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Letters to the Editor Friday, June 18


Trump will forever haunt Democrats

It is with glee that each day an article relating to Donald Trump hits the news. The Democratic Party is absolutely petrified of the man, and in fact are obsessed with him.
Only upon his death will they feel relieved. But wait! As Lazarus returned, so will he and haunt the Democratic Party again.
Jerry Bubniak

Gov’t sends mixed messages on race

OK, folks, let me get this straight. I am having a very hard time trying to understand what is going on today in our society.
From what I am reading, in the near future, our schools are going to be very limited as to what and how they can teach our students about racism, culture in the past, and how we got here.
Now, the federal government is making Juneteenth a federal holiday, which I have no problem with.
The problem, as I see it, is on one hand, don’t teach our students about race and its culture, but now wanting to make it a federal holiday where slaves were emancipated. I just don’t understand.
Peggy McHale

Grateful to help removing fallen tree

During the heavy windstorm that occurred on May 26, a very large portion of an old and rotting tree fell onto Grand Boulevard, leaving the remainder of the tree hanging over my house.
This off-balance branch looming over my home left my husband and I feeling very unsettled.
After several failed attempts at obtaining information from the county on when the remainder of the tree would be taken down, I reached out to Tom Constantine in the Schenectady County Legislature for his assistance.
Within 24 hours, the remainder of the tree was removed, along with my anxiety. I would like to thank and acknowledge Tom and Joe Landry, Schenectady County director of public works, for their diligent work and dedication to preserving the safety of my family.
Meghan Glass

Dems fear losing grip on minorities

I read Robin Vaughan Kolderie’s June 6 letter (“D.C. statehood foes are being hypocritical”) and immediately recognized Alinksky’s tactics in use.
Saul Alinsky was an evil little man who supported socialism, and one of his famous tenets was to accuse your enemy of what you are doing.
Mrs. Clinton did exactly that, accusing President Trump of working with the Russians when she in fact did.
The Democrats are pushing HR 1. It is their attempt to win elections forever. Elections are run at the state level on purpose. Schumer and Pelosi want to take that right away from us. The federal government does nothing well.
I still cannot understand why Democrats do not want voting rolls purged of the dead and those that have moved.
And don’t forget the favorite “It’s racist to ask for an ID to vote.” Is it racist to ask an African American for an ID to get on a plane. Buy cough medicine? How about beer?
Finally on making Washington, D.C., a state, why stop there? How about Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands? The Democrats know something big is coming.
The minority communities have awakened and your grip on them is over.
Dave Edwards


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The establishment of Juneteenth as a federal holiday is a way for Republican politicians to state that they’re not racist while simultaneously fighting the teaching of the ACTUAL history of this country which was founded upon, steeped in, and thrived because of, racism. It’s kind of like Republicans who enact legislation to disenfranchise voters of color, but then quote MLK on his holiday.


What do you call the Democratic diversity programs? Giving jobs to those who picked the right parents seems to qualify as racist public policy. Matt what do you think?

The fact that you believe one gets to “pick” their parents, tells me all I need to know about your understanding of the world. Good day to you.

Good grief! Did Manchin finally come around? The fear runs thick through each of the nonsensical right wing comments here triggered by writer Edwards’ alternate Earth viewpoint.
The previous President gave you all permission to behave like primates, and it turns out most Americans reject that.
It couldn’t be more obvious which is why polling shows most of the world is relieved that Democracy works.
And no, it’s not because they get free stuff from us.
Going forward America will be returning to acting like it’s the leader it is.
Better get used to it. Most of the world can see how you’re twisting and flailing facts and reality.
Have you no shame? At all?


Matt you dodged the question: How can you be ati-racist and in favor of government race based programs?

Perhaps I miss understand . Could it be that you are as racist as you claim that others are?

Americans should be proud of our look back at the past – it shows how much we have grown.

Jerry Bubniak You sir are absolutely 100% correct. When you read these letters and comments from Democrats in this paper that’s all you hear about is Trump, Trump, Trump. You never hear anything about a great job Biden is doing every once in a while they’ll say they are happy with Biden because he’s making us welcome around the world again. You never hear of anything of substance of Biden because there is nothing of substance. He’s had one press conference with pre-picked journalists to throw him softball questions. You notice any time a journalist asks a hardball question that goes against what Biden believes he absolutely flips out on the journalist, it’s happened every single time go back and look.


Zachary–we’ve listed a number of accomplishments, but you refuse to believe any. You give 45 credit for a vaccine rollout when he had no plan to distribute and get in arms. 45 chose the correct companies to GET the vaccine (how hard was that? It’s not like HE created the vaccines himself!). Here you go…dare you to check them out.

