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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, June 23


Facing the truth is hard but necessary

Teaching history in schools is in jeopardy.
Fred Como nailed it in his June 19 letter (“We can’t ignore sins of America’s past”.) How do you teach history that is watered down just to be politically prudent? It becomes sanitized, made inoffensive, and not the truth.
Do they still teach why there is a separation of “church and state”?
Would we all be better off if the Catholic Church was running the United States government or any other religious group with their core beliefs imposed on all Americans? Sounds pretty ridiculous because it is.
Yet the Catholic bishops are still barking up that “Deny Communion Tree” to politicians that don’t support Catholic doctrine. Get over it.
The Catholic religion is a concept based upon beliefs (opinions) they perceive to be truisms, as is the case with all religions.
If you are a person that does not agree with or recognize them, they become inconsequential.
Imagine living in a sanitized world where everything fits a specific pattern (skewing the truth) as not to offend anyone.
How do you say to a Vietnam veteran that the soldiers that lost their lives there died for nothing? That’s what history teaches us,
Yet it is incessantly uncomfortable to speak that truth to a disabled Vietnam veteran.
As the old saying goes, “The truth hurts.” Whether it’s hopping on a scale, a cancer diagnosis, learning a loved one died or finding out that it wasn’t some unlucky pilot that hit the Twin Towers.
Almost forgot, the election wasn’t rigged.
Bob Belive

Love MacAdam, but won’t miss Foss

Mike MacAdam is a not good, but great sportswriter and is deserving of all accolades. Way to go, Mike!
Sara Foss was the dullest columnist of all time anywhere. Hates Cuomo, the city of Schenectady and our police department — all within her rights but thank God and Greyhound she’s gone.
Ed Flouton

Press to blame for conservatives’ flap

Your June 16 article (“Candidates told to stop using state party logo”) leaves the implication that conservatives in Rotterdam seeking the party’s nomination have done something wrong.
Are party members not free to use the party’s logo? Is this right exclusive only to party bosses?
Your article misleads readers to think only the party bosses can nominate candidates or use the party logo. A party, by implication, is a group of people and the primary election is where the party decides who it nominates.
Many members are disgusted that the party bosses endorse Democrats who govern against the Conservative Party platform.
Paul DeLorenzo narrowly lost the party nomination for state Assembly to a career politician endorsed by the Executive Board —  someone who voted for bail reform and the expansion of abortion.
The implication that using the party logo is unethical or misleading is outrageous. The sin of misleading people falls on you and your paper. Perhaps you can report on the context in which the logo was used, or why the party bosses are so upset.
Or you can continue to obfuscate the facts.
Joseph Mastroianni


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William Marincic

Bob Belive, if you don’t want to follow the Catholic faith and doctrine then don’t say you’re a Catholic. When it’s election time don’t stand up there and pound your chest telling me you’re a Catholic, if you are then follow the rules of the church or leave the church. These Democrats want it both ways, they want to use the Catholic Church to get votes yet they don’t want to follow the laws of the Catholic Church. That’s what these bishops are saying, if you tell us you’re a practicing Catholic and you don’t follow the rules then we are not going to give you communion.

This look familiar:

These Republicans want it both ways, they want to use the Lunatic Fringe to get votes yet they don’t want to follow the laws of the United States. That’s what these courts, judges, election officials of both parties are saying, if you tell us you’re the Law and Order Party and you don’t follow the rules then we are not going to give you the election.


Bob Belive does not seem to accept the as fact that Catholic Bishops are in charge of what it means to be Catholic. If not them then who is?


If Biden wishes to represent himself as Catholic then he must behave like one. J has confused truth in advertising with politics!

William Aiken

When the political actions of Joe Biden contradict Church doctrine, it’s the Bishops’ responsibility to uphold the tenants of Christianity. Thus they’re correct in denying him communion. The church has characterized abortion as essentially murder. If the bishops don’t the backbone to stand up against Biden’s normalization of abortion, they are failing as leaders of the church.


The Church can preach to their members, but they should not politicize hot-button issues. They don’t pay taxes. The former president acted vile, vulgar, and vindictive during his presidency and committed 6 out of the 7 deadly sins (i’ll forgo sloth). 45 also said he didn’t need to ask for forgiveness! Under 45, for the first time in US history, the federal government in one year executed more American civilians than all the states combined–that’s MURDER.

Biden (and myself) are not FOR abortion–we are FOR saving females from being maimed, infertile, or killed because they are going to get an abortion whether it’s legal or not. Attacking Biden, and not 45, is POLITICAL…period.

William Aiken

To your point about women having abortions regardless. Planned Parenthood offers virtually no counseling or support for the woman to give birth to the baby. It’s PP’s business model and in their financial interest to preform as many abortions as possible. When a pregnant woman is offered support for a alternative to abortion, they often choose life. And many women who end up having an abortion, state they regret their decision.

William Aiken

Chuck D you need to read the Gazette’s policy on civility of commenters before you post a reply.

