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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, June 29


If you care, stand up for our children

This is for anyone and everyone who cares about the children of our nation.
For the last two years, because of the “pandemic” half of our children have been cut off from living and learning about life — thanks to the public schools caving into the teacher’s union.
They donate hundreds of millions of dollars through the dues they get from unionized teachers.
The Democratic Party is to blame, make that Socialist-Democrats. Its leader is the so-called president of the United States, Joe Biden.
We cut the kids off from being with their friends, learning properly and just plain being kids. The private and Catholic schools had no problem, but the hateful politicians  know-it-alls said “my way, or the highway.”
We have the term democracy being thrown around, we are not a democracy, we are a republic. Ignorance is bliss.
Accusing the Republican Party of suppressing voter freedom is a plain lie; the Democrats are the ones. History has proved this time and time again.
Everything the Socialist Democrats accuse the Republicans of, they do — an old trick.
Parents, grandparents and anyone who cares for the future of our nation should be attending PTA meetings and school board meetings and addressing who serve on these boards. March on the state capitols and Congress in Washington, D. C. We are not Marxist.
Albert Marvell

Voter suppression a threat to democracy

The Republican Party’s present agenda is to evoke, promote and pass voter suppression laws aimed at making it more inconvenient, if not impossible, for citizens of color to vote.
Shame on them, and us too if we allow these acts to come to fruition. This blatant racist-motivated movement further stirs the unrest of efforts to achieve the “equal rights for all” foundation of our democracy.
America cannot accept any notions of our sordid, segregated past to take seed ever, ever again.
One cannot forget our notso-recent past when there was a need for the Negro Motorist Green Book; a guide that provided African Americans traveling America’s highways with a list of recommended safe stop/shop locations for Black travelers.
Even in the segregation strongholds of America’s South, where “white only” policies were dominant, the Green Book posted these safe places where discrimination was less prevalent.
No way can we condone the evil manipulations of today’s version of 1800’s plantation owners (rich old men of abusive power), to succeed in sabotaging voter and human rights.
We need to strengthen our democracy and not allow voter suppression legislation to continue.
How ridiculous that there are laws against giving a thirsty person a drink of water if they are standing on line to vote.
Left unchecked, and at this rate of stupidity soon the Green Book will have to make a comeback. I will fight any such need for its return and will not condone any voter discrimination, suppression or threats to democracy.
John D. Wood
Ballston Spa

St. Clare’s situation taking a heavy toll

I have no doubt in my mind when we speak about the St. Clare’s Hospital pension collapse, l feel that there must be closure in this situation they are all struggling to get through.
To watch older people have to go day after day through legal matters of this sensitive nature, it has to be enough to cause these healthcare workers to be at risk for serious health issues.
Can you imagine what must be going through the retirees’ minds daily?
There is also the fact that they have not done anything wrong to deserve this at their age in life.
For older people to try to find a reason why their pensions were not saved could possibly take the rest of their lives and yet still not find the answer.
I know all your readers must feel the retirees’ pain. It looks like we have no other choice than to wait until this is all over.
Walter “Neal” Brazell

Program is instilling a love of reading

As a volunteer for the past several years for the Reading is Fun program, I’d like to thank The Gazette for the June 22 article (“Group supports literacy efforts”) focusing on the program, its founder, Al Magid, and the volunteer corps that keeps the program going.
Both of my (now adult) children are graduates of Schenectady schools.
Thanks to the incredible teachers they had over the years, as well as having been surrounded by books at home, they’ve always loved reading.
I am honored to be part of this program, aiming to instill in more children in Schenectady that same love of reading my own children have.
I would also encourage others to join in as volunteers. I can assure you that it’s not only great for the students — it’s amazing for the volunteers as well.
Wanda Fischer


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William Marincic

Let’s get a couple of the big Democrat lies out in the open right now. Firstly that there is voter suppression by the Republicans. There is no voter suppression and if you can find it please post it. Second big lie is that the Republicans are defunding the police, this lie comes out of Republicans voting against the $2 trillion Covid bill where most of the money went for anything but Covid so now the Democrats who are the authors of defund the police are trying to turn it around on the Republicans because public opinion is against them. Anything the Democrats tell you that the Republicans are doing is a lie and it’s usually something the Democrats are doing we’ve seen this over and over again, just like Russian collusion by Hillary Clinton and she was the one that was colluding with Russia.

