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Letters to the Editor Monday, June 28


Major changes are needed in Niskayuna

Losing Niskayuna Town Board member Rosemarie Perez Jaquith will certainly be a major loss to Niskayuna and its residents; I want to wish her well and thank her for her public service.
Whether the Nisky school board or the Town Board, you could count on Rosemarie to be fair, intellectually honest, to take a commonsense approach, and at the end of the day, do the right thing for the right reasons.
These values and actions were refreshing and often provided strong checks and balances to counter others that had their own personal, partisan agendas.
It is more important than ever for the Niskayuna residents to closely consider this upcoming election and choose wisely.
Too many issues for a small town — a revolving door at the Police Department, including pleas for support, routine rumblings of a “toxic” board dynamic, and ethics violation complaints…business as usual is getting stale and leading to dysfunction.
I am convinced part of the problem at the national and state level is lack of term limits. Career politicians lose focus on why they were elected in the first place.
It’s no different at the local level either. In fact, it might be worse.
We need major change.
Stephen Benton

Bill would help offset drug costs

Unfortunately, prescription drug prices have been steadily on the rise – increasing 33% since 2014 – and with the cost of living increasing along with these drug prices, more and more seniors are unable to pay for necessary medications.
That’s why I’m working to pass new legislation in the state Assembly that can help seniors keep more of their hard-earned money.
If passed, those who make less than $50,000 could deduct some of their medical expenses up to $1,000 on their personal income tax returns for prescription drug costs (A.4641).
Our seniors are such an integral part of our community, having woven their history into the fabric that makes our hometowns what they are today.
It’s only right that we support our senior loved ones in every way we can. No one living on a fixed income should have to choose between potentially life saving medication and paying their bills.
Angelo Santabarbara
The writer is a state Assemblyman representing the 111th district.

Gazette needs to cut down on errors

Doesn’t The Gazette employ proofreaders anymore? In the last two weeks, there have been several glaring errors. One was a second part of a story on page 6 where the header was transposed with another story from the front page. Another was a Thursday recipe that had one half of the instructions missing and another with some of the ingredients missing. We pay enough for the paper; you should get it right. How many other errors were there that I did not catch?
John White
Ballston Spa


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William Marincic June 29, 2021
| |

Harris, we all know why all of a sudden Democrats and the news media that’s in the bag for them are starting this lie that its the Republicans that are defunding the police. We know that the people are sick and tired of the crime and the rising crime and the killings and the murders in all of these democrat cities and states across the country and the Democrats are doing what the Democrats do and they are lying and trying to put everything on the Republicans because they know that people are fed up. It’s the same thing the Democrats did when President Trump was rolling out the vaccine they turned around and lied and said he wasn’t doing what he was doing but thank God President Trump did it.

RAYMOND HARRIS June 28, 2021
| |

Just when a republican congressman feels comfortable lying on Fox, he takes one on the chin. “Fox News host Chris Wallace tore into Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., after the lawmaker accused the Democrats of encouraging crime with anti-police rhetoric, pointing out that it was in fact Banks and other Republicans who voted to defund police voting down the American Rescue Plan.

The heated exchange took place during a Sunday morning interview, where Banks alleged that President Biden is currently being “held hostage” by “the Squad,” who have apparently turned the president against the police. The Indiana lawmaker also claimed that Democrats have “spent the last year stigmatizing one of the most honorable professions in America.”

Chris Wallace nails Rep. Jim Banks on how hypocritical it is for him to allege that Democrats are the anti-police party while he and all other Republicans vote against legislation providing cities and states with funding for more and better policing

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) June 27, 2021
Last week, Banks went further, arguing in a Fox News op-ed that the Democrats aided in the “dehumanization of law-enforcement,” alleging that there is “overwhelming evidence connecting the rise in murders to the violent riots last summer and the Defund the Police movement.”

Wallace stopped Banks’ tirade in its tracks, noting that President Biden last week appeared to contradict Banks’ claim by urging states throughout the nation to divert COVID relief funds to their local police departments in advance of an upcoming crime wave.

