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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, June 15


Dems, media just keep bashing Trump

I have been patiently waiting for the news and opinions to shift from the daily Trump bashing to an equal focus on Biden bashing.
It looks like people just can’t get over Trump, and they are willing to overlook a litany of massive Biden boo-boos.
The June 10 Gazette included a column (“Senator Joe Manchin isn’t a statesman. He’s a fool”) that denigrated Joe Manchin.
A lone Democrat with a sense of right and wrong, and the Dems bash him because he won’t toe the line for their ridiculous efforts to undermine the political systems.
How dare he use logic and agree with Republicans. On the other hand, Joe Biden has done nothing but undo the highly effective policies Trump put in place and look like a senile grandpa character in a bad movie. Kamala is WAY over her head as VP. She might be able to handle being mayor of Mayberry, but wow, she has no clue what is needed as a national leader.
I suppose since there is nothing good to say about Biden or Harris, the media has no recourse other than to continue bashing Trump, just in case he runs again in 2024, and bashing any Republican who dares to open his mouth. Whatever happened to America First?
Bill Denison
Burnt Hills

So much space in space. Is it all for us?

Now that I am in my “golden years”, I’ve been pondering the imponderable: So, the Earth is not flat and is not located at the center of creation.
The Earth is actually a sphere shaped rocky planet orbiting the sun. The sun is a very ordinary third generation star located in one of the outer spiral arms of the Milky Way galaxy.
The Milky Way galaxy is a typical galaxy containing some 200 billion stars, many or most with their own orbiting retinue of planets and other debris, The Milky Way galaxy is more than 100,000 light years in diameter.
All those stars, all that size, just to create a habitat for me and my fellow earthly critters.
It does seem a little overboard.
However, science has yet to definitively establish whether all those Milky Way stars spiral about a black hole at the center of the galaxy. Until it does, I will assume that they all spiral about me.
Now for what really has me puzzled: What are the other 1,000 billion (yes, that’s right, a trillion) galaxies for?
Bill MacTiernan

Why use derogatory names for cannabis?

I don’t recall The Daily Gazette ever referring to heroin as “scag,” or methamphetamine as “crank,” or whiskey as “booze,” or cigarettes as “coffin nails,” so why do you use the derogatory terms “pot” and “marijuana” (originally a slur on Mexicans) in reference to cannabis?
Karl Hillig
Ballston Lake

Help save the planet by not buying palm

Have you ever used palm oil? You have. Every day. It’s in many foods, cosmetics, and even animal feed.
What is palm oil? It’s a cheap source of high-quality oil from the fleshy fruit and palm kernel of the oil palm tree, used for cooking and eating and found in supermarkets worldwide.
The problem? All the world’s oil palms grow within 20 degrees of the equator, right in the rainforest, housing 80% of the world’s species.
Due to ravenous demand, every minute, an area the size of 300 football fields is destroyed to create palm oil plantations, all while rapidly accelerating climate change.
What can we do? Read labels. It’s that simple.
Choose products without palm oil, glycerin, and tocopherols. Avoid pre packaged snack foods as they use palm oil. Beware: A product that contains 40% saturated fat content almost always contains palm oil. Instead, choose products with 100% sunflower, olive, coconut, or canola oils. These choices will be healthier for you, too.
How to be impactful? Remember your power in the face of such devastation.
Every time you read labels and thoughtfully choose healthier products for you and the planet, you’re voting for environmental justice and a healthy world.
Bill Brooks



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William Marincic

Bill Denison I keep saying that over and over again when are we going to hear what a great job that Biden does obviously never.

Dow Jones at an all-time high. Pandemic under control with daily case counts not seen since last March. Unemployment rate under 6% and declining. Successful distribution of the vaccine with over half of Americans having gotten at least one dose. Passage of the COVID relief package that gives middle class Americans, not corporations, hardest hit by the pandemic financial support. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord to address the existential threat of climate change. Placing sanctions on Russia to curtail their destabilizing international actions.

Hope you enjoyed spending the Biden Bucks you received from the passage of the relief package Bill!