Not to be outdone by the biggest lie of all, that Donald Trump had the election stolen from him. He lost. By 7 million popular votes and 74 electoral votes. Confirmed by Republican Secretary of States and by Trump-appointed judges in over 60 lawsuits filed. He lost. He’s a loser. And now he’s going on a nationwide pity tour to boost his fragile ego, propped up by the sad attendees still clinging to the vestiges of his election lie that he continues to whine about. That’s your savior. The loser with the red hat getting the band together for one more tour, playing the same old hits, but playing to smaller crowds. They know he’s lost his shine, but they pretend the songs sound the same to avoid confronting the fact they’ve been fooled into believing this man actually cared about them.


Biden wanted to send someone to the Sothern Border to see what is going on. Tis a pity that no one in the administration knows how to put the internet to use. This knowledge would have saved the tax payers a bundle!


As opposed to the billions of dollars Trump wasted on the border wall and confiscating private property to do it? Biden is putting an end to all of Trump’s ridiculous and environmentally harmful projects.


Nice try Bill, but the general public can read and hear what the GOP is attempting to do. So glad that the Justice Department is suing Georgia for their discriminatory voter suppression tactics. Who will be next, Arizona, Texas? The Civil Rights Division in DOJ is alive and well, after four years of being held back by Trump.

Ray, just like Obama, Joe Biden is weaponizing the justice department. Please show me where the voter suppression is. The democrat lie is that people can’t give people standing in line water. I agree with that, you can’t trade something for a vote whether it be money or something as small as water. The DOJ will lose this case because it’s just more noise from the democrats.


Unlike Trump telling Barr what to investigate, Biden is hands off DOJ. Garland can make decisions on his own. It’s called independence, the way the Justice Department was designed.

Marincic won’t be back to defend his issues. That’s not how cults work. But let me help contain the mess he once again bestowed upon the public.

Like the old Fokker Triplane piloted by an old demented German WWI vet who didn’t get the word the war’s over and his side lost, who bravely attacks modern France. First he lobs the now well-worn “Whack-a-Mole” (name me one….!) bomb, and follows with the “No I’m not, you are!” grenade again. Sadly his arsenal lacks any potency because it’s all been seen before and wasn’t terribly accurate to begin with. Yet he’ll still fly off into the sunset with his broken compass, proudly proclaiming “Ja, I really got them that time!”

The Republicans decided not to face their own issues and went for the cheap votes. They lost. The cheap seats screamed “foul!”, certain that THEY knew what their own fellow leaders didn’t even know, that THEY had the inside scoop on the depth of the Evil the Liberals had sunk to to deprive, DEPRIVE! them the glorious victory, that THEY KNEW that tRump was their god’s chosen one!
Did you see the extents they went to in showing their devotion?
No one had bigger (and painfully longer) rallies!
No one had the Big Wheel toy pickup trucks with multiple over-sized flags gloriously flying proclaiming their devotion to Him, and each of the principles he represents! Free Bird!
No Libs could display the nautical might of their powerboat cavalcades, with equally huge flags and bimbo girls in thongs!
No Lib decorated their lawns with life-sized images of their leader the way they did!

And so they reacted by trying (yet again) to game the system with over 250 rule changes in over 40 states. They are the Chosen Ones! They’ll decide how we vote.

Name one Republican rule change, just one, that *enables* more voters to do what the Constitution entitles them to do. You can’t because the Southern Strategy still breathes strong in the Republican Party and that says, the more people of color that vote, the less chance Republicans win. They gone so far as to say it out loud. So of course, since they can’t (yet) point to people and proclaim “you can’t vote!”, the most logical thing to do in a democracy is to try to game the system to your advantage, and target the areas where they’ve forced “certain” people to live, and make voting more cumbersome, not easier. No, no discrimination here! Right? It’s all about securing the votes! (Their votes, of course). And wouldn’t the Libs do the same thing?
(Well no, they have no need to, nor do they display the crippled morals the Republicans have shown)
Someone commented the other day after the latest “tRump the tRaveling Diva Road Show”, that the Ohio rally looked like hundreds of toddlers getting very excited about seeing their favorite “Barney” (no relation) episode for the hundredth time.

Ms. Fischer Reading has always been a great pleasure for me as well it’s what I do when I’m away from home on these business trips. Thankfully I had parents they were also avid readers, there is nothing better than to sit down with a great book.


I agree reading is the best, but it’s too bad that apparent your favorite reading is the fictional plethora of lying misinformation espoused by Republicans and the right leaning propagandized news media outlets that are currently destroying what the foundation of America was built on; Democracy.

Mr. Restifo you have no idea what I read, you would be surprised. But when it comes to documented lies from the government and the MSM the democrats are leading a million to one.


