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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, June 9


Must do more to secure our borders

The southern border is a mess. It has been a mess for a long time.
Living in the Northeast, it’s easy to put it out of your mind, but the video of a 5-year-old boy left alone at the border and crying for help really brings it close to home.
Clearly, we can’t turn our backs on desperate people in need of America’s compassion. At the same time, we need to protect the citizens here from people who are crossing the border illegally and mean us harm either through gang activity or trafficking of one kind or another.
Any half-aware person should know that in reality, the border is not closed, regardless of what the administration is telling us.
A snake will slip into a garden any way it can if adequately motivated, just like the criminals who are likely slithering across into our country. And we are a country, are we not? Doesn’t a country require borders to help define itself?
Don’t the tax-paying citizens of a country deserve to be safe within its own borders?
Should they also be financially responsible for the citizens of another country, which also has its own borders? We do have a mess on our hands and the people we have elected to solve this problem have not been getting it done. The outrage continues.
Unfortunately, not everyone is on the same page. Not the media or the politicians. What will it take to get us there? More outrage?
Art Pagano

Would the Founders be approving of us?

I’ve been wondering something lately.
If our Founding Fathers had been able to see into the future to the years 2020-21, would they still have chosen to break with the British crown?
What if the Founding Fathers could have seen the petty dictator-wanna-be push his Big Lie, or witness the insurrection of Jan. 6 being condoned, encouraged and ultimately sanctioned by members of the Republican Party, or watched the dozens of new voter suppression laws being put in place by Republicans, designed to destroy democracy?
Indeed, if they could’ve seen all of this, would our Founding Fathers then have sacrificed their whole lives for this democracy, or spilled the blood of over 25,000 soldiers in the Revolutionary War? My guess is, probably not.
They very likely would’ve shaken their heads at our dishonor, lack of integrity and immaturity, and stayed with the British.
I also wonder if we should be glad that they couldn’t see into the future? Or sad.
Eva Raymer



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Art Pagano, to answer your question what we need is Donald Trump or another president like Donald Trump that understands that we are a country with laws and that we do not have an open border policy. We cannot support the worlds population.


Yeah right, “what we need is Donald Trump or another president like Donald Trump that understands that we are a country with laws”.

When it comes to your “crime don” trump, I guess your only concern regarding law is understanding it with total disregard to obeying it.

Eva Raymer There are no voter suppression laws there are anti-cheating laws that are being put into affect. The Democrats want a absentee ballot sent to every eligible voter in the country with no signature verification so that there’s no control who votes so there can be widespread cheating and the Democrats can win forever and ever. Why do you Democrats have such a problem with laws that make it more difficult to cheat? Why do you Democrats have a problem with voter ID? you Democrats act like minorities are too stupid to have an ID card, how ridiculous is that and how condescending.

Why do you Republicans think there’s all this voter fraud going on when there has never been any evidence to suggest it? Ask the Secretary of State of any Republican state and they’ll tell you. Why do Republicans think that 60% voter turnout is acceptable in the supposed greatest Democracy the world has ever known and want to put up more barriers to giving people that right? If putting in laws to make it harder to buy a gun is unacceptable to Republicans, then surely putting in laws to make it harder to vote should be too.


Matt–exactly. Only cult members believe that the most secure election, certified by republican officials, numerous audits, recounts, being rejected by the Supreme Court needs to lead to stricter voting laws. 45 is not man enough to admit he LOST–hands down. He follows laws? lol! During his presidency, he was identified as an unindicted co-conspirator and looks like he’s headed for jail for numerous crimes.

Just reported that 3,900 children were purposely traumatized by 45s cruel, unjust policy of separating them from their parents, with no way to reunite…a shameful stain. The border is and always be a problem–no one had it “under control.”


American children suffer when their parents break the law.

Now it is 46 who has chosen to facilitate the breaking of the country’s immigration laws.


Fred, what immigration laws has Biden broken? He has said numerous times that the border is closed, do not come, has turned away most, but has compassion for the children. Plus he has the daunting task of reuniting them from 45s failed policy. Their parents are so desperate, they’ll do anything–just so their child doesn’t starve to death or end up in a gang. I think any of us would do the same thing in their situation, but you have no compassion. Every issue is not clear cut, with obvious solutions.


Jclark124 I used the word facilitate. Say the boarder is closed and spending millions on housing the those that can not read signs that are in English meets the definition of facilitate.

When it comes to believing words or deeds I am a deeds man.


Biden by not dealing with the Democratic sanctuary governments has encouraged the crisis at the border. Also Biden by not requiring people seeking sanctuary in our country to do it in their own has facilitated the crisis at the Southern border.