Really? Do ya think that doesn’t apply to libelling legitimate health services too?

William Aiken

Nice try of deflecting but according to an investigation by the Hill, 98 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services to pregnant women are abortion. So I libeled no one. The point is you like to engage in personal insults, an act the Gazette says can get your posts deleted. If you can’t make a retort without demonizing the other side, then don’t reply at all.

I suggest you take off your rose colored glasses and read this article from the Hill. You might learn some hard truths about PP, a long time taxpayer funded sacred cow. And can you please top with the insults.

How about a report less than ten years old?
How about going right to the source and pulling PP’s latest annual report? It paints a very, very different picture, and no, they’re not lying. That report has to be certified, so you’re lying as is Abby Johnson.

Ever hear of the Hyde Amendment? No, apparently not. It forbids tax dollars from paying for abortion services unless there are extenuating circumstances, like rape, like incest or when the woman’s life is endangered by the pregnancy.
And just to be clear, you and your small-minded brethren do so much lying I really don’t give two fig newtons about your feelings. Go back to your private Friends Group and your echo chamber media if you can’t handle the public blowback and fact checking. Most Americans are getting really tired of the lies and the cost to our nation, on the many levels it’s costing us. Lies from the self-righteous right who despite their dwindling numbers think they can force their agenda on everyone else. The insults start with you, young William.
Sorry, not sorry.
Johnson’s description of her conversion (to “pro-life”) has been questioned by two separate investigative journalists in the Texas Monthly and The Texas Observer.[2][3] In the Texas Monthly story, reporter Nate Blakeslee noted that one day after the epiphany Johnson stated she had while watching an ultrasound guided abortion, she gave a radio interview on a feminist program in which she was enthusiastic about her clinic and critical of the 40 Days for Life protestors.[2]:1 Additionally, Johnson stated to Blakeslee that the woman having the abortion she witnessed was black, and thirteen weeks pregnant;[2]:1 yet according to the Induced Abortion Report Forms (which are required to be filed with the state of Texas), only one woman that day was black; she was in her sixth week of pregnancy, and no patient that day was more than ten weeks.[2]:1 According to Planned Parenthood, their records do not show any ultrasound-guided abortions performed on the date when Johnson said she witnessed the procedure, and the physician at the Bryan clinic stated that Johnson had never been asked to assist in an abortion.[2]:1 Johnson argued that this discrepancy was due to Planned Parenthood’s poor recordkeeping and possible manipulation of records.[13]


So none of you pro-lifers have commented on the prisoners 45 made sure were murdered! Why didn’t the Church call 45 out? It’s legal, just like abortion. All these men telling us about how women feel about having an abortion. Yes, some women regret it, but most regret getting pregnant in the first place. So you would FORCE an 11 or 12 year old raped by her father to dangerously carry to term? A legal abortion is safer.

William Aiken

Its revealing that you describe convicted murders, who have exhausted their legals appeal as prisoners. This is an example of how the left can’t be truthful in making their arguments. Your comment also suggests there’s a moral equivalency between these heinous murders, afforded their due process rights and the unborn, who have no voice. The families of the victims who lost loved ones to these “Prisoners” are grateful 45 held these monsters to account. For them the death penalty provides some closure.

William Aiken

I agree that most prisoners, who committed murder shouldn’t be killed. But for those who are the worst offenders, showing blatant cruelty and depravity for life; the death penalty is a necessary option. If they aren’t executed, these murders pose a threat to their fellow inmates and COs.


William. Those prisoners do not need to be killed. They can spend the rest of their lives in prison. So putting them to death is a made-up rule. That’s an equivalency.

It’s as though you didn’t read my comment. Don’t worry, I expected it.
If you had you would’ve answered why you didn’t go to Planned Parenthood’s own certified reporting.
If you had you would’ve seen the wikipedia entry which pretty well lays out the credibility problems with the author, Abby Johnson.
When called out to defend your points about PP’s business model being overwhelmingly about pushing abortions, as if they were selling cars, you were not honest.
Is that not clear?
You have nothing, but bad feelings.

JClarke so murderers who rape and kill children should spend the rest of their lives in prison with the taxpayer paying for it, I’ve got news for you, if the state and a jury of their peers say that they will die for their crimes then they die for their crimes. You Democrats are unbelievable with your anti-police anti-law pro criminal policies. Those policies have an 800% murder increase in Portland but who’s counting.


Zachary, it’s more costly to put someone to death. Democrats are NOT anti-police or anti-law–that would be 45 with all his lies, obstruction of justice, and corrupt behavior…plus the idiots following the anti Christ, the false “prophet.”
Can’t wait for 45s jury of his peers to put him and his whole crime family and associates in prison! That will mean the USA really does abide by the Rule of Law!

