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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, June 16


Nisky owes thanks to Chief Fran Wall

The citizens of Niskayuna owe a debt of gratitude to Police Chief Frances Wall, not only for her decades of devoted service to our town, but also for her honorable service to our country as a U.S. Marine.
Fran Wall is a highly principled, intelligent woman who has given her all to our community.
Her honesty, integrity, strength, commitment, empathy, and human compassion are assets which have benefited us all. May the goodness she has shared with us over the years come right back to her during her retirement.
Thank you, Fran Wall!
Sue Penny

Fair and professional Litz earned 9th term

I am writing to urge all Rotterdam voters to support and vote for Judge Kenneth P. Litz in his bid for a ninth term as Rotterdam town justice.
In evaluating a judicial candidate, one should consider an individual’s professional ability, character, independence, integrity, reputation for fairness, lack of bias and temperament, including courtesy and patience.
Judge Litz is and has been a highly respected member of the legal community throughout his nearly 42 years of practice.
During his nearly 32 years as Rotterdam town justice, he has earned and been known for a reputation for outstanding professional ability, a high work ethic, excellent judgment and breadth of experience for his position.
He is admired and respected for characteristics necessary for any judge to possess, those being, honesty, integrity, good character, distinguished judicial temperament, courtesy, patience, independence, impartiality and respect for all participants in the legal process.
The citizens of Rotterdam and anyone who has dealings with the Rotterdam Town Court deserves and need to have Judge Ken Litz as Rotterdam town justice. Please vote for Judge Litz on Primary Day, June 22.
Shannon Blanchard

Get ‘Democratic Party’ name correct

I am a member of the Democratic Party, but I occasionally read or hear references to something called the “Democrat Party.”
There is no such thing as a “Democrat Party,” where the “ic” has been sliced off.
Of course, it is correct to say that individual members of our party are Democrats.
I first became aware of the incorrect term “Democrat Party” years ago.
I believe its use started with right-wing AM radio commentators to suggest that the Democratic Party did not subscribe to democratic values.
As far as I know, it certainly does.
In any case, using that incorrect term makes about as much sense as calling the Republican Party the “Republic Party.”
Tom Williams

Racism underlies far right extremism

I believe the modern day great American political divide established its exponential growth period beginning in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected president.
His being Black triggered the awakening of the underlying racist, bigoted White supremacist beliefs of so many who are terrified over the “Browning” of America.
Only because of that movement, pushed along with the money-making misinformation spewed on Fox, Facebook and other news and social media outlets, would an ignorant criminal fool the likes of Donald Trump get elected president.
Once the new extreme right GOP political faction realized the ease with which tens of millions can be, not unlike sheep, marched over a political cliff, their evil, lying, fascist agenda kicked into a higher gear.
And that great push, my fellow voting Americans, is how so many radical right politicians at all levels from mayors to senators and congressmen are gaining political positions.
But not to worry folks, the only thing at stake is democracy.
Louis Restifo Sr.
Burnt Hills



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Joseph Vendetti


President Biden and Lou don’t have any cognitive deficiencies!

I agree that President Obama would have never been elected and re-elected if there was massive amounts of systematic racism or white supremacy fears.

Racism continues to exist and we must do our very best to offer education for those bigoted individuals.

Like anything that is important (& worthwhile) this will take time, nurturing, & hard work on all of our parts.

Let us not use race to point out poor or excellent behavior! We are all part of the human race, lets offer solutions to help.


“President Biden and Lou don’t have any cognitive deficiencies!”

The border being closed and the millions spent dealing with those we did not see the closed sign appear to constitute a cognitive deficiency on Biden’s part.

Mr. Vendetti so according to you President Barack Obama was elected because white people are racist? All I can say is wow

Legit question Zachary: do you have a reading comprehension problem or do you purposefully twist people’s words to fit your agenda?

