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Letters to the Editor Wednesday, June 30


Seeking details of infrastructure bill

Condo buildings collapsing, bridges falling down, roadways pitted … things in need of repair, i.e., infrastructure.
There is now a bill before Congress concerning what needs fixing in America. As if to recall a bill which came before Congress not long ago, the Speaker of the House at the time said, “We have to pass it before we know what’s in it.” Huh? A lot of Americans questioned that statement.
I would like to know what’s in this infrastructure bill. Will the bill the building of a monument to civil rights leaders? Will the bill provide funds for a library containing examples of city-street graffiti? Let’s hope not.
Instead, might we use the now-rusting metal pipes rotting away in fields in Nebraska, Oklahoma and other states that were destined for the now defunct Keystone Pipeline? Might those pipes be used to transport damaging spring-flood waters of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers to the burned out areas of the Southwest and California? Too far reaching? Better than a building displaying banners used in recent public demonstrations of protest.
Allen R. Remaley
Saratoga Springs


City must address trash on Upper State Street

I have worked in Schenectady since the 90’s and have lived here since 2014. We own a house on Union Street.
I do my best to try to keep our neighborhood trash-free by circling around with a trash-picker and bag. This is a fabulous city on the move, and it pains me to see Upper State Street such a trash-lined eye-sore.
Entering the city from the East on Route 5, one can’t help but see vast amounts of loose trash on both sides of the street, beginning at downtown and continuing up past Route 7. Is there any way that the city could assign a crew to address this? I would be willing to gather a volunteer group, but it would have to be a large undertaking and I don’t know where to start. Any suggestions?
Douglas Chilton

No rationale for QAnon conspiracies

QAnon claims that Donald Trump has been secretly fighting a cabal of Satan-worshipers who run a child sex trafficking ring and who are trying to control the country.
Apparently, this tenet is accepted by many Americans. But think. Donald Trump? Secretly? Who could possibly believe he wouldn’t be boasting about such a thing constantly?
And why shouldn’t he if this horrible group really exists?
Why not come out in the open and recruit allies from the public to fight the good fight?
But, other than railing against the Deep State, he hasn’t. So, we must conclude, the concept is either too nonsensical even for him or he really does want to keep his efforts secret.
But if the latter, then why would QAnon, which sees Mr. Trump as a hero, subvert his efforts by revealing the existence of a fight that was meant to be waged in secret?
Lastly, there have always been “evil” people who finally find God and renounce their sordid past. Where is the former Satan-worshiper who has reformed and defected from the cabal and come forward to spill the beans and name names? Nowhere to be found.
Where is the logic and rationality in QAnon theories?
Nowhere to be found.
John Harper


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I trust, Allen, that you were as skeptical and critical of Trump’s massive Republican-only tax cut bill and corporate giveaway as you are of this bipartisan infrastructure bill. Am I correct is assuming that you, a fair-minded and inquisitive person, wanted to know exactly what was in the tax-cut bill that plunged our country deeper into debt, while still allowing giant corporations to pay nothing in federal income tax?


Matt one should distinguish where the tax is collected from who pays it. For example state sales taxes are collected from the retailer but in the end the are paid by the retailers’ customers. Corporate income taxes are popular with politicians because the connection to those who pay the tax and the corporation from which it collected is obscure. This allows politicians’ to claim credit for what the have done for the voters without also owning up to what it cost them.

Try reading an introductory text on tax incidence


Mr Barney,
FG said China paid all the tariffs and Federal Government(ours) was receiving massive checks. How come you don’t mention that WE paid the tariffs in the form of higher prices as well,and the money went to the corporations who paid the tariffs with no gain in revenue for our government. At least this way with higher corporate taxes and us paying higher prices OUR government will be the one actually getting more revenue.
Maybe the tariffs could be removed and corporate taxes increased and it would be a wash for consumers. Your thoughts?

Joseph Vendetti


What the tariffs in the steel and commodities industry did allowed a level playing field for our US based Steel Manufacturers (Nucor, Us Steel) because China was buying 85-90% of all scrap ferrous & non-ferrous & then setting the price for new steel, aluminum, copper.

I know US Steel & Nucor invested and spend billions on new electric arc furnaces, restarted Blast Furnaces in IN, OH and AL after the tariffs an had record earnings.

China countered that by raising tariffs on their goods (Electronics, instrumentation components, clothing, etc)

So I don’t know if the trade balance was increased or decreased after the tariffs?? Can someone look that up?


? What I just commented on is the importance of distinguishing between who pays a tax and where it is collected. Try commenting on my post again after you have reread it.


Mr Vendetti,
What about the losses to our farmers which continue to this day? Which we (taxpayers)in turn subsidized to the tune of billions. Glad it helped some industries and created jobs as you pointed out and that I was not aware of.
Mr Barney,
I know what your statement was about. I was questioning why you neglected to mention FG tariffs and only seemed to concentrate on increasing corporate taxes and what consumers would pay because that is what Democrats are proposing. And you are right consumers pay it all in the end


Mr Chilton…..THANK YOU🙏🏾!!!!!!

I am so sick and tired of people dropping their garbage on our streets/sidewalks.
I also, as you do, go around my neighborhood, along with a neighbor picking up trash. Part of my daily walk goes by the corner of McClellan & Eastern Ave….so gross.
I hope the city at least can put out trash cans to help then takes up your idea.


FG=Former Guy. The Former Guy(TFG) also could be used. Have to be aware of Republican sensibilities if using Trump’s name with something said or done that didn’t work out so well. Biden by name for gaffs and mistakes is ok though.

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