Whenever we hear about the GOP making any decision all we hear about is “Trump, Trump, Trump” because now nearly everything the GOP does needs to pass his approval.
Since the GOP is still one of our two-party system it’s inevitable we’ll hear a lot about him.
Trying to twist that into a Democratic “obsession” is a very childish, transparent attempt to …dare I say… deflect. Exactly what you futilly try to pin on everyone else.
You’re not fooling anyone.


Jerry Bubniak,
How sad that you feel glee over democrats concerns about maintaining our form of government. 45 will not only haunt democrats, but will go down in history as the WORST president, the Insurrectionist president. The one that claimed “Stop the Steal” AS HE WAS ATTEMPTING TO STEAL IT. And he’s still at it because of unamerican people like you!
Gore lost by less than 600 votes in FL, but conceded for the good of the country. 45 lost with over 7 million, never reached 50% approval rating, but continues the Big Lie which erodes confidence in our free and fair elections.
Our children’s children through the ages will learn about how this president continually smashed our Institutional guard rails, broke the law a number of times, and almost succeeded at turning US into an authoritative police state. The Democrats will be remembered as Patriots trying to save our nation since the gop FAILED repeatedly to rein him in and never held him accountable.

Bodies of two migrants found in 24 hour period near southern border, how many are not found in Mexico, we all know that there are children dying out there. Democrats have the blood of children on their hands.


Zachary–please explain how it’s the dems fault for children coming to the border when the issue stems from a complicated mess in Central America. It’s their families that are sending them, not the dems. This administration has repeatedly urged them not to come, and has clearly stated the border is closed.
I think it’s just a way for you to cover 45s intentional separation of children from their parents PURPOSELY traumatizing them…another deflection. Any man that deliberately traumatizes children deserves to hung up by his bulls. Well, he’s going to jail anyway…so we will all feel GLEE for years to come. Can’t wait!


If you consider:

1> our social welfare system;
2> Democrats’ sanctuary governments;
3> Our accommodating immigrants by not demanding the learn English;
(In NY government documents are translated into 6 languages;
4> Given the millions spent accommodating those who cross the” closed’ border;

Given 1 – 4 blaming the immigration problems on Central American troubles is less than thoughtful.


Mr Bubniak, Maybe you and others could read this with a open mind. And get back to us. Bottom line of article is maybe he committed so much corruption no on is sure where to start and revelations will continue for years of it’s depth.
Do you think it was ok to pardon the likes of Stone, Flynn, Manafort, Bannon?



While there has been much discussion about voting rights there has been little said about having the information needed to make ones vote meaningful. Note while we can vote on school budgets we are given no information on our productively our money has been spent. How well the school does in producing student achievement is information that is deem unimportant to the voter. A reasonable person can assume that since no bragging is being done about student achievement that the school systems have nothing, that would be found acceptable , to show the voter.

Good grief! Did Manchin finally come around? The fear runs thick through each of the nonsensical right wing comments here triggered by writer Edwards’ alternate Earth viewpoint.
The previous President gave you all permission to behave like primates, and it turns out most Americans reject that.
It couldn’t be more obvious which is why polling shows most of the world is relieved that Democracy works.
And no, it’s not because they get free stuff from us.
Going forward America will be returning to acting like it’s the leader it is.
Better get used to it. Most of the world can see how you’re twisting and flailing facts and reality.
Have you no shame? At all?


I want to thank Jerry B for the next laugh I’ve had in a long time. He is correct that many of us are haunted by the former President. But rather than Lazarus, the former President is more like Jason from Friday the 13th who just won’t stay down!


Anne Marie Heim–Yes, Lazarus was a dear friend of Jesus. 45 is a friend of Satan–vicious, vulgar, villainous, and verifiably insane. Generations will be haunted by the former guy.

You still need Kyrsten Sinema and if Manchin flips he is done the next election, the only reason he is re-elected is that he is a common-sense democrat.


Another “not conspiracy theory” Democrats should get started so as to fight fire with fire. (Or just rake the forest to fight fire):

Boy oh boy! Guess what! Guess what! Guess what! This one is big, big, big, really big! Hundred percent fact check on the news and not just the big good one Fox. All over the place on the Internet too!

Be real careful on this one if you’re ever planning to vote Republican again. Soon as I’m finished telling you folks, it’s here I come with this baby, YouTube, TikTok and wherever. Then after I post it, it will be fact fact, not just kind a sort of fact.

