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Letters to the Editor Sunday, June 27


Sch’dy must step up and return Liberty

People came to America by the millions over the years. One of the first things that they saw in America and Ellis Island was the inspiration of freedom and liberty, Lady of America, still greeting them today.
I was very impressed with Lance R. Jackson’s June 11 letter (“Restore Liberty to rightful location.”)
Mayor Gary McCarthy and the Schenectady City Council have the power.
Actually the mayor has the authority to do so on his own. The City Council on Aug.12, 2013, adopted Resolution #2013-206 for the Implementation Plan that calls for Lady Liberty to be returned along State Street near the CDTA shelter.
There is no question where the statue belongs if it is on the books.
I agree that there is enough money coming to Schenectady to pay for the return of the statue to her rightful space and home.
Remember the saying, “And a child shall lead them?” Many Boy Scouts through their great efforts helped raise the money to bring the statue to Schenectady, and their memory should be preserved.
It’s unknown why the mayor is holding back. He can right the wrong with just a phone call and solve the problem for all time.
The mayor has been in Schenectady government for many years, and he may well have been a part of it in August 2013.
Now is the time for the administration to come up to bat and hit a home run for the citizens of Schenectady and give us back our statue to her rightful home in Gateway Park.
James Wilson

Don’t shield children from nation’s past

I find it hypocritical that there are members of the Niskayuna School District community who want to continue to whitewash this nation’s history. To make matters worse, they proclaim to be teaching their children Christian values.
Whether or not we want to accept it, racism has been and continues to be ingrained in this nation’s history.
Shielding our children from the truth only perpetuates misinformation.
As a nation we have come far but not far enough. Is it not the function of our schools to teach our children how to think, not what to think?
James Catuccio

Seeing results of an entitled generation

Everywhere you turn now you see: “Now hiring” and hear it’s impossible to hire good help. I also hear it’s the government’s fault for giving away so much money.
To me, I see the results of a truly spoiled generation raising a generation of children who know little of a life other than entitlement.
Why should children who are allowed to live at home, drive automobiles and carry expensive cell phones want to actually allow someone to give them directions and expect them to be followed?
Why, they don’t need to actually learn anything to graduate from high school or college.
Our school leaders try to come up with a curriculum to interest the functionally illiterate student body, while most teachers have lost command of language skills in favor of “lol” or “omg.”
Blaming the educational system for these woes is a cop-out, as most of the children by the time they get to kindergarten are so indoctrinated by television and media, any hope of instilling work ethic is unlikely.
I have never been a fan of Donald Trump, but he was correct when he said things have gone beyond a tipping point. Don’t blame others. Look at yourselves.
Calvin Moore


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James Catuccio It’s not up to the school to indoctrinate our children to be activists. It’s not up to the school to tell our children that if you’re white that you are an oppressor. It’s not up to the school to tell our children that people of color are all pressed. Pink Floyd said it best, leave the kids alone.

How do our Republican friends explain this Republican-led defunding of law enforcement? US$350b is nothing to sneeze at. It’s being made available to law enforcement across the country, and the Republicans won’t support it.
Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday called out Republicans for being guilty of voting to defund the police.

The confrontation came during an interview with Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) on Fox News Sunday.

“In the program that he announced this week, the president said that the central part of his anti-crime package is the $350 billion in the American Rescue Plan — the COVID relief plan,” Wallace explained. “Congressman Banks, you voted against that package, against that $350 billion just like every other Republican in the House and Senate.”

“Can’t you make the argument that it’s you and the Republicans who are defunding the police?” the Fox News host asked.

“Not at all,” Banks insisted before pointing to “comments” made by Democratic lawmakers.

Wallace interrupted: “Respectfully, sir, respectfully, I heard you make that point but I’m asking you — there’s $350 billion in this package the president says can be used for policing.”

The Fox News host pointed to provisions of the law that will allow more police officers to be hired.

“Respectfully, I’ve heard your point about the last year, but you and every other Republican voted against this $350 billion,” Wallace pressed.

Banks, however, returned to his talking points.

William Marincic

So because the Republicans voted against a $1.9 trillion Covid plan where billions of dollars of that money is still unused the Republicans are accused of defunding the police? Can you get any more ridiculous? That’s like a college kid accusing his parents of not supporting his education because they won’t give him $5000 to go on spring break to Cancun with his friends from college.


Florida’s Republican Governor will probably use it to send 50 or so law enforcement officers to Texas to do ?

Then again we are ahead of Texas on some things that might require our law enforcement to stay home.

Calvin, speak for yourself there mate. I mean, “automobiles”? Someone’s stuck in the fifties.

Are WE really the entitled ones? Your generation was able to afford a house on minimum wage working one job – now most of us need two or three just to SURVIVE. Not to mention being forced to stay on our outrageous healthcare system.

Since the minimum wage was created in 1938, the minimum wage has received a boost nine times since 1938. In the last 81 years, the minimum wage has increased from 25 cents to $7.25. If it was adjusted for inflation, minimum wage would be at least 24$ an hour and people wouldn’t have to work two or three jobs just to survive.

But now we have to face off with the fact that we’re getting paid starvation wages, and the elites of the country are doing nothing to help, and the healthcare system is complete garbage. Oh, and the climate crisis which your generation ignored is now completely screwing us over.

Rent has gone sky high, our wages have been completely stagnant, and a college degree has basically become worthless.

We’re literally doing the best we can here. If anybody’s bloody entitled, it’s YOU. Stop with your garbage up attitude just because people nowadays are learning more from the internet and phones than a fancy piece of paper ever could.

How about people pay workers a fair wage and maybe people will start coming back around. If a business can’t afford to pay their workers fair wages, they shouldn’t be a business.

zdani002 I make 7 figures plus per year and my business continues to grow. I’m under 40, I don’t have a college education, I learned an industry from the bottom up working 70 hours or more a week and I put that knowledge to use. Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Early to rise, early to bed, makes a man healthy but socially dead. Good for you.

Meanwhile in the real world, not everybody can afford to own a business and almost half of the country is living at poverty level while working three jobs just to survive.

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