Matt Everything you said down to the Paris Accord was all Trump. As for Biden Bucks if I made 1/50th of what I make I would still make too much. I’m the one paying you losers with that money.


Bill Denison–Gee, I wonder why the media keeps talking about 45? Hmmm…maybe it’s because he is so desperate for attention that he’s willing to continually divide our nation by LYING about the election for 7 months straight. Now, so much information is coming out about how corrupt his administration was that we have to deal with it to secure our nation from further wanna-be autocrats like him.

Mr. Denison I wholeheartedly agree with you. It seems that all of these democrats just can’t find one good thing that Biden has done. They say he’s not like Trump, they said that world leaders like him so much better that’s because the leaders of the other countries can take advantage of him and America and they know it. They could never take advantage of President Trump because he held them accountable. Be prepared for the stooges to start attacking you. They will have nothing of value other than to attack you. They deflect and they attack, in other words they are typical Democrats.

Zachary would much rather have a president that stands on the world stage and sides with Vladamir Putin over our own US intelligence. He’d also rather a president that meets unconditionally with murderous Kim Jong-un and shares beautiful love letters with him. Not quite sure what WE got out of all that as a country, other than being embarrassed on the world stage.


Zachary–We have lots of good things to say about Biden, and so do our allies, since we can depend on him, unlike the wingnut 45. As if Putin didn’t take advantage of 45s administration, you ignorant fool. 45 sided with Putin and other autocrats, weakening our democracy, and focused on the almighty dollar. We are stronger when the good guys stick together, and Biden knows who they are. Biden put us back as the leader of the world, had a detailed plan to end this pandemic, and is strengthening our economy. Biden wants to build up and out by focusing on the middle class with good-paying jobs, moving us forward with clean energy, infrastructure, social/racial justice, etc. I could go on, but you’ll just bash and attack…just like a typical republiCANT.


Biden wants to tax corporations and thus lessen the return on investment in is attempt to increase economic well being.

As example of the Democrats’ attempt to build our democracy note that they rather than subsidize the internet for the the poor they required the internet companies to provide 15 dollar a month for the poor. With one action they made an end run a round elected government and lowered the returns from cable investment.


You think our State Government should subsidize companies like Comcast and Spectrum, which hold a near absolute monopoly on High-Speed internet access? Can you name an alternative company that competes with them on price so this would not be necessary? Verizon FIOS is useful only in more densely populated areas as fiber optic signal has to be boosted every several miles last I checked, so that is out.
NY has already given these corporations tons of money just to provide access to areas not served by High-Speed internet and they still failed in doing so, and are being sued by NYS to complete it. I guess you’re pretty OK with Corporate Welfare then?


1> Please provide a reference for the cash that the cable companies have received from the state.

2> If the government wishes to provide a service I think it should be the result of the existing political process. I do not think that the established rules of budgetary conduct should be side stepped.

3> If you are correct that cable companies have received from the state it seems reason enable to redirect tht csh to a desirable public service.


OK, Fred, here you go. $500 million to ‘incentivize’ the private sector to build-out high speed internet:
You can do the rest by reading about how the AG has been suing these cable companies for lying about their speeds, and failing to meet deadlines for getting broadband out to the entire state as they promised. I won’t do your homework for you.


The did not ly about their speed. The internet speed always depends upon the number of users. The stated maximum speed of the net depends on the assumption of zero users!


Zachary–good deflection! I will never understand how you and so many other Americans think highly of Putin. He supports the Insurrectionists (sticking up for 45) saying we’re blocking political speech. He praised 45 as he put down Biden. The idiot at Nancy’s desk was just interviewed by Russian news. Putin hacked our elections, and is a war criminal…Yet you wonder why Biden doesn’t want a mutual conference with him as if we’re buddies. So proud of Biden for standing up to him, and promoting democracy around the world.

jclark you criticize Putin for speaking the truth. Trump was a strong leader that our enemies feared, Biden is a weak puppet owned by China.

Anyone here of the trump followers care to denounce this?