Feel like boycotting a product from a rich Trump lackey that may be crazier than Rudy Giuliani? Check out this news story:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has urged the U.S. Supreme Court to “immediately” vote to reinstate former President Donald Trump in the interest of eliminating “communists” from America.

During a segment on Lindell TV that was shared to Twitter on Monday by PatriotTakes, Lindell insisted that Trump “won” the 2020 presidential election in such an obvious manner that the justices will not even need to consider any evidence before putting Trump back in office. In reality, Trump lost the election to President Joe Biden by 74 Electoral College votes and more than seven million popular votes nationally.


Being a Republican I buy a product because it suits my needs. I do not care about the providers politics. We would all be better off is we showed more respect for details. For example we know that schools are promoting diversity but we have no idea how well the are promoting achievement. The right to vote without knowledge of the results produced by existing policy makers is worthless.

Joseph Vendetti


All of our elected officials no matter Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives are all the same!!! Liars, thieves, hypocrites, flip floppers, – you really think they care about you?

Politicians don’t know your name, don’t care to know you, all they want is power and life time pay/insurance and some golden parachute when they decide to leave.

The only things that will change this are term limits and campaign finance reform!!

Sorry, but I think that’s being a bit hysterical.
A little creepy too, coming from a background of controlled explosive demolitions.

At the risk of sounding biased, I believe the Progressive caucus does have the American people, ALL the American people, foremost in their minds.

And I challenge one Republican supporter, just one, to have the stones to post here how they are in support of all Americans. Which policy have they pushed, which bill have they championed and passed in the past 10 years benefits ALL Americans equally?
Then I will demonstrate how to properly play Whack-a-Mole.


It is impossible to benefit all Americans equally. Consider the Democrats interest in racial diversity programs. Alternatively I doubt that the Democrats interest in
reparations can be said to benefit all Americans. Especially when it includes payments from slay exporting countries. Or when it includes payments from current African Americans to compensate the rest of the country for the higher living standards and longer life expendencies of the decedents of the slave exporters

Trumps Covid policy and OperationWarpspeed for one, Trumps border policy for two, Trumps three Middle East peace deals. I could go on and on. And Mr. Vendetti is 100% correct.


William Marincic
June 29th, 2021
“Let’s get a couple of the big Democrat lies out in the open right now. Firstly that there is voter suppression by the Republicans. There is no voter suppression and if you can find it please post it.”
William, the following should be of great interest to you and and your Republican voting buddies, especial so because it is relevant to your above comment. You believe and re-post so much of the social media theories, please read the following and beware, it’s real!

Ok everyone, this is not some bogus conspiracy theory type of post. This one is for real and can be 100% verified with the factual information I will later provide. If after reading this you continue to vote Republican don’t say I didn’t warn you. Sadly, if you make the wrong choice you must be prepared to endure the ill-fated consequences.

This is a story about a man named Jerry, a world renowned geneticist. Jerry unfortunately died a few years back, but prior to his death he was involved in some very expensive and complicated litigation. He was suing the Republican National Committee for “Gross misrepresentation of his name.” It had to do with “establishing an unfair political advantage for a particular party” and how it related to his work and his name. It should also be noted that Jerry was an extreme liberal hard left leaning Democrat.

Understand Jerry’s arduous work was developing ways to genetically modify fruit, specifically oranges. Well, after years of working in the laboratory as well as the field, he finally achieved his voilà moment. After experiments involving Valencia, Blood and Navel oranges he developed a new variety.

As what so often happens in science, the individual credited with a new find is so privileged to have it named after himself. Hence the new variety of orange was called the “Mandarin,” Jerry’s last name.

Now the obvious issue; Jerry was livid over the fact that Republican politicians were manipulating voting boundaries specifically to suppress Black and minority voting and that it was being referenced by his name, “Jerry Mandarin.”

Jerry was so far beyond angry, that on his death bed he vowed a Irreversible curse that could never ever be broken or lifted. This particular curse was quite appropriate being that Jerry Mandarin had two life passions; equality for all human beings and oranges.

The curse: “Any American denying and or promoting “Jerry Mandarin” and voting Republican would be damned for the rest of his life with, quite appropriately, having an orange face.”

As I earlier indicated this is 100% verifiable and most certainly not a bogus conspiracy theory. To remove any and all doubt as to the validity of Mr. Mandarin’s curse, all that is necessary for complete certainty is to look at any color photograph of the Republican voting 45th President of the United States.(donald trump)
If this don’t flip some of them smarter than a rocket scientist insurrection type Republicans, I’ll be shocked like a paper clip in a lectrical outlet.

