Outdoor Journal: Small pistol crossbow packs a punch


When I first saw the Cobra black camouflage aluminum pistol crossbow, I thought it was a toy that shot arrows with a rubber-cup point that would stick on the wall.

I was wrong – very wrong! This little guy shoots a 7 1/2-inch metal point at 150 feet per second. It has a draw weigh of 50 pounds, which I can handle. Definitely enough for small game.

Now I only needed a small sight adjustment, and I was ready to hunt. Back to my farm and his woodchucks.

I cleared out a place in the bushes where I could sit on a milking stool that the farmer gave me to sit on.

It was just getting light when out came a bearded dragging tom no more than five yards from me. I had to laugh — it was the day after the turkey season closed.

It was about a half-hour later when the first woodchuck appeared eight steps from my hideout, and the pistol crossbow put him down. That 6.5-inch dart/arrow did its job.

I was very impressed, and will be doing a few more chuck hunts and small game with it. I wonder if I could shoot a carp with it, too.

Now that the small game season was over, I could try to go for woodchucks, and I know a farmer who told me “Shoot as many as you want.”

They were in and around his garden around his barns.

I set up another hideout in the bushes about 15-20 feet from its hole. The next morning, I was nestled into the bushes just as the sun was coming out.

It wasn’t more that 15-20 minutes when I saw three turkeys (two hens followed by a jake) maybe 15 feet from me. You might know the season is closed.

It wasn’t until a little after when I saw the woodchuck’s head. I was sighted in for about 10 minutes when I hit him right behind his front shoulder. He didn’t go too far.

It was my 53rd wedding anniversary, and I got my tail back before mother was awake. But I’ll be back.

Last Tuesday at daybreak I had a big tom, and a few turkeys visited. Where were they during the day of turkey hunting season?


This is something I do every year since I began bowfishing, and I plan on doing it this year.

If you want to travel, there is going to be a St. Lawrence carp bowfishing championship on June 18-20 at the riverfront campground.

For more information go to www.stlawrencebowfishing.com.

I have received a number of emails on information about carp fishing – especially with a crossbow.

As someone who has been a carp bowfisherman since the early ’70s, I cannot wait to get on/in the water. I have some places I can use my waders.

I started with a wood bow, then a crossbow, and now if it is legal, I will be using my air bow.

I am going to use one of the boats from Lake Lonely for a day and maybe night hunts.

My wife says “No night hunting” without a passenger with me. I am looking for a carp that weighs in at 50.5 pounds. The current New York State record carp is 50.3.

For more information, go to https://www.lakelonelywatersports.com/paddleboard-and-kayak-rentals/.

Email Ed Noonan at [email protected].

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