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Letters to the Editor Thursday, June 24


Bishops out of line on communion edict

Who does the Catholic Church, a church full of protected pedophiles and women abusers, think they are to deny Mr. Biden or anyone else the right to receive Holy Communion?
They are not God; they are sinners just like the rest of us.
Would they rather have children born into physical, mental, emotional and drug abuse?
Rita Smith

Take steps now to prevent nuclear war

I don’t know if nuclear first strike capability is possible.
We need to determine if an arms race with Russia could lead to our annihilation.
And if that’s true, we need to have both countries agree to a freeze on new nuclear weapons (at least if such a freeze is verifiable.)
There should, of course, be immediate inspection of any suspected nuclear weapon sites.
If Russia doesn’t agree to this — and if any diplomatic gesture such as inviting them to join NATO doesn’t work — then we need to have tougher sanctions than we do at present.
We should also (especially if such a freeze is non-verifiable) consider removing the threat by the prospect of increased trade.
Alvin Blake

Writer wrong about occupation of Gaza

In her June 22 letter (“Mideast plan should put focus on justice”) Mabel Leon says, “I am not anti-Semitic to criticize the oppressive military occupation of Gaza by Israel.”
OK, but what can be said about her is that she is confused and mistaken.
There is no military occupation of Gaza by Israel.
Israel withdrew from Gaza completely in 2005.
There are no Israeli soldiers on the Gaza side of the border with Israel. Gaza is ruled by Hamas.
Her further statement that “in Gaza, Palestinian homes and lands are confiscated or demolished to make room for Jewish settlements” is 100% wrong, bordering on fantasy.
There has not been a single Jew living in Gaza since 2005.
Given that Ms. Leon’s letter is built on these errors, it doesn’t seem worth it to go through the rest of her distorted claims.
I do have a question for The Gazette editors, though.
If a letter writer said, “France must get out of Quebec now,” would you print it?
Jessica Hornik Evans


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Rita Smith: “Holier than thou” is the answer to your question as to who the Catholic church think they are, but in reality they’re hypocrites.


One should remember that it is the Democrats that want to send the Vice President to the Southern Border to find out what everyone else knows what is going on.


Lou every organization has membership rules, as an outsider I doubt that you posses the insight to correctly interpret Catholic theology.


Why wasn’t 45 called out? Or is abortion the only sin?
VP–so you complain when she doesn’t go, and now complain when she does?


The observation was about wasting money to find out what everyone knows. I think that they should use the internet and local help to see the situation for themselves.

Tell that to Fox News, they seem to think it is imperative that she show her face on the southern border and that will apparently solve the problem.


The voters should be aware that the Democrats would rather spend considerable of money to avoid using the internet.

jclark let me help you, she is going to El Paso, a large city on the Mexican border where people legally cross over daily to work, I know I have lived there. Why didn’t she go to the Rio Grande Valley to watch the horror first hand? She could visit the Donna Ana tent cities that she and Joe have in place for the thousands of minors. I’ll tell you why, she went to El Paso because it’s a friendly area and she can say she went to the border,you like most people don’t know the difference between El Paso and Mcallen . She also went there now because President Trump was gong next week, that’s why the sudden change of heart. Everyone knows it but democrats refuse to admit it.

Oh OK, VP Harris is going just so “she can say she went to the border”, but somehow the Mar-a-Lago blogger is going because…. why again?? Oh right, so he can gin up his base and extort more money from them lol. It’s all performative nonsense. As Fred said, she doesn’t need to go because we have telephones and the internet, and she can get all the information and data she needs regarding the border without having to actually go there.

There is a wide gap between the teachings of the church, and the views of its followers. The only subject they seem to agree on, is that terminating a fetus to protect the health of the mother, or conceived due to rape or incest, is impermissible in their view.

But the church has stated its view that the death penalty is inadmissible and works towards its abolition, yet their followers are adamantly pro-death.

The church teaches us that a basic moral test is how our most vulnerable members of society are faring, yet their followers believe in eliminating all social programs that assist with providing them the most basic needs like SNAP, and housing vouchers.

Matt, all followers of the Catholic Church don’t agree on the abortion issue. In fact, it may be a 50/50 split. Your point about the death penalty is well taken. There’s not nearly as much discussion about taking a life once it’s out of the womb as there is pre-birth. I think Pope Francis is honestly trying to wrestle with issues such as this, but he’s up against an entrenched, ultra-conservative faction within the Church hierarchy.
I think it’s absurd to be against abortion and at the same time be equally against contraception, yet that’s the Church’s official position. I like the test: What would Jesus do/say?

Heh, I tried that twice yesterday, as i have here in the past. Either our “Christian” commenters have no idea what Jesus would do, or it directly confronts their Christian hypocrisy.


Perhaps look for the Virgin Mary put an end (pun intended) to the tale of the immaculate conception, consummate the relationship and put Freds virgin birth theory away for good. – I’m bound for hell for sure. See ya there Chuck.


Hot off the press: A New York appellate court suspended Rudolph W. Giuliani’s law license on Thursday after a disciplinary panel found that he made “demonstrably false and misleading” statements about the 2020 election as Donald J. Trump’s personal attorney.

Imagine that.


I believe Roy Cohn had his licence suspended , Michael Cohen jail, Rudy licence suspended. Could be hazardous to your licence and freedom representing FG you think. .

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