Here’s the deal… If you vote for a Republican, don’t matter what it’s for, dog catcher, city council person, or President of the good old United States of America, you’re gonna have real problems, ya think? And that ya think I put in there is because it’s kind of a pun. Look it up if you don’t know what a pun is and you’ll see what I’m talking about later. Now remember “ya think.”

Now to the real important part. If you make the big bad mistake of voting Republican somebody real important like Santa Claus or some “angel of everything” is paying real close attention and that’s when the bad part starts a happenin.

Because you had to be thinking when you made that bad choice of voting for a Republican, the strong powers out there start ta kick in. Kind of slow at firsts taking away your ability to think little at a time and then within 33 and one half days plus four hours and 37 minutes give or take, or possibly less, POOF! Just like that it’s gone and for the rest of your life you Can’t Really Think. It’s just awful, bad awful. I believe it’s already been happening to lots and lots of Republicans voters already. Sure seems that way.

Now for the real, like I said in the beginning, news proof and for sure verification part. Have you been reading and listening to the news? Well if ya haven’t been under a big rock ya know it’s been all over the place. Even been teaching in schools. Here it comes, ready…CRT, yep, I know you’ve seen it all over the place. CRT (Can’t Really Think) That’s rock solid proof kind of stuff! Like I said CRT’s been all over the news place. Every-damn-where.

Think before you pull that lever, think good, real, real good or you’ll may never think again. Remember now don’t vote Republican or it’s CRT (Can’t Really Think)

Soon as this rock solid theory gets on line we should pick up another substantial number of new Democratic voters.

Be very careful who you vote for folks. – Can have disastrous consequences.

Didn’t believe it Lou, but you’re right. I checked it out. CRT is spreading fast. Is there anything that can be done to stop it? Free remedial reading classes and critical thinking seminars perhaps. Oops, forget the critical thinking, that’s useless with most cases of CRT. But many experts agree that changing political parties is a productive first step towards curing the disease. Let’s hope those afflicted will think about…damn, it’s a catch 22. Clear thinking is necessary to cure CRT, but those suffering from same can’t think clearly. Maybe divine intervention?


🙏🏻🙏🏼🙏🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿 We can only hope. Perhaps “One day – it’s like a miracle – it will disappear”


LJordan, Thanks for the back up. Verification is import for enlightenment regarding these “very factual” and quite informative health preservation as well as, in some cases, life saving issues.

Oakland County, Michigan:
“…it’s a warning of what happens when a political party is associated with one charismatic figurehead and doesn’t invest in candidates with their own identities; and of the strategic blunder of responding to a tidal shift of demographic change by rewriting voting rules instead of fixing a tone-deaf message.”

Speaking with Politico’s Stanton, Martin Howrylak (R), who represented Troy (MI) in the state’s House until 2018, explained, “It’s the opposite of a big-tent party right now. That was really the game plan of Trump: to create lines: ‘You’re either with me or against me. And if you’re not with me, you might as well—politically speaking—die.’ And that ‘take no prisoners’ approach is the antithesis of what’s needed here. As long as the party continues to embrace the former president, it’s going to have trouble in Oakland County.”

Walter Shaub, the director of the United States Office of Government Ethics under President Obama, said the Biden administration is sending a “f— you” to ethics experts by hiring so many relatives of senior White House officials.

Press secretary Jen Psaki, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, national security adviser Jake Sullivan, senior adviser Anita Dunn, White House counselor Steve Richetti, deputy chief of staff Bruce Reed and presidential personnel office director Cathy Russell each have at least one direct family member working for the Biden administration.


The blatant and disgusting irony and hypocrisy of trying to make a case out some Democrats’ family favoritism.
That you can support the Trump Family Enterprise, not to mention the McConnell/Chao LLC, and post your weak gotcha, from of all sources Fox, just screams “I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about but I’ve got nothing left to lose!”

The feds just announced they’re going to be raising interest rates thanks to Biden‘s economy. What does that mean let me tell you what it means the already overpriced housing industry, automobile industry which is overpriced because of lack of micro chips and every other industry that you need money from the bank for is going to cost you more money so if that house is $30,000 more and your interest rates go up an additional half a point well you can expect to pay a couple hundred dollars or more a month. Great job President Biden you took a thriving economy and turned it into a typical crap hole just like everything else you so far touched.


You would think there Senator could negotiate a few things with Biden to help his state then vote with Democrats to get those items. What is he holding out for?
West Virginia Rankings
No change in rank from 2019
Overall Rank

Health Care #47
Education #45
Economy #48
Infrastructure #50
Opportunity #18
Fiscal Stability #28
Crime & Corrections #23
Natural Environment #36
#47Health Care
#28Fiscal Stability
#23Crime & Corrections
#36Natural Environment

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