William Aiken

Chuck D: Is there any thing in the article that is false? No, once again you have to deflect. What was true 10 years ago remains true today. Its not as though PP had an epiphany and changed their business model. Abbey Johnson worked as a clinic director for PP for eight years. One day after witnessing the horror of a late term abortion, she woke up to the reality of what PP really is about. To quote you, “I look forward to a woman who’s actually knowledgeable on Planned Parenthood’s policies.” Well Ms. Johnson, the writer of the Hill article would be a good place to start.

It’s as though you didn’t read my comment. Don’t worry, I expected it.
If you had you would’ve answered why you didn’t go to Planned Parenthood’s own certified reporting.
If you had you would’ve seen the wikipedia entry which pretty well lays out the credibility problems with the author, Abby Johnson.
When called out to defend your points about PP’s business model being overwhelmingly about pushing abortions, as if they were selling cars, you were not honest.
Is that not clear?
You have nothing, but bad feelings.

If only the bishops were as concerned about the sexual abuse of children among its priesthood as they are about Biden’s stance on a woman’s right to choose. No wonder folks are leaving the church in droves.

To tie both your great comments; the whole “Pro-life” movement is an insult on it’s face. If you’re not with them you’re “Anti-life”? And we’re expected to take them seriously?

No sane person wants abortions. It’s a traumatic event for anyone involved, especially the woman and no one invites trauma into their life.

But what we who are also pro life know is that it’s a uniquely female decision and sometimes necessary, and therefore up to the woman and medical experts to decide. Not religious zealots, not paternal self-appointed experts.


As for a uniquely female decision that is strictly true only in the case of virgin births.

For one to take Chuck’s point seriously one is required for females to bear the cost of their decision to become mothers. This of course would end the ability of some to off load the cost of children to the state.

1. What in your god’s name are you talking about, “virgin births”?
2. You certainly have a clear image of who these women are that you condemn.
3. Thanks for raising your hand to the question, “which man amongst you feels they can tell a woman how they treat their health?”


With respect to your first point I clearly stated the context in which an abortion was strictly a women’s decision.

With respect to your second point no one was condemned. I point out that that if the choice of motherhood was a woman’s right that as long as women are considered adults then the cost of exercising their rights should be a private not a public cost.

With respect to your third point do you believe that a wife for the encumbered right to kill her husbands unborn child?

Other than the above I find your post of exceptional quality.

Since Roe v. Wade, some states in the United States have attempted to enact laws requiring spousal consent. All of these laws have been ruled unconstitutional, spousal consent in the 1976 decision Planned Parenthood v. Danforth and spousal awareness in the 1992 decision Planned Parenthood v. Casey[6]

I resent your use of “kill” and “murder” to describe terminating a pregnancy. It’s far more complicated than that. And learn yourself on what the Hyde Amendment is regarding federal dollars and abortion.


Chuck, in regards to “virgin births”perhaps Fred purchased a MamAmor doll for educational or whatever purposes and that’s what he’s referring to:

“MamAmor dolls create unique educational birthing, breastfeeding, and babywearing dolls that demonstrate birth (including cesarean and VBAC), breastfeeding, and babywearing.”

If you call yourself a Catholic act like it. The bishops are not politicizing this, Biden is the president and if they don’t make a stance against him then they are failing the Church as a simple citizen would be kicked out of the church.

In case this was passed over in the rightwing noise bubble that passes for “news”:

From the desk of the Michigan Senate GOP:
Senate Oversight Committee releases report on November 2020 General Election
LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Ed McBroom, chairman of the Senate Oversight Committee, on Wednesday announced the publication of the panel’s report on the November 2020 General Election in Michigan.

“After innumerable hours over many months, watching, listening, and reading both in-person testimony and various other accounts, I am confident in asserting that the results of the November 2020 General Election in Michigan were accurately represented by the certified and audited results. However, if genuine issues arise from continued investigation, I will not hesitate to ask the committee to consider recommending an audit or amending this report in the future.”

Which should not be news to any sane person.


In case it was passed over? Surely you jest? This will NEVER see the light of day on the RW scream machines.
And I would bet no RWingers on here will comment on it except to say it’s fake news.


Was- “In traditional Catholic theology, limbo is the halfway point between heaven and hell where the unbaptized, including infants, go after death. Even though they had committed no sins, such people had not been cleansed of the original sin through baptism.” That didn’t sit well so:

Is- “Limbo was never a particularly popular concept with parishioners, and modern priests rarely discussed it. In 2004, John Paul II formed a commission to come up with a more coherent and enlightened way of describing what happens to infants who die. In 2007, Benedict signed a report recommending the concept be dropped. Instead of going to limbo, unbaptized babies would enjoy eternal happiness after death, but would not achieve communion with God.”

Just wondering, is it ok for a Catholics to eat meat on Friday? – Never was ok when I was a kid. Perhaps a group of bishops opened a meat processing and packing company.

What ever works at any given time. No one has a patent or copyrights to the fairytales of religion, so it’s ok to make modifications as necessary. Come on Guys, let Joe have the wafer and a sip of Pinot noir.

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