Guy Varoma

Racism has always existed in our Country. When Obama was elected it was exposed, beginning with the Tea Party movement and since then it morphed into Trumpism..They used a dog whistle platform bring in the racists …Trump took it a step further during his 2016 campaign to be elected president ….I’m not saying all Republicans are racist …..Some people just vote republican to matter who is the candidate …You can see this with in districts that put Marjorie Taylor Greene in office and other QAnon candidates

Mr. Varoma, President Trump brought more African-American voters to the Republican party than any other president outside of Lincoln I believe. Every single one of these racist accusations that you Democrats put forth have all been debunked, stop it already, people are sick and tired of hearing that crap.

Well, many White people are anyway. You’d be hard-pressed to find any people of minority that would agree with you. That’s gotta tell you something, doesn’t it?


Thank you Louis and Guy for your facts.

Sadly, truth and facts continue to be hard for some folks.


The GOP has been progressively losing supporters for many years so they do whatever they can to recruit angry white voters. They have been cultivating white supremacists and your normal everyday racists for many years. Add to that braindead evangelicals and poor southern whites who blame people of color for perceiving that they are stealing or being given jobs that they should have. But as educated whites and people of color side with the DemocratIC Party, the GOP is getting more desperate and vocal and welcoming far right nuts like QAnon and militia groups.

It’s a symbiotic relationship.
Republicans have for decades harbored the White privilege mindset, and codified it in the “Southern Strategy:

As the civil rights movement and dismantling of Jim Crow laws in the 1950s and 1960s visibly deepened existing racial tensions in much of the Southern United States, Republican politicians such as presidential candidate Richard Nixon and Senator Barry Goldwater developed strategies that successfully contributed to the political realignment of many white, conservative voters in the South who had traditionally supported the Democratic Party rather than the Republican Party. It also helped to push the Republican Party much more to the right.

Onboard were the so-called Christian evangelists who found a rapt audience in their White congregations. All found ready cash flow from those looking for validation of their traditions and that’s the symbiosis that continues today.

What’s actually happening is more like a dampened oscillation where with each swing of the pendulum the energy is drained a little bit more until eventually, barring a highly-unlikely turnabout in thinking, it will come to a standstill.

The Republicans are showing everyone how they are not following a sustainable path for a political party (nor as a religion apparently) as populations became more and more integrated and people became more and more aware that there really wasn’t such a chasm between White and Black potentials (I can assure you these Whites are scared to death of Asians, unless there’s quick money to be made).

Sadly, now we’re seeing the dregs of that effort flail about trying to maintain some credibility and viability while attempting to game the system to their favor; an end-of-life, desperate “hail Mary”, so-to-speak. Cheating, in other words. They’ve given up their faux-Christian veneer of benevolence, and more and more are willing to vent their frustrations as overt racism, the core of their belief. Add in the louder voices of the fringe including the half-baked, vague biblical theory that somehow Whites are their god’s chosen ones and shall inherit the Earth, and here we are; Jewish space lasers, Italian satellites attacking our voting machines, The Great (gag) Awakening and Dems eating babies.
Trump must’ve won! He had to have won! It was preordained by god!

These are the screams of a dying beast.


Here’s a story I can believe:
Former President Donald Trump boasted in a recent statement that he’s “writing like crazy” on “the book of all books” and “turned down two book deals from the most unlikely publishers.”
But in reality, all the major players in the publishing world are staying as far away from Trump as possible, Politico reported, citing both Trump’s “radioactive” standing following the January 6 insurrection and the daunting task of fact-checking his copious lies about the 2020 election.
Former presidents usually have no trouble landing huge book deals with enviable advances. Former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, for example, jointly got a whopping $65 million advance from Penguin Random House for their post-White House memoirs following a heated bidding war.
In Trump’s case, it’s crickets from all the big publishing houses, Politico said.
If he reaches out for a book title, how about:
– Lies, Lies and More Lies
– I Did It With Smoke and Mirrors
– My Followers Are Fools, Too
– Putin Owns Me
– Ok, I Cheat At Golf, Too


Zachery, I asked for your source on FG selling rice to China. Thank you for using a factual and creditable source like Reuters. That is how you gain personal credibility with your posting on forums such as this.
One paragraph further down in the article though was telling as to what FG has done to the American farmers with his tariffs. Kind of cancelled out the rice buying his administration did as small as it was.
Again thanks for factual info and not an opinion.
“China was a major buyer of U.S. soybeans and pork before the trade war started by the Trump administration. U.S. President Donald Trump said on Monday that China had agreed to make unspecified new purchases of U.S. farm products after he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, but purchases of major export crops have so far been elusive.”

