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Letters to the Editor Saturday, June 5


Don’t forget our medical heroes, too

As we are reminded every Memorial Day, we should be thankful to those who protect our country.
But this year in particular, we should also remember those protecting us from an insidious enemy while wearing a different uniform — scrubs.
Medical personnel, including housekeeping staff, nurses, doctors, and many others, exposed themselves to a very dangerous enemy, COVID-19, to save our lives.
At least 3,600 of them lost their lives while doing that, nearly as many as U.S. military deaths in Iraq from 2003 to 2020.
Many now suffer from PTSD, and many have other significant mental health issues, because they fought for us.
Hospitals were war zones, and there were no opportunities for R&R.
We put up banners and we banged pots and pans in support of them. Those were wonderful things to do, but we need to continue to honor all those who protected our health and who comforted the dying.
Go beyond “thank you for your service” — work to ensure that all medical workers receive a living wage. They deserve no less.
Ken Larsen

Lift mask mandate for state employees

The state government shouldn’t require vaccinated employees to wear masks.
The mask mandate in New York State has been lifted for vaccinated people throughout the state, but if you work in a state office building, they make it a requirement to wear a mask.
This policy is still in place, but it is a very stupid policy because it is not based on science. Anywhere else I go, like to grocery stores or shopping malls, it is OK for me to walk around without a mask. I am also a fully vaccinated resident of New York, so I am following the CDC guidelines.
It is very silly that New York state will not let vaccinated employees walk around the building without the masks on if they prefer.
As far as wearing a mask, it doesn’t matter to me how many people still wear them. If they want to wear them, they should wear them. I understand the need to wear them at healthcare facilities and state-run vaccination sites.
Another important thing to mention is by easing the mask policy for state government employees, it benefits the “Reopening New York” initiative that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pushing because it makes people more comfortable at work so they can be more productive.
Joseph Farina

Syed shouldn’t have to step down early

Regarding her June 1 letter (“Call for Syed to step down is not political”), a bit of history for the benefit of Linda Rizzo and others: Ms. Syed is not the first to announce they would not run for reelection.
I remember Lyndon Johnson stating, “I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president.” That was seven months before the election in 1968. Officeholders get to do that.
His reasons were vastly different than Ms. Syed’s. He did not resign, and neither should she.
You disagree with her policies? Great. Be sure to vote come November. Until then, live with the decision of the voters in the previous election.
It is the American way.
Jim Fogarty


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