Niskayuna town board member Perez Jaquith announces resignation


The Niskayuna town board members were shocked Tuesday night after board member Rosemarie Perez Jaquith announced she would be resigning her seat effective July 1. 

She is leaving because her husband, former U.S. Attorney, Grant C. Jaquith was appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veteran Claims in September 2020, she said. 

Her husband was working mainly remotely during the pandemic.  However, she said that is likely to change this fall and her husband will be working in the court facilities in Washington D.C.

“We are acutely aware of the precious nature of time these days,” Perez Jaquith said. “The many long hours spent working from home at the same time have made living apart unthinkable.”

Perez Jaquith said the move will also put her closer to her grandchildren, who live in the area.

Under town law, the remaining town board members will name her replacement. The replacement would then remain on the board until the end of this year.  

The person elected in this November election would fill the remaining two years of her term or until December 31, 2023, under Public Officers Law. 

Perez Jaquith, a first-generation Cuban American, urged other diverse voices to seek office. 

All of the board members thanked Perez Jaquith for her service. Supervisor Yasmine Syed said her successor has big shoes to fill.

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David Bianchi

Good Choice! You are a Good Woman! Your Husband is a Very Lucky Man for Having You!
Good Luck! To You and Your Family in Washington D.C.

If by Chance? You or Your Husband should run into someone in Washington D.C. that could help me in getting my case being investigated and brought to Court. Involving Land being Forcefully taken by the City of Schenectady so that a Developer could build a row of Townhouses on Barrett Street for what is part of what is now being built, called Barrett Village.

It Also, involves Someone from City Hall Ordering the President of an Out of State Lien Company,(American Tax Funding) to return a Tax Payment that was made in Full to ATF on Several Vacant lots so that the City could do Eminent Domain on them. By calling the Vacant Lots Blight! That had No buildings on them that I kept clean and mowed. Along, with the Eminent Domain said to being done for Unpaid Taxes. (In which the City couldn’t foreclose on for Unpaid Taxes, because it would have given my Mom or I a chance to pay them.)

All, After (2) separate Threats by Lawyers to Sell them the Properties Cheaply or They Would Just Go Through the City and Take Them!

Also, the Land that was Forcefully Taken belonged to my Uncle in which he was a WW2 Veteran. Jim Wilson knew him well! Also, the Land that was Taken that was my Uncle’s that had passed was Willed to my Mom. In Which, My Mom Retired Working for the Federal Government. She worked at the Leo W O’Brien Federal Building in Albany. Her job was to give the young people joining the Military going to boot camp their plane tickets and instructions.

I am trying my Best to Keep Up this Fight and Not Giving Up! Because I Feel it is the Right Thing to Do.. Even though, I Never Actually Wanted to Fight with the City..
Schenectady Gate!! Property Owning Rights!

(I also came across this about a long-ago deal being investigated, and it caught my eye) July 15, 2017 WASHINGTON — A federal investigation into a long-ago land deal by Senator Bernie Sanders’s wife.

Do you think? The City has the Right to (Threaten!) a Property Owner or in my case. Threaten me to sell them my Mom’s/ Families property cheaply to the City involving several lots on Barrett Street for a row of Townhouses that a private Developer Wanted to build after He Bought the Prior Luigis restaurant on Barrett Street at Tax Auction next to my Families Land. (In the Little Italy/Union College area of Schenectady.)

There were several more wrongdoings done to my Family and I by the City of Schenectady involving other properties in the City. All in which I have Strong Evidence and Not Just Hear Say!

I posted this here because of Your Husband’s connection to the courts.

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