Florida The farmers did not get hurt with those tariffs many actually made out better but not only that but America stopped China from manipulating it’s currency which helped farmers and Americans even more.


Taxpayers bailed out the U.S. farmers who lobbied Trump for funding when they lost market deals with China. Trump form of socialism!


Hot off the Internet, saw it on Facebook: If you vote Republican and eventually pick your nose you will have an 98.5 percent increased chance of uncontrollable nasal hemorrhaging. Wow! Absolutely true! Scary, stuff! In severe cases this may result in death. Yikes! Holy moly!

“Oh my guarsh, I ain’t never gonna vote fer no Repubicman narry another time every agin. Do it matter I dun voted fur Misser Tromp afor?” ~ A direct quote from Mr. Bubba Largebrain, speaking directly from Fillmein, Wyoming. -Sadly the interview was cut short, Mr Largebrain seemed to be an a hurry to purchase some cotton balls and a few boxes of tissues.

Be very careful who you vote for folks. – Can have disastrous consequences.

Who’s side are you on: law enforcement or the thugs who beat them?
Some real patriots here:
U.S. military service members, including active duty, face charges in Jan. 6 Capitol riot: report

By Dave Goldiner
New York Daily News |
Jun 16, 2021 at 12:02 PM

At least 50 military service members have been charged with taking part in the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, including many members of radical far right-wing groups, CNN reported Tuesday.

Most of the dozens of those with military ties who have been arrested on various charges including assaulting police officers are veterans.

But some were active-duty members of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.
Nearly 500 people in all have been arrested around the country for their roles in the attack on the Capitol, which came after former President Trump urged thousands of his followers to “fight like hell” to overturn his loss in the 2020 election.

So Biden capitulated to Putin so he could look good in Europe. He did absolutely nothing except give Putin an oil pipeline to Germany and a pass with no consequences for hacking our oil pipeline and meat processors while hurting American oil independence. What an abysmal failure. He had a 22 minute press conference with 12 minutes on the teleprompter and he took 7 questions from friendly reporters. I’m shocked, not really it’s exactly as I predicted.


Zachery, See you have offered your “opinion” on the President’s press conference.
Maybe you should look up FG’s in Helsinki and get back to us with your “opinion” on that one, just saying.


Zachery, Before you post President was “being short ” to a reporter.

And some say Q is irrelevant to Republicans:

Jim Jordan ridiculed after demanding DOJ investigate whether Italian satellites hacked the vote count

On Wednesday, writing for Above the Law, columnist Elizabeth Dye roasted Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) for suggesting in a hearing earlier in the week that the Justice Department should pursue a 2020 election conspiracy theory involving Italian satellites that Trump had pushed in conversation with the DOJ.

“That is a problem,” Jordan said, attacking the DOJ officials who had dismissed Trump’s rants as “pure insanity.” “When the chief of staff to the president of the United States asks someone in the executive branch to do something, and they basically give him the finger, I think that’s the problem we should be looking into.”

As Dye noted, though, the thing Trump was demanding the DOJ to look into is truly ridiculous.

“To be clear, the Italygate theory is beyond batsh*t,” wrote Dye. “It involves Barack Obama amassing a secret $400 million war chest, then cahootsing with former Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to disrupt vote tabulation in key swing states using Italian military satellites. And somehow this was all coordinated at the US Embassy in Rome, according to Brad Johnson, a self-described retired ‘CIA Station Chief’ and current Epoch Times columnist.”

Just a quick addendum: There’s terrible fallout to this sordid mess that often goes unseen. Some are saying some editors and writers for The Onion and Mad Magazine and other satirical publications are nearly on suicide watch, because Republicans are stealing all the good material. They’re apparently at a loss as to how to better what’s happening in real life.
So thoughts and prayers for them tonight, please.

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