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Letters to the Editor Sunday, June 6


D.C. statehood foes are being hypocritical

Robert Dufresne’s May 6 letter (“Statehood for D.C. is unconstitutional”) decried legislation to grant statehood to Washington, D.C. as an “unconstitutional scheme” to “rig elections” for Democrats.
That argument, popular among Republicans, conveniently ignores the fact that the disproportionate representation of low-population red states in the Senate is what gives their obstructionist, minority party the power to stall government at every turn.
This advantageous distortion was aggressively pursued by the GOP in a late-19th century power grab and persists today.
This hypocritical squawking about Democrats’ trying to “rig elections” is an all-too-familiar GOP ploy.
Republican leaders are currently attempting to corrupt the entire electoral process. In addition to employing their favorite tactics of voter suppression and gerrymandering, they now are actively pushing to seize power over state election boards, undermining well-established procedures and norms to partisan advantage.
With GOP popularity sinking (for good reason), they know cheating is the only way they can win.
We can dismiss their shaky constitutional objections, as well. Last week, a panel of 39 Constitutional scholars from law schools across the country submitted a letter to congressional leaders that exhaustively debunks claims of constitutional barriers to D.C. statehood, and dismisses the threat of U.S. Supreme Court adjudication, should the bill pass.
“The D.C. Admission Act calls for a proper exercise of Congress’ express authority under the Constitution to admit new states,” they wrote, “a power that it has exercised 37 other times since the Constitution was adopted.”
Robin Vaughan Kolderie

Will miss Sara Foss’s insight into issues

It was with great sadness that I read Sara Foss’s final ‘Thinking it Through’ May 30 column (“It’s time to say goodbye”) for The Gazette.
I tended to agree with Sara’s opinion and point of view more often than not, (but, definitely, not always). I was always entertained and enlightened. I will miss her work.
My major worry about this: Is it a part of the overall disintegration of the local print scene in America? I think back to the years when I delivered the Schenectady Union Star (‘59-’63). Seems like there has been a constant slide since that paper merged and then disappeared.
Farewell Sara! I hope to run across your journalistic efforts in the future — just as we occasionally get to hear Judy Patrick on the Round Table. Best wishes for your new endeavors.
Dick Curtis

Claims against Israel are based in history

Regarding the dispute in Schenectady schools over what terminology to use to describe Israel’s dealings with Palestinians reported in the May 30 Gazette (“Mideast Conflict Hits Home”), and specifically whether “ethnic cleansing” applies, let’s remember that Israel’s founding in 1948 as a specifically “Jewish state” entailed the expulsion of some 750,000 Palestinian Arab residents.
Also that a fair number of those expelled, who took refuge in the Jordan-controlled West Bank and the Egypt-controlled Gaza Strip, were conquered yet again in 1967, when Israel overran those areas and forcibly expelled some 400,000 of them.
David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s founding father, posited that Israel could abide a maximum Arab population of 20%, a limit that has been maintained to this day, when remaining Arabs are widely described as a “demographic threat.”
The event that sparked the most recent violence — the expulsion of half a dozen Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem to make way for a band of Jewish zealots from New York — was just another tiny step in a long trail of such expulsions.
A United Nations commission has defined ethnic cleansing as “rendering an area ethnically homogeneous by using force or intimidation to remove persons of given groups from the area.”
If Israel’s actions over the years do not meet that definition, they come awfully close.
The fact that Jews themselves in recent times were the victims of ethnic cleansing, and even of genocide, does not bar them from perpetrating such crimes against others but only adds a layer of irony.
Carl Strock
Saratoga Springs



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William Marincic

Carl Strock I’ve taken you to task in the past with your anti Israel rants. The Jewish people should not have to live near bomb shelters because the Palestinians and Hamas lob missiles at them on a daily basis. You can say whatever you want we all know you’re a pro Palestine anti Semite


We have had a chance to vote on school budgets. What we have had is a chance to see what past expenditures have achieved! How well do current students do on standardized exams. It is correct that these exams are culturally biased. Those groups who put more effort into their math studies do better on their math exams! I suggested that is the type of cultural biasedness that the voters should reward

Mauritania has roughly 500,000 African slaves and Libya has over 1 million African slaves and the United Nations just voted both countries onto the human rights panel. Where is the outrage from the liberals where is the outrage from black lives matter where is the outrage from this administration that allows two countries with slaves to be put on the human rights panel of the United Nations. United States of America gives the United Nations somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 billion per year and yet they allow countries with active slavery to join.

Why don’t you verify it or are you too stupid to Google it? People like you are the reason that there still slavery in the world. Remember it’s the Democrats that started slavery in America and it’s the Democrats that continue to push the racism

We’re not here to jump through your hoops, ok? This is a running theme of those like yourself who have all manner of “evidence” of Librul Evul but rarely anything that would hold up in court, much less the grown-up publics’ scrutiny.

The Republicans and their lackeys can’t seem to put on their pants frontwards!
Prove me wrong!


I’ve said it before and it’s a tough rule to follow but…. ”Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”
Mark Twain

Chuck, Obviously this one’s really not worth it. Beyond stupidity this is a situation off ignorance and arrogance. That’s a really bad combination.
It’s like dealing with Bill and Fred on steroids. Let them keep on proving to everyone on this forum how anti-racist they are with their posts that obviously speak for themselves and scream of their White supremacist ideological beliefs. Fighting Fox zombies is useless, their minds are steel traps of racism, bigotry and hatred, inspired my lies and twisted misinformation.

Slavery in Libya
Slavery in Libya[1][2][3] has a long history and a lasting impact on the Libyan culture. It is closely connected with the wider context of slavery in North African and trans-Saharan slave trade.

Do tell why the republican party was started it was started to end slavery. Do tell who Jim Crowe and Jim Crowe laws were, they were Democrats, you can’t argue with history as much as idiots like you three want to say it’s not true, history proves it’s true, maybe that’s why you want to erase history. Just like that joke of a vice president who ignores the children dying and being raped on the border daily. This is on the Democrats this is on Biden and every moron that voted for him.You all have the blood of children on your hands.


Hey Mr. great historian, read todays editorial Michael Tibbetts wrote then talk to us “three idiots” about history and how it’s related to your great orange one.

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