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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, June 22


Give workers a break from the heat

What are we doing to help the people who work out in the heat?
It’s been hot out there. Do you know the mail trucks do not have air conditioning? Drivers have to drive with the windows down. Also, their feet are over the motor – that has to be hot.
It would be nice for us to give them or anyone working on the roads a cold drink. You can also freeze bottled water and when you see them give them a bottle. I’m sure they would appreciate it and be very grateful.
Thank you for your kindness. All lives matter.
Carol Pingelski Hotaling
Clifton Park

Town of Glen not sticking to its plan

“Among the most important powers and duties granted by the legislature to a town government is the authority and responsibility to undertake town comprehensive planning and to regulate land use for the purpose of protecting the public health, safety, and general welfare of its citizens.” (§272)
The town of Glen Comprehensive Plan provides guidance for making decisions that would assure that the following goals are achieved.
• preserve and enhance the town’s farming operations and agricultural land
• preserve the natural environment
• employ viable town initiatives to foster economic development
• enhance and encourage preservation of the town’s historic character
• promote local and regional tourism
• preserve the town’s rural character and open spaces
• maintain and enhance the aesthetics of the town
• enhance the recreational and cultural opportunities in the town
• cooperate with the town’s adjacent municipalities and Montgomery County
• continue an open dialogue on the future of the Town of Glen.
“This vision will guide our community wisely in the growth and development that naturally follows progress, allowing for sensible expansion while preserving our Town’s historical character and natural resources.”
Sadly, the town of Glen is facing a battle to uphold the tenets of our Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Management Ordinance. A Texas-based company, ConnectGen, is planning to submit an application for a 250 megawatt solar project on 2,000-plus acres of valuable farmland.
Is this what the authors of our town of Glen Comprehensive Plan envisioned?
Bonnie Couture

Mideast plan should put focus on justice

Israel has a right to exist, and Palestine has a right to exist.
I am not anti-Semitic to criticize the oppressive military occupation of Gaza by Israel nor the discrimination of Palestinians within Israel.
In Gaza, Palestinian homes and lands are confiscated or demolished to make room for Jewish settlements.
The U.S. government has acknowledged that these settlements are illegal, but our government has been unwilling to hold Israel accountable for the continuing annexation of Palestinian land.
At the current time, 600,000 Jewish Israelis are living in new settlements on occupied Palestinian territory. Palestinians must endure daily military checkpoints to travel to work, school or their own farmlands. They cannot travel on new highways which are reserved only for Jewish settlers.
In East Jerusalem, the rights of Palestinians who have been living in homes for decades are being evicted to replace them with Jewish Israelis.
The recent war only increased hostilities and resulted in the destruction of infrastructure, homes and a high civilian death toll with 69 children in Gaza killed by air strikes.
The United States policy has focused on providing billions of dollars in military aid; it is time to change this policy and focus on ending all violence and using resources to rebuild Gaza.
Yes, the issues are complicated, but no solution can be broached without an understanding of the current situation and the suffering of the Palestinian people.
Peace can only be achieved when there is justice for both Palestinians and Jewish Israelis.
Mabel Leon



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William Marincic

Mabel Leon, Those dead are the result of Hamas sending over 4000 missiles into Israel. Hamas will set up their missile launchers next to schools, hospitals, and in the middle of neighborhoods. Tell the Palestinian Authority to reject Hamas and the violence will stop.

One, Israel has defense against those missiles. I’m not siding with Hamas at all, but like… what did you expect these guys to do, sit back and watch while their land was illegally occupied and stolen from them?

Two, Israel blatantly lies and covers up bombing buildings, hospitals, and apartments where children are sleeping by claiming they were “Hamas” properties. Even if they were, where else would they hide them when Israel has one of the biggest militaries in the world which is backed by us and is using everything it’s got for land expansion?

They came to a cease-fire and the day after, Israel struck and attacked a mosque while Palestinians were praying. Palestine ain’t the aggressor here.

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