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Duanesburg officials to continue hearing feedback on propsed solar law

Gazette file photo

Gazette file photo

Duanesburg town officials are considering replacing the town’s 2016 solar law with a new one that requires more measures be taken by applicants of projects. 

Supervisor Roger Tidball said the new law would “tighten up” the 2016 law. 

“In 2016 we were one of the first towns in the Capital District to have a solar law,” he said. 

He said while the town got a lot of input on the 2016 law it didn’t cover everything it should have. 

“Things have come to light that we didn’t think of back then,” he said. 

The proposed law, which adds in new measures related to visibility of the solar panels and notification of solar projects, was the topic of a public hearing Thursday evening during the Town Board meeting. 

Tiddball said before the meeting the new law would essentially act as an insurance policy for any future projects, even though the town currently doesn’t have the grid capacity for any other projects.

No other board members commented on the law prior to opening the public hearing for comments.

Only one resident had comments read into the record. Lynn DeForest said she opposes the construction of any solar power plants in view of people’s property or any town or county road. 

“Notification of such a project should be given to all residents of Duanesburg in a very timely manner,” she said. 

She continued that a 32-foot sign be erected as well to give more community notice. She said the rural atmosphere of the town needs to be kept just as it is.

Lynne Bruning, who lives at 13388 Duanesburg Road in Delanson, said her home is next door to where two five megawatt solar arrays will be installed. While the new law will have no effect on these solar projects, Bruning is still interested in what changes will be made. 

She said she couldn’t comment on the law though because she had not seen the language of it and asked where she could find it, as it was not attached to the agenda as part of the meeting documents. 

The public hearing will continue at the next meeting on June 24.

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