Class of 2021: Emily Gandrow – Mohonasen High School

Emily Gandrow - Mohonasen High School
Emily Gandrow - Mohonasen High School

Mohonasen High School


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Emily Gandrow

PARENTS: Renee and Glenn Gandrow

COLLEGE OR OTHER PLANS: Wentworth Institute of Technology studying architecture.

AFTER COLLEGE: Become an architect.

WHAT HAS BEEN THE HARDEST PART OF THE LAST YEAR OF SCHOOL and THE MOST REWARDING: The hardest part of the school year was adapting to the hybrid model. It was so much different than what we were all used to and we all had to figure out how to do school from home. The most rewarding part of this year was making it to graduation and realizing that all of the hard work I have put towards school has paid off.

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT YOURSELF DURING THE PANDEMIC/HOW HAVE YOU CHANGED: I have learned to become a lot more independent during the pandemic because it has not been as easy to get help or work with other students since I am not always in- person for school. I have become a lot less shy around new people this year and I have definitely come out of my shell. I present to the Board of Education every month as a student representative which has taught me to become more comfortable talking to groups of people.

WHAT IS THE MEMORY OF SCHOOL YOU WILL NEVER FORGET/WHAT WILL YOU MISS MOST ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL: I will never forget winning sectionals and being co-champions at regionals for school soccer in 2019; it was such an amazing experience. I will really miss seeing my friends every day and talking at lunch or walking to our classes together.

WHAT’S IN YOUR MUSIC PLAYER: A lot of Post Malone songs

FAVORITE BOOK OR AUTHOR: “The Night Diary” by Veera Hiranandani or anything by Nicholas Sparks

BEST PART ABOUT GRADUATING: Going to college and being able to begin a new part of my life.

WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU: My brothers Nathan and Zachary inspire me and I have always looked up to them. My parents also inspire me because I see how hard they work, and I always do my best to make them proud.

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