A former believer in the QAnon conspiracy theory on Tuesday warned CNN’s John Berman that the Trump-loving conspiracy theorists could soon turn violent because they believe they are literally battling against Satan.

Specifically, wayward Q devotee Jitarth Jadeja said he wasn’t surprised by an FBI report warning about the potential for QAnon followers to take direct action to stop what they falsely believe is a global Satanic pedophile conspiracy.

“If you think about it, their battle in their mind, the nature of this crisis, is existential for them,” he explained. “It’s not a battle between authoritarian and libertarian, between left and right, between nation states. It’s a battle between God and the devil. Literally, it’s a battle for their souls, for their children’s souls.”

Berman expressed astonishment that Jadeja ever could have also believed that God was using former President Donald Trump to bring down a cabal of Satan worshipers who harvest children for adrenochrome.

“How can you believe that?” he asked.

“It’s a strange thing because sometimes I ask myself the same thing,” Jadeja replied. “You start with some small thing and end with another, then ends with another, and then you’re all the way down the rabbit hole and you have no idea what to believe and what not to believe. So you want to believe that you’re on the right side.”

-Raw Story

My goodness. Where are our brave tRump warriors?

Let’s try again with this. Anyone want to comment? It’s hugely important to our country and these are your people, righties. Let’s hear from you!

In interviews with AzCentral, QAnon followers were ecstatic about the Arizona election audit that continues to go forward, hoping it will be the first step in proving the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump and giving legitimacy to their claims.

The report notes that the audit has its roots in QAnon, the far-right conspiracy cult that claims the “deep state” is the one pulling the strings in America as part of a worldwide conspiracy.

“Q’s influence is not obvious, perhaps as cryptic as Q’s postings that claimed the looming takedown of a global cabal, words that spawned the wide-ranging QAnon conspiracy theory, the report states before adding, “Q has been in the background in the aftermath of Election Day, when devotees joined the crowd who rallied outside Maricopa County’s election headquarters, aiming to stop the stealing of the election they were certain was happening inside.”

The report notes that pressure from QAnon adherents was a major factor that led the state’s GOP leadership to get behind the audit being conducted under the watchful eyes of Doug Logan, CEO of Cyber Ninjas.

As one leader of the movement wrote back on June 2, “The audit is The Great Awakening in how we’ve been manipulated by those that want to control us.”

According to one follower, the fact that the audit is actually happening is great news after a year of QAnon predictions — such as Joe Biden being deprived of the presidency — have fallen flat.

Bill Dennison: The reason why the media keeps the focus on Trump is that he will go down in history as the VERY WORST President in our country’s history. Move over James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, and Herbert Hoover.

How about you Zachary, do you support the larger part of the Republican Party coddling the Q conspiracy enthusiasts?
You’re very free with your opinions here, surely you have one on the subject of the Q movement….

That’s what they all say and wasn’t the question.

Zachary, ‘their’ news sources say Republicans believe in Q conspiracies, even though most Republicans I know think they are bogus. Every political party has nutty factions, even Demoncrats, lol, doesn’t mean they are mainstream.


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Chuck, Ray, jclark, Florida, Matt and the rest of you “stooges” out there, I believe we should change our approach. Obviously day after day of logical reasoning, factual information, intellectual thinking and just plain common sense isn’t enlightening these trumpsters to the reality of what is actually going on in the world today and what we should and can do to make it a better place.

Soooo…. I’ve got an idea. Perhaps a different strategy to combat this insanity should be taken. I’m thinking we should start “very factual” conspiracy theories on various social media outlets as a viable option for convincing these very, very stable high IQ geniuses that voting Democratic is the way to go.

e.g. “Beware, it has been undisputedly proven by esteemed Dr. Knowzitall, who lives the Cameroonian village of Badinfowe that if you vote Republican you will slowly but surely start growing excessive amounts of hair and eventually you will be transformed into a werewolf. Oh my!” Yes, this is absolute truth! Fact! No doubt!

After voting Republican Kwabena Kojo began involuntarily howling at the moon every night at midnight. Additionally, when his wife gave birth to their first born son, the poor lad was covered in hair. Honest truth, fact!!