Please tell me why water should not be allowed to be handed out in the new Georgia ‘anti-cheating’ laws. You can read it here starting on line 1872:
Have you ever stood in the Southern GA heat to do anything? It’s a heat\humidity that can actually kill you in mid-summer. Providing water is simply humane. Do you really think a registered voter who took the time to stand in line in this heat and vote will change that vote simply because someone handed them a bottle of water or even a snack? I can understand electioneering next to polling places, but I guess next time I go to vote at the senior center and I see the little old ladies’ bake sale in the room next door, they are going to get a real piece of my mind for so blatantly trying to influence the election. Get real will ya?


Would the Founders be approving of us?

We have a president who does not seem to see that the Democrats sanctuary governments play a role in the Sothern invasion and do not correct him!


Democrats claim to want to tax corporations. What they mean is that they want tax money collected by corporations from the individuals that they interact with in the market place. From their point of view they can claim to have provided the voters costless benefits. But just like the sales tax those who collect it pass it on to others.

Children belief in free lunches adults are supposed to grow out of childish beliefs!


Cynthia, just checking to see how your recovery from hip surgery is going and wondering if you’re back on board with us.

(Thanks for that, Lou)
Cynthia! Thinking of you too as I’m overdue for hip replacement. Our family has loved Sunnyview for many years (especially when they told my rather stubborn Mom she wasn’t allowed to drive anymore). Hope I can get in there too.
Get well soon.

Inspector general’s report is out AG Barr had nothing to do with clearing the park so that President Trump could go to the church. It was done because of the violence and workers were going to put up a fence that’s the reason the park was clear. So more lies that you Democrats jumped all over a year ago.


Some points of interest that are excerpts from the newly released report.

“But Greenblatt found that the Park Police had the authority to clear the park, and decided to do so — in consultation with Barr — hours before anyone knew Trump planned to make an appearance.” …. but did find that Attorney General William Barr urged officials to speed up the clearing process once Trump had decided to walk through the area that evening.” ~~~

So the moron-in-chief could hold a Bible upside for a ridiculous P.R. photo op and create additional problems for the BLB people protesting the 6 day old MERDER of George Floyd.

Plain and simple regardless of anything 99 percent of trumps actions reek of scum bag.


Louis, Yes…more drama from the reality show president with no depth or substance. There was NO reason to attack peaceful protesters with rubber bullets and use gas on them. I watched live in horror at this assault on our First Amendment rights. The BLM protesters here and around the world had good reason to be in the streets, and 45 helped fuel bad behaviors by refusing to recognize their cause, only to escalate and divide us.


Exactly, also note the typical Republican hypocrisy exemplified in Zachary’s comment when referring to the clearing of the protesters from the park…”it was done because of the violence” but nery a mention of violence from the sweet little Cub Scouts and Brownies that went to the Capital on 1/6/21 for their innocent little jamboree.

Joseph Vendetti

We do have a border crisis. VP Harris said “Don’t Come!”. Unless you come legally and there is an easy legal process for temporary and permanent citizenship. 162,000 ppl from Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, plus the regular ones – Mexico, Venezuela, etc.

We don’t need another President like Donald Trump!!! You can not run the best country in the civilized world and pick and choose when you want “law & order” and when you don’t! You may be able to run a large development & real estate business by twisting arms, looking for favors, tossing dirt around, just telling 1/2 truths, but we have laws and standards.

I don’t like tax increases, don’t like this defund the police – I think you can see NYC cut in funding lost 1800 police officers and they are at almost their crime record from 1977-78. But stay out of peoples bedrooms, sexual preferences, & abortions.

We need politicians that don’t just jump on the party line – this is our system of checks and balances. How we don’t have congressional & senatorial term limits is beyond me.

(Sorry, been in NYC all day, catching up)
The COVID vaccine makes you magnetic! And only Satan knows what else.
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a board-certified physician from the Cleveland area has the goods.

Speaking before the Ohio House Health Committee’s review Tuesday of House Bill 248, a broad weakening of state vaccination laws, she said, “I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures all over the internet of people who have had these shots and now they’re magnetized.They can put a key on their forehead, it sticks. They can put spoons and forks all over them and they can stick, because now we think there’s a metal piece to that,” she said. “There’s been people who have long suspected that there was some sort of an interface, yet to be defined interface, between what’s being injected in these shots and all of the 5G towers.”

There you have it folks. Definitive proof it’s the Deep State at work again! Dr. Sanjay Gupta was heard trying to debunk the latest revelations. Well, of course he would! He’s one of them! Amiright?

On a serious note, congratulations to the Republican Party for sewing up all the White crazies (and a few non-Whites too) as their base and primary demographic. They stand as a real tribute to your platform, whatever it is. They’re behind you all the way. Wallets open.

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