with no ill side effects.

Please stop with any non-sense theories.

Mr. Vendetti. Dr. David Eisenman a professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at UCLA told ABC News the vast majority of masks being worn won’t do very much to help healthy people

Yes, you have presented one person, with some credentials, who made it in front of a TV news camera to offer his subjective opinion that they “won’t do very much to help healthy people”.
And this, THIS is how you’ll defeat the evil Fauci Empire and his NIH minions!
I’m starting to think you’re only about 13 years old. Amiright?


Aw gee:
“SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook said on Friday that Donald J. Trump’s suspension from the service would last at least two years, keeping the former president off mainstream social media for the 2022 midterm elections, as the company also said it would end a policy of treating posts from politicians differently from those of other users.
The social network said Mr. Trump would be eligible for reinstatement in January 2023, before the next presidential election. It will then look to experts to decide “whether the risk to public safety has receded,” Facebook said. The company barred Mr. Trump from the service after he made comments on social media that rallied his supporters, who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, but it had not given a firm timeline about when or if the suspension would end.”
New York Times

All because of Deranged trump syndrome.

Actually it’s probably a good thing for the Republicans; his popularity is rapidly dwindling. “

You have to know there’s a very significant number of Republicans who are breathing slightly better for this. There’s no question he’s doing more harm than good for the Party.
But let’s hear from our resident tRump supporters! Suppression of a great leader, or of the greatest leader in the known universe?

Joseph Vendetti


No one likes wearing masks. But My guys/gals & myself on a yearly basis work over 1 million man hours – most of those work hours in masks. Multiply that by a 30 year plus career in masks. Not one worker has had any issue with hypoxia.

You must have missed the headlines the state plans to drop the mask mandate for children in schools. Let’s see if it goes far enough for children under 12. I have nothing against masks during the pandemic because it kept some people safe. Those people that had this disease were less likely to spread it. My complaint is against children being forced to wear masks. Young children kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, they learn by facial expressions that you cannot see with a mask in, they are highly unlikely to catch the disease and pass it on. Unmask our kids.

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