Be very careful who you vote for folks. – Can have disastrous consequences

Joseph Vendetti


No hysteria- as far as the Progressive wing of the Democratic party – free health care for all, free college education for all, group pushing to “defund the police” – whether that was to shift to community police money or taking money from weapons, the crime level in this Country is exploding because criminals being emboldened, bail reform, and fear of LEOs to be called racist.

Lets just have a $100 trillion gap – our $ won’t be worth anything

It is hysterical to cite mindless Republican talking memes as legitimate points of contention.

“free health care for all” – So? Why is that a bad thing? Why isn’t it an investment in making a healthier, more productive workforce? Why must we be the only developed country that doesn’t? I seriously don’t think it’s because we know something the rest of the world doesn’t. Why must we provide so much cover for the pharmaceutical industry at the direct expense of the health and welfare of the American people?

“free college education for all” – Again, so? And again, why is THAT a bad thing? And again, why is an investment in a better educated workforce, not burdened by college debt (been there, done that to the tune of multi, multi tens of thousands of dinero) a bad thing? And yet again, why must we provide so much cover for our financial industries at the expense of those seeking higher education?

“defunding the police” – No. Not as you would wish it to mean. Yes, there are groups (as you said) that would and have abolished police. There are groups that think they’re given a blank checkbook to buy all manner of geegaws to “help” them. I happen to believe that too. “defund the police” came, as you know, out of the heat and anger catalyzed by the killing of George Floyd. Mr. Floyd’s very public execution brought right to the surface all the other executions and atrocities committed, documented in video, against Black and Brown people by so-called Law Enforcement.
What you and so many others refuse to acknowledge (for reasons I cannot fathom) is that this movement is all about better clarifying, and thereby helping, Law Enforcement’s role. Too many times police show up to a scene that calls for restraint and awareness they simply can’t provide. And inevitably it results in escalation and worse. What you and so many others refuse to recognize is that we cannot continue to do law enforcement with only batons and guns. We’re better and smarter than that. Aren’t we?
And yes, law enforcement , like the military, seems to attract racists. They’re infested with them. And Americans are increasingly frustrated by law enforcement’s unwillingness to police its own.

How to pay for it all? Why can you not see the word “investment” and accept what that means? Investments are made for returns (Thank you, Capt. Obvious). But you would portray money spent on these causes as if it was meant for the utility bill, and now they might turn the lights off. That’s being dishonest. That’s not recognizing the free stuff the previous President gave out to the business class (like you) and the wealthiest which SHOULD have gone to social services, and to normal people’s wallets. Biden and the Democrats, with the strong influence of the Progressive caucus, intend to correct that aberration and with the returns on investing in the working class instead of tapping them for more money.



You both need to read the book “Black Like Me” by John Howard Griffin. Hopefully it will help you understand suppression and racism from someone who looks just like you…….Colorful FACTS.

Joseph Vendetti


When a company blatantly lies in advertising its punishable – but a politician can say free. There is nothing free!! And someone has to pay for the “investment” in education, better (but it won’t be better) health care. College professors, Drs, Nurses aren’t all of a sudden going to stop being paid.

So Canada, Europe, NZ have programs (they call benefit) – they have top tier personal income tax of 63%.

I was in NZ – you want $7 loaf of bread, $8 gallon for milk, $20 gal for gas? Thats because the companies are passing along the costs to pay for education & health insurance for every employee. Canada has almost the same programs & same prices for goods.

Think there is a reason Canadians and Europeans come to the US for medical treatments and pay out of pocket? Because if they didn’t they would die in a queue

As for defund the police – I don’t care if you call in lollipops and cake or bricks & sticks, millions of dollars were taken off the street to hire officers, to create campaigns that are anti law enforcement and we are now reaping what we sowed. If you can’t see just locally that there is more crime, criminals have a revolving door because of bail reform, and they have no fear. Because everyone is now playing some racial card.

How about in NY – no more license suspensions for not paying fines??? So I can drive 100 mph get thousands of tickets but still be on the road – why even write tickets?

We are asking for a 100% lawless society where you can commit multiple crimes and rotate into and out of custody, don’t worry about driving infractions, there is no penalties. Why are we doing all this? Because the system is racist, our bridges, our highways are also racist.


So tell me Joe, what do you do with the people who weren’t born with the wherewithal that perhaps you ChuckD and I were? What do you do with the people that aren’t smart enough or don’t have the ability to navigate through society the way it’s structured?
Dog eat dog, survival of the fittest, let them rot, right?