“Congressman Banks,” the Fox host explained, “you voted against that package, against the $350 billion, just like every other Republican in the House and Senate. So can’t you make the argument that it’s you and the Republicans who are defunding the police?”

“Not at all,” Banks responded, retreating back to an earlier point about the Squad’s rhetoric – but Wallace cut him off.

“Respectfully, I heard you make that point,” Wallace said, “but I’m asking you — there’s $350 billion in this package the president says can be used for policing.”

Banks later responded: “What I’m saying is if we are serious about reducing violent crime in America, then Joe Biden will go on a national public relations campaign to admonish the radical voices in the Democrat party that stigmatize police officers and law enforcement.”

Despite Banks’ claims, Biden displayed significant resistance toward more progressive demands with respect to policing. Last year, during the unrest following the murder of George Floyd, President Biden definitively declared that he does not support defunding the police. The president also condemned cases of violent protest last summer.”

Florida2015 June 28, 2021
| |

For your next conspiracy theory posting check this link out. You can get some really new stuff for our Republican friends on here to start thinking about.

Listened to authors being interviewed yesterday and you think you have heard all the QAnon stuff till you here some of what they now believe.
Example: Princess Diana was killed because she was getting ready to expose the Royal Family as being part of that world wide cabal of baby eaters and child sex traffickers.
Somewhere around 22 million of our fellow citizens believe this stuff, maybe you can get a few more local converts with a good posting. Good luck
I don’t need to do that here, already have plenty of believers.

LOUIS RESTIFO June 28, 2021
| |

Ok “stooges,” let’s get the facts on the Internet.

It seems that quite a bit associated with country western music bares heavy influence on the the minds of most of the, “got my education out behind the barn” Republican voters. Therefore, I believe that today’s “very factual” conspiracy theory that will certainly help flip the constant grossly incorrect voting choices of so many Republicans shall be:
(As told by Louie the real factual, fact fact poster, another “very factual” certainly not a conspiracy theory, non factual fact;)

Well folks, this one’s a fer sure. Just got me instagrammed from Billy Joe Roy Bobby Ray Jackson Jr. Said it come straight from “Don’t Slap Your Wife No More” monthly magazine.(the best readin I ever read)
I’ll tell ya guys and gals this one scared the tar and feathers right outa my hidin place in the back of the chicken coop.

Headline straight from “Don’t Slap.”-“Voting Republican and Listening to Country Western Music Causes Deafness.” – Big, big news! Real big!

Well I ain’t a hunderd percent on understand lots of big words so’s I got my grandkid Zebie boy ta help me out with undersandin and now I got it down real good. Vote Republican and then listen to country music and you guessed it, yep, your gonna soon anuff be deaf as a doorknob. Said it happens real quick if it’s a Garth Brooks song. May not be so fast if it’s Willie Nelson, he ain’t 100 percent country, at least I don’t think so. You Was Always On My Mind I guess has gotta be ok. Just may get by, but you got ta be real careful on that one anyway. Mamma Don’t Let Them Babies Grow ta Be No Cowboys is sure as cow manure on my boots no good. Listen ta that one after voting Republican and you’ll be gettin them hearin aid volinteerin papers in the mail before the song is done playing.

So now I no one fer sure thing I ain’t never doing narry agin and that’s a votin Republican. No, no, no siree , not me, I ain’t goin deaf. And iffin I was you, I wouldn’t do it neither. Flip over to the no deaf side and be sure to vote fer them democrats like me.
Very likely that if we this get this one on Social media it can flip some close political races.

For the record I take no issue with Country Western music or it’s listeners. I actually have a a few country songs on my playlist. – But I have no fear of going deaf because I never vote Republican.

Be very careful who you vote for folks. – Can have disastrous consequences.

Matt June 28, 2021
| |

We’re all living on fixed incomes when it comes to healthcare; we’re just one diagnosis away from bankrupting ourselves and our loved ones. I’m sure the seniors will happily take their prescription drug cost deduction (and their socialized Medicare) while then voting for Republicans that try to strip away healthcare from everyone else.