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Letters to the Editor Saturday, June 26


Special interests are still corruptive

Reports of the failed coup of the Saratoga County Working Families Party by the GOP leading up to the recent primaries is just the latest episode in the nauseating history of corrupt, egotistical louts promoting their greedy special interest groups under the guise of acceptable politics.
While reporting for this newspaper decades ago, I researched how Schenectady’s unionized police and firefighters, with their spouses, families, relatives and friends (maybe even the family pets) quietly registered as Conservatives. They soon invaded a county Conservative Party meeting and wrested control of a party that has and continues to decide local elections.
My fruitful interviews with three “valid” Conservatives and others confirmed that and more.
All were too frightened to go “on the record,” so the proposed article was shelved, as Gazette policy at the time banned quoting anonymous sources.
One member said he was soon retiring to Florida, but didn’t want to arrive in a coffin. An outspoken Glenville member maintained a police car would “escort” him when he entered Schenectady.
This corrupted county Conservative Party offered its endorsements to the highest bidders (read: majority city/county Democrats) and got, in return, lucrative contracts, benefits and do- and know-nothing jobs.
Democrats eager to retain power continue to sell their sketchy souls to Conservatives and force taxpayers to foot the bill.
Years of working around and in government confirm this putrid political system is the sickening norm perfected and practiced by arrogant, obnoxious dregs of society.
Dominic Tom

No need to list age; Legal ads incomplete

What was the point of publishing Barbara Glaser’s age in the June 15 article (“Conservation group honors Barbara Glazer”) honoring her as Conservationist of the Year? What significance does it have to either the award or the article?
Also, the LLC notices in the legal section of The Gazette, in almost all cases, there is no mention as to what type of business the notice is for or where it is located. Most list 90 State St., Albany, as the location for service to be made, and nothing more.
Virginia Graney

America needs less of corporate greed

In response to Vince Alescio’s June 20 letter (“Wealthy contribute to economic vitality”), wasn’t it Jesus that said, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me”? (Matthew 19:21)
In our current system, Facebook, Google, Netflix and Amazon (and the top execs themselves) pay zero or very little income tax because of government loopholes and rich lobbyists like those Jesus got rid of in the temple (John 2:13-16, if you’re a reader).
Those of us in the middle and lower classes pay 24% of our income, while capitalism breeds people like Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump by slaving off the backs of all of us for starvation wages and off-shoring jobs overseas while paying almost nothing in income tax.
Cuba and Venezuela are nowhere near socialist or even close to any definition of the word. The only reason they are suffering is because of our interventions and our sanctions on their countries (and the rest of South America) that put a stranglehold on their medicine and supplies.
If these companies were indeed giving back trillions of dollars every year like you claim, our infrastructure would be way better than a C-, and multiple different parts of the country wouldn’t have to drink lead-contaminated water.
America has become a den of thieves, and Jesus would be ashamed of what it has become.
We don’t need more greed. We need more humanity.
Zach Daniels
Burnt Hills



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Zach Daniels You disparage America while promoting the communist countries of Cuba and Venezuela, two countries that murdered their own citizens. You disparage the people that give millions of Americans good paying jobs. Why don’t you take a chance, start a company, use your life savings, and then give the majority of the money to your employees?


Democrats facilitate the breaking of the existing immigration laws while bemoaning our systematic racism. If they believe their own words than they would protect the ignorant from what will be a painful experience by building the wall.


The state of local infrastructure reflects the legislative priorities not lack of money. If you want some changes you have to vote for a different party.


Given the issue being made about some people not paying Federal income tax I suggest that the right to vote be tied to having paid Federal income tax. You must admit that tying the right to vote to contributing to the financial well being of the government has a strong element of fairness.


Brooought! Polly want to cracker?

Matt already poster similar responses to my below post the last two times you proposed the same ridiculous idea.

“IRS estimates that about 6 million unauthorized immigrants file individual returns each year. Research reviewed by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office indicates that between 50 percent and 75 percent of unauthorized immigrants pay federal, state, and local taxes.”

So you’re ok with these “ unauthorized immigrants” voting? Yes? Yes?? Yes???


Virginia Graney, for your information what is published in The Daily Gazette and for any other newspaper for that matter for the LLC legal notices is all the information that needs to be published. This is the standard legal obligation for these notices. As for as many of them using the same address, that is because those companies chose to use an agent for their LLC. If it is any consolation to you I agree with you that it would be nice to know what the business does and where they are physically located.


Very biased source, try harder Fred. See below
Didn’t check the story writers creds. probably has some credibility to story but lacks unbiased information. Proves nothing
Overall, we rate the Washington Examiner Right Biased based on editorial positions that almost exclusively favor the right and Mixed for factual reporting due to several failed fact checks.
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Analysis / Bias

Here’s an excerpt from Fred’s citing referring to the Biden proposals:

“Such an approach doesn’t just potentially mean programs will overlook at-need people because they check the “wrong” box off on the census. It puts the government in the business of actively reinforcing racial division, fueling more hostility and conflict, and not promoting progress and healing. And if we accept that the government can actively discriminate along racial lines, we abandon the protection that eradicated past injustice and wards it off in the future.”

How amusing that the article overlooks the fact that state governments did actively discriminate along racial lines using Jim Crow laws for a 100 years. How much impact did that 100 year policy have on Blacks living in the US today? Their disadvantage in terms of education, employment, medical care, housing, etc. is testament to the negative impact those 100 years have had. The Right wants the country to let bygones be bygones. They want the past forgotten – to start anew as if history never happened. I say let the pendulum swing in the other direction.

You do know that Jim Crowe was a Democrat and the KKK were southern Democrats and the slaveowners were Democrats and the Republican party was formed to end slavery, you know all of these things right?

Zachary, there you go again, using facts, not personal opinion. But wait, you will be wrong, ‘they’ will just rewrite what they feel is relevant in their new woke world.

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