You effectively danced around my points on investing in the work force, and then seemed to go over a ledge on law enforcement, to a lawless dystopia?
It sounds like you got yours and thoughts and prayers for everyone else. I find your repeated declarations of being an independent Democrat to be a veil for something else.

Joseph Vendetti

Chuck & Lou:

The people that are unable (truly unable) to provide for themselves we have programs – DSI that provide houses, medical care, food, home care, etc -that would be around 7 million adults & children. Lets even triple that – make it 21 million US citizens that are unable to provide for themselves –

At lasr count US budget office has over 124 million individuals getting some form of assistance.

Whether you want to call this a health care investment- someone is paying that bill. So if 5 homeless people show up at the ER – that bill is being paid for by a pool – called “Bad Debt and Charity Pool” – currently if you or I who have insurance, 1/2 or 1/4 of 1% of our bill goes to BD&CP. No one, No one in this country can be denied medical servixes ever!!! Because people fail to go to the doctor or treat underlying conditions or even take advantage of free vaccines or clinics is the same fight we will always fight like Nuclear Family raised children will fare better then Single Parent kids.

Besides the overall economic impact across higher groceries, higher fuel, higher lumber because those costs will be absorbed by the tax paying masses (us), where is the fairness of the millions of people that have taken out student loans and paid them off and now because of a shift of burden they will be forced to pay off others debts??? For example, say my child chose to be an aircraft mechanic and didn’t take on any college debt, now because of our new education Investment program some $1 trillion bill will have to be covered – some by higher taxes, some by paying higher consumer prices. Over someone’s 85 yr life you, I and whomever will pay hundreds of thousands more in taxes and costs –

The next step is there are no privatr business, no private colleges, no privatr hospitals- everyone (drs , nurses, professors, bridge workers) will live in gov’t owned housing and part of your pay goes to subsidize your sheltet, you will be alotted 1 lb beef, 5 onions, etc per week, factories would produce only break even amounts of goods.

It just seems like you refuse to put the pieces of the puzzle together the way they were meant to.

By facilitating people going to see their doctor on a regular basis, and not have to worry about losing a day’s pay, or being able to go to a dentist, at all, without incurring other hardships (no insurance coverage, no paid days off), you catch a lot of health issues that otherwise would lead to someone showing up at an ER, or someone sharing their virus with others at work, because they can’t afford to miss a day. You get a more dependable and productive workforce. Ultimately you get a more efficient economy. Yes, you may pay more in goods and services, and taxes, but you also do not have to pay medical costs. Why can’t you make that connection?

You bemoan that “someone has to pay the bill”… for an investment. I’m almost speechless to think I have explain how investments work, but you seem to not make the connection. I think you’re a pretty civil contrarian, and I try to give you the benefit of the doubt, but the absurdity of your “issues” tells me you’re set in your ‘Business uber alles’ attitude and I won’t bother anymore. You seem determined to ‘go cheap’ on half of what makes this economy run.

Joseph Vendetti


I understand investment- do it on a daily basis – decide on who/whom gets new computers, updated 3d training, we invest in our employees safety & training programs, health insurance, invest in new heavy equipment, etc.

But I have a budget!! I can’t deficit spend like a government because we have limitations in life, unfortunately its not Utopia, in the real world we live by a budget. But we expect mommy & daddy government to provide health insurance now? Free education? No personal responsibility?

You do understand that if you are poor already you get free breakfast & lunch K-12 in school and in the summer, you get free medical care (because you can’t be denied medical treatment), you get free housing, free utilities, food stamps for the remainder of the dinners, you get HEOP free tuition, all these programs exist – we as taxpayers are paying for all that already.

I haven’t stopped working since I was just under 12 – paper routes, shoveling, raking, digging, scraping by – respecting what I earned, paying off hundreds of thousands of RPI school debt 10 years after my last class, I & my family lived by a budget –

Its not good enough we live in the greatest country on earth we have to give more free things away?

William Marincic

Joe you can’t argue with these guys. They are brainwashed, the democrat party is the party of tax and spend then when the Republicans are in power it takes years to fix all of the damage that the Democrats have done.

Joseph Vendetti


As a moderately conservative Democrat I take offense to being painted like that as I’m sure other do. Each party has a few good points and positions and many many that can be tossed:

As I have said before -the gov’t is supposed to be “we the people by the people” but because of the lack of term limits and campaign reform – we have life long politicians that go from election cycle to election cy le and suck off the special interests groups to generate huge campaign war chests!!!

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