It shouldn’t take long for Fox to pick up on this, then it’s a lock. In all likelihood we’ll get half of the Republican vote because these most knowledgeable retrumplicans certainly don’t want to be transformed into werewolves!

Sounds dangerous, Lou.
There seems to be no limit to what these tighty Righties will buy into. I’m hoping they don’t all start questioning the laws of gravity and jumping off building roofs. Their collective silence on the subject of Q is deafening and disturbing.

Rep. Andy Biggs: “Why is it so important for Democrats and the mainstream media to continue with the lie that Trump supporters committed violent attacks, even after they’ve been totally debunked? Democrats and the media stuck with this lie.. because it was part of their narrative


It’s a lot of reading and comprehending a lot of numbers about or economy under Democrats and Republicans from Wikipedia so try to stick with it you FG folks.
A little sampling so you don’t have to read it all.
During a March 2004 interview, Donald Trump stated: “It just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans.”[19] The Joint Economic Committee Democrats summarized and expanded the Blinder and Watson analysis in a June 2016 report, writing: “[C]laims that Republicans are better at managing the economy are simply not true. While the reasons are neither fully understood nor completely attributable to policy choices, data show that the economy has performed much better during Democratic administrations. Economic growth, job creation and industrial production have all been stronger.”[20]

Journalist David Leonhardt wrote in the NYT that economists he interviewed were not certain of the cause. One possibility for the consistent outperformance by Democratic presidents was: “Democrats have been more willing to heed economic and historical lessons about what policies actually strengthen the economy, while Republicans have often clung to theories that they want to believe — like the supposedly magical power of tax cuts and deregulation. Democrats, in short, have been more pragmatic.” He wrote that Democratic presidents championing the ideas of John Maynard Keynes have taken stronger fiscal action to address crises.[9]

The following table compares selected results for the Democratic and Republican presidents, using the Blinder & Watson data (typically Truman’s elected term through Obama’s first term). The abbreviation “pp” means percentage points.[1]

Variable Democrats Republicans Difference
Real GDP growth 4.33% 2.54 % 1.79 pp
Job creation rate % 2.59% 1.17% 1.42 pp
Unemployment rate % 5.64% 6.01% 0.38 pp
Unemployment rate change -0.83 pp +1.09 pp 1.92 pp
Inflation rate (GDP deflator) 2.89% 3.44% 0.55 pp
Budget deficit % potential GDP 2.09% 2.78% 0.69 pp
Stock market S&P 500 annual return 8.35% 2.70% 5.65 pp


Zachery, You comments about China buying rice. Sources please? Maybe they did because they stopped buying soy beans. Ask many a mid west farmer how that worked out for them Largest amount of family farms going out of business under FG.

Fred,You keep mentioning raising corporate taxes. You do remember they were 38% before the FG tax cuts and we survived. What we are paying as consumers for the tariffs FG imposed is way more than we would pay if corporate taxes were raised to 10% less than they were before 2017.
Or do believe as FG said the Chinese are paying them and sending us large checks with every container we import?

China, the world’s largest rice producer, typically buys small amounts of U.S. rice. Purchases peaked at $5.311 million in 2010. In 2017, they totaled $759,000. So far this year, U.S. rice exports to China have been worth just $147,000.
-Reuters, 12/13/19

China recently returned as a regular supplier of medium- and short-grain rice to Puerto Rico, a United States territory.

Overall, the United States exports about half of its rice crop each year, mostly to Mexico, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Northeast Asia, and the Middle East as well as shipping smaller volumes to Canada, the European Union (EU), and Sub-Saharan Africa.
-Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 2020

Zachary, ‘their’ news sources say Republicans believe in Q conspiracies, even though most Republicans I know think they are bogus. Every political party has nutty factions, even Demoncrats, lol, doesn’t mean they are mainstream.

According to The Guardian, a well-established news agency never accused of bias, claims their polling shows 53% of Republicans still believe the election “was stolen”.
That’s a Q tenet and not a fringe, or nutty, opinion. It’s dominating everything the Republicans are doing.

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