Class of 2021: Megan Bell – Academy of the Holy Names

Megan Bell - Academy of the Holy Names
Megan Bell - Academy of the Holy Names

Academy of the Holy Names

Megan Bell

Award for General Excellence

Parents: Jim and Catie Bell

College or other plans: University of Rochester, majoring in biomedical engineering

After college: Pursue a graduate degree

What is it like graduating high school in the middle of a global pandemic: This past year was certainly not the way I was expecting my last year of high school to go. I am so proud of my classmates and myself for making it through a hard year, and I am looking forward to going to college and life going back to normal.

What did you learn about yourself and your classmates this semester: I think my classmates and I all had time to really reflect on ourselves and learn more about ourselves during this time. It has been so encouraging to see my classmates make the most of our senior year and take initiative. The pandemic has made us treasure our time together even more.

What is a memory of your senior year you’ll never forget: Spending time with my friends in the courtyard at the end of the year.

What will you miss most about high school: Seeing my friends every day

What’s in your music player: The Backseat Lovers

Best part about graduating: Looking forward to new opportunities and experiences.

Who or what inspires you: My older sister and brother

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