Outdoor Journal: Fishermen should look into joining CD Masters Bass Club


In 1975, Sammy Mormino of Albany and I joined the Capital District Masters Bass Club, which was just beginning.

I am still in the club and will be fishing our first bass tournament on Sunday on Sacandaga Lake. As a no-boater, I will be paired with one of the boaters. This year, we will fish six different lakes.

If you are interested, give John Whaley a call at 518-528-7471. All you need is a license, rods, reels and life jacket. Trust me, it is a good bunch of guys.


I have been a Wacky Worm bass fisherman since I joined the club. But this year, I am adding to my tackle box something new.

Last year, I was fishing our last tournament at Ballston Lake and caught only two small largemouth bass, and my boater hooked and landed 17. He was using a vegetation/grass bait. Foolishly, he offered me one of his bait, but I said no. At the weigh-in, I had two just-legal fish, and my boater won the tournament.

Shortly, I will be on the way to Tim Blodgett’s Saratoga Tackle shop to get my own grass baits and add them with my Wacky Worms. I will never give them up.


Last Sunday, my wife and I picked up our grandchildren who wanted to go fishing. We were quite happy about going.

We found a small park on Saratoga Lake and set up our chairs, and Sammy (10) and Sydney (8) walked in the water with their rods. It was about 20 minutes after arrival when Sydney yelled for help, and she reeled up a small 12 1/2-inch bass, which we released. She was excited, and so were we.

About 45 minutes, later Sammy yelled “got one.” He, too, hooked a same-size bass as his sister. Hey papa and moms let’s get those the kids fishing soon. I want to write about your kids fishing.


Last week, I had a woodchuck chase out a chipmunk from under my shed in the yard. I was surprised when I recently saw dirt that was drawn from that little chip munk hole under my shed. I am thinking woodchuck. So, time for me to sit in the shed during the day.

The next day, the woodchuck arrived. Slowly I opened the door just enough to raise my cross-bow pistol’s 6 1/2-arrow to get his home back.

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